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  1. I'm just going to say it outright... I am an exhibitionist. By that I mean that I am primarily an internet exhibitionist, and not in the "live on camera" sense, since that only reaches one person at a time, and my purpose is to be seen as widely and by as many others as possible, while breaking no laws or rules. That leaves photos and videos, and there's quite a few of those to serve that purpose.
    I am not model material by any means, and I'm not conceited enough to believe that it's a privilege or a favor to anyone to see me. Although there's a certain contentment and even some enjoyment by me when others see me, it really does feel as if it's something I was meant to do... It seems as close as I can get to fulfilling some purpose that I'm intended to fill.
    It's always intended to include as much of me as possible in any photo or video of me, and to also show my face. The one thing that might be different for me than for others who are posted online, is that I also include my full name... real first and last name,in both titles, tags, and other postings. This is so there is no question about who someone is seeing. I don't have any concerns about something of me being "discovered" by anyone else, and since I don't, then anyone who might post anything of me should also have no such concerns.
    All photos and videos of me naked have also been licensed under CC0 Public Domain Attribution, through Creative Commons, so that others may have full and free use of them, without exception.
    While I ask and prefer to be freely viewed, posted, or displayed by others, those who do so are fully entitled to retain as much of their own privacy as they prefer.
    Due to this, if I'm contacted by email or other off-site way by someone who has seen me posted, I never, ever ask where they have seen me. It's none of my business what sites they visit, unless they choose and prefer to tell me.
    I never require that anyone inform me if they do post me anywhere, or where it may have been. That's also none of my business, unless of course they want to tell me and want me to see it... Of course without any option to delete it.
    "Deletion" and the "delete" button or option is something I just can't and won't ever make use of when it pertains to me, and neither should anyone else who posts me. Even if I ever asked such a thing, I feel it would be proper to impose a fine or penalty just for asking for such a thing, and even then, the response should always be "no".
    Refusing deletion would be well within a person's right anyway, due to the public domain license for photos and videos of me.
    By now the question of "why?.. why all of that?" must be lurking in the mind of anyone reading this. Aside from fulfilling a purpose, as said earlier, the truth is that I simply want to be seen as widely and by as many others as possible. Ideally, there would be nowhere I could go, and nothing that I could do without someone seeing and recognizing me from the internet. It doesn't matter how they express it to me, if they even do at all. They can be silent, but look or stare, they can laugh, they can mock me, or say so outright. It doesn't really matter to me, as long as I've been seen online by them.
    I also do not care in the least if those who know or knew me, friends, family, or anyone else sees me online, or even knows about it. I'm far beyond such concerns, and I'm all in when it comes to being posted and viewed online... or it might be more accurate to say that I'm all "out".
    The photos and videos of me may not be the best in quality, and I may not be as "camera friendly" as some others are, but the purpose is more along the lines of my just being seen, posted, or displayed, rather than it being for vanity or some similar reason.
    So, please have a look at the photos and videos of me, and even if its not "your thing", then at least I've been seen one more time. For any others, please feel absolutely free to make use of any photos or videos of me that you wish. Anything that furthers my exposure is greatly appreciated. See the link below for a dropbox containing ALL existing photos and videos of me, which are of course, free for any use. Thank you.

    Dropbox - David Steckel naked - Simplify your life

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