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  1. So yesterday I had this guy come over. We chatted for about a day until we decided that we wanted to hook up. I’ve only ever been with one guy so I’m rather inexperienced. Mark is married and only a few years older than I am but his wife just wasn’t tending to all his needs so he’s been on the search for something extra. He came to my house yesterday. Beyond hot! Dad bod type. I wore my red panties for him which he enjoyed very much. We got naked immediately and he took my body in his arms and told me how sexy I was. His cock was throbbing against my thigh. Now his cock was the star! 6.5 inches and thick! Beautiful piece of meat he has. I started sucking his cock and then his balls. I licked his taint and said that no one had ever done that to him and he LOVED it. He was a little bit of a dom so after I finished sucking him he moved me to all fours. Took my panties off and spread my cheeks. He spit right on my hole. And said that my ass looked like a virgins ass. *technically it still was* I told him the one and only guy I was ever with tried but he never succeeded (was way too thick). Mark rubbed my hole, put lots of lube and put a condom on. He lived his cock up and said “well I’m about to take your virginity babe.” My dick sprung up even harder. I could feel the tip right in my hole. He eased in. I took deep breaths and he went in a little further. He broke through my first hole. It was not pleasurable at all. He got about half way inside me and I just couldn’t take anymore. I sucked him right after and he came all over my face and kissed my lips. Then he said I have to finish you off. We opted for my anal plug. He eased that inside me and used it to make me explode. He put gentle pressure at first and then harder and harder until he could feel my cock was ready to burst. I came like a fountain. And he said “ohhh babe, you needed that.” And he left.

    Mark texted me. He wants to come back today. He’s determined to get it all the way in me. Wish me luck!!

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