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  1. I've just been playing with my new "toy" I bought at a pharmacy. It's a silicone ring 3.5 inches in diameter and 11 inches in outer circumference. The ring is rounder than my thumb at 2.75 inches around. Lying flat in the table it is 7/8th of an inch thick. At the core of this silicone ring is a metal coil, which creates a very tough spring. You strengthen your hands' gripping power by squeezing the ring. It cost $10.

    But I use it to widen my foreskin !! First I heavily lubricate the inside of my foreskin, then force the squeezed ring deep inside it. Once it's in as far as it will go - that is 3.5 inches - I release my grip and let the ring spring open as wide as my foreskin will allow. The inside pressure against the sides of my foreskin - and also the pain it causes - is very intense. I actually enjoy the pain, but I can't endure it for much more than half an hour.

    Already It's starting to noticeably widen my foreskin. Before too long -- I hope -- the silicone ring will form a perfect circle inside my foreskin instead of an elongated one. Then it will be time to start forcing some of my smaller metal rings inside my foreskin to stretch it even further.
  2. As I sit writing this blog, I have a full 1.334 lbs (= 21.4 ounces) weight of steel snugly stored inside my foreskin!

    Six steel rings form a "cage" around a solid steel ball weighing exactly 1/2 lb. The six steel rings have a total weight of well over 3/4 lb. The smallest two of these rings have an outside diameter of 2 inches. The middle two have an outside diameter of 2.5 inches. The largest two, at the center of the "cage" have an outside diameter of 2.75 inches.

    This "cage of steel" is completely enclosed by my stretched foreskin, and forms a big ball shape at the tip of my cock. The outside circumference of this "cage" is no less than 8 inches !

    This ball shape is very nearly as big as a full-sized tennis ball. Indeed, if I puncture a hole into a tennis ball so that I can squash it flat, and then fold it into quarters, I can lube it well and easily slide it fully inside my foreskin. Then I allow the tennis ball to completely POP open to its original shape !

    I often wear my 1.334 lbs of steel for several to lengthen my foreskin. Its current inside length from base to tip is 3.5 inches, with at least 1.5 inch of overhang when it is flacid. My total cock length is 6 inches. When I was younger, it measured nearly 8 inches, but sadly it has shrunk with old age.

    I wish I had started stretching my foreskin many years ago, when its skin was still rubbery and flexible. By now It would be much longer !
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