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  1. I find this terribly erotic.

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  2. Pretend To Suck My Cock (Blowjob POV) -

    I love how this guy plays with the camera.
    Working the Fleshlight, giving a POV as if you're giving him a blowjob, makes this incredibly erotic. 111.jpg
  3. It's been a couple weeks since having fun with James. I used this time with several women, having long sessions of fucking. I never tire of stretching a tight pussy, knowing that I was the biggest she'd ever had (and will likely ever have again). I love watching their bodies shudder at being completely filled. They all moan and whimper in ecstasy and scream out when flooded in orgasmic pleasure. My mind, however, keeps drifting back to James.

    After pleading with me not to talk about that fun, he has largely been absent from the frat house, even sleeping elsewhere. I did spot him walking through campus and made a concerted effort to approach. He was clearly tongue tied and didn't know what to say. Before departing, I thanked him again and told him he could do it again any time. He flushed red.

    “Please. I beg of you! Don't tell anyone.”

    “Tell them what, Jimmy?”

    “You know,” he said with clear agitation on his face.

    “That you were a stud fucking a girl I had?”

    “Come on, you know.”

    “That you are the best cock sucker I've had?”

    “Jesus! Be quiet.”

    I smirk. “You don't deny it. You were good. And, you can do it again whenever.”

    “Fuck! You don't have be such a cocky asshole.”

    “As long as your good, I have no reason to tell.” I just looked confidently at him smirking.

    “Please, don't tell!”

    “If you give me more attention, it's a deal.” I winked and walked away

    Normally, everyone takes off for the weekend, including me; however, I decided to stay at the frat house. I could catch up on some studies. More importantly I would stick around to see if James came back. He must after be getting low on clean clothes.

    Ben was surprised I was staying for the weekend. “Hey, you're staying for the weekend?” His tall smooth frame leaned against the door frame.

    “Yeah, thought I might hit the books. Is something going on?”

    His fingers waded through his thick hair. “Not really. No parties. Just surprised to see you staying.” He looked rather agitated and frustrated – or at least uneasy. But Ben always seemed awkward.

    “You look disappointed,” I said sternly. It was after all my house too.

    “No. Isaac is having some trouble learning calculus so I'm going to be tutoring him this weekend.”

    Ben had many good features; his best was probably his brain. He was incredibly smart and could probably teach any subject. It wasn't just a factor of him getting good grades; he would uncannily know everything on every subject. His intelligence was unnerving. He was a true Brainiac.

    “No fret. I'll stay out of your way. Who knows maybe you can teach me a few things.”

    As he nonchalantly walked away, he muttered just one word, “Probably.”

    Later that night, as I suspected, James returned. He was surprisingly direct. “We need to talk.” He closed the door and took a deep breath before continuing. “Man, I want you to understand. I'm NOT gay. Whatever happened between us, just happened. But, I'm not gay.”

    “James, I don't care what you are!” I exclaimed. “Regardless of being straight or bi or...”

    He cut me off, “I am NOT gay. Get that through your head.”

    I continued, “or gay. I don't care. Be straight. Be whatever.” He sighed with some relief. “There's nothing wrong with having some fun. ...And, I do know a good cock sucker when I see one.”

    There was a tear in his eye. “Please. If that gets out, it could ruin me. Please don't tell anyone.”

    I placed a hand on one of his shoulder; with the other I wiped the wetness from his cheek. This was really bothering him. “I am sorry, James. Yeah, I liked it; but I thought you did too.”

    He hugged me as his body heaved in sobs of distress. After a minute or two, he broke the silence trying to be funny. “You do have an amazing cock.” his mind was surely spinning.

    I pulled him in closer for a stronger bear hug. I considered blackmail but I was sensing new possibilities. “I never kiss and tell.” I kissed his forehead. “Whatever happens between us stays between us.” He hugged me strongly, as my hands slipped down to his ass. I continued, “You're a good guy and I just have a lot of hormones.”

    “You have more than hormones. You have a big dick, too.” One of his hands rubbed the ever present bulge in my jeans. “That thing is huge.”

    “It wants to come out and see you.”

    “My jaw hurt for two days after that night.” He blushed.

    I rubbed his back. I have learned something long ago about people; if they do it once, they'll do it again. With his hand still on my crotch, my dick was hard, straining against the fabric. I rolled up his t-shirt and he let me take if off him. With wide eyes, he exclaimed inquisitively, “You're sure? This doesn't bother you?” My answer was nonverbal. I placed a hand on his shoulder and guided him down.

    His hands made their way to my waist band. He looked up rather innocently. “I can't believe this is happening.”

    I smiled approvingly. “Don't overthink, just have fun.” He unfastened the button and slowly unzipped the pants. Though he was intentionally going slow, my cock, fully hard, popped out and smacked him across the face. Seeing his shocked look was priceless.

    “Damn, that's big.” Both his hands grabbed shaft and begin to stroke it. Then he admitted what already surmised, “I've been thinking a lot about this.”

    As I peeled my own shirt off, I felt his wet lips wrap around my cock head. I knew this was going to be good. One hand fondled my low hanging nuts; the other help guide my cock in his mouth as far as it could go. After several attempts (and many gags), his eyes watered. “I don't think I can take it all. You're too big.”

    I opened my eyes from the phenomenal bliss. His tongue slid beneath my skin. One of my hands rested gently on his head. “You're doing good, Jimmy.”

    He tugged my nuts firmly. “It's James.”

    I staggered, taken back by my vulnerability. “Yes. Yes. Yes, James.” He grinned and then continued sucking. Clearly, he wasn't as submissive as I first thought.

    I could see his own bulge straining for freedom. It bothered him, as he kept adjusting the swollen area that was now leaving a wet spot. He stood up and dropped his pants. A drop of precum swayed from his cock. He grabbed both cocks and stroked them together, then, unexpectedly, he kissed me, right on the lips. I never kissed a guy before and he sensed my reluctance.

    “As you said don't over think things,” he muttered before pulling me for another. My cock bounced in his grasp when I felt his tongue slid into my mouth. He looked down to see that I gripped his cock against mine. It was the first time I touched another guy's dick. “Your dick is huge. It dwarfs mine,” he whispered.

    “You're making it big,” I whispered back.

    He retrieved a flesh light (masturbation tube) from his dresser he had hidden away. With it he pumped both our dicks, one after another. We shared a girl, now we shared his private toy. Eventually, he returned to his knees, sucking me and using the flesh light on himself. I couldn't help but realize this was very reminiscent to our first time, minus the girl.

    I reached down and took his toy and began pleasuring him, while he continued sucking. I was pleased knowing my rhythm was bringing him close to the edge. His excitement drew me closer. He shot his load, filling the tube. As I neared, one of his fingered sneaked into my ass. I wasn't expecting having my prostrate stimulated and it forced a powerful orgasm. It was incredible and probably the best cum I ever shot.

    Once we breathing resumed to normal, he started packing his car. “Are you sure you have to leave?”

    “My parents want me to come home this weekend.”

    “Looks like it'll be just Ben and me this weekend.”

    “Actually sounds like our resident know-it-all is having fun tonight.”

    “Yeah, he's supposed to be tutoring calculus.”

    James laughed. “That's not calculus I heard from his room.”

    As James drove off, my curiosity got the better of me and I quietly approached Ben's room. Sure enough, I could hear the moans and groans of sex. As I stood there listening, I wondered what happened to his student. Just then I heard him ask Isaac something, which made me even more perplexed. I knew I shouldn't but nonetheless I pressed against the door. I peeked inside.

    Isaac's large hairy frame sat next to Ben. They were watching a porn. More specifically, they were watching James and I fuck the girl we shared. I stood there in utter shock.
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  4. It's hard to believe that I was apprehensive about college. Would I fit in? Would my frat brothers like me? Would I be able to get in on the acclaimed sex life? All my anxiety soon dispelled.

    To say I was above average in the looks department was not an exaggeration. Though modesty has its place, to be honest I was a total hunk. I stood at 6'2” with nearly 180 pounds of muscle. My chiseled pec muscles rose above my frame, staying pronounced even when wearing T-shirts. (I generally wore the shirts a bit snug to highlight them even more.) With the shirt off, I'd show off my rock hard abs. (I liked going shirtless just so that I could catch people admiring.) Each arm had nice biceps that got attention from women and men alike. When it comes to legs, let's just say I never missed leg day at the gym. The legs, as well as my abs and chest, had nice covering of dark brown hair. The girls would coyly say my best feature was my face. Though I wasn't a model, I probably could have been. As stunning as as may have been, the girls were always surprised when I disrobed, revealing nearly 10” uncut cock.

    My cock wasn't just exciting to the ladies. I could tell my my frat brothers were impressed, too. They'd say things like “Damn, dude” or “Holy shit, that's huge.” When I got out of the shower one morning, I caught James staring at it. He was trying to shave but all his attention was on my crotch. I wondered if he was gay or bi.

    I continued to dry my hair, letting my cock sway before me. My balls normally hang low, after being in the hot shower they were especially low. I could feel their weight sway. I could see his eyes in the mirror; they kept glancing at my manhood. He didn't say anything but his eyes got bigger.

    I decided to break the ice. “It's pretty impressive isn't it?” I gripped it firmly and shook it a bit menacingly.

    James was an inch or two taller but more lean. He had a light dusting of blonde body hair; his shaggy mop of head hair was darker. His feet were extraordinarily long, like paddles. He would often show off his huge feet, trying to allude that his dick was equally proportioned.

    I felt pride knowing that I surpassed his proportion. As I brewed over my pride at having a bigger cock, I walked backed to my room and got very horny. My cock swelled.

    I rested on my bed naked and started stroking my cock with both hands. It quickly hardened to full length, as usual precum started flowing freely. I tasted some of it. It felt so good feeling the foreskin peel back, revealing the large mushroom head, then covering with the next up stroke. I moaned and enjoyed the sensations. The waves of pleasure filled me, losing myself in bliss. The world faded away; all that was left was my cock.

    “What the hell, dude!?” Tim, my roommate, stood at the door in shock.

    I didn't stop stroking. I couldn't. Our eyes met as I started to cum, shooting spurt after spurt over my head. Some landed on my left cheek. The last few spurts covered my chest and abs.

    “Can you put that thing away?” Tim said mockingly. He quickly retrieved some books and left.

    I lied there in bliss. In truth, I didn't masturbate all that often any longer. I didn't have to since I got an ample supply of sex from willing women.

    That night, like most Friday nights, the frat house was having another party. I was sitting in the central lounge perfectly content tending my beer, when James approached.

    He excitedly exclaimed, “Dude, I need your help.”

    I sipped the beer slowly, looked around the room, then focused on him, as if he was disturbing my peace. “What's got you all worked up?”

    “There is a girl. She wants to have sex.”

    I looked rater befuddled. “Then what are you waiting for? Go fuck her.”

    “She'll only have sex with me in one condition.”

    I'll admit he got me rather curious. “What's that one condition?”

    “She wants you too.”

    I rolled my eyes. “I'm not into that shit.”

    “Dude. Neither am I. But, I'm not like you. I can't just wave a big cock about and get any girl. It's been ages since I've been laid and I'm desperate.” He sank to his knees as if begging.

    “Who is this chick?”

    “I dunno. Probably someone that heard about you or your beast.”

    I brooded for a spell. “Well, I'm curious to see who the fuck this is.” I stood up and walked with James to his room, as he excitedly repeated “thank you, thank you!” as if chanting.

    In his room, a girl awaited on his bed, wearing just her panties and bra. She looked quite nice with curves in all the right places. As I looked her over, she spread her legs seductively. I recognized her but couldn't recall her name. We had sex about a month prior. The sex was good but she got clingy.

    I stood there with folded arms. “So you want more of my dick,” I stated mater of factually.

    “You know I was addicted to your cock. I need it bad.”

    James already took off his shirt and stood there hoping he wasn't going to be dismissed.

    “What the hell,” I exclaimed and took my shirt off too. With both dropped our pants and stood before her. She went right for my cock, which was already hard.

    James eyes got huge as he saw my erection for the first time. “Fuck, that's mammoth!” His own cut cock wasn't shabby at about 7” but was still dwarfed to mine.

    I smirk, then threw my arm around James' shoulder. “Come on. Show my buddy some love'n too.” With that she gripped both cocks and sucked each, one after the other. At one point she pulled both cocks together and put both dick heads in her mouth simultaneously. “Fuck, my dick never touched another dick before.” Her mouth felt incredible but I wanted more than a blowjob. I now wanted to fill her pussy. To do that though, she'll have to really ready, so I tell James to start eating pussy. He excited dropped down and eagerly started lapping between her lips. She moaned but continued to suck me the best she could.

    After a few minutes I rolled on a condom. I picked her up and, placing her on her back, started to rub my cock against her pussy that was fully wet thanks to James. I looked her into the eyes and slowly entered her, stretching her pussy and filling her up. As it entered her body trembled. Once fully in, I started to slowly fuck. I looked at James who was stroking himself. “Come on, Bud, lick her clit while I fuck.”

    “No way, Dude. That's too close to your cock. I'm not gay.”

    “If you were gay, you wouldn't be after clit.” I countered. Then got more forceful, “Get down here and pleasure her.”

    He dropped his head to her pussy and slowly started to lick her clit. She moaned in excitement. I surge of power filled my head as I watched James follow my order. I purposely extended the thrust so that my cock would pop out 'accidentally'. I aimed it just right and got James to lick my cock.

    He protested. “Fuck, Dude. I'm not gay!”

    To pacify his complaining, I had her straddle him. He was now under her in a 69. With his cock being sucked and with him again licking her clit, I entered her again. I can only imagine what a wondrous sight James was seeing as he got an up close visual of her pussy being expanded. In this position I fucked harder and deeper with my balls often striking James' face. Her pussy was tight and felt heavenly; however, I wanted to push James again. I pulled my cock out and it rubbed across his mouth before entering her again. Then I'd do it again. By the fourth time, he was prepared and started accepting my cock into his mouth. I had a frat brother sucking my cock.

    Eventually, I had them switch positions. With her lying on her back, I told James to fuck her. It's what he wanted, after all. While he fucks, I told him he can continue sucking me. He was reluctant but she got turned on by the idea and told him if he didn't then he wouldn't be fucking.

    “Fuck.” he muttered, as he slowly took my cock into his mouth. This time without a condom. While he trust into her, he sucked me. She felt my hairy legs and balls. I rested my hands on his head and started to cum. Several squirts went deep into his throat which he had to swallow. Some painted his face. While I was cumming, they both cam too.

    I never saw another guy cum before, especially with my cum dripping from his face. I surge of power filled me.

    I tilt James head up so that we're looking eye to eye. “You were really good, Jimmy.”

    “I'm James.”

    I got up and walk toward the door. Before exiting I stated it one more time, “You were really good, Jimmy.”
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  5. A few of his pics are on the net and he wrote about a book.
    I am fascinated with him having two dicks and would love to see him in action.


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  6. It's not a typical porn episode, centered on edging and bondage.
    After Alex cums, his 'fun' doesn't end as he is forced to endure post orgasmic stimulation. Watching him squirm and endure the torment is mesmerizing and erotic. His bout doesn't end there though, as he is stroked till he cums again.
    Alex is a star.
    (I'd love to do this with someone....)
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