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  1. Are you looking for a great story to read? All Male College, 1957
    Do you want to experience dorm life in the 1950s-1960s? The emotional turmoil of a young man's longing for companionship? I am on my third time through this adventure. Each chapter brings me great joy, and excitement, tears of happiness and sadness. As i read about Jack and his dorm mates, I can feel the pain, and smell the scents. I was searching for something to read, when I found this story on this site, and I joined LPSG because of this story.
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  2. it was around 1980, I was around twenty, a work buddy and I stopped at a house party near campus on Basset Street. We only stopped for the cheap beer and hit on the girls who were out of our league. I was between girlfriends and he was married, but only a couple of years older than me. It was warm out but not sweltering. I was wearing jeans and a tank top that in retrospect was too big for me. We had a few beers and he went to take a piss. I went to get another beer. I am quite shy and just standing by the wall drinking, people watching.

    All of a sudden this guy walks over by me, leans back against the wall and starts up a conversation. At that time, I was 5' 10, about 130 lbs, blondish brown hair, with my bangs swept across my forehead and the rest just over my ears, a little longer in the back, but not a mullet. This guy, who was around my age, a little shorter, good muscle definition, maybe 150 lbs at the most. He had shorter blond hair with a killer smile. We talked about a few things, and he stood a little closer than I am used to but, it was loud, so it seemed, logical. I couldn't help but notice how good he looked in his jeans and tank top. I had been working out at the YMCA, but was still skinny and wanted to put on some muscle, so I was a little envious.

    It wasn't long, but it felt like we were friends. He would get close to my ear when he talked and I could feel his breath, it was hot and moist. Smelled like beer, but so did mine. He starts complimenting me on my clothes, my hair, and my arms. My arms? I laughed, and returned the compliments. He says you have a hairy chest, I blush and say something stupid I am sure. Then he reaches over and touches my nipple and asked what's with this? At that time, I had a pierced nipple with a half inch gold ring. The ring showed when I my tank top would flop around. I just shrugged and said I don't know, seemed like a cool thing to do. He said it was sexy and asked if I wanted to go back to his dorm. I stammered, and said oh are you're gay? I was an dork, still am.

    I am strangely into this guy, but had not done anything with another guy since jr high and high school. He says your not gay are you? I am like, no, but I really like you. I am chubbing up, my head is spinning, more from the though of getting naked with this guy than the alcohol. Oh, fuck. What should I do, and then my buddy shows up, and wants to leave, I try to explain without explaining, I show him my nipple he laughs and says you'll grow out of that. My new friend says, come on lets go. I said I can't and left with my buddy...

    When ever I drive by that area I think fondly of him, and chub up a bit at the thought that some hot blond guy wanted to take me home.
  3. For me it was probably when I cried after my best friends wedding. The evening was winding down, gave his new bride a hug and kiss, shook his hand to congratulation them and started to cry, he pulled me in and asked why. I told him I didn't want to lose him as my best friend. We grew up together, went to the same schools, were roommates for a time, hunted, fished and camped together. We are still best friends our families get together regularly.
  4. Did you ever have your package slip out of your shorts while you are with your friends?

    Yeah, happened to me, back in the 80s I wore cut off shorts that were frayed, at some point they get "too short". A bunch of work mates male and female had a cookout, we are all sitting around the camp fire, one guy makes a comment that I must have quite the package and points out that my dick is showing. Now everyone looks at my crotch, I look down and see my left nut squeezing out of my shorts. I say that is not my dick, it is only my nuts, like somehow that made it all better. I reach down, pull my shorts down a bit and tuck him back in. We all laughed when someone asked him why he was looking at my crotch anyway.

    A different time and different place. my buddy and two girls went to the park to hike and grill out. We got the grill ready, food on the table, the girls open the brats and one of them looks like a long intact penis, the girls make rude jokes we all laugh. I take the penis brat and hold it out of the leg of my still frayed "too short" shorts, when the girls weren't looking. My buddy snaps a photo. (we cook up the brats, don't worry I ate the penis brat, I do not think it is cool to mess with other peoples food). When I got the photos from our hike and picnic I sent copies to the girls including the penis brat. They thought it was the real deal and I almost got laid.

    I kind of miss the 80s
  5. My aunt and uncle invited me to their place in Florida for my 18th birthday. They took me to the beach and we set up on the sand. After much sunblock warning and fretting from my aunt I rolled over so she could do my back. When I lifted my head from the beach towel as she slathered the coconut infused goop on my back, I see a guy in his late 20s early 30s wearing bright yellow nylon swim trunks, laying out towels for him and his well tanned, hot looking girl friend. I doze off a bit, and when I woke up I was looking at the young man sitting with his knees bent, right up those bright yellow trunks. I can see his hairy nuts hanging down on his taint, his circumcised pecker hanging right along side of them. He looked to be a little fluffed up, but it could have just been the heat. His girlfriend is laying along side of him but her legs were tight together so I only saw her pubic mound rising along the horizon. My horny 18 year old brain starts thinking about that guys, hot sweaty dick going in and out of that hot sweaty pubic mound. I start to chub up and I am thinking I am going to bust a nut in my trunks right here with my aunt and uncle talking about going to SeaWorld or the weather or something. I am thinking do I make a run for the ocean and hope the cool water calms my now raging hard on or do I do the walk of shame to the restrooms and beat my boner into submission.
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  6. 1. I remember that the guy in the locker next to me in HS had a hairy ass crack that had lint in it like my bellybutton gets.

    2. Once at the doctor's office, as he is pushing on my abdomen, he gets this odd look on his face. He leans in for a closer look at my navel, he pokes around there, then he kind of smiled. Later I looked and I had a red lint circle in my bellybutton, I laughed .
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  7. Not sure what to make of this but I have been feeling very horny lately and having unusual cravings.

    Driving through town, I got a craving for sweets, so I stopped at the Greenbush Bakery to get a lemon doughnut. They have the best doughnuts in town, however, each time I stopped they were out of lemon doughnuts. On the positive side, each time I stopped the same baker was working and he is, IMHO, hot AF. He is about 5' 9' 150 lbs, reddish blond hair, nice hairy arms and a well trimmed beard. His beard and mustache accentuate his sharp jaw line, his lips and disarming smile quiet nicely. This hot baker was wearing sweatpants that seemed to highlight his package, showing a nice bulge in front. When he bent over to get a doughnut, his sweatpants sagged a little and the smooth skin on his back just above his waistline came into view. I almost let out a gasp at the sight of this fit baker's naked back.

    After a few times of seeing the baker, who was hot in everything he wore, my mind began to wonder, and the little voice in my head said next time he is out of lemon doughnuts I should say:
    "Do you know how badly I want a lemon doughnut?"
    "I want a lemon doughnut so badly that I would suck your dick until your knees buckled and you would have to beat me about the head and shoulders to get me to stop... "
    "That is how badly I want a lemon doughnut..."
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  8. In my early 20s I had a small lump on my testicle, when I went to the doctor's office I ended up with two doctor's down there rubbing my nuts until I got a hardon, they were very professional (guess they had done this before ;) ). At first I just let it hang there, but then grabbed it and held it out of the way. It was not just a little fluffed up, it was full on boner time, embarrassed does not come close to explaining how I felt.
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