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  1. I’ve been slacking on the jelqing. I only do it in the shower. 100-150.
    Today, 20 minutes of quality jelqing, followed by 8 minutes in the pump and moderate vacuum followed by 2 minutes of high vacuum. I’m going to try and follow this general plan for a while.
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  2. 5 days per week:

    10 minutes of downward stretches
    10 minutes of dry jelqing
    10 minutes of bathmate

    If I’m strapped for time, half of those amounts. We’ll see how it goes.
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  3. PE session:

    10 minutes of stretching

    300 slow dry jelqs

    15 minutes in the bathmate (final 3 minutes to max pumped length)
  4. 8 minutes: 20.5 cm mark
    7 minutes: 21cm mark
    6 minutes: 21.5 cm mark
  5. Since I’ve been strapped for time lately, I think I’m going to standardize my routines for a while.

    8 minute dry jelqing

    8 minute pumping

    Done. Boom.
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  6. 9 minute pump medium intensity
    8 minute pump medium to high intensity
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  7. Yesterday’s session took longer than I wanted. Today:
    (15 minutes at low to medium intensity pump, then immediately
    2.5 minutes high intensity pump)

    Quick Break

    50 slow jelqs
  8. 50 jelqs
    10 minute pump low intensity
    50 jelqs
    5 minute pump medium intensity
    50 jelqs
    2:30 minute pump max intensity
    50 jelqs
  9. so I’m laying in bed stretching my flaccid cock. I came up with this @Javier Andres

    Laying flat, I’m stretching down towards my feet.

    For a total of 1000 downward stretches.

    My flaccid stretched cock is longer than my hand by about 1/2 inch! (My hand is just a little longer than 7.75 inches) try it and see what you think, I think I might be doing this nightly
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  10. these next two months I’m really going to concentrate on the quality of my pump sessions.
    10 minutes at 20.5 cm
    5 minutes at 21 cm
    3 minutes at 21.5 cm


    August and September
    10 minutes at 21 cm
    5 minutes at 21.5 cm
    3 minutes at 22 cm
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  11. today was the biggest I’ve ever been in the pump. I packed my bath mate girth wise, and my length ended at 21.8 cm!! I couldn’t get to 22; my cock was fatigued AF! I did:

    50 jelqs
    9 minutes
    50 jelqs
    8 minutes
    50 jelqs
    7 minutes
    50 jelqs
    6 minutes
    5 minutes to max intensity and length

    Each pump session was maintained and pushed with the wine vac. Holy shit it was intense. My cock has been swollen and ugly all day but I’m on my way to 22 cm finally!!!
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  12. Sunday: rest and recovery

    Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday:

    50 jelqs
    6 minute pump
    50 jelqs
    5 minute pump
    50 jelqs
    4 minute pump
    50 jelqs
    3 minute pump to maximum length

    Tuesday, Thursday: same as above but increase to 8-7-6-5 (minutes)

    Attached Files:

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  13. Sunday night: 1000 jelqs

    Monday - Friday: 30 minutes low pressure pump (girth work) + 2 minutes of high pressure (length work)

    Saturday: recovery

    Tuesday and Thursday night: 1000 jelqs
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  14. I’ve been getting good results recently from my PE work. My wife was sucking my cock really good and complimenting me. “I can tell you’re longer and thicker, this is going to hurt!” I then make entry, give a few good super deep thrusts and then boom. Shot my load all up in her. Total minute man. Her head game and the comments put me at 99.9% completion. I made her come orally so we both went to bed satisfied.
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  15. Sunday: 1500 jelqs

    Monday: 750 jelqs + 10 minute high pressure Pump

    Tuesday: 30 minute low pressure pump

    Wed-Fri: 750 jelqs + 10 minute high pressure Pump

    Saturday: recovery
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