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  1. i want to preface this post by saying this boy's weekend was hosted by my best friend Jay who is also my fuck buddy. I have written all about my relationship with Jay in a series in the fiction section of the Forums. It is called "My Straight Friend ..." I am sharing this here because it is less about Jay and I and more about all he guys in our two families spending time together.

    Jay and his wife and kids were our next door neighbor's at one point. We and our families have been friends for about 20 years. Jay inherited the house his grandparents lived in and is renovating it. His family worked hard on it for a couple months during home sheltering due to Covid. They eventually went back home but Jay stayed on to do more. He decided he needed a break and thought it would be fun to get all us guys together.

    Jay has two sons who are 22 and 17 and a son-in-law who is 28 and they were all there. My sons are 20 and 16 and my brother-in-law is staying with us for a while so he came too.

    When we arrived Jay gave out the sleeping assignments. It's a four bedroom house so he said we all had to double up. Each of our youngest son's would share a room, each of our oldest sons would bunk together, his son-in-law would be would be with my b-I-l, and Jay and I would stay together.

    Since I had been there to help him the week before Jay had ripped out the tub/shower combo in the main bathroom. Eventually it will be replaced with a larger shower. Meanwhile he showed the guys an outdoor shower had been added. The plumber had just been there the day before to get it hooked up. The only small detail was the wood enclosure had not been built yet so basically you were standing against the side of the garage in the open when you were showering. The house is on acreage in the country so when it was just us guys it wasn't that big of a deal...for some of us.

    Jay's son-in-law is quite new to their family and hadn't been nude in front of any of them and my brother-in-law had been very private so far while living with us even though he is sharing a bathroom with my youngest son and sometimes I use it too.

    As the day progressed we all hiked around the property, it was hot so we were all sweaty and also muddy from going through a low marshy area. He suggested we all use the outdoor shower so we wouldn't track any mud into the house. Jay is very open with his sons like I am with mine so they are accustomed to seeing each other nude and all of us have camped together so all six of us have been nude together. It didn't take long at all for us to get undressed. I could tell the other two were uncomfortable, but there really wasn't any way to get out of it so their clothes started coming off too.

    None of us were under the shower spray for more than a few minutes. As each of us finished we just sat around nude on the patio to air dry since the towels were in the house. I was curious about the two who seemed shy about undressing. My brother-in-law had mentioned in passing the other day his dad, brother, and he were not as blessed in the penis dept. as my boys and I. His flaccid looked to be about 3" and he was the smallest of this group. But the guy has a damn impressive body that isn't at all apparent the way he dresses. And he has a hairy chest like I envy on a man. Jay's son-in-law was sporting a large gauge Prince Albert piercing and had a tattoo on his penis. Our sons were all openly in awe of it so it didn't take long for him to become relaxed.

    I enjoy the camaraderie of male nudity. We hung out there for about an hour and everyone was comfortable and talking about anything and everything. So many people equate nudity with sex, but this was just a bunch of guys spending time together.

    After dinner we watched a movie and played some pool. When it was time for bed a couple of the guys said they had not shared a bed with another guy since they were kids. Jay said, if you are asleep you won't know who you are in bed with.

    He and I headed off to his room. We didn't dare fuck with our kids on the other side of the wall, but we did frot and kiss. We fell asleep with me spooning his ass and I woke up to the feel is him sliding his erect cock along my ass crack. It was so tempting to fuck, but too risky. I can't wait until he and I are alone.
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  2. My lawn mower has been acting up the past couple times I used it. Today I tried to use it and it wouldn't work. I loaded it into my vehicle and took it to the hardware store for servicing. I went in the front door and walked all the way through the store to the back counter. I noticed several people staring at me and I figured I must look like a sweaty dirty mess from working in the yard.

    At the service desk a young kid helps me and I noticed he was staring at my crotch. I looked down and saw my dick was clearly visible through the mesh shorts I was wearing. I am not shy but it is pretty bold even for me to wear see-thru shorts into a store. This is not the first time I have done that sort of thing, or worse.

    One time I was staying at a gay guesthouse in Ft. Lauderdale. There was the main building with a large pool surrounded by a wall and a row of rooms in a separate building you could only access by going back out the gate and down the sidewalk along a relatively busy road. My room was out there. I was in the clothing optional pool area for several hours. I'd been talking to a bunch of other guys and saw them going back and forth to their rooms nude. I wanted to get something from my room and I went out the gate and was walking down the sidewalk when it occurred to me I was fully nude in public with cars driving by. A couple cars slowed down and one guy honked and yelled out the window at me. I decided I may as well complete the walk to my room. I grabbed what I had wanted and wrapped in a towel for the walk back.
  3. In general American rest rooms are designed for privacy. Most urinals have privacy shields between them and even those without shields have urinals that allow shy guys to stand up to it and never show skin.

    I like the rest rooms at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel. They are very much the Eiropean style with low urinals and no privacy shields. Shy guys can go into a stall, but if you use a urinal, your dick is visible. In addition one of the rest rooms in particular has the urinals on a wall so when you enter you see the side view of any guys standing there peeing.

    I am neither pee shy nor body shy so if the first urinal in the row is available I always go for it. It feels good to unzip, pull out my penis, and let the piss stream fly and be fully visible to any guys who are interested in taking a look.

    Anyone else uninhibited like me? Where are your favorite rest rooms?
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  4. My Brother-in-Law Zach has been staying with us this past week. He and his wife are going through a nasty divorce so my wife said he could stay with us until he figures out his next step. Our oldest son moved out to live with his girlfriend so he is staying in there.

    When Zach arrived he only brought the bare necessities with him. Yesterday he went back to his house to get a lot more clothes and other things he wanted. When he got back here I helped him unload his car and get everything into my son's room. We got everything hung in the closet and then he started opening dresser drawers to look for space for socks, underwear, etc.

    When he opened one drawer I heard him say, "Damn!" I looked in and there were several nude photos of my son and his girlfriend. Zach has been sharing a bathroom with our younger son so he has seen him nude this past week. He said, "You guys are raising a couple porn stars. Their dicks are huge." Then he said the men in his family were not gifted in that department and he was the smallest.

    I reminded him he has two great kids so his dick obviously has served him well and it does what a dick is supposed to do. Then he picked up the photos in the drawer and said, "I bet mine doesn't serve me as well as this telephone pole serves him." I told him size isn't everything. It is also how you use it. He said, "Aparently I suck at using it because my wife says she is dumping me for a guy who knows how to satisfy her."

    I feel for the guy, but it just seemed like no matter what I said it just got him feeling worse about himself so I told him I would let him finish getting settled in and I left. I have been to the gym with my wife's other brother and briefly saw his penis. I would say it was above average so I don't know if Zach is exaggerating his smallness or if it really is. Hopefully he will get out of his funk soon.
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  5. I am not shy about showing my body. If you have read my blog posts and stories in the forums you know I am a nude model for artists and students. That has desensitized me so I probably feel less awkward when someone I know sees me undressed than they do. Likewise, when dressed I am not ashamed to show a bulge. I am a man and I have a penis. I think the majority of the population knows that about us guys. I am not blatantly trying to highlight my junk, but don't go out of my way to hide it either.

    During this pandemic time my wife and I have spent a lot of time walking. When we stroll through our neighborhood I generally freeball in gym shorts. Some shorts show VPL and others simply show movement underneath the fabric.

    I run several times a week also. Then I wear Lycra running shorts that help support the boys and conforms to my body. As I run I can feel my shaft moving so I know others can see it to. For me it is more about my comfort than shielding other people's eyes from seeing something.

    Several people in our neighborhood go to the same gym I do so some men have seen me nude and women have seen me in my Speedo or Lycra workout shorts. Several years back my wife, kids, and I went to a nude beach during a family vacation and another family from our neighborhood was there. It's amazing when you raise kids to be comfortable nude, even a surprise encounter like this when they see school friends out of their clothes, it is no big deal. A couple of women in our neighborhood have been in art classes at a community art center when I was posing nude. After their initial surprise, it is fine.

    It's very liberating not to be shy about my body. As I mentioned earlier, for me it is about comfort, not about showing off. I am not the type to sit wearing shorts and letting my dick falls out "accidentally" to expose myself. That is kind of creepy.
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  6. i receive private messages and comments from men saying they wish they had experiences like I have had. I often hear how lucky I am. Yes, I do feel lucky, but I also feel like I have created the opportunities to get lucky. I put myself out there and take risks and chances a lot of people don't take so I get to enjoy some fun times because of it. I share the experiences I believe you will enjoy hearing, but I have had some not so good experiences, too. Here is one example.

    I was researching masseurs so I could schedule an erotic massage while on a business trip. After going through quite a few ads I finally found one that looked perfect. He had time available so I made an appointment. This was about 10 years ago so I don't remember all of the details, but his ad was something like this.

    Handsome, well-built jock will rub you the right way. I am trained in various types of massage and you can choose any one of them or a combination. I have a clean, professional studio. Following the massage we can do anything two consenting adults may want to do with each other. I am extremely well endowed and enjoy giving or receiving. Let's do it!" There was a photo of a reasonably good looking guy from the chest up.

    I show up for my appointment and find a somewhat dilapidated house. When the door opens a guy who was about 20 years older than the photo said hello. I asked if Jerry was there and he told me he was Jerry. This was not starting well. Obviously the photo I had seen of a younger guy with a thick head of hair was outdated. The "well-built jock" had a big belly and looked like the most athletic he might be is to watch sports on TV with a 6 pack of beer and a few bags of chips.

    I should have left, but wanted a massage so I followed him into his "clean, professional studio" which was a dingy, dirty looking bedroom without a massage table. He said I should go ahead and undress. Typically a masseur leaves for a minute to give you some privacy. I am not modest so I don't really care about the privacy, but this guy just stared at me and looked like he could drool. I could also see from his need to adjust himself he was getting hard as he watched me strip.

    After I was nude he got undressed. His "jock" body looked even worse than I imagined it would and when his briefs came down this "extremely well endowed" guy was around 5" fully erect. I would be completely OK with that, but I do not like people being deceitful when they tell about themselves. When he finished undressing he stood by me and said, "You are hung even more huge than me." By then he was leaking pre-cum so I began to wonder if he was even accustomed to seeing naked guys.

    His massage technique was mediocre at best. I had scheduled a 90 minute session. After no more than 10 minutes on my stomach he asked me to roll over. Rather than massage the rest of my body, he went right for my cock. By then he was acting like a total pervert and there was nothing erotic or sensual about any part of it. I was mad at myself for not leaving immediately. I normally get a hardon pretty quickly in those situations and this guy was such a turn off my dick was still a limp noodle.

    I stopped him and told him I was ready to leave and explained every way he had lied about himself. He did not deserve to be paid, but I left about 1/3 of the full amount and got dressed and left. It was very disappointing.

    Back in my hotel room i tried to put that horrible incident out of my mind. I took a long shower to wash away the lingering memory of how awful it was. I jacked off thinking about a guy at my gym who is like a wet dream come to life. I imagined myself fucking his firm ass and sucking his cute cock. I edged a few times and finally shot my load. It was not the evening I had hoped for, but I made the most of it.
  7. During business trips I often try to get a massage. This was a very memorable one that happened back in my single days. Before leaving home I looked through ads and set up an appointment. He had pix of his face, body, and studio. It all looked promising. The write up talked about his training and experience. He offered both therapeutic and erotic massages. I scheduled a 90 minute combo.

    You never know when you see pix of the masseur in an ad if the guy who answers the door will live up to your expectations. Sometimes they use old photos and some are not very accurate in their descriptions of themselves. If anything Lance undersold himself. I rang the bell and one of the most handsome men I have ever seen opened the door. He was about 30, 5'10", 160' sun-bleached blonde hair, and because he was only wearing gym shorts I saw his beautifully defined body. You could tell he worked out, but rather than focusing on bulging muscles, he focused on being perfectly toned. He had a moderately hairy chest with a treasure trail disappearing into his gym shorts. His legs were covered in blonde fuzz. His shorts were bulging in all the right places.

    Lance lead me through the house and we went out to the garden area in back. His massage table was set up outdoors. The yard was surrounded by a tall hedge so it was very private. He invited me to undress and set my clothes on a chair off to the side. When I stepped up to the massage table he asked if I minded if he was nude while he massaged me. I said I thought that would be great. When he lowered his shorts his cut cock came into view. It was average size at about 3". His blonde pubes Formed a thick bush. The thing that made an impression were his balls. They were relatively large and they hung very low in his ball bag. I am guessing they rode 2"-2 1/2" below the head of his dick.

    As usual my massage began with me on my stomach. Lance's touch was magical. It was the perfect combination of pressure and sensuality. Sometimes he used his whole arm to go down my back. As he moved around me I felt his penis brush my skin. I let my hands fall to the edge of the table so he deposited his package into my palm. I gently massaged it while he kept working on me. I could feel him bone up just as he moved on.

    When he had me turn over my penis was fully erect. Lance said it looked like I was enjoying the massage so far. I said it looks and feels that way. He truly was a great masseur, but I was ready for my happy ending. I had been leaking pre-cum like crazy. His fingers had been grazing against my junk ever si de I had rolled over, but now Lance took a firm hold of my cock in one hand and and cupped my balls in the other. I closed my eyes and savored the moment. Suddenly I felt his lips on the head of my dick and then the wetness of his tongue. I opened my eyes to see this beautiful man giving me a blowjob. What a sight!

    Lance brought me right to the brink, but stopped short of me shooting my load. Then he climbed onto the table with me and straddled me. He initiated a frot session that was incredible. Our cocks wrestled and I could feel his lengthy ballsac sliding along after his cock. Again he brought me right to the edge.

    Lance lifted up and got down from the table. He leaned down and whispered in my ear. He asked if I would like to fuck his ass. I said hell yes. He stepped away and got a Magnum condom. I watched him walked back to me and saw his hard cock looking skyward. It looked to be about 5 1/2" and average thickness. His balls were still hanging very low even with his penis so hard it was nearly touching his stomach. He slid the condom down my shaft. He asked me to sit up and then took my hand and lead me to a swing that was like a queen size bed. I rimmed his ass and then penetrated him. I had him on his back with his legs up so I could look into his blue eyes while I fucked him. My thrusts were causing the mattress to swing. He pushed back to take in my entire 7.5".

    Lance was a real moaner. Each time I went balls deep he moaned. I was getting close to cumming when he nearly yelled, "I'm gonna blow!" He shot a massive load that made a sticky mess of his hairy chest and stomach. When I told him I was cumming he played with my nipples and I shot.

    Afterwards I laid beside him on the swinging bed. He complimented me on my nice cock and my endurance. He was the kind of guy who I would consider out of my league if we met in a bar, but he was gracious and humble and made me feel like the hottest man on the planet. I was sorry to have that experience come to an end.
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  8. I know people who constantly have dreams and it can be hilarious to listen to their stories. I very seldom have dream recollection, but when I do they seem to be epic. I had this dream (nightmare) about a year ago and still remember it vividly.

    I am a nude model. My most common jobs are in college classrooms posing for students taking drawing or painting classes but I take other random jobs such as being a model for body painters, standing nude in a garden during a party and acting like a statue, etc.

    When I was 19 a female grad student at my college asked if I would pose nude for a bachelorette party. The girls attending, who were not artists, would be drawing me. It was more about them having a nude guy in their presence than it was about art. I said yes and it was fun. In more recent years Drink and Draw parties have become more common. Usually these are retail stores and mostly women go in and the group all chooses a painting from a wall of samples and they recreate it. It would be something like a bouquet of flowers. A different variation of these businesses is to have a nude male model and the women get loose while drinking and make a lot of suggestive comments, flirt with the model, and laugh at the results of their experience with "art." The woman are not allowed to touch the model.

    When I was younger I modeled for a couple events like these that were private parties and the women got raunchy and were giving me hand jobs and sucking me in front of their friends. It wasn't a bad set up getting paid to be sexually satisfied.

    The time I had a nightmare it was about one of these drink and draw parties. This one was unlike any I had ever modeled for. When I was posing for a drawing class at a community art center a woman approached me after class and asked me if I would model at a Drink and Draw for her friend's 30th birthday party. The woman was gorgeous and I said yes.

    The day arrived and I drove to the address she had given me. It was an oceanfront home. I don't live near the beach, but in our dreams we dream. I rang the bell and the beautiful woman answered. I was there half an hour before the guests arrived. She wanted it to be a surprise. She showed me a large room that was set up with a platform where I would stand and there were canvases, etc. for the ladies.

    Next she brought me to a small den and said to go ahead and get comfortable and she would come and get me. I was playing games on my phone when she came back to bring me to the party.

    The women were all the most amazingly beautiful females I had ever seen. They seemed to like what they saw when I walked into the room and the flirting began. After half an hour or so of drawing the hostess told the guests we were moving outside for part 2. She hadn't told me about a second part so I had no idea what was going on.

    The women all took off their clothes, leaving very skimpy bikinis barely covering their huge breasts and Brazilian waxes. I was lead by hand out to the beach where the women surrounded me and before I knew it I was tied to a tall pole. They started playing with my cock and balls and licking my nipples. I was really getting turned on.

    The women all took off their bikinis. Their bodies were absolute perfection. Then I saw several of the women were putting on strap-on dildoes. It looked like the smallest one was 9" and the others were longer and thicker.

    I was released from the pole, but moved to another area where I was put in shackles with my feet spread about 3' and my arms out to my sides. I was exposed front and back. The women were surrounding me. Now instead of flirting and making suggestive comments they were making it quite obvious they hated men. The playful touches were replaced by yanking, squeezing, pinching, biting, and scratching.

    As I was feeling the pain on my front side, I felt my ass burn when the first dildo plowed into me without warning. There was no foreplay to prepare me for the invasion. The woman who was fucking me told me this group of ladies had all been cheated on by their husbands. She whispered in my ear that all men are alike and think they are God's gift to women, but no more.

    I felt the dildo slide out of my hole and it was immediately replaced with a larger one. I had been fucked by well hung guys, but not that big. As I was being impaled from behind my front side was getting attacked, too. The dildo left my ass and then I felt fire when an even longer and thicker one penetrated me. I had my eyes closed and was screaming in pain. Then I heard a voice right in my face tell me to open my eyes. I did as I was told and saw the woman who had hired me to model. Her beautiful face started changing. It was like it was melting away, revealing an ugly wrinkled hag. Her perfect breasts deflated before my eyes and began to sag lower and lower. I glanced around and the same thing was happening to all of the women.

    The hostess lifted a huge knife up to my face and asked if I wanted to say good bye to my cock and balls before she cut them off. I looked down and I was fully erect and then I shot my load and it went right into her face. She got angry and brought the knife down with violent force. Just as it touched the top of my penis I woke up moaning and sweating.
  9. I love balls. I love my own balls and I love other men's balls. I think balls often get overlooked. Guys are always talking about their dicks or taking hold of their shafts and stroking them. This site is focused on penises, but that's how it is in other aspects of life too. So today I am paying tribute to balls. After all, they played an important role in all of us being here today.

    When I was younger I had sex with more guys than I was able to keep track of. I have touched, fondled, licked, kissed, and sucked hundreds of balls. Whether they are large or small, tight in the sac or lowhangers, smooth or hairy is unimportant to me. Balls turn me on. Well, pretty much everything turns me on, but I have a thing for balls.

    One of the guys I had a relationship with had big lowhangers. I loved how they felt slapping against my ass when he pounded me. I enjoyed watching him jack off and those balls were flying all over the place. Just watching him walk or roll over in bad was fun as his balls were always in motion.

    At the opposite end of the spectrum I was with a guy whose balls were small and tight. On a hot summer day they were tight and on a cold winter day his sac sat empty when his balls went inside to keep warm. When he had an erection his balls went inside and his sac completely smoothed out to the point it looked like he had been castrated. I loved how it looked with his hard cock and sleek smooth area below.

    I have known two guys who had testicular cancer and lost a ball. That is a traumatic experience, but both of them are happy their cancer was caught and they are alive and healthy because of that sacrifice. One of them opted for a prosthetic testicle and looks like he did prior to his loss. The other guy is a close friend of mine and he decided to leave half of his sac empty because it is part of his life story. I hope all you men check your balls so you can catch any problems early.

    Balls can also look good when covered up with clothes. Seeing a nice pair enveloped in a Speedo is a pretty sight. I also can't help but notice a man whose balls fill out the crotch of his pants when he is seated with his legs spread.

    My balls fluctuate a lot. I consider mine to be average in size, but some days they seem large and some days the seem small. Mine hang in their sac most of the time. I know a lot of men's balls pull up tight as soon as their cock gets hard. Mine tend to remain hanging until just before I cum.

    When I am making love to my wife or fucking my buddy, I feel great sensations from my balls hanging there. When I masturbate I love ball play with one hand as the other hand is working my cock. When I am ready to cum, I tug down on those boys and it intensifies my ejaculation.

    Years ago my wife was playing with my package and named it Dick and the twins. It has been a while since she has used that name, but I loved that she included the boys in the name.

    Do you love balls as much as I do?
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  10. The truth is I love any size cock. I am not a size queen and whether a guy is hung or not is unimportant to me. I am far more concerned about a guy taking care of his body than I am about him having a big dick. When I was in college I had sex with far more people than I can recall, both men and women.

    I was with guys who were horse hung to a guy with a micropenis. That guy's name was Jeremy and he was the best male lover I ever had up until my current fuck buddy Jay. Jeremy's penis was about 1" soft and almost 3" hard. His girth was minimal, too. He and I hit it off the first day we met and were in love and lived together for two years.

    i have been with hung guys who felt great inside me, but some were self-centered and thought they were special because of their cock size. Jeremy was special because he worked harder to please me or anyone he was with.

    Jeremy had a great physique and I was so turned on by seeing a handsome, athletically built guy with a very small cock and balls. The first time we had sex he could not get undressed fast enough. I find that level of confidence to be a highly sexy quality. So often men who have small penises have been teased throughout their lives and end up feeling beat down because of it. It is sad that anyone would ridicule a guy for having a small penis. Being a good man and good lover is multi-dimensional and to cast a man aside based on a small penis is sad.

    There is a guy who I used to work with, but we became good friends after he went to work somewhere else. He also has a micropenis. He was very self-conscious about it. We never had a sexual relationship but we have always been comfortable talking to each other about sex. I worked at building his self-esteem and finally one day I decided to lighten the mood. I bought two t-shirts and some iron on letters and spelled out Member of the Small Penis Club. I called and asked if he could meet me for lunch and a drink. When I stopped at his house to pick him up I was wearing one of the shirts. He told me I was fucking crazy. I told him I was being a good friend. We drove to a restaurant where I figured neither of us would likely know anyone. He thought I was joking about wearing the shirt into the restaurant, but I said I was absolutely going to wear it. I asked him to put on the other shirt and said he could leave his jacket on if he felt uncomfortable and he could take it off if he decided it was OK.

    We went in and a few people did double takes to make sure they were reading what they thought they read. Our waitress said her husband needed that shirt. One customer walked by on his way out and said he had a small penis but wouldn't have the balls to wear a shirt telling the world about it. My buddy was amazed I could let everyone think I had a small dick and not be embarrassed about it. He ended up taking off his jacket and the waitress made a comment about small guys sticking together.

    After that day my friend was a happier person and at the gym he was more confident. He had always turned away from people in the locker room so his dick wasn't visible when he was changing clothes and he took the shower where it was least likely he would be seen. After our t-shirt experience he was almost a show-off. He thanked me repeatedly for helping him see he is more than his penis.

    We can be thankful if we are hung bigger, but there is no need to put anyone else down if they aren't. None of us is perfect and nobody likes to be confronted about our imperfections. Let's lift each other up and support each other.
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  11. For those who do not know, my best friend of 20 years and I became fuck buddies a couple years ago. I wrote all about our sexual adventures in the fiction section of the forums but stopped when our relationship was put on hold during home sheltering. We reunited and I wrote a new update. I invite you to read about it. It is called "Straight Friend Becomes Massage Buddy". It started out with massages but escalated to much more. I hope you will enjoy it.
  12. I started puberty before my 11th birthday. At the young age of 10 I was taller than boys in my neighborhood who were 12 and although I was height/weight proportional, I began to get a complex because I weighed more than other boys my age. It wasn't until I was 12 and in 7th grade when I first saw other boys nude in the gym locker room and showers that I realized my cock and balls were also advanced compared to theirs.

    At that time in my life I had no idea bigger was considered better. All I knew is I didn't have the same pre-pubescent penis my friends had and I felt awkward. I was teased and I know now it was probably envy, but at that age I only felt like a freak.

    If I recall correctly I was 14 when it seemed other boys caught up with me in terms of height and weight and pubic hair. The area where I still didn't fit was my penis. By then I did realize males wished for a bigger cock and I had one. I would occasionally see one of the gym teachers nude and my 14 year old dick was larger than their adult sizes. Rather than gloating about being bigger, what stood out to me was their body hair.

    I equated body hair with masculinity when I was a boy. I dreamed of the day I would also have hair on my chest and and legs. It never came. I had the bush, but otherwise I was and am pretty hairless. I made up for my smooth body by acting more masculine to make sure everyone knew I was.

    My point with this post is we all have to learn to accept ourselves as we are. There are things like diet and exercise we can do to improve upon what we were born to be, but once I realized my height, my weight, my lack of body hair, and my penis size didn't define me, I became happier and more confident.

    My wife and I are so lucky to have three great kids. We have raised them to be confident about their bodies. They are now 16, 18, and 20 and all of them are very well adjusted about themselves. They all work to be their best selves, and accept things about themselves they may wish was different. I feel like I am successful in my life for this achievement alone. If you are lucky enough to be a parent, be aware of the impact you can make on your kid's self-esteem.

    I can wish I had the body of Adonis, but I don't. I have to work hard just to avoid gaining weight and buying larger clothes. I have managed to maintain my weight and waist size for a long time and I realize my buddies my age have mostly not been able to do this. I accept who I am. I love who am.
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  13. After college I was part of a small group of friends who spent a lot of time together. There were 7 of us, 3 men and 4 women. We would go out to eat, movies, and even traveled together. We were all approximately the same age and all single. We lived in the same neighborhood.

    The group was like a safety net. We all agreed when we were dating someone that should stay separate from the group, but when we weren't busy with other people we knew we had each other. Sometimes the whole group was together, but at other times there may just be 2 or 3 who got together.

    Soon after I joined the group they were talking about a trip. We rented a house in a ski resort town but it was off season so it was affordable. We would have fun hiking, seeing the sights, and just hanging out together.

    The house had several ammenities skiers would appreciate after a day in the slopes. There was a pool table, hot tub, and sauna. The first night 2 of the women and I decided to use the sauna. I went upstairs to undress and wrapped up in a towel and then headed down two flights to the sauna. Maria and Kelley were already there in their swimsuits. All of us had been drinking during happy hour and dinner so we were all losing inhibitions and I don't have many to start with.

    I sat on a bench across from them and was careful to sit in a way my junk wouldn't show. We started talking and laughing and without knowing it I had shifted positions and spread my legs. It took awhile but I finally figured it out. I covered up again and apologized. Kelley said I had nothing to be sorry about and it was quite a sight. I told them I felt at a disadvantage they knew everything about me and I didn't know everything about them. Maria said they didn't know everything. I asked what she meant. She said they didn't know how big it could get when it wasn't soft.

    There in the hot sauna my flaccid size was probably about 7" so I told her I was a show-er and it wouldn't get much bigger. She said they should be the judge. I told them I would let them see how big it got if they stripped down and let me learn more about them. Maria seemed hesitant, but Kelley encouraged her and they both stood up and got naked. I was admiring their fit, curvy bodies when Maria reminded me of the reason they were nude.

    I told them my dick didn't get hard all by itself, even though it does regularly. Kelley told me to do what I needed to to make it hard and I told her I never promised that and if they wanted to see it hard, they would have to make it hard. They seemed to get shy, but got on either side of me and started touching my cock and fondling my balls and were rewarded with a rapidly rising boner. Just when I got to full mast my buddy Sergio opened the door and stepped in.

    Sergio smiled and said it looked like we were having a hell of a lot more fun than he had been having playing pool. Kelley told him she was willing to make sure he had fun, too. He didn't waste a second and he and Kelley got on the bench opposite Maria and I. Everything about him was a contrast to me. First, he had a dark complexion and his whole body was hairy, compared to my light skin and hairlessness. His uncut penis was about half the length of mine and his ballsac was tight even when he was flaccid. It was fun to watch the two of them enjoying themselves and even though my own dick had gone soft, seeing them play was getting it to rise again.

    Sergio saw me boned up again and told me everyone could see I was hung so I didn't have to flaunt it. I told him my cock had a mind of its own and I had no control over it. The most amazing thing was when he was fully hard we were both almost exactly the same size. I was turned on seeing his hard cock. We saw each other nude at the gym sometimes, but neither of us had seen the other erect.

    My dick was dripping seeing Kelley massaging his shaft and seeing his foreskin slide up and down over his glans. What really got me was how his balls completely disappeared and his sac smoothed out when he got hard. There was no evidence he had testicles and it looked so sleek and sexy.

    The girls decided they needed to have a contest to see which one could get us to come first. They both went to work and I was so turned on I lost my load first, but Sergio was right behind me. His load was enormous. I was envious seeing rope after rope after rope flying out of his piss slit.

    After we had both climaxed, Sergio and I cleaned up and suddenly the girls got reserved and they quickly dressed and said we couldn't tell anyone what had occurred. None of us had never been sexual with each other and surprisingly we never were again. We all went back to our regular friendships as if the sauna incident had never happened.
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  14. Not long after my wife and I got married I developed a Variocele. If you do not know this is enlarged veins within the scrotum. My primary care doctor advised watching it to see how it progressed. Within a few months it looked like I had a third testicle, but the growth is a bundle of veins that feels like worms.

    As a nude model I became aware when I was in certain positions my sac was starting to look strange so I felt awkward. Even more important is the fact a Variocele can lead to infertility so I went back to my doctor and he sent me to a urologist who scheduled an ultrasound. I had not had one before so I had no idea what to expect.

    On the day of the procedure I checked into the clinic and sat in the waiting room. A male nurse called my name and lead me back to the exam room. He said to remove my slacks and underwear and then handed me a washcloth and said lay back on the table and use the cloth to cover my penis, but leave my testicles exposed. He said the procedure would begin in a minute.

    I figured the guy who brought me to the room would be doing the ultrasound, but a very cute girl who looked 18, but must have been in her 20's, came in and said she would be doing it. The male nurse came in behind her.

    The ultrasound involved a device that is slowly and gently moved around the area and a gel is used to help it move easily. The technician asked me to spread my legs a bit and in doing so the cloth slipped off exposing my penis. The nurse picked it up and covered me again.

    When the tech started the procedure it felt like a massage. My penis had been laying to the side and the nice sensations caused me to get an erection. As my penis expanded it popped out from the washcloth again. The tech was acting flustered at that point. The male nurse lifted the cloth to cover my erection and then placed his hand over it to hold it in place. Even though his touch was not sensual, it caused me to remain hard.

    When the tech was done with the ultrasound she left the room and the nurse said to lay there and he would clean the gel off me. He lifted the washcloth and used it to rub my scrotum so my hard cock was exposed. I was leaking precum so he saw that mess and decided to wipe that too. I think a lot of guys would have been embarrassed by the whole episode but I kind of enjoyed it.

    The urologist scheduled surgery and I went for a pre-op appointment. I shaved my pubes frequently, but there was several weeks growth and they wanted it completely smooth. I said I would shave it before I came for surgery in two days and they said they needed to do it. So another cute young nurse got me all set up with my legs spread and went to work. Again it was feeling good and I got an erection. This time there was no washcloth. I apologized and she was very professional and said not to worry as "these things happen." Unlike the ultrasound she had to pull on my sac to stretch the skin tight, roll my balls around, etc. my hard cock was throbbing. It took everything I had not to moan and shoot my load.

    The incision would be in my ball bag but she also shaved my pubes surrounding my cock. At first she lifted it to get it out of her way, but then asked me to hold it up so she would gave clear access. As she kept moving around with her hand and razor my pre-cum was flowing down my shaft. My urologist stepped in just then to say he would see me in a couple days and smiled and said it looks like everything else is working properly so we will get this situation taken care of and get you back in business.

    Anyone else get erections during medical appointments?
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  15. Even before I started having sexy thoughts about other guys I admired the way a fit guy looked in a wrestling singlet. I think it was in 8th grade when we started a wrestling segment in gym class. In class we just wore our gym shorts, jock straps, and t-shirts, but I decided to start going to wrestling meets to see if I could learn more to take down other boys in gym class. That was the first time I ever saw singlets.

    My school colors were green and white. The wrestling singlets were green when the team was hosted at other schools and white when they were at our school. Neither color really left much of anything to imagination, but with the white the guys could have wrestled naked without giving away much more detail about their junk.

    Some boys definitely filled out the crotch area more than others. Back then I was a shy kid who wasn't comfortable nude in front of others and I was amazed the boys on the wrestling team could wear those revealing uniforms in front of other students and their parents and siblings who came to their matches.

    I could see some guys were wearing jockstraps because the leg straps were visible and the pouch diffused details of their package. But some boys appeared to be free balling and you could see VPL, including mushroom heads and some of the guys with dark pubes showed evidence of their bush through the light fabric.

    During matches when a guy was getting pinned you could see his body strain and as they moved quickly on the mat you could see their dicks change position. A few times I , along with everyone else, got an eyeful of an erection.

    After that I always had a secret desire to wear a wrestling singlet, but it wasn't until years later I had the confidence to do it. At age 18 I got over my hang ups about being nude in front of other people, but it wasn't until my late 20's when I was spending more time working out that I started wearing Lycra. It started with Lycra shorts and t-shirts long enough to cover my bulge. Eventually the t-shirts got shorter and finally one day I bought a singlet. I got it at a sporting goods store and the only option was black.

    At home I put it on and stood in front of a full length mirror. I was proud of my body from all the hours in the gym and decided I looked decent enough to go for it the next day. The black Lycra didn't hide my bulge, but compared to those white and light green singlets I had fond memories of it didn't show every detail either.

    The next morning I was at the gym before work and like every morning it was packed. I headed to the locker room and stripped down and pulled on my singlet. I didn't even try to position my cock, but when I had it pulled on all the way I looked down and my dick was pointing straight up. I debated wearing a shirt over it, but decided if I was going for it I was going all out so no shirt.

    I went out into the gym and enjoyed the attention I was getting. There were a few wright lifters who wore singlets, but they were a rarity. I spent time on the treadmill, elyptical, and stair master before heading to the circuit training machines. When I was starting to use the machines I felt some friction on my cock when I was straining against the weights. It felt really good, but my penis stayed soft. Then I got on one machine and the motions caused the Lycra to rub more and I felt my penis getting hard.

    There I was in the middle of the gym, nothing to cover my now fully boned cock and I saw the woman on a machine directly across the aisle had her eyes fixated on it. The thought of what she was seeing sent me over the edge and I felt myself shooting spurts of cum. It felt amazing, but I was in shock cumming in the middle of the gym with an audience. When I am ejaculating I tend to have some full body spasms so I tried to control that aspect, but don't know that I hid it very well.

    I looked at my crotch and cum was seeping through the Lycra and it was very obvious what had happened. I got up and saw the woman was smiling so I quickly smiled back and headed for the locker room. I was still fully erect so my penis was stretching the thin fabric and my engorged glans was quite prominent. Thankfully there weren't any other guys at nearby lockers so I was able to peel out of the singlet and wrap myself in a towel to hide my cum mess.

    I headed for the showers and got cleaned up and also rinsed the cum from the singlet. The next day I put on my singlet again, but with gym shorts over it. The fabric still caused my dick to stir, but I didn't get an erection again. After a few days without another incident, I went without the shorts again. I wore the singlet day after day until laundering had thinned out the fabric and it was beginning to look obscene to wear it. I never bought another one. It had served its purpose for me to show off and I didn't feel the need to continue.
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