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  1. i drink a lot of water each day to stay well hydrated. If I am near a bathroom I do not hesitate to use it but there are times when I am in the car, waiting in a line, etc. when I have to hold it. It is rare when I get to the breaking point and just have to make a run for it, but there have been a few times I have had to step into an alley, stopped the car alongside a road, or whatever to let the piss fly.

    I don't know about you but it's almost euphoric to feel my piss shoot out with force from my piss slit. The stream just seems to go on and on. Of course it's a very different euphoria from ejaculating, but it feels heavenly to suddenly have the relief of an emptying bladder. On those rare ocassions when this has occurred my penis starts out shorter than my normal hang from tensing up to hold it in, but by the time the heavy stream turned to a slow trickle my shaft is noticeably filled out. I am not talking boned up but definitely looking hefty.

    After the last drops are done and I shake my meat, it is a bit of a let down. The only guy I have ever talked to about this is my best friend Jay and he says he doesn't feel that way. Do any of you have feelings like I do when you've had to hold it and finally get to pee?
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  2. it was a gorgeous fall day so I decided to blow leaves off the lawn and into the woods. My wife, son, and brother-in-law were all gone for a while. One of my wife's friends dropped by unexpectedly. When no one answered the door when she rang the bell she came around into the back yard where I was.

    I was facing away from her and suddenly saw movement in my peripheral vision. I had not expected anyone and I was free balling in light gray lounging pants. I think that's what they are called. Kind of like sweat pants but way thinner fabric. They are probably intended for pajama bottoms.

    When I shut off the blower and turned fully to face her to say hello was when I remembered what I was wearing. She looked flustered. I apologized and said I hadn't planned on seeing anyone. She was trying to look away but several times her eyes would quickly dart back to my free balling show. If it had been summer I may have been nude sunbathing. That would have been interesting!
  3. image.jpeg

    Today I posed for a female artist who was old enough to be my mother. She had been a student of an artist I have modeled for quite a few times so I accepted the job. From the minute I undressed she stopped making eye contact and was focused on my penis.

    While posing models typically don't make eye contact with the artists they pose for. It isn't like posing for a photographer. Even when the goal is to give the appearance of looking right at the artist, a model generally looks at an object or spot right past the. Even though I was not looking at her I got this weird feeling and decided to quickly shift my eyes to glance at her. She was still staring straight at my dick.

    I was there two hours and when I took breaks I went to look at her art. She was only drawing my dick and sac. It was cold in her studio so there was some shrinkage going on, but she captured the look of my penis quite well. This was the best one of her drawings. She told me when she first started drawing men she got embarrassed drawing penises so she was forcing herself to draw every detail.
  4. i am a lucky man. I have a beautiful wife who still enjoys making love after three kids and over twenty years together. In fact, she initiate sex as often as I do. We average four times a week and regularly do a double dipper per session.

    I also hit the jackpot when my best friend Jay asked me to help him meet his sexual needs when his wife shut down. I had silently been attracted to Jay for years so it's a dream come true. We fucked today. I am looking forward to post Covid times when we can get together more often.

    Another way I am lucky is having my wife's full support regarding masturbation. She knows I have a higher sex drive than she does and is very grateful I enjoy pleasuring myself rather than expecting more from her. I would hate it if I had to secretly rub one out in the shower, etc. I can enjoy a slow session in bed with her laying beside me reading.

    Of course, like many guys, and women too, I would love to have sex more often, but I am really happy between the three outlets I mentioned. I was lucky in my younger years to experience sex with a variety of males and females. I can't say I got it out of my system, but I certainly don't have the regret of wishing I had more experiences.
  5. In a few of my previous posts I have told you about my brother-in-law Zach. Months ago his wife was having an affair and wanted a divorce. My wife asked him (with my support and approval) to come and live with us while he was dealing with everything. Some of you were rooting for Zach and sympathized with his situation. I want to let you know how things are going.

    When Zach moved in he was depressed and that was understandable. His wife was treating him like shit for several months before he found out about her affair. After he did find out she bragged about her new man, including his being a better lover because he has a bigger penis. Well, Mr. Big Penis apparently got tired of her and dropped her for someone else. She told Zach she had made a big mistake and begged him to come back. He told her no.

    Zach's divorce is final and he is moving on. his kids love him and thankfully he got joint custody and is with them regularly. His now ex-wife knows he is a good father and wants him in their lives so that helps. Covid makes it challenging for him to meet women, but he is figuring it out the best he can. He has met a few women online and it lead to a couple in person dates, socially distanced, of course.

    One of those dates has lead to more dates and it has been great for Zach's morale and confidence. The still have not had physical contact but he told me they have had phone and video sex and they are really attracted to each other. He is spending a lot more time in his bedroom and when he comes out he is smiling and looks happy.

    Zach has a great job but like many it has slowed down during these trying times. He is ambitious and due to his hard work he is still doing well. He pays us for room and board, which we said he shouldn't, but he wants to. It has been a big change for us to have him here, but he is easy to live with. His kids are wonderful, but the definitely alter our lifestyle when they are here.

    You may recall we got Zach interested in becoming a life model for artists, like my older son and I. He stuck with it and it has done wonders for his self-esteem and confidence. He has a great physique, but seemed ashamed of what he called a small penis. It is pretty average but his is smaller than his older brother who he shared a bedroom with growing up so he got into that mindset. Posing nude and knowing his new lady likes what she sees has been great for his ego.

    Zach tols us he was going to look for a place to live. My wife and I suggested he wait until after New Years. He agreed and was grateful due to the upcoming holidays so he would be surrounded by family. He and I have really bonded during his time with us. We always got along but there is an 11 year age difference and he was a young teenager when I came along so we didn't have much in common. Now we are like brothers, or best buds. I am very sorry for everything he has gone through, but thankful for how it strengthened our relationship.
  6. I have posed for artists since I was 18 and I am now 47. When people hear I am a nude figure model their thought is that I just lay around or stand around naked. If they are comfortable nude in front of others they often think it must be great to get paid to undress and just hang around while artists draw, paint, or sculpt from my pose. If it is someone who is u comfortable nude when others are watching, they may be horrified at the thought of being put in that position, but there is still a sense that the actual posing is just hanging out while artists look at me and make art.

    Posing, if you do it well, can put a lot of strain on the body. If I am doing a standing pose, there is a modeling term called Contrapposto. It means to put more weight on one side than the other to emphasize muscles and make the pose more dynamic. Doing this is also a prime way to cause cramps, spasms, or have a limb go numb.

    There have been times when I have had to break my pose before I am supposed to so I can shake off a Charley Horse or wake up an arm or leg so I can continue. I am sure you can relate. Have you ever been on the floor or ground, laying on your side, using an arm bent at the elbow to hold your head up and that arm goes to sleep?

    One of the weirdest feelings is when I am asked to do a seated pose and there is one type of pose where I sit in a chair with my butt forward to the front edge of the seat and it puts pressure on some nerves and make my penis numb. It is not a good feeling, but I may have to continue on for 15-20 minutes until a break to get over it.

    There are a lot of people, more often men than women, who want to be a nude model just because they are exhibitionists. They typically don't last long once they understand there is actual work and discomfort that's a part of the job.

    Yesterday a buddy of mine was posing at the same place I was and afterwards we met up on the way out to our cars. We both said we were headed home to sit in the hot tub to sooth our sore muscles. He asked if I would like to come to his place so we could catch up while we soak.

    It is nice to have friends who are as comfortable as I am. We ended up giving each other back rubs, too. He is not into gay sex as far as I can tell and I am not attracted to him in that way, but it is nice to be at ease just being two buddies who were helping each other out.
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  7. i am fascinated by, and often surprised by, the people I am attracted to. First, just the fact attractions come in various types, such as appreciation or envy of physical attributes. I may have a more emotional attraction to people I get to know more about. The type of attraction that mystifies me most is sexual.

    I have learned over the years there is no rhyme, reason, commonalities, or logic to the types of people I am sexually attracted to. After more than 20 years of marriage I am still highly attracted to my wife. In fact, my attraction is stronger because of our history. She has somehow managed to defy the odds and maintain her figure after having our three kids, but far more important to me is her unconditional love and seeing the type of person she is with everyone else she encounters.

    As many here know, I have a sexual relationship with my best friend Jay. While he is handsome, well built, and well hung, I think my biggest attraction with him is our emotional bond and his trust in me to fulfill his sexual needs, while also building upon our already strong friendship.

    Here at LPSG, there are man guys I am sexually attracted to. That doesn't mean I have any intention of having sex with them. I get plenty of sex from my wife, Jay, and the special relationship between me and my own body, and that one runs deep. My sexual attractions here on this site cause pre-cum, sometimes I get a semi, and at times I even get a raging hardon. I have to take action to bring myself out of my state of horniness when that occurs.

    In my first sentence I said I am surprised by my attractions, I am attracted to guys who good looking or not, well built or not, well hung or not, hairy or not, etc. The race of the person or color of their skin is irrelevant. Anything goes.

    With some of the men here my attraction is more lust-filled than it is with others. I have some fantasies about what I want to do sexually with them and sometimes think about a guy from here when I masturbate. There are some guys here who I consider to be out of my league, for one reason or another, but I am proven wrong sometimes by their messages to me. Attractions are difficult to understand but wonderful to experience.

    I think it is healthy to allow myself to have all types of attractions, and to have them without guilt. I am not going to share which men here I am attracted to, but if I lined up a few pix of each guy here to show you, you would likely be confused by the variety.
    I am highly attracted to confidence, but there have been a couple guys here who I am attracted to because they seem more vulnerable and I want to support them and build them up.

    Can you relate to this or does attraction work differently for you?
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  8. i posed for a family friend yesterday. It was a great way to escape from political overload for a few hours. When I arrived at her home studio we agreed not to talk politics. I needed that escape from all of the bullshit. It was just what I needed to strip down and immerse myself in her artistic process. We each deal with stress in different ways.

    When I have a modeling job I can zone out and that is often my approach in a class setting with groups of artists or students. When I collaborate with one or two artist I really enjoy our conversations, if they want to talk. Some artists are introverts and prefer to be quiet and focus on their work. Other artists seem to get energy from having a dialog while they are working.

    Talking while I pose can be challenging. My duty to an artist is to remain perfectly still and focused but our conversations may cause me to laugh or want to become more animated.

    No matter what, I love being a life model. How many of you get paid to hang out naked?
  9. Most of my friends know I am a nude model. Recently a buddy of mine (Alan) said he would like to give his wife a nude sketch of himself for her birthday. He said she had done it for his birthday and he thought it was only fair that he reciprocate. He wondered if I knew an artist who did really nice pencil sketches.

    I called an artist friend and lined up an appointment for the two of them to get together. When I told Alan it was all arranged he suddenly got nervous at the reality of it. He said he didn't want to come off looking like a dork and asked if I would go with him to make sure he looked good posing. I said I would meet him there and then called the artist to let him know I was going to be there so we arranged I would pose for him for an hour before Alan arrived.

    Alan arrived a few minutes early and I was still on the model stand. He came in and the artist told him we would be finished in 5 minutes and suggested he go ahead and undress. The way Alan dresses I never would have guessed how well built he is. He wears somewhat baggy clothes that hide his athletic physique. I looked at him and said wow. I told him he needs to get a stylist to help him show off his body because those boggy clothes weren't helping him. He sat in a chair and was staring at my body the rest of my time posing,

    I finished and asked him to step up on the model stand with me. I asked if he had any thoughts on the type of pose he wanted and he stepped back off the stand, got his phone and showed me the nude sketch of his wife. I have never met her so I had no idea what to expect. She looked centerfold worthy with huge tits and great body.

    He put the phone down and got back on the stand. I helped him into a position I thought would compliment his wife's and then went and sat down. I told him he looked amazing in that pose and his wife would love it. The artist told him he was a natural. Alan had been a bit nervous but our compliments put him at ease and he did great.

    Afterwards we both got dressed and Alan paid for his sketch and I got paid for modeling. We said goodbye to the artist and stepped outside. Alan said it must be fun hanging out nude and getting paid for it. I told him he would be a great model. He said it had been fun but he didn't think it was something he wanted to do regularly.

    I said goodbye and started to walk away to my car. Alan asked me to hold up for a minute and said he had a question. I was caught off guard when he told me he and his wife liked to have threesomes and it was his turn to bring someone home. He said he liked my cock and said his wife would be turned on by it. I was in shock. Alan and I have known each other for several years. I met him when I strained my Achilles' tendon and needed physical therapy. He was my therapist. We hit it off and get together regularly for a beer and I have gotten to know some of his friends and he has gotten to know some of mine. To suddenly be invited to have sex with them without any prior indication he had any interest in me was a big surprise.

    I must have looked like a deer in the headlights and he said if I wasn't into guys he totally understood so it would be OK if I just fucked his wife but wondered if he could watch. I told him I was happy as things were and wasn't interested. I said I was really flattered that a hot guy like him would even ask me.

    I would have loved having sex with them, but don't want to complicate things any more than they are being married to a great woman and having a fuck buddy too. If I was single I would have followed him home. Now I am imagining fucking his wife while he is beside us stroking his cock. Afterwards I ask him to fuck me. Oh well, in my dreams.
  10. The morning began with the feel of my wife cuddling up to me and massaging my penis. It reacted appropriately and soon I came out of my sleep stupor and went down on her and ate her out. In no time we were entangled in a good slow round of lovemaking.

    After we had both climaxed she said she needed to get in the shower and get to work. I decided to let her have her space so I headed downstairs to use a different bathroom. I passed my son's room and he was already busy with his online classes and my brother-in-law Zach had just gotten out of the shower and was drying off.

    We said good morning, but rather than looking me in the eyes I saw he was looking lower. He said, "It looks like your day got off to a good start." I looked down and my dick was still in that post-sex state, covered in my wife's juice and there was a string of my cum swinging from my glans. He headed to his room to get ready for the day and I showered.

    After a busy day working we had a family dinner and then my wife had plans and I headed over to my friend Jay's house because we both were bachelors for a couple hours. We don't have as many chances to fuck as we did pre-Covid so we squeeze time in when we can. I wrote about our time together in my story about Jay and I in the forums.

    It's a great day when the two people I love fucking are both there for me.
  11. It gets expensive paying for two masseurs so this is not something I have done often, but have experienced 4 Handed Massage a few times. It feels so different then a regular massage where the masseur basically starts at one end and works his way to the other. When the two guys work in unison most of your body is getting attention throughout the session. It is pretty wonderful being catered to like that. Every masseur I have gone to has a slightly different approach and touch so that makes it more interesting too.

    Back in my early 20's I also helped a masseur who received a request to provide a 4 Handed Massage. He didn't know another masseur to ask to help him but he and I had exchanged massages so he knew I was capable and asked me if I was interested. The customer was quite sexy so it was fun to work on his body and see his reaction to my touch.

    Afterwards we all showered and dressed and the customer and I left at the same time. He ended up asking me out and we dated for a while and I got to experience him in other ways.

    Do you have any 4 Handed experiences?
  12. Back in July my wife invited her brother to come and stay with us. He and his wife split and their divorce was getting messy. I wrote a couple blog entries about him and some of you cheered him on and wished him well. I thought I would give you an update.

    First, his divorce is final and he and his ex have become amicable. They have worked out a fair joint custody arrangement and are both as happy as you can be in this type of situation. Sometimes his kids come and stay with us, but usually his wife is fin with hm staying with the kids at their house and she goes and stays with her sister.

    My wife, Zach, and I have all had several talks and we all feel it is best for Zachary to stay here for now. Covid is still a concern so he has not started dating. We don't think it would be good for him to get his own place and be by himself so much.

    My oldest son and I are both nude models for artists and got Zach interested in it too. He really enjoys it and has become good at it. Yesterday I had an assignment and the artist wanted two models so I asked Zach if he was available. There was no sexual contact but there was some physical contact and he was fine with it. Before the first time he modeled I shared with him that in a way I look at my modeling jobs as acting. If an assignment requires either physical or sexual contact, or me alone being erotic, I see it as me playing a part. It's the best way for me to stay focused and stay professional. Zach likes that way of looking at it too.

    I have some fantasy thoughts where I think it would be fun to have Zach be my JO buddy, but with him being my wife's brother I don't want to complicate things. I know he is horny because we have talked about it. He has not had sex in months so he is managing his needs himself.

    Some house guests wear out their welcome but Zach has not. In fact, he moved in at a great time because our oldest son was already out of the house and more recently our daughter moved out so our once active house has quieted down a lot. My wife and I miss the way it was but are adjusting to the way it is.
  13. i have shared that I have a high sex drive. In order to really sleep well I find I need to masturbate before falling asleep. Last night my wife and I went to bed early and made love. Afterwards it was still early so we laid in bed reading and then turned out the lights. At about 3AM I woke up with a raging boner and laid there for a while grinding it into the sheet, but that wasn't satisfying my need.

    I needed to masturbate in order to get back to sleep. I knew I would wake up my wife and would have to deal with my cum so I quietly got up and went outside. The cool night air was invigorating and my cock was still hard so I began stroking. i generally like to take my time and include my entire body in my sessions, but I was eager to get my ass back in bed so I just went for it. I bet I didn't even last 5 minutes and that is quick for me since I have programmed myself to last.

    After I let my load fly I went back to bed and fell asleep. Sometimes a man just has to take action to fulfill his own needs.
  14. I am truly a lucky man. I mean that in many different ways, but right now I am talking about sex. For example, yesterday morning I was awaken by my wife's hands tenderly exploring my body. At first she avoided touching my cock and balls but the sensuality of her touch got the response she was aiming for. As my dick began to grow she pulled back the sheet and exposed our naked bodies. She slid down to a point where she could take my boned up shaft in her hand and then begin to suck on it like it was her favorite flavor of lollipop. I am blessed after more than 20 years that I still turn her on.

    My wife has given birth to our three kids but her body still looks much like it did when I saw her undress the first time we made love. I am still attracted to her in a way no other woman has ever attracted me. Her face, breasts, pussy, ass, legs, hair, etc. all are a work of art in my eyes. I am blessed she loves sex and knows how to pleasure me. Her actions in waking me up lead to us fucking. Some days we make love and other days we fuck. Yesterday was absolutely a fuck day because it was more like we were hungry animals.

    Later in the day I was with my best friend Jay. After many years as best buds we have become fuck buddies. I still can hardly believe my silent attraction for him has turned into a real sexual relationship. We had heated sex and it is always fresh and exciting. Being a bisexual man, having these two amazing people who love me and love sex is fucking amazing. I am a lucky man indeed.
  15. My best friend Jay and I got together today. We did not have much time so we decided to narrow our focus and only exchange cock and ball massages. We generally fuck, but sometimes have exchanged full body massages, with happy endings so our time together today was different.

    I love playing with Jay's junk. Watching his softie almost double in length from 4.5" to 8" is always a good time.i love knowing it's a reaction to what I am doing to him. His balls are among the largest I hav held and are so heavy feeling compared to mine. I also enjoy seeing his shaft throb when I fun my finger down its length. Just before he shoots his load I like seeing and feeling his big cock head swell.

    My wife really does an excellent job of getting me off with a handjob, but there is something about Jay's touch that gets me so horned up. I honestly don't know what he is doing differently, but obviously his hands aren't as small and soft.

    I am pretty good at being able to will myself not to cum so I really make Jay work. He does have a really gentle way of touching my perineum that really gets my balls churning. I wish we had time to do more, but must admit these cock and ball massages were pretty sweet and we will most likely be incorporating them into our future foreplay..

    These massages are much more than just masturbating each other. It is sensual rubbing, but also almost like jelqing strokes.
  16. image.gif

    From time to time I have seen ads for Masturbation Clubs. It sounds hot to think about a room of naked guys jacking their horny cocks. The closest I came was belonging to a men's nudist club and they had after parties. At the time I was young and most of the guys were old so it wasn't what I had hoped for. I have been in situations with a few guys masturbating together but I have this image of like 20 guys with all sizes and colors of glorious man meat. Have any of you ever belonged to one of these groups?
  17. In my late teens and early 20's I had a lot of sex. There were several people I chose not to fuck again but there was only one girl I actually regretted having sex with. I had a buddy Wyatt who went to the same college I did. For about a year we fucked quite a bit until he decided he wanted a boyfriend and I was not looking for a relationship. During that year I met his sister and she came onto me and we also had sex. I decided I had to tell Wyatt. He thought it was disgusting that my cock had been inside both him and his sister. He said it felt almost like incest. After that he wouldn't let me top him, but it as still OK if he fucked me. I never did have sex with his sister again.

    Is there anyone you regretted having sex with?
  18. All through my childhood years I was a shy kid. I didn't really date anyone in middle school or high school due to shyness. As I have shared before that changed quickly when I left home and went off to college. After posing nude for art classes at my school I realized people were attracted to me and that gave me confidence. I lost my virginity to a female one day and a male the next day.

    Once I had a taste of sex my appetite for it grew. Suddenly I had a hunger I must have completely repressed up to that point. I guess many other students were also enjoying their freedom living away from home and I had a buffet of both sexes as eager to have sex with me as I was to have it with them. For those of you who consider yourself 100% straight or gay, I want to tell you being bisexual has been a true gift. It about doubles the pool of sex partners available to you. In other words there was never a Friday night alone for me.m

    At first I kept track of who I had sex with, but I lost count. It got to a point that I would have sex with someone's friend because they had heard I was good. I honestly doubt I was any better than a bunch of other guys, but I viewed sex as entertainment and with me there were no strings attached. I was more available. I dated several people during college, but made it clear I wasn't looking for a long term relationship. My thing was random sex and I likely had a couple hundred partners, both male and female. I played safe and have never had any STDs.

    During my four years of college I lived with a guy and shared his bed. We had sex most days but never were a couple. Some people found that strange but it worked for us. It was sometimes awkward for my other sex partners when they knew I was leaving their bed to go home to my roommate's bed.

    For many people it is difficult to publically acknowledge being bisexual. Surprisingly, I went from shy virgin to popular bisexual slut very easily and it never occurred to me to hide it. I guess even if I had tried to hide it the secret would have been all over campus anyway due to the quantity of people I fucked.

    After college I moved to a different city for a job. By then I began to think of myself more as a gay man. I quickly ended up in a relationship with a great guy named Jeremy and thankfully he shared my open attitude and we both enjoyed other partners. But I quickly found when I was working full time and devoted to my relationship that my sex activities were just a fraction of the prior four years. It took some time to adjust to fewer partners and encounters. I have a high sex drive so I was masturbating way more that I had during college. For the first time I differentiated sex and intimacy. I was different with Jeremy than I had ever been with everyone else.

    How did your sex life evolve?
  19. image.gif

    One of the benefits of having a penis is easily being able to pee outdoors. When I am hiking, camping, or even driving in an populated area, I am thankful to be able to unzip, pull my dick out, and let the piss fly. I do try to be discreet so I don't offend anyone. If I am with my male friends I don't hesitate to pee in their presence and I have seen quite a few of my buddies do it.

    Yesterday when I was driving in our suburban neighborhood, on a very busy road, I witnessed a guy at a gas station and he stood facing the road with his dick out, pissing in a trash can between the pumps. He was completely exposed to the traffic. Even with my comfort being nude in front of others I thought that was inappropriate. First of all it probably would begin to smell like an outhouse, but also it was too public with lots of people viewing it.

    Do you like to pee outside? If yes, what is the most exposed place you have done it?
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