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  1. Is their anything hotter than waking up with a huge boner and just knowing you're going to jerk yourself silly before even waking up properly? (Yeah, I know the business of emptying your bladder should be first on your to-do list, but there's no reason why you can't stay hard while pissing - or at least working your cock over to get it back to that deliciously hard man meat state once you're finished.) What I like about that early morning wank is the urgency that goes with it. It's never a slow jerk, more like an urgent need to satisfy yourself. I find that the first orgasm of the day is an intense one. It sets you up for the day in no uncertain terms. And if you're addicted to beating off like me, you know this first frantic wank will probably be repeated at least once during the course of the day.
  2. I started sleeping in the nude while I was in my teens. I had to keep it a secret from my parents, as I was sure that they would somehow not approve of such outlandish behaviour. On the very few occasions I happened to see my father getting out of bed first thing in the morning, he was always in pyjamas or in boxer shorts -- depending on the season. So I just assumed at the age of fourteen or so that my newfound desire to sleep bollocks naked was not something I should ever talk about, much less flaunt around the house! My younger brother, who had his own bedroom, was never in the habit of just barging into my room. So I was reasonably sure that he was not going to walk in with me sporting a (probably not that impressive) morning wood as I rolled out of bed ready to face the day. I did sometimes wonder if he had the same idea of sleeping in the nude... Well, we were not really friends in those early days ... so whether he did or not could not be established, and I was not particularly keen to find out. (I found out years later that he only started sleeping in the buff when he was well into his twenties.) Sleeping in the nude was such a sensuous experience, I just knew instinctively it had to be a sin -- especially since it seemed to me that my immature cock just wouldn't stay down. Whenever I woke up during the night, I could feel my engorged penis throbbing away like a metronome. (I don't think I got very much sleep in those early days of discovering the joys of nude sleeping!)

    Here's the funny thing: it did not occur to me once to find relief in masturbation while snuggling down in my warm, comfortable bed... And make no mistake, I was a very active little wanker by then; had been for a number of years. But it just never even entered my mind to do something like that while in bed. So I would furtively get out of bed, sit down cross-legged on the floor and jerk quietly, making sure that every drop of cum was deposited very precisely in the folds of the underpants I had worn the previous day. (About the very real agonies I went through while waiting to see if my mother was going to make some reference about the state of my underpants, I will talk about some other time.)

    I must have been seventeen by the time I realized that it was perfectly okay to rub one out while enjoying the comforts of being stretched out luxuriously in a bed. One chilly late autumn night when my erection was getting to be too insistent to ignore, I started getting out of bed to indulge in my habit. And it suddenly just seemed like a really stupid thing to get out of a perfectly warm bed just for the sake of not subjecting my bed to my unnatural desires... I slipped back under the covers, moving my hand urgently up and down my shaft, and in a matter of minutes was rewarded with an orgasm that rocked my world and felt somehow just so much better than any I had experienced before. I did worry in the aftermath of my glorious climax about having sprayed cum all over the bedclothes -- but on closer inspection, I realized with relief that there was only a neat little puddle of the stuff on my stomach. It was a matter of moments to search for my underpants under the bed and wipe up the evidence ...
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  3. I have often wondered about the reasons why I am so keen on being naked at home. The best answer I can come up with is the old one about being an exhibitionist and feeling the need to "show off." But this is not entirely satisfactory, mainly for two very good reasons. First of all, one would imagine that showing off your genitals would go hand-in-hand with having a truly magnificent penis and a hot body to die for. I possess neither of the two -- so can I then in all fairness claim that I love to go naked simply because I have this need to show everyone the goods? I don't think so. Or has being an exhibitionist nothing to do with sporting a huge meaty cock and a pair of balls more likely to be found on a horny bull?

    The second reason I do not embrace the "exhibitionist theory", is the fact that I do not always have an audience when I'm unclothed. In fact, 95% of the time my nude body is only seen by myself when glimpsed in mirrors or when I look down and see my cock and balls dangling free. The other 5% is a matter for another day!

    No, I must conclude that I simply like being in a state of nakedness. I feel comfortable with nudity and that's why a large portion of my time at home is spent this way. It has more to do with an exhilarating sense of freedom than with any sexual connotations. I would lie if I say that nudity at home never leads to a jerk, but I do not believe that I get naked simply because I'm planning to ejaculate in the next hour or so.

    There are a lot of guys on this site that embrace the concept of nudity -- and not always at home either! They tell us that outdoor nudity ( gardening, washing the car, mowing the lawn, etc.) is a joyous thing to indulge in. And there are the adventurous chaps who induge in public nudity on a regular basis (nude beaches, Pride parades, nude resorts, etc.). I salute you all. Go naked.... It's one of the ways in which you can express your right to rejoice in being a healthy, well-adjusted male.
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  4. If there is one thing I've come to realise since joining this site, it is that there can never be an end to the dizzying variety of cock shapes and sizes in the world. From monster penises that can sometimes be just a little bit intimidating, to nice average dongs anybody would love to get friendly with, to the smaller ones -- maybe strictly speaking not exactly towers of sexual prowess, but adorable all the same...

    And the above only covers length and girth. What about the shapes? From ramrod-like appendages, to those amazing eye-popping curved ones, to hooded beauties shyly peeping from folds of delicate foreskin and cut soldiers proudly displaying their bare mushroom heads. And let me not get started on pubic hair ... now there is variety for you. From luscious growths to a few tangled strands, in color ranging from blacker than pitch to startlingly auburn. Ah, the list goes on and on.

    I suppose all this just proves again the old saying that variety is the spice of life ... even when it comes to man's crowing glory.
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