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  1. Well, time has passed, I am now single, and I have met a group that really provides a great outlet for my sexual desires. My girlfriend is aware of my involvement and does not object as long as I continue to provide her with her sexual outlet. The Group consists of 6 of us, 2 are still married, the others divorced or separated . We play a lot together and also spend time discussing our situation and how we got there. It is interesting to find out and compare each other's experience. One of the main factors that I have noticed is that as time goes by in a marriage, sexual action wanes or disappears altogether. The guys I play with are all professionals or retired. We meet sporadically mostly every 2 weeks a a group. At times we meet on a one on one situation when the desire for some good cock play is there. We are very discreet since most of us are sort of " in the closet" I really enjoy watching others having sex, so that makes me a "Voyeur" and there is another member who sort of enjoys it also. One of the ,members joins me occasionally with my girlfriend since she likes to watch guys suck and play with each other. I have also found out that she occasionally likes sex with a woman, however , she has yet to let me eatch them play but I am slowly convincing her that it would be great for both of us and I promised her that I would not attempt to join them unless they both wanted me to do so. Got to run now, will addd to this later. Looking forward to your comments.
  2. Well, I have been using my new Penis Pump for a month now, and I am happy to report that I am already seeing results, my girt has improved considerably and the lenght seems to be coming along very well. My partner says that my cock is becoming a thing of beauty. Not bragging, just stating what he said. Erections are a little slow in coming but getting better all the time. He has ordered a pump for himself, he already has a great cock but wants to get bigger. I think he is big enough now, I love to suck him to completion and he really comes heavy.
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  3. I have recently started to use a Penis Pump, it is a battery operated pump. I am very enthused , sthe pump feels very good and in 2 weeks, I have noticed that my cock is getting thicker, I know it is early in the process but I am really satisfied with my results so far. My penis normal size hard on is 6 inches, I am hoping to add at least another inch. I am Bisexual and have sucked some cocks that were 7 inches and thick, and it was a really pleasant experience. I want my future sex partners to get the same experience.
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  4. About 6 months ago I met a really nice gal . I had just joined a Shuffleboard Team that played at one of our local watering holes. It was a nice quiet neighborhood bar. Anyway, the gal and I hit it off right away and started dating along with playing on the same Shuffleboard Team. Eventually we started having sex and it was great. She was much more liberal about sex than I had anticipated, so a lot of experimenting went on and we both enjoyed every minute of it. Myself, being Bisexual had not been discussed but I still on occasion found a nice cock to suck. It was just often enough to keep me satisfied in that side of my sexuality. I had never indicated to Sandra that I was Bi. Well one evening after some hot sex, we were just laying there talking. She said that she really enjoyed sucking my cock and that had been her first sexual experience when she was in High School. Then she said that she had heard that one of her male co workers was gay and was known to proposition some of the guys where she and he worked. She said that she understood his desire to suck cock because it was a great feeling sensation. I agreed with her since I wanted her to keep on sucking me. Then she looked me in the eye and asked if I would ever suck a guy's cock. I said why do you ask that? thinking that she had figured out that I was Bi. She said that she just was curious. I decided to take a chance and told her that I had sucked a cock once. She just smiled and asked if I enjoyed it, and I said more or less, being quite non committal . Then she said " I am so hot talking about this " and then went down and started sucking me, then she asked me to turn over and she started tonguing my ass. WOW ! and I thought she was a demure straight up gal when I met her. I found myself doing the same thing to her ass and after we were through she kissed me and told me that she had been looking for a guy like me for a long time. She said that she would like to see me suck a guy off. And that is what led to my first suck and fuck party. Stay tuned, more to come later.
  5. Well, it finally happened , my first suck and fuck party. However , since I just realized that I don't have the time to relate the whole happening, I will have to leave you hanging until later today. All I can say is that is was an exciting revealing experience that I want to experience again.
  6. Posting this for information that might help someone . Before I engaged in Bisexual activity I was not getting any sex at home, my wife was ill. Of course I still needed to satisfy my yearnings so I jerked off often. Then I began to fantasize about having sex with a guy. When i was younger I had received a couple of blowjobs from gay guys. But that was the extent of my experience. Now I wondered and wanted to try to perform oral on a guy. But I just did not know how to go about it I did not know anyone who would go along with my desire. So I decided to look up a Gay Bathouse, I called them and was very honest with the person that I talked to, told him I was a Novice, I wanted to come over and see what was going on. I asked him if the people there were pushy, he said no, and if I came over now , he would show me around . When I got there , he was ready for me and showed me the facility and introduced me to several guys. Eventually I sat down and talked to one man, about my age, told him what my problem was. He said that if I wanted to he would kind of tutor me along. He was a very nice man, considerate, and when we got done, I had experienced performing my first blowjob. I have been sucking ever since, my wife is now well, she eventually caught me sucking a guy but after the anger was over, we talked and she now understands that it is all about man to man sex with me and not about being in love with a man, I don't kiss or hug a man, I just enjoy sucking him and him sucking me. All of this occurred about 12 years ago.
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  7. I am considering starting to allow a partner to come into my mouth and also swallowing cum. I taste my own cum often and really enjoy and like the taste.