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  1. How many of you are dealing with negative mood disorders, or know someone who is struggling with this?

    so how are we gonna beat low moods, anxiety, loneliness and nihilism, doomer mentality?

    ...Just as you have to be careful what you put into your body, you have to be careful what you feed your head,

    do not just go filling your time and filling your head with negative head-space, fill your head with positive headspace love//energy/whatever else you want to call it.

    Don't turn your brain into a junk yard by throwing all the internets' junk in there.

    What do I mean by the internets' junk.. well getting into random fights about politics or whatever on twitter, reddit etc, you are just throwing the nets' junk into your head, and messing it up the machine.

    it is a waste of your time effort and emotions to worry about random internet fights with people on the other side of the world, it just isnt worth it. Only fill your head with positivity.

    Avoid as much as possible situations that will create negativity in your life, especially things that are a waste of time or of no real benefit to anyone,.

    If you find yourself in a negative situation, try replying to negativity with positivity. I've noticed it confuses the hell out of people, they are probably so used to bitter arguments because this isn't the first time they've been in this situation that's for sure,

    And if you are gonna fill your head with negative headspace, then at least, on the rare occasions that you do this, it should be because its unavoidable, and it serves a specific purpose. I.e unlike fights on twitter, which are avoidable and are just a time, energy, effort, and positivity black hole, that achieves nothing, and ask you to pay a mental price and offer little to nothing in return.

    This is why I've never gotten into any twitter wars, I keep my account on twitter, as well as this one on LPSG, only for sexy positivity.

    Tho.. sometimes i feel really low towards the end of the day and dont know why.

    If you engage in something negative, make this a rare occasion, and only go into that headspace when you are going to achieve a specific and important and achievable task.

    Have a list of things you need to get done and when you are feeling low, focus on ticking things off that list, it feels good to tick things off that list! A small sense of achievement can be a big deal when you are starved for satisfaction.

    About having a positive attitude...

    realistically, no one can follow this advice all the time, its impossible to avoid all negativity, in which case just accept there was negativity, learn from it, and move on.

    This isn't some kind of perfect plan, its an ideal we aspire to get closer to, a signpost on the long road to peace of mind,,..

  2. I'm reaching out to my sweeties on here to try and find out what you are hoping to see from me..

    Do you like my face and want to see more...?

    what about bulge, and various kinds of underwear?

    what about dressed in clothes of some kind?


    soft/hard dick ?

    body /abs /arms /pecs etc.. ?

    please make suggestions to me below, and I will add them to my photoshoot list..!


    Also im starting to think about onlyfans or just4fans (what's the difference)
    anyone here have experience with either of these things?

    I hope I will be able to transfer my followers from here and twitter to OF or j4f.

    Question is would u pay some spare change to see more of me on the social porn platforms?

    I'm in it for the love of erotic art, not so much money, but only fans /J4F works on a subscriber basis?? if I even understand correctly?

    Anyone reading this have an OF or J4F, or knows anyone who does, please get in contact with me for a few tips, and I would be grateful!

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  3. I think loads of adults are cute and adorable, its about having a certain energy to them, that kind of adorable energy, and the charm and radiant happiness that comes with it, is incredibly
    alluring and attractive to me.

    Being cute and sexy at the same time is more often associated with girls, i think it really works for guys too..

    -In my ideal world Id like to become the male version of my favorite girl pornstars, who are all adorable-sexy legends.:heart:

    I think in my brain there is a part that lights up when i see a cutie and another pleasure center that lights up when i see something sexy.
    so hitting both full on at the same time makes my head explode :heart_eyes:.

    Getting into porn is way harder than i thought it would be, if you dont know anyone,
    90% of people i reach out to dont even reply, is this normal? they dont even take a look at me.:emoji_eggplant:

    It would be cool to find someone who knows the industry who will advise and sponsor me. Perhaps some old time performer who has retired from being in front of
    the camera but has an enormous wealth of knowledge. Anyone have someone in mind who is like this?:emoji_peach:

    i guess its all about perseverance in playing the numbers game, to meet some great people in life, you have to meet many,
    life is all about finding the right people, with the right people who have your back, you can do anything.
    many things in life are mainly a numbers game, from work to friends to dating, its all about getting to know enough people to find some great ones and treasure them! :kissing_heart:

    By the way, has anyone ever used any of these big dick dating sites and apps, if you search for big dick Dating there are many many sites that come up, has anyone ever tried them?:emoji_cucumber:


    "The WHY"-Exploring my interest in erotic art..

    My desire to do porn is more than sexual, of course there is a sexual component it would be silly to deny that, but there is something more.. something deeper.. so were going in balls deep on this one ;D

    I derive sort of inner contentment and happiness from the idea that my passion will bring many people all around the world, who I will never meet or know, a few moments of pleasure and satisfaction in this harsh and crazy world.

    I would be working towards something that increases joy for the world rather than pain. That is a sort of spiritual reward of its own.:emoji_heartpulse:

    I want my legacy to be one of pleasure not pain. when people tell me they pleasure themselves to me i feel great. I Inspired that pleasure, I brought them that pleasure and created something awesome in the world

    As for the personal and somewhat selfish aspect to it, yeah I think my ultimate fantasy is to turn on millions of people, and be able to satisfy them!

    If you are new to me, welcome and please follow and see my gallery! Always happy to talk to new fans or old ones! Hit me up on PM or however else u want.


    Reaching out and getting contacted by people on twitter, Im not sure who is a catfish / scammer or not, I dont have the skills to tell who is taking me for a ride, and who just really wants to ride!
    Any advice on how to figure this out??

    is snapchat Instagram or tiktok any good for porno promotion, I dont know anything about what those are?

    Reaching out to whoever may read this, if you know someone who I should contact to take this whole conversation/journey further, please tell me either down below in the comments or a PM.:emoji_dancers:

    yeah i know this was an epic rambling, but why not tell you whats going on in my head.. after all you read to the end so you must want to know :emoji_hugging:

  4. Pretty much the root of most mental health problems is the inability to maintain focus on the good things in life, and focusing on the negative.

    Do you have any good things in your life?

    Anyone who loves you?

    enough food everyday to survive?

    A roof over your head and somewhere to sleep?


    if you have such things, (you must have internet access to be reading this) you have things to be grateful for. Many people spend their lives in the hope of attaining these things.

    Try to maintain focus.

    Also If you don't eat a good diet and exercise at least a little, you probably will get some issues because the body and the mind cannot be separated. You cant put the wrong fuel in the car and expect it to perform well, especially not in the long term. Same if true for your bod.


    I'm persisting with twitter, It just takes some getting used to. I do see it as key to my future tho so I will keep at it until I get it right. Thanks so much to anyone or has already or will offer me advice and support for twitter and social media, you guys are what keep me motivated. Without the daily comments, and people who tell me they pleasure themselves to my content, I probably wouldn't be doing this.

    I've noticed how incredibly sweet everyone on lpsg is, its an amazing community. One of the sweetest and most supportive online communities I have ever found is here.

    I'm very grateful for all the love and support I get on this site! Keep it Cummin!

    If you are feeling low reach out to me, and we will talk. Or just reach out if you are feeling good to let me know!


  5. MY biggest Turns Ons and Offs, But what are yours?? ;D

    mine :

    Turn ONS:

    True Love and being loved, kindness compassion, sweetness, adorableness, cuteness a biggie... I struggle with positivity myself sometimes, but i understand the extreme importance of it, and trying to aim for it.


    Expressive eyes :p:heart_eyes:

    Nice creative makeup skills or just creativity in general really. Cute fashion sense

    Kindness to animals!

    Keeping reasonably clean

    Being reasonably health conscious.

    Sexy public stuff, being watched by an audience (but ONLY an audience that wants to see!!), being in an outdoors Forrest /camping porn etc. Having people see and appreciate my stuff online! Knowing people all over the world are touching themselves to me. love it. share the love!

    cute cosplays and fantasies

    -nudism, outdoor stuff when the weather is amazing, back to nature attitude.

    openness, consideration, and spirituality.

    sociability and fun and a cute sense of humor

    an attitude of continuous self improvement

    -genuine smiling

    honesty and trustworthiness

    Making an effort in understanding other people who are different in some way, even if you dont agree with their ideas, being polite and kind to them.

    CUTE LINGERIE and stuff like that

    Turn OFFs:

    People always blaming others rather than trying to improve themselves. Not being able to laugh at themselves or seeing the funny side of things.

    Bad boys, mean girls or any other kind of drama addicted Kweenz or divas.

    Negativity, spite, hate, grudges, any kind of negative group politics, in fact politics itself seems a mostly negative sport from what i have seen. The less Im concerned about it the happier I am.

    STDs or sights that look similar.

    people who arent genuine, and try to "game" other people in dating, rather than trying to make a deep authentic connection...

    “relationship chess attitude”

    this all seems to fall under manipulation and being misleading. Always just be yourself but always be working on being a better version of yourself by self refection and fixing and improving things.

    constant gossiping and extreme sassyness, constantly and overly judgmental

    -no effort to maintain or improve health and fitness

    -heavy bdsm, torture and stuff of that nature, just not my thing.



    Ok thats all I Can think of right now, let hear yours!

    and given that list what things do you think i might be into that i haven't thought of in the list?? id love to know your ideas!

    You dont need all of the turns ons for me to be attracted to you. The turn offs are fairly non negotiable tho lol. Its kinda hard to come back from some of those.
  6. Here are some useful tips from someone who didn't like working out to someone who now does it as part of my routine:

    While you are getting started, don't worry about results, just commit to taking ACTION. that's all you need to do, commit to action. 3 x a week 45 min workouts. Build consistency and the results will come eventually.

    Getting from unfit to fit will be uncomfortable, cos your body will be protesting this new discomfort. once you push past the initial discomfort which lasts a few months, workouts will be more fun.

    Most people decide to get fit on jan 1, then do some workouts, find that their unfit body doesn't enjoy fitness, and then give up, and do it all over again next jan, never achieving what they want.

    It might be rough, but you need to push through the initial months of discomfort to get to a point where you actually enjoys workouts. it will take time, but your body and mind will adapt to a new normal, and will eventually grow to like the workouts. Most people give up in the early stages of getting fit because they think that every workout will be painful and uncomfortable, that's not quite how it is, you just need to train your body to adapt to a new fitness lifestyle. commit to action rather than results and you will get to the place you want to be sooner or later. These things can take time.

    Slow change is probably best, because that way you are building a new habit getting accustomed to a healthy lifestyle. If you try and lose a lot of weight quickly or make a huge sudden change, things tend to go wrong, and you will fall back to where you started because you have not built a new habit.

    To break the initial fitness stress wall, commit for 4 months. Be regular. dont worry about sets and reps or weight,

    just commit to working out for a certain number of hours a week. gym classes will help you do this. HIIT training works best for me. If you are new to fitness its probably best to go to a class, many places have a free or very cheap trial for week or 2, this way you can get fitness professionals to show you the ropes so you are not overwhelmed by the novelty of it all and lack of knowledge. They will make you feel welcome in the gym which is also very important for some people.

    Take rests but time the rests and workout to a plan. The whole 45 min workout should have a plan for every second of the workout. the class instructors will help you do this.

    Always keep a water bottle next to you and drink lots of water. Limiting water intake to occasional water breaks just adds more stress that doesn't help anything. Just drink often, however much you need to stay hydrated.

    Its best to engage with the social aspect of workouts. The proverb is
    “a road walked alone is twice as long”,
    with fitness its 10x as long, and you may never reach anywhere alone.

    This is something to do with friends, to motivate each other and encourage each other, enjoy the social aspect of working out. You can make new workout buddies at the gym classes if you don't know anyone who will go with you.

    Avoid things that can get you injured. Injury will set you back, perhaps to the beginning. There's no need to lift giant weights or do 1 rep sets.

    Occasionally you might see a bunch of dudes doing 1 rep max around a bench, increasing the weight until someone gets injured. This wont help you and will just ruin your body.

    *Be mindful of how you feel the first 3 or so hours after a good workout. Think about how your body feels, feels relaxing, feels accomplished in a way.

    learn to crave and need that feeling. That feeling is its own reward. The addiction to that post workout feeling will be what draws you back in the gym.*

    There might be certain exercises you really hate. If that's whats stopping you going to the gym avoid them. There's no reason to let a few exercises ruin the whole fun of it. Maybe squats make you feel very dizzy and sick, that could be dangerous, if you really hate them, do something else instead.

    Being fit and doing a workout every morning, even if only briefly, life feels different than being unfit, life is more relaxing and positive, its an incredible mood booster, always riding on the wave of continuing doses of activity and mini accomplishments, knowing you're doing something that's good for you, and maintaining your youth and energy levels the best you can.

    let me know your thoughts, and Have fun! <3

    Hugh Mungus
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