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  1. Picture or VideoBruce's headshots 039.JPG As it goes, sometimes a GH regular moves on for various reasons, But sometimes they come back for the expert service and the relief they so well remember and deserve.

    This guy (in the photo) started out by getting his nice fat man sized cock sucked at my gloryhole maybe twice a month, sometime more depending on schedules. His ample penis fills my mouth and throat so nicely as I had him down to his bush, his balls hanging on my chin and my tongue lapping his ball sac. He would hold his cock down my welcoming throat as drool poured down either side of my mouth and his huge mushroom shaped cock head literally in my throat. Our sessions could last an hour and longer. His verbal commands like "suck that cock" and teasing me with cock slaps across my face when he pulled out made me even more anxious to keep sucking and servicing.
    One night I suggested he show me what other talents he had, I bent over at he GH hole and felt the pinch of his head fight my ass and finally the excitement of knowing the entire length of his manhood was deep inside me. As he held onto the metal handles on his side of the GH wall he could thrust his meaty cock n and out of my tight ass. He would always pull out and paint my face with his warm nut.
    I heard from him the other day ! He's coming over tonight. I'll give you the details in my next blog.
  2. perfect white cock2.jpg I'll keep this one short, so to speak. I am looking for a regular that looks just like this photo.....
    I can dream can't I??
  3. For as long as I have been sucking cocks I have always enjoyed a variety of ethnic types, age groups (never under 21 for several reasons that I will get into later) cock sizes, cut head and uncut .with adornments like cock rings and piercings etc. My personal preference you may ask? A very thick cock with a big mushroom head, preferably in their mid 30's, and black. Just what I happen to enjoy . Now I don't discriminate and turn away very few. But I do insist on a DDF hygienically clean penis to work over. If the size is a little less than I like, I make sure I work extra hard to make the guy I am servicing feel like a king! We are all trying to have a great time so why not relax and do just that, enjoy !
    I like both cut and uncut cocks they have different feelings and textures. Uncut seem to drool precum which is cool. A nice wide cut cock is nice to be cock slapped with. I LOVE a curved thick cut cock so I can feel the head fight my throat when being fully deep throated. As far as balls are concerned I love to lick, kiss and have both man sized nuts in my mouth if possible.
    If a feeder gets verbal, like gives me instructions and tells me what he like all the better. Being called a cock sucker is great! I also like to go from me being the cock sucker to being fully throat fucked, to masturbating my feeder as I suck their engorged penis. Having my face pushed into a man's crotch and feeling the full length in my throat is my idea of a good time. (I can and have throated up to 10.5 inches and up to 7.5 inches in girth.
    Sucking off a guy with a Prince Albert was a unique experience. I remember when he was starting to shoot how his thick semen it was flowing over the cold steel .
    Well, that's about it for now. Remember if you are in OC Calif or visiting the area and need to get some relief HMU !
    NOTE: Pic today is what I think would be a perfect feeder

    Attached Files:

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  4. I don't hang around waiting for cock at my GH all day, everyday. It's all by appointment and even that is based on everyone's timing.
    I happen to like either mid day (the lunch rush) or afternoon (drive time) hours. Both seem to have eager , nice guys that have a need to be filled in a timely manner. Office types are especially hot to me as I like the mindsets and yes, even the way hey dress. There is nothing more handsome than a hard cock sticking out of a pair of dress slacks and if a tie is involved even better. That whole combination says eager. ready .and I need to drop a nice load now , then get back to the office.
    The second type (drive home hours) are a different type of guy. Usually one of two types. Married and they don't get their cock sucked at all or rarely, and the straight guys that are single and tired of stroking their throbbing penis. I am here to help both ! Gladly. The process is the same as the rest of the cocks I service. But the mid day and drive home seem more grateful and often become regular's, at least for a while.
    As always if you are in the area of Orange County in So Cal, get back, I'd love to hear from you and if you need some relief let me know. Always clean, always free and always hot ! normal_executive-office-business-man-sex-dick-cock-gay-fetish-036.jpg
  5. It seems every once in a while a regular has become interested in what it
    s like to flip sides as it were.
    On three separate occasions I have had really cool guys ask to join me on my side of my Gloryhole. If things seem cool and they appear trust worthy I have said sure ! The first was a nice guy that worked at a local hospital and loved to give head, and he was great at his craft. I think he joined me four to five times sucking various thick, long cocks of all types. The second was a FED EX guy with a nice Latin 8 inch uncut cock. I serviced him about three times before we talked and he joined me servicing many, many cocks. He had his regulars swing by so I got a lot of cocks that had the pleasure of both our talents. We even built a 2 hole wall so we could happily work together, trading back and forth and even working the larger, longer shafts at the same time. I remember once we gobbled up the load of a very nice cock together. It was hot.

    The third guy to worship cock with was a nice guy with a huge, thick white cock. This guy shot enormous, thick white ropes of semen. He covered my face, neck and goatee (I had one at the time) with loads bigger than I had ever had the pleasure of taking. As it turned out, he was a very experienced cock sucker and came over to my side from then on. He loved cocks, the bigger the better and as many as he could take.
    I remember once his entire head was inside the feeders side of the gloryhole . As I learned later the guy skull fucking him was holding his head completely down into his bush and my buddy loved every second.
    I haven't seen any of the guys I mentioned in a while but these friends are always welcome back.
    If you ever find yourself in OC Calif and need some relief, get back to me
    gh booth.png
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  6. Good question ! If one cock is at he Gloryhole is more better?
    I had an experience that answers the old question ..."will more guys be there??" That may seem like a dream come true for everyone involved but to be honest the magic wears thin very soon after two men are waiting to be serviced,after a short frot session of cock on cock is done the matter at hand starts, Cock worship. by the host.
    As I suck and slobber all over a nicely firm cock the other guys seems a little out of the loop. Even with the back and forth servicing is in progress, the one on one feeding the cock feeders are there for ends
    compare cocks.jpg .
    As a cock sucker I have learned that even though the guys that say they want a group to be there it really is a one on one they are after. OR. they really want to be on my side of the wall sucking a nice thick cock. And who can blame them ? There is magic is a cock and the semen it spills.
    So the next time you are asks will there be another dude there, just replay. It's one on one service dude. Take as long as you like and enjoy the ride.
    As always if you need relief w compare cocks.jpg compare cocks.jpg hile here in the north OC in Ca, I'm more than happy to take you one at a time!
  7. Depending on your preference and throating skills, size can be a big (or small) deal.
    Some people like cocks small to medium and on the thin size. Some like them as big, long and thick as possible. (That would be my choice) To me a thick ( 5 plus inches around and at least 8 1/2 inches long cock with a man sized helmet head is ideal (see pic). And give me a cock that is sizable when soft and I could worship that all day. If fact when I get a request from a new soon to be regular, I ask for their stats and a cock pic for directions to my GH.
    When a cool, well mannered guy with a big soft cock shows up I know I will be doing my finest work.
    In this case I always start by telling the dude to relax and enjoy ! By that time their cocks are hanging at the hole and just starting to get full, heavy and just a little semi. I fist show respect to their cock (and them ) by kissing the head of their cock and fondling their ball sac. As their penis starts it's rise to full mast I am licking the sides of their engorged cock from the base to the head and slit at the top. Be sure to take care of your feeders delicate sac too. If the tip is starting to leak some pre cum, I always taste it.
    This technique works for all size and shapes of cocks.

    I had a nice surprise a while back when a very polite Asian guy stopped by. HIs cock looked small, but an ample head on it. His cock grew to a full 7 inches and the head was the biggest I had ever throated. He was so into getting his cock serviced I spent nearly an hour edging him and sucking on his super hard cock. We both enjoyed getting him to the edge several times before be begged to shoot in my mouth. I gladly took it as his legs shook and he moaned with absolute relief. He was a regular for quite some time and would welcome him back as often as he requested.

    Another regular is a cool guy in this 30's with a nicely hung soft cock that grows to about 8 and has a nice girth. His balls hang on my chin once his cock is deep inside my throat Once he walks into my GH he unzips, pulls down his shorts and boxers and hangs there just waiting for me to preform my magic on his straight man penis. He talks to me and tell me how is day is going and he really uses the metal handles on his side of the wall. He is a real throat fucker, and with the size of his cock it's no wonder. He loves to shoot directly into my throat moaning all the time and telling me to swallow that cum bro ! How could I resist ?
    This guy also loves for this cock sucker to clean him up with a paper towel which has led to round two a few times!
    Extra large at the GH window to go !
    When I am lucky enough to have an extra large ( that's over 81/2 inches long, very thick and a huge mushroom head for me) I know I am in for a throat stretching treat ! Add a nice curve and a real verbal feeder and this cock sucker is in heaven.
    I have had several throat stretchers at my GH. All types and ages. From mid 20's to over 50. White, Black, Hispanic and a mix of all the above. My first true test at a huge cock was a great guy that was Black and Rican. His cock was 9 1/2 long and 7 around and a great big curve ! It was like I special ordered it. This one was so special I had him come inside, strip and show off. At 6 foot 4 and built He was magnificent . It was like instinct took over and I started to deep throat this king of cocks. He loved to cock slap my face and I loved it. My face was deep in his curly clipped bush and his curved thick cock was a deep in my throat as far as it could go. Time truly stood still for me as I serviced this huge man and his perfect cock. As he pumped my neck full of his cock my eyes watered and he looked straight into my face. Holding the sides of my head with his powerful hands he started to pull his cock out of first my throat then my mouth. He wanted to get deep throated one last time as down he pushed and my neck could feel the width of his super hard curved cock.
    As he puled out and cock slapped me again, I opened my mouth as he sprayed his warm semen in my mouth and on my face. He unloaded spray after spray until he had emptied his now low hanging dark skinned sac. Rubbing his still hard cock on my cum covered face, he smiled, said, good job. He put on his basketball shorts and shoes and left. He did return a few times after that encounter. I still think about that man a lot.

    As always, if you are in the North Orange County area in Calif, get back to me and this time swing by guy-with-big-cock-007.jpg guy-with-big-cock-007.jpg guy-with-big-cock-007.jpg YOU ENJOY !
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  8. newgh.jpg Either he be a newbi or a regular it's always kind of a waiting game to see who walks up to the Ol GH and delivers the goods.
    I have been fortunate to have great regulars and all but a few disappointments that come hang through the hole. For me it's always a rush to see a new cock and one that possibly becomes a new regular, meaning steady feeder that comes to get the best deep throat service in Orange County, CA.

    When Craigslist was still offering personal ads the picking was easy. Even now there are plenty of hard long, thick, warm cum filled...Oh! sorry I got carried away lol. Now where was I? Oh yeah, getting a man that is ready to be serviced is still pretty easy. It's all about the thrill of the hunt and a waiting game. Some days when I set up it's a real waste of time and NO cocks show up. Some days I am a busy cock sucker. My list of regulars has dwindled to a few good mostly straight men, but there is always room for more.

    I mentioned this in an earlier blog, but if you are thinking of setting up your own gloryhole don't simply cut a round hole in a piece of plywood. Guys are all different heights and cocks come in all widths and sizes. I finally made the opening in my GH a good 8 inches square. Yes, that's right ! 8 inches. I sanded the edges and used foam insulation stripping on both sides. That way I can keep from banging my head into a wall and the guy I am expertly servicing has a bit of a cushion as he eventually starts thrusting (they all do) his now very hard and leaking cock way down my throat. And as I have said before I installed handles on the feeders side for his convenience and my pleasure as I get that hard cock as deep in my throat as possible right down to the base so hs balls hand off my chin. A 10.5 inch long black cock is my record. I hope to get a few new , first timers today. I'll blog again if that happens.
    I hope everyone's day sucks........ lol
    ENJOY !
  9. One of the greatest things about hosting a home gloryhole is the freedom to have cock when you feel like it (most of the time) and you can have the distinct advantage of not going out, the cocks come to you.
    I have a regular I have been servicing for over 4 years, (see his handsome cock pic) normally twice to 3 times a month. It's nice to have him walk in, unzip, lowers his pants and I go to work worshiping his ample mushroom headed cock. We have small talk like asking him when he shot last or any special service he wants. He loves deep throat and being edged over and over. He also likes his tight ball sac worshipped. I am always glad to provide expert service. He has developed a good rhythm when he starts to fuck my throat and gets a nice verbal communication going. ('yeah, suck that cock fagot') And slow down I don't want feed you yet.
    This regular also has developed a need for deep open mouth kissing through he large opening in my GH wall. Recently he has also started to suck my ample 7.5 x 5.5 cock for a bit as I hold the sides of his head. And he's pretty good for a "straight" guy. He never wants to take my load (yet) but who knows when that will change ! :)
    I normally service this guy for about 20 minutes depending on our schedules. I have taken countless warm tangy loads from his very nice sized penis, and he never disappoints. After he unloads I offer him a towel to clean up. He thanks me, zips up and says see you next time ! I look forward to every visit.
    If you find yourself in need of service in the Orange County area of So Cal. Drop me a message image.jpg
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  10. Merry Christmas ! I wasn't going to post today but hen I remembered last holiday season I did enjoy a few nice cocks at the GH. One in particular was a nice single guy in his 30's escaping from a family gathering that needed servicing. I wasn't busy and thought what the neck, it's Christmas why not enjoy and share some holiday deepthroating. It was a nice session and good sized load. He felt the relief he needed and I got a nice holiday treat !

    If you find yourself in the Orange County CA area today and need to drop a load, get back to me and let's make some holiday magic happen. After all a nice white Christmas all over my face and in my throat sound perfect today !

    Attached Files:

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  11. Just as beginner's luck sometimes works, I had a great start at my Gloryhole "grand opening."
    Pun intended.
    I had everything set, the wall was in place, the ads were placed in the Craigslist personals ( remember this was a while ago) I sat around waiting to see if I would get even 1 cock at my new GH.
    Then the requests and interested men started to answer my simple ad. WOW, it was like all hell broke lose ! The questions came pouring in, "where is this gloryhole, what time are you available and the most asked question , will other dudes be there? By the way, that only works in the guys jack off fantasy. It's always better to host I at a time if you ask me.I could hardly keep up with the answers and give out times for them to get sucked off. It was my lucky day indeed !

    From office personnel in suits and ties to guys wanting to set up an appointment for lunchtime to a Fed Ex delivery guy with an 8 inch cock that later became my bud and fellow cock sucker at my gloryhole.
    In all I serviced 9 cocks that day, whew !. At the time I had a goatee, it was so full of dried cum I thought what the hell, I'll wait until I was finished for the day to wash it out. This little idea I had to set up a Gloryhole stemmed from the old GH walls in adult book stores, (Old School) I thought why drop money in those booths when I can get the cock for free and have it come to me ! What a deal. And this is a private location, it's all voluntary on both sides (NO $$ involved ever)

    I have always been selective in who I invite over, here are a few things to think about before you set up your own GH and get busy.

    1. Asks for details in your ads, posting etc. Are you clean? Most guys seem to be honest. Ask for at least a cock pic. (most guys don't want to share a face pic for an anonymous setting like a GH. Besides a cock in your face is what you are after, right? Ask for things that meet your requirements, age,(legal only) ethnic background, is he cut or un cut. Whatever matters to you. After all you are doing the work !

    2. If there are excessive questions on his end and endless emails, he's a flake, move on.
    Liars are out there, if in doubt, leave him out. Again, move on.

    3. If the two of you seem to hit it off, remember to tell him about being a regular. Those guys are like gold in the GH world. I have a regular that has been stopping by when it works for both of us for over 4 years.

    4. After you're both finished, have tissues available to clean up, it's only polite.

    Well, that's it for now, Have fun, be gh logo.jpg gh logo.jpg careful and thanks for reading and please leave a comment.
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  12. As a long time master of the bate and member here at LPSG I must say, the times I have spent masturbating by myself, with a bud or group are some of my favorite times. And as "old school" as it sounds, getting verbal and talking with a bud on the phone can be fucking hot ! I still have several guys call me on a regular basis with cock in hand ready for another session of masturbating and edging. I am always looking for more fellow bators here in Calif or wherever. I have never been into much role play as I bate but, lately I have had several bate sessions on the phone with men that like to talk to an experienced bate coach, I am happy to help. Some guys new to extended jacking or new in general seem to call back alot
    My favorite position to play with my cock is the classic, in a chair, legs spread wide, my cock at full erection. Another favorite is to stand, back arched and penis in fist. In bed is a classic as well as we all know.
    My specialty if you can call it that is phone jack off. Talking to another man while stroking our cocks about whatever gets us to that marvelous edge and back as many times as we can stand is pure man bliss. I get off on many subjects that don't cross lines for me like animals or under legal age. Anything like that gets a hang up. Masturbating with another jack off bud should be hot as fuck but respecting limits.
    I had one stroke bud that lived near by and we had first stroked on a local hone line. He invited me to his place and when I arrived his front door was open, he was sitting at the dining room , nude, a full 8 inch cock in his fist and legs fully spread. I walked in, pulled down my shorts sat in a chair proudly showing off my hard as fuck cock and we talked about the joys of masturbation, showed off for each other and edged several time. We walked into the kitchen and continued our bate session standing (and getting weak in the knees several times) Continuing our bate conversation, started to frot and then blasted our hot semen onto each other's bush and cock, Then continued the frotting. As we stood there with our now heavy, half hard cocks we cleaned up and I left until the next time !
    Remember, phone and in person masturbation can be hot as hell. If you need a coach, I am available.
    Happy bating brothers !
  13. b4.jpg
  14. With my LPSG name you may have guessed I love to service black men, and you would be right. However, I don't limit my efforts to just my African American brothers, I like to give excellent service to all clean, decent men of all races and colors!
    My first experience with a BBC was at, you guessed it a gloryhole at a bookstore. Yes, it was larger than most, very thick and a handsome mushroom head at the end of the shaft that was a little lighter than the ample shaft.
    I noticed then, and I have found it to still be true black men's penis skin has a wonderful soft texture almost like velvet and as you service them which in my case includes a very slow masturbation during the process on the way to full deep throating !
    I tend to naturally like the handsome quality to a black man's features. His face, body and skin color are all very sexy and powerful. That old saying I used in the heading "The darker the berry, the sweeter the juice" has been around for a million years and I meant it as a huge compliment to my black brothers I admire so much. In my experience there is an excitement to servicing a penis that is a different skin color than mine. While I do prefer a taller, larger man than myself (I am white, 6-2, 189) I have serviced a few black men that are shorter than me but have never been disappointed in the end result.

    As far as the "myth" of black cock always being larger than white or whomever, that is not the case. But I have found it to be true many times. The largest black cock I have ever serviced was very dark in color,10.5 inches in length, had a huge mushroom head and very thick on a nice black man in his late 40's. I remember thinking as my throat was full of his cock I could feel the shape of the head in my throat as my nose was in his dark black bush and the incredible sounds of relief he made as I swallowed his load.
    When he pulled his cock from my throat and mouth I rubbed my face into his now semi hard cock and kissed the head as to say glad I could help you get some relief and thank you for stopping by.

    One day I had a very big and very tall (think football player) black man stop by. This man was meant business as he stepped into y gloryhole area. massive is all I could think, in every way possible. Dark, masculine, aggressive in nature but not a jerk, just a huge man with huge needs he wanted taken care of, on his terms. He had come to the right place !
    His penis soft was massive, his truly egg sized testicles hung low in his beautiful scrotum. as he stood before the gh opening his cock started to grow and arch up. I couldn't help myself from holding his now almost completely erect penis in both hand s and kiss the huge head and piss slit.
    This man meant business as he held onto the handles on his side of the wall and had his man sized cock down my throat in seconds. He was very verbal which I like a lot and told me to suck his mother fucking black cock. After a few well chosen "white bitch, suck that fucker" and eat that cock boy, I knew I wanted this to never end ! At once he pulled his cock out of my mouth and slapped me in the face with his hard cock a few times. Then he told me to put my white ass up to the hole bitch. Now I normally don't get fucked but I wasn't going to miss this opportunity. To ride a huge black mans 9 inch cock was something I wanted then and there.
    I could feel his massive hands spread my white ass cheeks apart and finger my hole with lube he had with him (he had plans I didn't know about) This tall black machine like of a man held onto my hips through the large opening of my GH wall. I could feel his thick mushroom shaped penis head open my eager ass and gently fill me up with his full nine inches ! Here I was bent over with his incredible mans penis deep in my ass. Then the thrusting began. Full length and rhythmic, From the tip of his cock to the dark almost black ball sack slapping against my white ass. He continues the aggressive verbal dialog for at least 15 minutes as he fucked my ass. Stopping once in a while to rest.
    He built up to what I thought would be a massive flood of semen all over my ass but pulled out, took off the condom and instructed me to turn around. I did. He pointed his cock at my face, told me to open my mouth and sprayed a huge load of his warm, thick manhood load all over my face and in my mouth. Yes, the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice!
    This man only stopped by once to my GH, sadly. I'd like to see him weekly. The attached pic is not him, but a photo I found similar to his size and look. Enjoy
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  15. drew, stud (2).jpg Photo to accompany Blog 4
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