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  1. First, I am safe for DL dudes. I am older, hairy, bald, goatee, not unattractive at 5"11", 190 lbs. I am looking for a mature man (over 45 usually) that enjoys fucking a mouth. If you twist my tits while fucking me you will really get me going. Have been known to get fucked occasionally. I also have a regular or two that enjoy sharing my holes with others and spitroasting me. That can be arranged with a little patience and effort. Usually can host on the SE Side of Des Moines.

    Blindfold experience. I have found a regular who likes to fuck me while I am blindfolded. Have now serviced him five times and have never seen him. On three occasions he has brought a friend along to share my holes with. He particularly enjoys splitroasting me and trading back and forth if he brings a friend. They get me horned up twisting my tits. They have traded sitting on my face and trade getting eaten out. Both end the session with feeding me their loads. Damn, am wet thinking about it.
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