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  1. Hi any big cocks in my area that want to meet up?
  2. I want to suck. Never done it before. It has to be a large thick cock, cut, shaved. DDF,like me.
  3. I might be heading out on vacation and just wondering if anyone here is doing the same?
  4. Ever have your wife/girlfriend watch you jerk another man off or have him jerk you off
  5. My first soiree into giant cockdom had to have been when I was 9. We were a group of kids on a swimming trip to the city rec pool. Upon getting changed, I turned and across the room a guy was peeling off his swimsuit. No word of a lie, his cock must have been folded in three places. when the suit came down, his cock, all red and swollen fell towards the floor. I'm not saying that it reached the floor, but it was close to his knees.
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  6. Thanks everyone for treating me, well really nice! I sometimes think that I'm different or out of place, but this site and the many guys and ladies here have accepted me as I am.
  7. Any pics? Do you swallow your own load?
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  8. Would like to admire...okay stroke and lick a huge thick cock. I'm new and nervous about it, but what the hell, you only live once.
  9. What was it like sucking your first cock. Were you inspired by its size?
  10. I'm in the Toronto area and really curious. I would love to meet up with hung guys, 8 inches and larger,and compare, or jo...frot. I'm east of Toronto. Very clean, clean cut with 6cx6 shaved. New to this page and hope to meet a few guys interested in the same things.
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