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  1. A True Roommate Experience

    by JSVnaked

    While in my 20s and 30s, I enthusiastically put on a sexual window show at least two or three times each week: usually late at night with the windows open and all the lights on. I'd get naked either in the living room or my bedroom or right outside on the balcony and start jerking off. Whether naïve, bold or just plain stupid, this was always in my own home.

    My kink was a favorite ritual, which I felt roommates should be advised of from the outset due to the high probability of their eventual walk-in on some evening's auto-amorous festivities. Incredibly, every roommate I ever had - gay or straight - was cool with it. Some advised being careful; most just said "whatever turns you on."

    Over many years there were, surprisingly, only a handful of unexpected outcomes. Most were predictable and almost cliché, but, to this day, two performances seem to continually stand out as being able to arouse what I call my internal exhibitionist's "flash drive." I'll share the first one, and save the second for another day. Enjoy!

    The night either ended or began after I came home from a gay club at around 1:30am. My roommate at the time, a few years older, was still out dancing - although I hadn't realized that when arriving home because his bedroom door was closed. Assuming he was asleep, I felt it was a perfect time to strip and put on a naked show in the living room window. I got comfortable on the couch, turned on the lights and opened the curtains. The large window looked directly across the street to a 7- or 8-floor building with many suites in direct view.

    Wank to your heart's content, naked John!

    I enjoyed these performances very much (still do, in fact) and would frequently go at it for an hour or two. After about sixty minutes of play, I was so deeply immersed in loving my penis that I failed to hear the apartment door open and my roommate come home. The living room was a mere 15 feet down the hall from the front door, but no sound of key or chain or footprints registered. He walked right into the living room and caught me red-handed!

    In-and-of-itself that would have marked the realization of a pretty good fantasy, but the wonderful part of the story is that he didn't bat an eye. Instead, he mixed himself a drink, sat down in an armchair next to the very couch upon which I was laying completely naked massaging my erect penis, and began talking about the fun night he just had with friends. At one point he got up to close the curtains, but I quietly indicated "no, leave them open" and I think he then understood what my kink was all about.

    He continued talking. I continued stroking. We chatted for another 30 or 45 minutes about nothing and everything - him clothed in the armchair, me naked and masturbating on the couch. It was a good load of cum that eventually worked its way up and out of a by-then-red dick and onto my chest. Afterwards, life carried on as if what had transpired that evening had been nothing out of the ordinary. I began feeling free enough to walk around the apartment naked in front of him, and he never indicated any feeling of discomfort towards me. We were roomies for almost two years, and I look back at that period as being a healthy one important for both my self-confidence and sexual development as a proud and open exhibitionist.
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