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  1. When one walks in fire, you can expect to get burned

    I tried to be myself, look where that got me

    Now its time for me to extinguish these flames

    Yes… It will hurt longer than anyone would expect

    You made your bed and now you must lay in it

    It’s time for me to shine and stand tall

    Watch me… Love me… You won’t be able to touch me

    Truth could have avoided all of this

    Yet here we stand once more…

    Who knows what will happen next..?
    -Lady Scarlett​

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  2. I have had a few people ask me how did i find out about LPSG and why I am on here. Well let me tell you...

    A few months ago i had found out about it. One of my friends is a member and during one of our conversations he said he wrote a poem and posted it on his profile. Now me being well me lol I became very curious about this poem. I had asked him if i could read it and he told me the only way i would be able to is if i was a member... I was pretty disappointed.. Well at least for a minute or two because he decided to give me his info so i could sign on to his account. Now after he told me that he said don't look at anything else other then my blog... HAHA you don't ever tell someone don't do something :D Now his poem is absolutely amazing but being curious i clicked on photos and boy that hit me in the sweet spot. I honestly couldn't take my eyes off of his pictures.

    Later that day when he called me back I was still in awe... Yet somehow i got the nerve to ask him "why the hell would you have me go on to this account?". He literally just laughs at me... After he was done he said "you looked.. Didn't you?" lmao of course i did but what i wasn't expecting was him saying "I was hoping you would". He was also curious if i had looked at other peoples pictures but i was so amazed at his pictures i didn't think about anyone else's. That was my first taste of LPSG.

    My friend told me he hoped i would make an account because he knows i hold a lot in. I hold back this side of myself that lets just say can get crazy and he thinks it's time for me to let go and show that part of myself. Now i don't know if that's possible yet but i am here to figure that out.
  3. I tried to distant myself from you

    Damn why does your body call me? I just want to fall into your arms

    Can’t I just have one taste of you and let you see the parts of me no man has

    Let me release my wild side but I hold back due to my mind

    Yet I can’t stop messaging you and doing everything I can to feel that connection once more

    So many conflictions circling my entire body, I can’t sleep or think clearly anymore

    What do you expect me to do now… My mind is about to give away to my body

    No one wants to be around when that happens

    A true beast will emerge and that beast hasn’t seen the light in so long

    All I want to do is love you and show you the true beauty I see in you

    I’m not one to force someone to care for me or be here for me though

    So I probably should just vanish like I saw you do…

    The flame will burn out eventually… Wont it?

    -Lady Scarlett
  4. Looking for that opening

    Until I slam the door in my own face, knowing what should be done

    Then you show me sides of you that open my soul and touch my heart

    You vanish on me and leaving me wondering

    Opening my eyes but don’t explain the vibration rushing through my body

    Your body’s calling me and I can’t control myself much longer

    The curves and shapes my eyes see scanning you up and down, drive me crazy

    What is happening to me, how do I stop myself, do I even want to stop?

    I have to look away to stop myself from melting into a puddle around you

    When we talk you seem to see what no others ever will but is it real?

    Too many unanswered questions

    I try and hide but the moment you reappear I can’t stop my curiosity

    I must know more but how and should I?

    Heart is beating faster and faster must find self control or should I?

    -Lady Scarlett
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  5. Running in the field like the wild spirits we once were

    All was right in the world, we were finally happy and free

    Little did we know it would all change

    In a blink of an eye you were gone

    You….. You left me in that field alone and cold

    I looked everywhere for you, I yelled your name but it was too late

    What was I to do? Tears began to fall

    I cried out begging to find what we once had but what did I get?

    Echoes of my pain

    Will we ever find our ways back to each other or are we destined to be forever cold and alone?

    Only time will tell…

    -Lady Scarlett
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  6. I go up, you go down

    So what do I do? I go down just for you to go up

    Loneliness… Life’s most painful killer back for one more go

    We fight, we battle, we cry until we forgive

    Joy rushes over us but the question is for how long?

    Beauty is what we all want, something we fight over

    Did anyone once think we all are beautiful in our own ways?

    Another look in the mirror, I don’t see what they see, I only see all the pain and sins

    We try and wash it off, dress it up and hide it behind the walls no man can break

    Yet does anyone ever see the truth or do they see the face we hide behind?​

    -Lady Scarlett​
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  7. It all starts with a goodbye

    When I get to a certain point I get broken down

    Meaning I’ll let a rare few people in but then something happens

    My heart breaks due to letting the wrong person in

    I can be a very trusting person at least until someone shows me I can’t trust them

    So for now it looks like I’m going to have to hurt, cry and breakdown

    Until it builds me back up and helps me repair the damage that has been done

    When it’s time I’ll go back behind my wall that will be stronger than ever

    Not knowing when I will come back out but that’s the price I must pay to protect myself

    I will not let myself be hurt like I once was but it also won’t stop me from taking risk
    -Lady Scarlett

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  8. One night I was at my girl's house and we were getting so fucked up. She had convinced me to smoke some weed with her and hit seemed like every hit just got stronger and stronger. It didn't end there either... She brought some wax out and some alcohol. Now by that point i knew i was screwed.... We went on like that for hours until we honestly just forgot about it. I was getting very full of myself.... (I'm someone that puts up a huge wall but when I'm drunk or high i don't have the energy to hold it up.) Eventually i just told her i have to go and I called my ex boyfriend.

    May 30 minutes to an hour passed by and Cameron had shown up... At the point i was about to explode so i was so happy he showed up when he did or at least i thought i did. All of that changed when i saw his best friend in the car. I was so out of it i didn't think to much about it at least not until later.

    We start driving home and I was just so hot that i couldn't help myself any longer. I start rubbing Cameron nice and slowly....Then I slowly start to unzip his pants (Thinking to myself no one see this haha). I slid my hand into his pants and pull out his meat. For a while i just sit there massaging him at least until i start moving my mouth closer and closer to him. Finally I feel his meat in my mouth and at that point I begin to realize he cant contain himself....

    He pulls the car over to our spot and tells his friend (who i still forgot about or did i ;) ) to get in the front seat. I climb in the back taking my thong off in a hurry. By the time Cameron got in the back seat of the car i was ready. I pulled him in and moved my skirt so i could slid his hard meat inside of me. I start riding him harder and harder hoping he would be able to hit my spot and get me off. I started moaning loudly hoping Cherokee would hear me and want the same thing. Finally i started riding him faster and harder all while I'm moaning and sucking on his neck trying to turn Cherokee on. Eventually Cameron came inside my tight wet pussy and all i wanted was for Cherokee to come to the back seat and say it was his turn.

    A few years after this happened i had met up with Cherokee to see how he was and he had asked me something that i haven't forgotten lol. He said "Was that real or were you faking being pleasured by Cameron" I just laughed at him and said "well you have seen his meat and since he wasn't doing anything and honestly never did so no it wasn't real" I had told him "honestly i all i wanted was for you to kick him out of the car and take control of the situation". Now i didn't think that was too funny but he was laughing and said "Lady while you were in the backseat with him i was in the front seat touching myself. The way i saw you riding him and moaning made me cum so hard. I also had thought about coming back there but i was trying to control myself"
  9. From the very first moment I felt something, yet I buried it as deep as I could

    I told myself in time it would disappear

    Then you opened a piece of your soul to me and showed me how irresistible you truly are

    Making me become speechless which isn’t something that comes easy to me

    Though you found away

    So I now look deep into your eyes and can’t help myself but smile

    Ooh… Your mouth does things to my imagination

    Why can’t I just tell you how you make me feel?

    Wait I know because you disappeared, so now I live with these feelings alone

    Now it’s time for me to go back and hide behind my impenetrable wall once more

    Before I do though just know that you brought something out of me no one has been able to do in years

    You will forever be in this heart of gold, loving you from a far

    Please don’t forget me

    Don’t you see the truth hiding right behind these lips of mine?

    I know you feel the same too… Due to the fact you told me: “You are an amazingly attractive woman and I’m really overcome”

    Now looking back I don’t know why I couldn’t just tell you how you made me feel

    Though it’s better late than never, right?

    The moment I hear your voice my heart melts in my chest causing my body to burn with lust and love

    Feelings I can’t even begin to explain to you

    I told you some of my secrets hoping you would realize just what I was doing…

    Lady Scarlett


    I was going through a lot a few months ago and a random stranger at the time started talking to me.
    It was one of the most intense experiences i had felt in a long time. It was like my body had completely taken over and no matter how much I wanted to hide the moment i heard his voice and saw those eyes I would melt. One of my good friends deny's this but there has been apart of myself i had felt i lost but the moment i talked to him it was like i was back to my wild days... Feeling that part of myself return is an incredible feeling. It just made me want more and more......
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