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  1. So I kinda fell off the train of my daily routine. Mainly due to not having the time to do it. But I will at least make the attempt to pump at minimum 10 minutes every morning when I wake up and take a shower. The lucky number will be to maintain 8 inches in pump by the 15 minute mark. I am just going to test the this theory out and see if I pump everyday like year 1 how far I can expand in tube. No real time span but I would like to see if I can at least get very close to maxing out the ruler measurement. Or even come close to the results my friend @Gregie has been able to accomplish over the last 4 years or so. I am excited to see what this year has in store. Let’s just hope the wife doesn’t nag at me to lay off on the pumping.

    update pictures will come monthly just to keep a nice log of how things are going for anyone who is interested in purchasing a bath mate or pennomate.
  2. Yesterday I was talking to the wife as usual and I happened to be naked. I waled by the camera and she said, "OMG babe what the fuck have you been doing??? Your cock is looking huge! Have you been spending time in the pump again?" My reply was yes obviously for about the last 2 weeks or so. She said, "I can definitely tell the difference from when you are using and taking a break. It's so freaking big. I can't wait to have tons of sex."

    My use of the Bathmate X40 is working! I met both of my goals in the same week. Now if only we can get back to having tons of sex per usual. Maybe it's time to set some new goals in the pump? Fill out the entire length possibly? That is a big task that I don't think can be done but it's worth the try. I'm just going to keep pumping for recreational use. I really love how the X40 is adding more of a fuller aesthetic look to my hang. I have never been this "big" in my life and I am loving the added looks I am getting.
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  3. So I am finally settled in and getting back into my routine. I figured I would actually use a bathtub to pump. I mean after all it is called the Bathmate isn't it lmao?

    This is what I came up with for a nice little bath routine.

    I soak my body in a nice hot salt bath which helps loosed everything up.

    10 minutes at about 7.5 pumped length
    Reset with a nice massage out to work blood flow back into the body
    10 minutes at 7.75 pumped length
    Reset once more
    5 minutes at about 8.25 inches which is I think 20.5 cm which is my new max pump length.

    The expansion in the tube is fucking crazy. I haven't been able to measure the post pumped girth but I am 100% its constant with 6.25 inches just like the first time I reached that max.

    My normal girth seems to be closer to 6 inches on a regular day especially in the mornings when I first wake up. I know its about that because I can barely grip my cock while trying to touch my thumb and pointer.

    I'm gonna keep this new routine up until the end of the summer and see how the results pan out. I will be posting pictures about every 2 months or so post pump and normal erections to see if this is actually working. Feel free to try this out guys @KingEspadas and @Gregie...
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  4. I was referred to this site by a guy when he was looking through some of my progress photos once upon a time. He saw a (what I thought was non revealing) photo of me in boxer briefs showcasing some of my leg progress and made a mention that I should check the site out. When I did I was immediately offended for some reason because I was like why is this guy checking my dick out you know? But after looking around it immediately sparked my interest. I started noticing that after lurking around on the site I became super comfortable in my own skin. I saw so many people here showcasing their cocks in all sizes that nudity honestly became untaboo for me. I started to notice that I was a size junky as well. I was always trying to visualize my size against anybody and everyone. Never brave enough to do it in person, but I would always check people out and think to myself "yeah this guy is packing" or "poor guy has a small cock".

    After a while I came across some threads about penis enlargement which sparked further interest. The first person I followed was @KingEspadas. I saw the progression he made over a 2 year span. After many conversations with him, while traveling in Korea, I finally decided to purchase one. My main focus at that point till now was to showcase the fact that PE actually works. I always wanted to have a dream cock that women would cream for immediately from the first moment they saw it. Now by no means did I ever consider myself small. More so average at best. I kinda started because that stereotype of the BIG BLACK COCK always haunted me because that was never going to be me. So I wanted to pump and get into PE to boost my own self confidence and ego. Sure enough it has worked. Granted I don't have the 8x6 that I have always wanted but my current size has successfully landed me into plenty of pussy to include my wife.

    How did you guys end up here?
  5. It’s definitely a great feeling when you go on a work vacation for two weeks and a half weeks and have all the personal time in the world to pump. As soon as I came home I didn’t hold back on unleashing the beast of the wife. Oh my! She is literally in a coma. I took her over the couch and proceeded to rock her beautiful pussy into oblivion. Needless to say she creamed and was in literal tears each and every thrust while I had her doggy style. I must say pumping is super cool when you can deliver big cock action whenever you want. I haven’t done that to her in a minute and boy does it feel good to ware her out! Happy wife happy life folks! @Gregie I know the feeling you often talk about!
  6. Since I have a bit of seclusion this week, I have been hitting it hard with my PE. I have been doing a 20 minute round of stretches. Using the downward angle against my erection angle and straight out for times of about 10-15 seconds. Once I finish about 15 minutes of this I I have moved onto some good lubricated jelqs. I usually put on an episode of something and just jelq away not really focusing on the time. Definitely utilizing the keels before each forced jelq. Then to finish it off, I go shower and get a 20 minute bathmate session in. Still a bit uncomfortable to pump at my full maxed out length of 8 inches in the pump but I am slowly getting used to it. I finish each session at a length of 7.75 in pump. It gets kind of tight on the base but the rate of expansion is next level.

    You guys should check it out! If you have a few extra dollars invest in the Bathmate and give it a go.
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  7. This month I decided to ease back a little on my pumping routine. I have been utilizing the following method and will switch to the 3 day per week + jelquing and manual stretching next month.
    This month I used
    Shower and a quick warm up
    3-5 minutes in pump at 7-7.25
    3-5 minutes increase to 7.5
    3-5 minute increase to 7.75-8

    On the last day of pumping I use 10 minute cycles of the prescribed workout. I have maintained 7.5 in BPL and girth post pumping has maintained between 5.75-6.25 depending on the time in pump.

    The wife is noticing a major difference as well. Which is a huge boost in confidence as she wants me to stop using my bathmate already for a couple of months.

    Goal still remains to fill the pump by the end of the year possibly or at least get to 21cm in pump length. I have already achieved my girth goal!
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