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  1. So, obviously, I haven't been to any sex parties lately. I was coming off a very long period of abstinence because my husband's immune system was majorly compromised, and I was supposed to start up in April again.

    Thanks to this idiotic pandemic, I'm of course going to have to prolong my period of abstinence a bit longer. Maybe a LOT longer. These are troubling times we live in, my friends.

    I hope to be able to have something to report by the end of April. However, at the rate we're going, that may be a pipe dream. Guess we'll have to see.
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  2. Been way too long since I made an entry, and there's a lot to talk about so here goes.

    Let's start with today. So I got to work and realized no one else was going to be coming in for at least 2 hours, and after a short internal debate, I stripped naked and started my daily routine. Was largely the same as last time. Felt fantastic getting things done while completely naked at my workplace. Which was how it felt last time. However, there was one big difference. Whereas last time I stayed naked for more than an hour without getting aroused, this time my dick got hard almost the moment I got naked. So I was running through my morning routine naked with a full on hardon. I'd give it an encouraging tug now and then, and figured it would eventually subside. It did not. In fact, it started leaking just a little bit.

    Now, I enjoyed working with a hardon a lot, and the risk of being caught naked is very slim, almost zero, but it's one thing to be caught naked, and quite another to be caught naked with a dripping hardon. So even though I could have stayed naked another 45 minutes (actually, as it turns out a full hour and a half more before anyone else arrived), I cut my naked time short after only 40 minutes. My boner didn't subside until I'd tucked it back into my jeans. I did leave off the underwear and freeballed for the rest of the day. I continued to work for another hour in just the jeans. No shirt or shoes. I'm always barefoot at work, and in the summer I frequently work shirtless after a sweaty walk, so though it's not quite the time of year for it, my being shirtless is a fairly common occurrence before we open, so even if someone walked in at that point it would not be a big deal. No one did.

    But back to this irrepressible hardon. I think that might be because I haven't had sex since shortly after Thanksgiving. As I've mentioned before, my husband had a liver transplant in September. He was doing well, so the first week of December my buddy Cole and I decided to take in a Bear Party. And it was a pretty good one. Not the best, but certainly not the worst, and probably a good solid 60 out of 100. Got fucked at least 5 times, sucked a lot of cock, and fucked a few guys as well. As usual, my buddy Cole was one of those who fucked me, and (a first for us) I reciprocated and fucked him as well. So a good time was had by all.

    But over the next few days, I got a little tickle in my throat. It went away before I really got sick, but my husband wasn't so lucky. He got a cold. A bad cold. Which in his immunosuppressed state was very bad. He was sick from that week, through Xmas and New Years (we had to cancel our Xmas plans because he was feeling crappy), and only started feeling better mid-January.

    Now, in all fairness, there's no way to tell if someone gave me a bug at that party, or equally as likely someone on the subway (downside of public transport), or even if it was indeed me who got him sick, but I decided I couldn't risk taking in another party during cold/flu season, until he comes off some of the drugs that are suppressing his immune system. Which is mid-March. Liver wise he's doing very well, and they've already cut back on some of his drugs, but in Mid-March we expect a larger reduction and his immune system should bounce back. So basically, I'm celibate until April. Which explains, I think, the persistent hardon.

    Anyway, so that's why there have been no Bear Party reports for such a long time. But in April, look out! Because in April, I plan to make up for lost time. I'll be going every weekend. So stay tuned.

    Be well, stay warm, have lots of sex. And feel free to write about any encounters in the comments, because I'm living vicariously through y'all until April.
  3. So if you're a regular reader of my blog, you know I'm a married man, married to a guy who's lost all interest in sex, but encourages me to find fuck buds and sends me off to sex parties with his blessing. Which is fine for now. But the ultimate goal is to get him interested in sex again.

    And, again, if you read these pages, you know that at least part of the reason he's not interested in sex is that he is suffering from liver disease and needs a liver transplant. The no sex thing was going on before this trouble hit, but of course it contributes to his lack of sex drive.

    Well, he's getting a transplant. That's the good (if also a bit scary) news. In nine days, he reports to the hospital, and a saintly friend of ours is going to donate half of her liver so he can be well again. I'm not sure how we're ever going to be able to thank her for that.

    But that being said, I've told him that part of his recovery, in addition to more exercise and a healthier lifestyle (doctor's orders) is that he needs to get interested in sex again, and he agreed. So how to spark that interest from day one?

    Of course he won't be up for sex for a long time yet. He'll need pretty much 24-hour care (provided by me) for at least a month, possibly longer. But I wanted a way to at least get him thinking about it. And while I was thinking about this and going over some of the forums on this LPSG thingie, I came across a discussion of this:

    Hush by Lovense. The Most Powerful Vibrating Butt Plug

    This is a remote-controlled vibrating butt plug that can be controlled by any smart phone. I got the bright idea that I could insert it, give him control of it, and then when he needed me, he can buzz me. Literally. And I'll know I need to get to him. I thought it would be perfect for when I went down to the gym, or off to the corner grocery store, and if he needed me he could buzz my ass and I'd come running. I presented the idea to him, and he laughed. But he also didn't say no. So I ordered it. And we tested it out. Works like a charm. So now, during his recovery, he has a fun sexy way to get my attention when he needs it. And I get something in my hole on pretty much a daily basis. Looks like a win-win to me. What do you think?
  4. On Monday, a good friend of mine and I headed to Sandy Hook, a legally nude beach on the Jersey shore. Neither of us had been able to get there all summer long, and finally we decided if we didn't go then, we may not make it out at all.

    It was a PERFECT day at the beach. Light breeze, not too hot, more sunny than cloudy, and because it was off-season, not too crowded.

    There's something so peaceful, calming and centering about being totally naked outdoors. Especially when any anxiety around being discovered and punished are removed because it's perfectly legal. You can walk more than a mile down the beach. It's exhilarating being naked outside and almost a mile away from your clothes. Talk about getting back to nature!

    IMHO, nude should be the norm for beaches, and you should have to get special permission to force people to wear bathing suits. The beach and nudity are a natural coupling. It's sad that Americans as a whole are too prudish to allow themselves this pleasure. I suspect that if everyone had a chance to visit a nude beach without judgment and feel the sun and breeze on their bodies, that they'd never want to go to a clothed beach again.
  5. Okay better finish this up. Because I'm forgetting a lot of detail about those other 2 parties. Brooklyn was clearer than I expected, so I'm hoping if I start writing about the remaining 2 it will come back to me.

    So I already mentioned that me and my bud are now trying to coordinate our party going so that we can take in the same parties. That happened at both the Manhattan parties. He fucked me twice first time out, and then twice at the second Manhattan party (the Brooklyn party happened in between). All other types of fun were being had, but toward the end of the 2nd party I hadn't been fucked in a while, and we were both kind of chilling in the back room of the venue, and I noticed he'd gotten hard again, so I said let's fuck, and he said he didn't have the energy, so I said, that's okay, I'll just get on and ride.

    A little departure here. I can count on 1 hand (actually 3 fingers) the times I've been on top while being fucked at one of these parties. And that's in all the parties I've attended over the last 3 years. I have offered to get on top and ride the cock, but generally that offer is declined and the tops at these parties like to stay on top. Not sure why. I like to sit down and ride a cock really about as much as I like to be ridden. But that happens very rarely here.

    But anyway, so I hand him a condom, he suits up, and I turn around and ease down on his dick and begin riding him. Feels sooo damn good. So glad we got over the awkwardness and just said fuck it, let's fuck. So we go on for a while, and I'm standing and squatting while doing this, so basically doing deep knee bends, and damn, that's hard work. My knees gave out long before my hole did. I wanted to keep going, but I finally had to stop.

    Another bit of a side note here. My party bud (let's call him "Cole") mentioned after our first party together, that he thought that there were sometimes straight men who showed up at these parties just to get a blow job. And until he'd brought it up, I'd been oblivious to it. But the week after he said it (we're going back to Brooklyn now), there was a cute younger guy there who never took his underwear off, and was kind of watching more than participating. In retrospect, he was looking for a good cock sucker, I think, and he settled on me. After basically keeping his distance the whole party and kind of ignoring me (and pretty much everyone else) up until this point, he approaches me, takes my hand, pulls me to the side, and sits in front of me and starts sucking my cock, in a way I would imagine a straight guy would suck a cock to get the other guy to reciprocate. Because after only a few minutes of admittedly lackluster sucking, he stops, finally takes his underwear off, and indicates that it's my turn to suck him now. Which I do.

    He has a smaller cock, probably about 5 inches, so easy to deep throat, and I'm sucking (I think by now we've established that I enjoy sucking dick), giving it my all, and without warning he pushes into my mouth as far as he'll go and starts ejaculating. Big. He delivered a huge load into my mouth, and up my nasal passages. Sort of like when milk goes up your nose if you're forced to laugh with your mouth full. But this was because he forcefully shot semen up there. It literally came out my nose. I was caught off guard, but recovered quickly and sucked the rest of his seed down like a good boy (never one to turn down a nice high-protein snack). I kept sucking until he pulled away. He smiled, seemed grateful, thanked me and left the party. I think it was the only sex he had at the party. And now I'm pretty sure he was a straight boy who wanted a good blow job, like my buddy Cole had talked about.

    Then at the following week's party in Manhattan, I was pulled aside by a black guy who oddly just kept his shirt on, the only guy at the party wearing a shirt, and he asked me to suck him. This guy admittedly had a beautiful big cock that was a challenge to deepthroat. But he was a little gruff, and not very polite, not very nice. And I don't know why I let him get away with it. I probably should have just stopped. But anyway, he was fucking my mouth, and I was sucking his cock, and he pulls out and turns me around and says he wants to fuck me. And I tell him he needs to put a condom on. (I have let guys go in without a condom on very rare occasions at these parties, I am on the PrEP after all, but not rude boys who don't know how to ask nice and don't treat me well).

    So he says suck me off then. And again, still not sure why I kept sucking him. I should have just let someone else finish him off. But I guess I was in the moment, and his cock was beautiful, so I kept going. And finally he started to cum...and the fucker pulls away! He's shooting a huge load, so I try to get it back in my mouth, and he pulls away, and we start doing this dance of me trying to get closer to his ejaculating cock, and him pulling away. I did end up getting covered in his cum, which was hot and I guess worth the blow job. But then he didn't even thank me and started heading for the door. So I'm pretty sure he was straight too. Shortly after I had to head to the bathroom, and he was there cleaning up. He could barely look me in the eye. I gave him a brisk nod, and he begrudgingly slightly nodded back, like it was a chore. So, yeah, straight guy.

    So shortly after this, I was in the back room, and there was a cute guy probably a few years younger than me standing alone toward a corner. I walk up to him, we exchange looks, and we grab each other's cocks, and OMG this guy has an amazing dick. About 8 inches long, narrower at the base, but then bulges out in the middle and only slightly tapers back at the head. I'd never seen or felt anything like it. And I told him, "I have to know what this feels like in my hole!" And he brightened up, said, "Wait here, I'll go get a condom." He comes back, starts opening the condom, and I tell him to wait before he puts it on, because I want to suck him. I get down on my knees and take him in my mouth. Beautiful cock. Tastes great, and the precum is plentiful and very flavorful. I suck him for a good 5-7 minutes before I let him put the condom on. He has me brace up against a high bench, and he starts to sink it into me. It takes some doing, because that sucker is fat in the middle. But after a little effort it pops in and he starts a slow rhythm. In and out, in and out. I'm feeling every inch. It is exquisite. Not only does this guy have an incredible penis, he knows how to use it to full advantage. My eyes are rolling into the back of my head.

    He picks up the pace, going faster, gradually faster and gradually harder. I'm in heaven. Finally he's plowing into me with all his might, and I'm pushing back against him, driving him in as deep as he'll go. He finally cums, pumping a ton of semen into the condom inside me, and collapses on my back. He keeps his cock in me until it starts to go soft, then pulls out. I see the huge load inside the condom. He smiles. Says thanks, that was awesome, and I tell him he was amazing. We exchange names, and I tell him I usually try to be at all the Saturday parties, in case he wants to do it again. He said he hoped very much that we run into each other again. I concurred. I hope we do.

    There was more that happened at these parties, but I'm going on too long as it is, so I think I'll leave it there. Those are some highlights. I'm going to make an effort to try to keep these reports up to date while they are fresh in my mind, so I don't have to do multiple parties at a time.

    If all goes well, Cole and I will be attending the Friday night Bear Party. I'll let you know how it goes.

    Stay horny, guys.
  6. It's hard keeping 3 parties all separate in my mind this far after, so these will be recollections from all three parties, all blending together. Any fucks described should be assumed a condom was worn, unless I otherwise indicate.

    I had dick in my hole relatively soon at the Brooklyn party. I was in the sling in the big public area, and an obliging gentleman came up and slid his cock into me, gave me a nice fuck. Nice cock. Not too big, but definitely on the larger side, I'm guessing 7 inches. Nice fat head on it. Great way to start the party. But after that I laid back in that sling for a while and there were no more takers, so I got up and wandered a bit.

    There was a guy in another sling, waiting to get fucked, and so, taking to heart my "fuck karma" theory, I suited up (i.e. put on a condom), stepped up and sank my dick into him. Nice tight fuck hole. I was fucking him to the beat of the music that was playing, enjoying being on top, when of a sudden I feel a cock at my back door. I slow down and bend over a little, and a friendly guy slides his cock into me. I'm now in the middle of a fuck sandwich. I'm fucking the guy in the sling, and this guy is fucking me as I do it. Feels fantastic. This goes on for a while. It's mostly me moving, pushing ahead to fuck the guy in the sling, then pulling back and sliding my hole back onto the cock that's inside me. It was a bit of a dance, but so much fun.

    The other very notable thing that happened at this party was, the urinal was out of order, and a sign directed you to use the bathtub instead. And in the bathtub was probably the most beautiful, sexy guy at the party. With a pretty impressive dick. Wanting to get pissed on. Eventually I had to go, so I stepped up, and he saw me and eagerly positioned himself so I had a better line of fire. I began to piss, and I had to go pretty bad. He took it like a champ, changing his position as I went so that I hit every part of his body, including face and mouth. This was the first time I had ever pissed on a guy, and I have to admit, now I see the allure. It was sexy and fun. I had to go again a little later, and he was still there, so we did it again. I think I especially enjoyed pissing on his hard big cock as he worked it with his hand.

    A little later I walk by, and he's out of the tub, obviously showered and dried off, and so I get down on my knees and start sucking that beautiful cock. After a few minutes of this, I break and tell him I want him to fuck me. He agrees, with the caveat that he's been doing a lot of poppers and might not be able to get hard enough. So he leads me back to the large bed in the big public space, and I bend over it, and he tries to get his dick both in a condom and then inside me. And it's not working. It appears he was right, and he's not going to be able to get hard enough to do the job. So I say, that's okay, let's 69 instead, which he readily agrees to. So we get up on the bed, and get in position, and start sucking each other's cocks with abandon. I sort of halfway notice that we're starting to draw an audience, but I don't care, because he's a fantastic cock sucker, and I'm a fantastic cock sucker if I do say so myself, so we're both deepthroating each other. Intense and pleasurable. And after a good amount of time, he stops and says, let's try to fuck again. I think I can do it now.

    I ask what position he wants me in, and he says doggie. So I get on my hands and knees in the middle of the bed, and he puts on a condom and slides his big cock deep inside me in one slow, sensual move. He's easily 8 inches and pretty fat as well. Feels amazing inside me. And then he starts to thrust. Slowly at first, but then picking up speed, until he's plowing my hole like a mad man. And I'm meeting his thrusts, pushing my ass back onto his dick as he plunges into my hole again and again. Finally I feel him shudder a bit and falter in his rhythm. I figure he's cum. I ask, "Was that you cumming?" And he said, "No, I just have to stop for a sec." And he gave me a very nice complement about the tightness of my fuckhole, and then he starts to pick up the pace again. And now we definitely have an audience. A whole group of men has gathered around the bed watching us.

    After an exquisite, intense another maybe 10 minutes, he starts to shudder again, and this time it's unmistakable. He's ejaculating inside me. Inside the condom inside me. I find myself wishing we'd done it bare so his cum would be in my hole instead of the condom. But that's just heat of the moment thinking. (SIDE NOTE: I can't really feel much difference if someone is fucking me with a condom or without one, except for the cum inside me afterwards if there's no condom. It is IMHO mostly a psychological thing, and in most cases barebacking isn't worth the risk. Suit up before you go spelunking, gentlemen. Play safe.) And it's an earth-shattering climax. He's pushing into me as hard as he can, and his cock is pumping out a ton of semen, which he later proves by showing me the condom. He finally falls onto my back. He leaves his cock there in me for a few as he catches his breath. Then slowly pulls out and we lie down together and cuddle a bit. He thanks me, and says we have to meet up again at another party, and I heartily agree.

    And now I realize I've been going on and I have only covered one party! I guess I'll have to do another post to cover the other two.

    Stay horny guys.
  7. Okay I've been a little lazy, and I'm way behind in my Bear Party Reports, so this is just going to be a catch-up blog post with highlights from all three.

    Overall, and generally, I'd call each of these three parties somewhere between average and above average. So none were one of those where I got the sustained dick in my hole hour after hour, but I did get fucked a good amount at each, and among those fucks were a few pretty spectacular ones at that.

    I also topped more than average at each of these parties. Fucked about 4 guys at 2 of them, and the other one 2 guys. I decided that if I want to be topped, I needed to top myself. It's probably all in my head, but call it fuck karma. Fuck so that I will be fucked. It does seem that if a party is a little dry, if I step up and start fucking a guy, soon after that I'll be on the bottom myself.

    Another thing that happened often enough that I can call it a trend is that over the course of each of these parties, I became the middle of a fuck sandwich at least once, and at 2 of the 3 parties twice. I'm fucking a guy, and some other guy will come up behind me and stick his dick in my hole as I'm doing it. I like this trend and I hope it continues.

    Another new development is that about 2 months ago, the inevitable happened: I ran into someone I knew from my other life. My life outside sex parties. A fellow theatre company member. Neither of us knew the other attended parties like this, and it was a little awkward. We sort of made a joke out of it, I think I whispered "We must never speak of this." We didn't interact. But occasionally I'd notice him, and I'm sure he noticed me as well. And that was that. Until it happened a second time. Again a little awkward but we smiled at each other and went about our business. This second time was during one of those spectacular parties where I got fucked over and over again, and I noticed him alone, watching me getting fucked in the sling, and no none was approaching him. He was alone and seemed upset (maybe jealous?), and then left. And as I was being fucked over and over again (REALLY GREAT PARTY!) I found myself feeling a little sorry for him. And I thought, well fuck, if this is going to keep happening, then might as well confront it head on.

    So I sent him a PM on Facebook, saying, if this is going to keep happening, we should stop being awkward about it and sort of hang out together and be the friends we are during lulls in the party. Thinking I was being a bud. And we could hang out and talk if we ended up not having much sex. It didn't occur to me when I approached hm this first time that we'd actually have sex together. Just be moral support for each other if we ended up at a lower than average party.

    He didn't answer me for about a week, and I thought, well, he's not up for that, and he's bashful and awkward about how we keep meeting each other at these parties. But I was wrong. The trouble was, he didn't answer me in the PM on facebook, he posted on my page! Oh, he didn't come right out and say sex party, but he basically told me and everyone else that happened to stop by on my page that he enjoyed watching me get repeatedly fucked in the sling at that last party, and yes, he'd like to be party buds. (I think what he said was he enjoyed watching me have fun with the bears, but pretty easy to read between the lines there). So needless to say I deleted the post from my wall, but we did end up exchanging phone numbers, and we agreed to try to start coordinating our party going so we'd be there for each other. The first time we were able to make this happen was the first of the three parties we're reporting on in this post.

    Now, in my mind, that meant just checking in with each other, maybe hanging out and talking if we found ourselves in a lull, and not really having any sexual contact with each other. I got there before he did and I was having a pretty good time, and the thought occurred to me, oh, what if we end up having sex with each other? Will that be awkward? Maybe. And then I feel a tap on my shoulder, and it's him. We exchange a few friendly words, I happen to reach down and grab his dick, and he's steely hard. And I find myself saying, "You're so fuckin' hard! Do you want to fuck me?" And he did want. To fuck me. And he did. So much for awkward. We both had a good party, and he ended up fucking me a second time later. So now it's a thing. We try as much as possible to coordinate our party attendance, and we've become much better friends than we were before.

    And this post is getting long already, so I'll stop there. Coming next post: some detailed highlights from the three parties.
  8. I work in the arts. Music mostly but also do some sound design work for theatre companies. But NYC is a tough town, and I can't make ends meet with just what I bring in from this type of work. So I have what is known in the biz as a "day job." I'm the daytime office manager for a physical therapy establishment in Brooklyn.

    It's a great day job for a musician because it's only part time and I get off early enough to come home and work on music/songwriting/whatever.

    The other part of this story is that since October (since my husband got sick), I've been taking a different train to get to this day job. Although there's a train about 5 minutes away and I can transfer to a train that gets me almost to the door of my work place, I've been taking a different train that takes a brisk 15 minute walk to get to, and another brisk 15 minutes to get to my job once I get off the train. It ends up being about 2 miles in each direction. This way even if I don't make it to the gym, I get at least some exercise.

    So that being the case, during these warm summer days, by the time I get to work, I'm sometimes literally drenched in sweat. And as I'm the only one there for at least half an hour most mornings, I take off my shirt and allow it to dry and work bare-chested to set up for the day. Most of the therapists that work in the mornings are used to finding me setting up topless and it's not much of a big deal.

    However, recently there are mornings when I'm the only one there for a few hours. And on one of those mornings a while back, as I was pulling off my shirt after a particularly sweaty morning power walk, it occurred to me that I could take off all my clothes and work buck naked and no one would be the wiser. So I did. And put my underwear and shirt in the dryer.

    Worked out great. I thought I might get an erection as I worked, being naked in a taboo place like work, but it didn't happen. I have a lot to do to get set up and it wasn't a sexual thing at all taking my clothes off. It was practical. I don't like sitting around in wet clothes and on this particular day I didn't have to. So I was totally bareass naked for the first hour and a half of my work day, and when I went to get dressed, I put on a dry shirt and underwear. Much more comfortable.

    And while it wasn't a sexual thing, it was a very sensual experience. It felt great just getting things done while being naked in a place I should not be naked in. It felt daring and bold, and forbidden and fun.

    Since that day I've had about 4 opportunities to do it again. Great way to start the day.
  9. I'm having some gastrointestinal distress. So I missed last week's bear party. So sad.

    I may take in tomorrow (Sunday's) Bear Party at 1:30. Depends on how tonight goes.
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  10. Last month's Brooklyn Bear Party was excellent, as you can read below in "Tale of 2 Bear Parties." So much fun. So I had pretty high expectations going into this one, especially coming out of a spectacular Thursday Nooner party. My hole only had one day off between the two parties, and it was ready to go.

    I have to keep reminding myself that these parties, unfortunately, are kind of hit and miss. They're always fun, yes, but the same thing doesn't happen at all the parties. For example, after taking probably more dick than I ever had in in a two-hour stretch on Thursday, at this party I only got fucked once, and that was because I flip-fucked with another bottom boy who was also looking to get as much dick in him as possible. Which, don't get me wrong, was fun. He had a sweet hole, I enjoyed fucking him, and when it got to be my turn, he turned out to be a pretty good top as well. But over the course of the entire party, that was the only time a cock entered my hole.

    Oh, there was lots of cock sucking. Sucked a lot of dick, and actually got my dick sucked a few times. And I struck up a conversation with this big black bear of a man with the unlikely name of Butch, who turned out to be a really nice guy with a very suckable cock. We'd talk for a while, then I'd go down on him for a while, then we'd talk some more, and enjoy the visual of all the sex that was going on around us. He was also looking, in his words, for someone to fuck the shit out of him. So once again we were looking for basically the same thing and neither of us was getting it. I think it was basically a situation of too many bottom boys and not enough tops to take care of them all.

    So anyway, stats:

    Cocks in my hole: 1
    Flip fucks: 1 (Yeah I know, really the same statistic. So sue me).
    Asses I fucked: 2
    Cocks in my mouth: maybe 10? 12?
    Times I got finger-fucked: 2
    69's: 2
    Mouths on my cock: 4
    And bananas consumed: 2

    I think one of the keys to going to these parties is to keep expectations low. Or no, just to go in with no expectations at all, because every party is different. Once I list the stats, it appears that I had some good sex after all. Next one is tomorrow at 1:00PM at Paddles. I'll most likely be there, unless something comes up.

    Stay horny.
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  11. So I had one of those very rare Thursdays off, and decided to take in the 12:00 noon Bear Party.

    Man, those boys on Thursday know how to party. Maybe because this weekday party is an hour shorter than the others, these guys got right down to business. There's usually a ramp up in the Saturday/Sunday afternoon parties that I normally attend, where there's some hanging out, cruisy-type behavior, where guys scope each other out. Not that there's no sex, but it starts a little more slowly.

    Not so with this Thursday party. I had dick in my hole within 10 minutes of arriving to the party. And then another, and another. I think I was fucked by 8 guys in the first hour alone. After a particularly intense series of guys in my fuckhole, the last of which pulled out, ripped off the condom and porno-style shot a huge load all over my chest, and stomach (I was on my back, natch), I figured we were almost toward when I'd be leaving. But no, when I checked my watch, only an hour had passed. I smiled to myself, went back into the back room, and within about 10 minutes I was enjoying hour 2.

    Another thing about this party that was a little unusual was the number of large cocks. Every dick in my hole that first hour was I'd guess at least 8". Some must have been closer to 9. I know this because I can take an 8" cock in my hole without any trouble, and I have to admit some of these guys were poking just a little further up into me than I was used to. One guy was so big I had to put my hands on my ass to prevent him from going quite so deep. (This was the guy who did the porno pullout and came all over me).

    That being said, I received a fuck from a guy who was probably around 5 inches, and it was among the best at the party. It was during a lull in the action for me, and there was a guy who seemed to be looking for some action but nobody was paying attention to him, so I thought I'd go over and do my topping duties, as I like to top at least once during these parties. So I was sitting on a bench, and he was on his knees in front of me sucking me, and this Asian guy, the owner of this 5-incher, comes by and I start sucking on him as this other guy was sucking me. He was 5 inches, yes, but also with kind of a wicked curve, and I thought, this must feel pretty good in a hole, so I asked him to fuck me, and he agreed, put a condom on, and started plowing into me. Among the top 3 fucks of the afternoon. So no, smaller-endowed guys, being smaller does not mean you can't top like a pro.

    So, stats:
    Cocks in my hole: I lost count but I'm going to guess about 14
    Cocks in my mouth: 18
    Mouths on my cock: 8
    69's: 2
    Guys I topped: 2

    And, new stat for this party: Times I was in the middle of a fuck sandwich: 1

    I had been sucking on this guy who had the most gorgeous foreskin I'd ever seen. Certainly the thickest, heaviest foreskin I'd ever sucked on. Big beautiful black cock. I asked him to fuck me, he said no, so I kept on sucking for a while, then moved on. It was toward the end of the party, and I was at another lull, so I started fucking this teddybear of a hispanic guy. He was on his back, legs in the air, and I was standing and topping his hole. In the middle of the fuck, this guy with the beautiful foreskin comes up behind me and works his cock into me and starts fucking me as I'm fucking the hispanic guy. Awesome.

    One negative note: this hispanic guy had a sweet fuckhole and I enjoyed fucking him very much. But turns out he was a lousy cocksucker. Later on, we got in to a 69, and he kept scraping my cock with his teeth. I had to tell him to watch the teeth 3 times, and finally just stopped, and once I got up and walked away I noticed he'd actually bruised my cock! It was gone within 24 hours, but still. Which just goes to show you, not all gay men are great cocksuckers.

    But all in all, one of the best Bear Parties I've attended yet. I'm regretful that I only get to go to a weekday party once in a blue moon when I don't have to be at work.
  12. So I decided that the way I wanted to celebrate Pride this year was by going to the Bear Party.

    I figured it would be packed with men.

    I was wrong. Probably one of the more poorly attended Bear Parties I've been to.

    And it was very difficult to get to as it was right in the middle of Parade Central, and you couldn't just walk up there. Had to go 3 blocks out of my way to get there. So guessing that had something to do with the poor attendance.

    Still, some good sex was to be had. As has been the case in the last few parties, I ended up topping almost as much as I bottomed.


    Bottomed: 4x
    Topped: 3x
    Cocks sucked: 10?12? lost count
    Blowjobs received: 5
    Rim jobs received: 1

    Not a spectacular party, but not bad.

    I have one of those rare weekdays off this week, so going to try the noon Bear Party on Thursday.

    We'll see how that one goes.
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  13. Dickens reference aside, I have 2 parties to cover in this one blog post, as I never got around to posting after last Saturday.

    So, 2 very different parties, last week and now today. If you will recall, dear reader, when last I reported in these pages, I had a bit of a dip in the fucking statistic of my party going. I'm a little sad to report that last week, that trend continued. I was only fucked twice at last weeks party, and those rather short fucks at that. However, overall, it was a better party than two weeks ago. This is because although almost no one wanted to fuck my ass, seems like everyone wanted to eat it.

    Rimming has been so far down on the list of activities I've enjoyed at these parties, I haven't included it as a statistic. But last week, no less than 4 kind gentlemen wanted to put their tongues in my hole. And of those 4, 2 were kind of spectacular at it. And of those 2, one was so fucking awesome it made up for not being fucked that much. At one point I thought he was going to make me cum just from his tongue in my hole. I was on a high piece of furniture, on my knees, and he was behind me. I figured he would lick me a few times and that would be it. But he kept going. And going, and going and going. As he went to town on my ass, a few guys came up to the front side and stuck their cocks in my mouth, and I sucked one guy for a while, then he thanked me and moved on, and another guy came up, I sucked him for a while, he also moved on, and this guy with his mouth on my hole kept going through it all. I would have to say, it was the most spectacular rim job I have ever experienced. From a chubby little guy who never even took his underwear off the entire party. Very unassuming, very friendly, and a very talented butt muncher.

    So although once again my cocks-in-my-hole statistic was way down, the oral statistics went way up. In addition to the rimming, I got my cock sucked. A lot. And once again, I sucked a lot of dick. And another first for this bear party, I got into a 69 with 2 guys. The first guy was this very shy, very beautiful black man. He had a beautiful cock that demanded all my deep throating skills to take. After we'd been going at it for a good amount of time, I broke off and asked him if he'd fuck me. I was sort of expecting him to say no, as he had turned me down earlier in the evening. But shock and joy, he said yes! And I reached down, and DAMN! I was out of the condoms I'd put into my sock. And I had missed the moment, because by the time I had returned with a condom, the moment had passed, and he was back into his oral mode. Lesson learned. Always stock up on the condoms.

    Anyway, so last week's statistics:

    Cocks in my hole: 2
    Guys I fucked: 4 (this is the biggest this number has been since I started this blog)
    Tongues in my hole: 4 (first-time statistic)
    Times I was in a 69: 2
    Cocks in my mouth: 13
    Mouths on my cock: 10

    The second-best ass eater of the day was also the 2nd guy I got into a 69 with, and was also the guy who finally made me cum. This guy was almost as good as the first guy at rimming, except for the fact that he had a very stubbly beard, and when he went really deep with his tongue, the hairs were a little irritating on the skin around my hole. So I started sucking his cock, and he got us into a 69, and he sucked me as I sucked on him, and he began to finger fuck me. He brought me to a truly earth-shattering climax that way. He basically sucked the life out of me, and my party was over. I was exhausted. Turns out he was friends with the #1 rim guy, and as I was getting dressed, they came out and were on their way out too. So yeah, didn't get fucked much, but still a pretty damned good party.

    On to today in Brooklyn. Couldn't have been more different. My lack of fucking streak was broken. In a huge way. I had a cock inside me within 10 minutes of arriving at the party, and for the next two and a half hours I had pretty much a steady stream of guys fucking me one after the other. I was fucked in the sling, on a bed type thing, on my back, in doggy position, lying on my side, and once in the hall of the maze while sucking on a huge cock. This last one went on for some time, with me bent over sucking on this big beautiful cock while this expert cocksman fucked me from behind. One of the best spit-roasts I've ever experienced.

    So statistics from this party:

    Cocks in my hole: 10 (shattering the previous record of 7) (however one guy fucked me 3x on separate occasions, so that kind of brings that total up to 12)
    Spit-Roasts: only one, but it was spectacular
    Guys I fucked: only one this time
    Cocks I sucked: 14
    Guys sucking on my cock: 6

    It kind of amazes me that after all that, I didn't cum. But I left this party feeling very satisfied. There's a certain euphoria that manifests after being fucked well for a long time, and I definitely got that this time. I was almost high. It's a bit similar to the feeling you get from taking a toke on an joint. I walked back to the subway in a euphoric fog. Maybe the best Bear Party ever.
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  14. Okay, better catch up on the Bear Party Reports.

    Last Sunday was...okay. Oh, I sucked a lot of dick, got my dick sucked a lot, and actually fucked a couple guys. But as I really go to these parties to get fucked myself, I have to say on that front, it was not what the other parties have been. Got fucked twice. This is the lowest that statistic has been since I started going to these parties. My last lowest score was 4.

    I think, however, if I had been willing to bareback, I would have been fucked a lot more. Another first for the Bear Party, at least those that I have attended. A lot of barebacking going on. This has never been the case before. At the parties i have attended previously, most guys are using condoms.This time, not sure what it was, but almost no one was using condoms. I usually go to Saturday parties, so maybe Sunday is more of a barebacking crowd. We'll see what happens tomorrow when I'm back to the Saturday schedule.

    I also got a bit of attitude from some of the attendees of this party. A much more selective crowd. Usually guys are very approachable, and even if they don't want to have sex with you they remain friendly. Not so with a few of the guys here.

    So, statistics:

    Got fucked 2x

    Got dry-humped 1x (this was weird. In the midst of this barebacking crowd, one guy came up behind me and just humped my crack while I was bent over sucking another guy. Was in a perfect position for him to go ahead and insert and do the job properly, but he never did).

    Sucked about 12 cocks, 2 of which fed me a load.

    Fucked 2 guys (I used a condom).

    Got my dick sucked about 6 times.

    I came while the second guy was fucking me. And though the party was lackluster, the climax was big. I thought I'd never stop pumping out semen. That part was awesome.

    So, I'll be in attendance tomorrow as well. Paddles in Chelsea at 1:00PM. Anyone want to meet up there and fuck? I'm game.

  15. Okay I'm on track to be at the Bear Party at Paddles in Chelsea. I'll be there probably right at 1 when the party starts. May as well get going early. Maybe I'll see you there...
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