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  1. Turns out there's a bear party in Brooklyn, so for my inaugural return to sex parties, I decided to check it out.

    And yeah, I got fucked. Was so very good. I missed this.

    I think I prefer the Manhattan venue, though, when all is said and done.

    The allure of (and also paradoxically the problem with) the Brooklyn space is that it has all kinds of nooks and crannies (a maze, actually) where guys can go off and fuck and suck alone. None are exactly private as all have peep holes drilled into the walls, but there was a lot of incidents of guys going off by themselves and having sex alone. This to me is kind of antithetical to a sex party, as part of the fun of a sex party is watching and being watched. So why go off by yourself to have sex? And that is I think why after all is said and done, I prefer the Manhattan spaces (both Paddles and the Loft). Needless to say, I had my sex in the larger, more public areas, thank you very much.

    On the other hand, there are a lot of slings in this space (I think I counted 4), verses the one sling in the Manhattan spaces. I spent a lot of time in one of the slings, and it was a hell of a good time.

    Side note: there's a bathtub at this venue, and a shower, in case anyone wants to go in for a little WS. No one went for it while I was there. I'm considering getting in the tub next time. Just to see what happens.

    So party stats:

    Number of guys that fucked me: 4 (but one guy did it 3 times, 2x in sling, and 1x out of it)
    Number of guys I sucked: 12
    Number of guys that sucked me: 6
    Number of guys I fucked: 0 (this is always going to be a low number, but this the first time it was zero)
    Loads swallowed: 2

    For the first time, a guy approached me while I was in the sling and wanted to fist me. I have to admit, my curiosity got piqued. I've never been fisted, and I have no idea if I could take it or not. I almost said yes, but then I chickened out. I suppose if I'm approached again about it, if I can get a guarantee that he'll go very slowly and carefully, and if he promises he won't be too upset if I decide I can't handle it halfway through, what's the harm in checking it out?

    The Brooklyn Bear Party happens once a month, so I think I'll continue going to that one for a while.

    But the next party I'll be attending is Saturday June 1 at Paddles in Chelsea. Anyone else want to meet up there?
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  2. Well, I'm over my love affair with internal condoms. About a month ago I hooked up with a buddy I'd met at the Bear Party a few months ago, and I gave him the option of him using a condom, or me using a condom inside my hole. And he opted for me using the condom. What I didn't realize was that he was a bit bigger than the guy with whom I'd so successfully used the female condoms before. And as he was fucking me, it was a little uncomfortable. I didn't remember that from when he fucked me at the Bear Party; there it was a fantastic fuck (actually fucks, plural, as we ended up fucking 3 times at the same party). But we kept going, and he was pounding away, and we were having a reasonably good time, and he asked me if he could cum. Normally I am a go for hours kind of bottom, but this was too intense so I told him to go ahead. And he did.

    Post coitus, we're lying there naked, and I reach down to pull out the condom, and it wasn't there. Fuck. His cock was too big (too long) to use with the condom, and unbeknownst to the both of us, he'd pushed it all the way inside me, so when he came, he was cumming directly into my hole, nowhere close to the condom. So fuck.

    He'd just been tested, and the damage was done, and he was still hard, so we did it again, this time bare. And all of a sudden his cock felt fantastic inside me. No longer uncomfortable at all. So not only did the condom fail at preventing the exchange of bodily fluids, it made fucking for me less than the pleasurable experience it should have been. Never again. We had a great second fuck, and this time he came directly inside me and we both knew it.

    But after we'd cleaned up and he'd gone home. I was left with my thoughts. Normally, I'd chalk it up to lesson learned, he'd just tested negative on a full STI screening, so I'd let it go and just get tested again myself in a few months. But now I'm trying to become a liver donor for my husband, and one of the things they ask during the screening is "have you had unprotected sex in the last 12 months?" And now I had. And as unlikely as it is, it is possible my buddy had a false negative, and he was really infected. So I called my doctor and he put me on the "morning after" HIV prevention treatment. I'd stopped using PrEP because it can be hard on your liver, and I wanted to clear any hurdles to my becoming a donor for my husband that I could. But now, as the "morning after" treatment, I was back on Truvada, plus one other medication I had to take twice a day, which apparently is even harder on the liver. So all my good intentions were down the toilet.

    And all this could have been avoided if I had just told him he had to use a condom and not even mention the female condom choice. Now I'm worried that I may have totally fucked over my husband by having unprotected sex and when they find out it will disqualify me from being a donor.

    So the moral of the story is, Don't Trust Female Condoms. Lesson learned.
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  3. I'm a big proponent of safer sex. Always use a condom. Condoms work, and I'm living proof. No SDI ever, and I've had sex with a lot of guys, including quite a few group situations.

    However, every now and then something happens. I had an incredible fuck buddy a few years back. And we really clicked in bed. I bottomed about 80% of the time but also topped him a few times. And we were getting together so often, we decided to make a pact. If we could agree to use a condom with anyone else we were having sex with, we could bareback with each other. And if one of us slipped up, we vowed to be honest and own up, and we'd use condoms again until both of us retested negative, then we could go back to barebacking. And it worked very well. He messed up once in two years, but reported it to me and we went back to condoms until the negative test came in, then back to bareback. I didn't mess up.

    We were fuck buds for just over 2 years, and bareback fuck buds for a year and a 8 months before he moved for a new job. So yeah, I practice safe sex almost without exception, but in that two years, my bud deposited so much semen in my fuckhole I could have opened my own sperm bank.
  4. I can't be on PrEP anymore, because one of the potential side effects of the drug is liver damage. And I need to stay clear because I'm trying to become a liver donor for my husband, who needs a transplant. So unless/until they tell me that I am not a good match for donation, I can't risk taking Truvada. Which means probably no more sex parties for the time being.

    But I have a very high sex drive. What I really need is one or two steady fuck buds that don't mind wearing a condom and get frequently tested. They do ask about sex partners when they interview for being a donor, and I think I'd rather be able to say "one or two" than "30 or 40." I figure there is less risk with fewer partners.

    My husband is down with me having extramarital sex. He is even okay if we need to do it here and you can't host. Though if you can host, that would be preferable.

    Let me know if you're in NYC and are interested.
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  5. I'd love to say I have some deep thoughts on the nature of sexuality and the state of the the world. Or a treatise on the evolving role of the gay rights movement in society as LGBT people gain more acceptance. Or a myriad number of other relevant topics. But the simple truth is, I need a cock in my hole so bad I can hardly see straight.
  6. Hey, I'm back for the time being.

    We're still in crisis mode, but we're in a holding pattern, and won't know more for weeks, perhaps months.

    And a boy has needs. So I'm back.

    Be well.

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  7. Hey guys. I haven't been around much for a while.

    My husband is very sick. Right now I'm a caregiver, and don't really have much time to devote to play or posting pics or going to sex parties.

    I probably won't be around much for some time to come. I hope we'll be doing better by the new year.

    Hope to "see" y'all sometime again in the future when things aren't so intense at home.

    Be well, and maybe I'll catch you in the New Year.
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  8. Okay, so another Bear Party.

    As an experiment, I used what's known as a "female" condom. It's a condom you wear inside your ass, so that the top doesn't have to wear one. I have used them in one-on-one situations to great effect. The top in these situations always appreciated not having to wear a condom, and everyone is still safe.

    In the group situation, it just did not go over. No one knew what it was. I'd tell guys they don't have to wear a condom, they can just plug in and go. And they all said "not without a condom." "But I'm wearing the condom. You don't have to." "Not without a condom." They just didn't get the concept. I ended up taking it out and using regular condoms.

    So tally this party:

    Cocks sucked: 12
    My cock sucked: 5
    Loads swallowed: 1
    Cocks in my hole: 8
    My cock in a guy's hole: 1

    Was a good party, not the best, but fun as usual.

    Though here's the thing about sex parties: SDI's aren't the only thing you can catch. After the party, I came down with a terrible cold that transformed into an upper respiratory infection that took 2 rounds of antibiotics and more than a week in bed, and close to 2 weeks off from work. And I'm still not totally over it. Still have residual mucus and a bit of a lingering cough.

    I think I'm swearing off sex parties during cold/flu season. I can't afford to lose that kind of time again. So I'm hanging up my orgy shoes until the spring. Guess I'll have to rely on the occasional fuck bud and my toys until then.
  9. Here’s my idea for a good group summertime game. It’s based loosely around Paintball and Capture the flag, but with a twist.

    Two teams, 6-8 guys per team. The game is performed outdoors, and in the nude (except for sneakers or boots), so a good private area is necessary. A place with a lot of wooded area and hills would be ideal, with a couple acres at least to play in.

    The object of the game is to capture the other team’s flag, and/or to eliminate as many players from the other team as possible. Each team’s base camp can be set up wherever they choose, but the usual setup is on opposite sides of the play area. (There may be an advantage in setting up base somewhere else if a more hidden or strategic spot can be utilized, making it harder for the other team to find and/or attack. However, wherever base camp is set up, the flag must be clearly visible).

    There’s a red team and a blue team. Each team has three dots of water-soluble paint on their bodies, one on the chest, one on the back, and one on one thigh. All team members start off with 2 shoes and no other clothing.

    And here’s the big twist: instead of paintball guns, the weapon is the penis, and the ammo is piss. No ripe smelling piss, everyone is required to down an entire liter of water before the game commences. And there are watering stations throughout the play area so everyone can stay “loaded.”

    To be “hit,” a member of the opposite team has to succeed in pissing on an opposing team member. If an opposing team member succeeds in catching an enemy “soldier” in his piss stream, the guy hit must submit to being doused in either his chest, back or thigh, until the paint dot is washed away by the piss stream. The victorious team chooses which dot to piss away on the losing team member. The member is then free to go, but as tribute the losing player must forfeit one shoe, so that he is handicapped in how fast he can move. Socks are not allowed. Once these activities have been performed, the losing team member is released and given 5 minutes head start, and play resumes.

    If a player is caught a second time, the process is repeated, and another dot is pissed away, and the other shoe is forfeit, and the losing player must continue the rest of the game barefoot.

    If a player is caught a third time, and he loses his last dot, he is brought to the base camp of the opposing team, and must be the sex slave of any member of the opposing team that chooses to use him. (Possible sex acts are agreed upon by both teams before play begins, and everyone playing must be comfortable performing any or all of the agreed-upon sex acts. A good supply of condoms and lube are stocked in each team’s base camp). A sex slave cannot capture the other team’s flag while in captivity, nor can he assist his teammates if they approach and are trying to take the flag. The slave must remain passive and out of the action.

    If a flag is captured, the captured team must all immediately lose their shoes and submit to having all paint removed in the usual fashion, and then must perform any sex act the winning team requests. Any sex act performed by a captured slave before the end of the game (i.e. while in captivity) does NOT count toward the act they must perform at the end of the game. The game is over when all members of the losing team have performed at least one sex act with a member or members of the winning team, and the after-game orgy can commence, with no one team in control (i.e. just a regular equal partner orgy).

    The other way to win is if a team is successful in pissing off all of the opposing team’s paint dots. This triggers the same result as capturing the flag, only as all members have lost their paint, the sex can begin immediately.

    Would you be up for a game?
  10. Ended up not going. Got to the damned train and it was down. And not coming back up in the near future. I could have hiked across town to another train but that was going to be another half hour and the main point of going this particular Sunday was for the STI testing, for which I was instructed to get there early.

    So my efforts were thwarted by the MTA. Anyone else pissed off about how unreliable the subway has become?
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  11. Another Sunday afternoon, another trip to the Bear Party. I'll try to keep an accurate tally and let you know how it goes. If anyone is free tomorrow afternoon from 1:30 to 4, I'll be there. Help me get as much dick in me as I can possibly handle. Haven't made it there yet... (I aways leave thinking I could have taken on 2 more guys at least...)
  12. So just got back from another great bear party. Didn't get the numbers I wanted, but also got fucked by the thickest dick I have ever seen. Wasn't sure I was going to be able to handle it. And first time he put it in me, it actually hurt. I immediately stopped him and asked for more lube. He was a great top, and complied. The next time... damn. He was thick. So fucking amazing. So I only got fucked by 6 guys, but this one counted as at least 2 if not 3, so in a way, beat my goal of taking 8 cocks in my hole.

    I also have to confess that I broke my "only with a condom" rule for this guy. I'm on PrEP, so wasn't as dangerous as it would have been without it, and we did try with a condom. He was so thick, the condom would not fit. This is the first time I've seen a guy thick enough that that was a legitimate concern. I mean, we're talking beer can, true beer can thickness. I would guess it was at least 8 inches in circumference, if not a little more, and I know that because he was much thicker than my thickest dildo which is 6.5 inches around.

    Finally after trying for a few minutes, we decided to try it in the sling (also first time I've been fucked in a sling. So much fun!), and on the way over, I whispered to him, "Are you healthy?" He answered back "Yes, and I'm on PrEP." So since we were both on the drug, and I was super horny and wanted to see if I could even take such a thick cock, we did it bare. And I have to say, it was spectacular, once I got used to it. Saw stars. Literally.

    But now of course I need to get tested. Because there are other things besides HIV. Luckily the Bear Party has STI screenings at least once a month, and the next time they're screening is Sunday, August 26 (mark your calendars!). I'll go for the testing, stay for the party. And this time, I'll have to truly hold to my "only with a condom" rule, as otherwise the testing will be moot.

    So anyway, the final tally from the party was:

    Cocks sucked: around 9 or 10 (it's hard to keep track in the moment, but about that
    Loads swallowed: Only one this time.
    Times fucked in a sling: 3
    Times fucked in other positions/areas: 3
    Loads shot into my hole: 1 (this is not going to be a regular statistic, as this will not happen often. I really do have an "only with a condom" rule).

    And if I'm being honest, I have to add one more statistic:

    Cocks in my hole without a condom: 2

    This is because one guy slipped it in without me noticing. I was in the sling, and I had condoms and packets of lube on my stomach waiting for the next top, and this guy comes by. It looks like he's putting on a condom, and then lubing my hole, so I thought fine. And his cock felt great. And then he says, "I'm gonna fill you up." And I'm like, "You're wearing a condom, right?" He says, "No." And I pull away: "Not without a condom, sorry," so he pulls out and cums all over me. Which was hot, but I'm actually more concerned about that bareback than the one I actually agreed to. I would have thought the presence of condoms right there was enough of a signal. Apparently not. Next time I'll know.
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  13. Okay, so I'm going to the Bear Party in NYC on Thursday. Starts at 12:00 noon and goes until 3.

    Last time I went, I got fucked by about 6-7 guys, one particular hot guy 3 times, and had about 10 or 12 cocks in my mouth, and got my dick sucked about 4 times and fucked one guy. I want to beat those numbers this time. Going for 8 different cocks in my ass this time. That's the number that counts. I need as much dick in my hole as I can get.

    I also got double penetrated for the first time ever at the last party. Sort of. We tried. I got both of them in there, but I guess I was too tight because one guy kept slipping out. But for a few minutes I had 2 cocks in my ass at the same time. Was an experience I hope to repeat, and get it right this time. I think we should have tried a different position and we would have made it.

    If you're in NYC, you should definitely check out the Bear Party. You can get more info and request an invite here: The Bear Party

    They have a very thorough FAQ, that I think is pretty accurate as to what you can expect if you attend.

    Maybe I'll see you there.
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  14. Okay, so I go to sex parties, and I get fucked a lot at them. Usually by 5-7 guys by the time I'm ready to leave. Always with a condom. Safety matters, and in a group setting, no telling where all those cocks have been, so to go bare would be way to risky.

    However, my secret fantasy is to be the only bottom in a group of 6-10 tops, and have them all fuck me bare, literally filling me up with cum, so that the only guy who needs lube is the first one, and from that point on the previous guy's semen is all the next guy would need.

    I sadly don't think this will ever happen, as I want to remain healthy and disease-free, but it's my most persistent fantasy.
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