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  1. do you know what a "boyfriend dick" is?

    it's the good-bye to the old fashioned "bigger is better" culture of the last century - now say welcome to the boyfriend dicks age!

    i see it as a nice approach to change our minds. in my own case, it helps a lot to think that my penis is somewhere in that range of "just right" which my marriage and 100's of intentional bi-escapades confirm clearly throughout my entire life.

    So what's a boyfriend dick? Here's some answers:
    • The kind of dick you can ride every night because it fits just right.
    • His boyfriend dick makes me feel like Goldilocks. It's juuuuust right.
    • a penis you could settle down with — or at least see three times a week. It’s a dick you could metaphorically take home to meet your parents.
    • Boyfriend dick is that perfect size where you could fuck for hours. It’s big enough to be pleasurable but won’t wear you out.
    • With boyfriend dick, you don’t need to prepare before taking it. You can take it anytime, douched or not.
    • "you have a boyfriend dick" is a compliment.
    • I think the term boyfriend dick is a great way of making people with average size dicks get a term that’s not demeaning," she says. "Everyone wants to feel good about themselves, especially in the sack.”
    More about bfd, read this article:
    It's Time to Kill Off the "Does Size Matter?" Debate for Good

    Let's make a mind set change guys!
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  2. Some guys on here with average or small penii have expressed to me that they drop their pants and then it is "game over". Some were litterally left as the date has seen their less than expected sized cock, faces have turned serious or pale. Some have turned to their dating app and looked for the next dick.

    One black guy explained to me that everybody expects him to present a bbc bouncing and that they are even more dissapointed than in the normal "white or asian" cases.

    I pray for the self esteem of such guys! Don't panic and remember how many things make you beautiful as a human being, as a complete package. If they reduce you to your dick size i'd say you change the game and YOU kick them out of YOUR life.

    Just a few advices, always be honest with your size if askey (even to yourself, do you admit to yourself how big you really are?) and communicate proactively to manage correct expectations of your dates.

    Try to date people who are similar in size so they understand how you feel in today's overrated "large everything and especially super large cock world".
    Don't get confused with all the porn and what's written in the media - even in locker rooms and nudist places the picture of what you get to see is skewed. Average and small guys avoid more than ever to show off in public as yes, it is intimidating for most of them. Don't deduct from the hung guys who show off in public that everybody is hung but you. Especially true for black guys as well.

    I wish more average and small guys had the balls to show off their dicks as it would show the real picture of the size distribution on this planet. Just like in the army or in sports team settings, where the sample is already more put together randomly and most guys have a normal sized average dick (search for 'penis nomogram' as a scientific reference).

    All a dick needs to do is to get hard and have some stamina, be creative and passionate with it and you are all the man to please anyone who likes you for what you are for sure!

    You are more than just a number! if someone reduces you to your cock size, kick them out of your life, you deserve way better! Amen.
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  3. goooosh.... the last night i fucked with my wife and she got the most incredible ograsm in time...

    we were in a missionary position and i was just inside of her with my dickhead as she moved her pelvis very minimally (maybe 1-2inches) in a quite horizontal way to make my head pop in and out.... (full text).
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  4. i am going to change my username....

    somehow time has elaped, comparing is over as a huge topic now lol.
    from now on i am going into dating the young, fit and hung guys on here hehehe....

    THANK YOU L2C, it was a huge pleasure with you on here, RIP!

    See you soon, sons of mine ;-)))
  5. When i was 27yo i went to my doc because i had a pain from wanking too much to porn and wanted to make sure things are under control. When he looked at it and held it with his cold bare hands he lifted it up slightly and turned it around it's axis a bit and i got an instant semi. It still hurt me a bit inside plus it was very embarrassing standing there with my pants half-way down while i hoped that no nurse would come in that very moment. He concluded that everything seems okay and i just need to have a bit of patience until it's over.

    Because i had told him that i wanked too much to porn he asked me if i was having a girlfriend at the time and i negated. He kept on asking and expected me to have had sex before and i answered with a shy "no". Then he insisted and asked me again how old i was and why i didn't have any sex before as i was an attractive and fit young man. I said i dunno, i just didn't feel like (which was not the truth).

    Then i finally told him that my lack of experience and confidence probably comes from the two hypospadias surgeries that i had on my dick as a boy. He lifted his eyebrows, took another long detailed look at the slightly scarred underside of my dick and saw what i meant but told me that it had healed in a very nice way since then and that he couldn't tell before that i have had some surgery there. That was an eye-opener to me that he as a doc didn't recognize my surgery and he couldn't tell in which way the surgey had been conducted either - which i knew and i explained it to him. After that chat i was standing fully hard in front of him (was a bit a funny feeling) and he told me that everyhting was obviously very functional lol.

    Then he told me proactively that i should remember that those guys in porn are really huge and often the girls are petite and i should not feel bad about my normal average size. Dang, never knew i was "average" before lol! He then asked if my size was the reason for me not having had any relationsips and confirmed to me that i was really okay in terms of size to please any woman. That was very nice of him. At the end of that examination he told me to finally "go out there" and find a girl to finally fuck for my very first time...

    A few years later i wrote a personal letter to him and shared with him that it was thanks to him, that i finally opened up sexually and after all found a girl, got married and have a family :)
  6. Just yesterday i fucked a guy and i spent for sure 15-20 minutes only to massage his beautiful 19 yo young ass with my fingers using lots of lube until i finally pushed my average size dick inside him very carefully not to give him any unpleasant feeling at any time...

    after fucking him from the back slowly but sometimes going in balls deep and again almost out and whispering hot stuff to his ears he started breathing heavier and as i started moving my pelvis in a circular way and then again going into him straight down to his inner front, he moaned so hot and i did the same with him when i suddenly felt his muscles down there around my dick contracting really heavy two times, very tight... i thought he was just playing with his muscles but no, he cummed a huge load to his mattress without ever touching his dick at any time... we spent a total of 2.5 hours together starting with cuddling and kissing... blowing each other, kissing again etc... - take your time and use your full package - and you might succeed if he's your match.

    it totally believe that it is possible to get those sounds and results from any man if you involve your complete body... you are a complete package with body, nipples, eyes, ears, face, voice, strenght, passion, endurance, ass, unique cock and balls - and you are not just a "number of inches" tatooed on your forehead...

    get into your brain that you are born and made perfectly to pleasure any man if you just involve all your sexy assets, use your "full package" and any of you will succeed no matter what size...
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  7. how should i do it?

    i now just cam and don't say anything about my size anymore... like anything that could lead into humilation...
    Just chat in awe about the other guy's size lol - that remains my love for big ones... mmmmhhhh

    it helps if they like my body and coment on it at least hehehe.... makes me feel horny...
    i hope some helping ideas come up here....
  8. oh my God - you are a strong man.... you are soo deeep... you fill me up so much!

    she had a huge orgasm... her whole area down there was moving to crazy it was scary for my cock lol

    and all i have are those 5.1 pencil thin inches but apparently i seem to fuck her pussy good - what a nice feeling to get up into a day like that... :)))
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  9. After cumming inside her she said: oh my God, did you write down the car tag number of the guy that ran over me?
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  10. Did you know that 1-2 out of 1000 boys will be born with a hypospadias cock?

    Thanks God I only got a grade 1 - the surgeries helped me a lot!

    As a teen it was hard to accept this - but today I feel much better, thanks to my wife, thanks to many Internet comments which I have received. Sometimes today I totally forget about the condition I was born with - while until I was 28 it was a permanent daily topic in my life!
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  11. Last night after cumming deep inside her she said to me: if my cosita (her pussy) could talk she would say... and she made big eyes and opened her mouth as much as she could and made a very high ooooh-tone!! I burst out laughing and together we were laughing on for a few mins... until we both felt asleep naked body to body, her head on my shoulders.
  12. This morning she said that the more we have sex, the nicer we are doing as a couple... lol
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