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  1. I started having this fantasy I was travelling together with a hung fuck buddy. We are at an airport and were both super horny so we went into a bathroom, as we saw that no one else was in there, he grabs my ass and we go into a stall. He grabs my hips and bends me over the toilet, pulling my pants down at the same time. With out any hesitation he squeezes my firm ass, one cheek in each hand and buries his tongue deep inside my tight hole. He spank me and tongue fucks me passionately while I moan and pull his head deeper into my sweet ass.

    He stands up and sticks his tongue in my mouth, my hands reach instinctively down to his throbbing hard cock, that is trying to burst out of his pants. I sit down on the toilet and begin licking his full balls, rubbing his thick hard cock all over my face. I run my lips up and down the shaft, then kiss and lick his balls every time I reach the bottom of the girthy shaft. We are both consumed with lust and now that his cock is dripping with saliva I stand up, turn around and hold myself open for him.

    He grabs my hips firmly and gently slaps his enormous cock head on my tight glistening hole. Then he starts to gently work his head in a bit at a time, slowly opening my greedy hole. As he starts to push further in I start to push back and soon enough his cock is all the way in. We stay there and just grind our pelvis' together, the passion and lust taking over. We separate slightly and he pushes back in deep, pulling my hips back and pushing against me hard. He then starts to pull all the way out so just the head is still inside me, with every thrust pushing your pelvic bone into my juicy round ass.

    Faster and faster we are slamming into each other, getting more and more frantic. Suddenly he pulls out and sits on the toilet, facing him I straddle his hips and sit on top of his towering cock, pushing all the way down. At this point his big cock has driven me crazy and I ride him relentlessly while he holds my ass open and fucks me as deep as possible. While still sitting on his cock I turn around and slide my ass up and down the thick, slick shaft. He starts to grunt and pulls me down onto him, pushing his pelvis into me hard. I can feel the throbbing of his beautiful cock as it fills me with thick juicy cum. We both sigh relief and just enjoy the hot raunchy moment. I slide off, squat down and begin to lick his cock clean, gently and delicately sucking every last drop of cum from his amazing member.

    I leave his thick cum inside me, we pull our pants back up and go to the boarding gate to catch our flight.
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