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  1. One of the questions I get the most is, “How did you make your dick so big?”. Not to disappoint anyone, but the truth is that I didn’t take any special pills or use any cock pumps or do anything besides just be me. Just like any other guy, I started growing bigger when I hit puberty. The only difference is that I didn’t stop growing. It went a little something like this:

    I first realized I was bigger than most other guys when I was changing in the locker room at school, around my junior/sophomore year. Thinking back, I was probably around 7 inches hard at that time. Two years later, by the time I graduated, I was up to 9 inches. I felt huge. I thought, “Most guys would die to be this size”.

    But it didn’t stop there. My growth continued, but happened so slowly, I hardly noticed it. It wasn’t until I discovered that I was STILL growing that I started to feel genuinely hung. I started to become fascinated with how big I was getting and started measuring regularly.

    And then one day it happened. My dick measured 10 inches long. My mind was blown! I remember thinking, “How the hell is this possible?”. 8 inches was big. 9 inches felt huge. By now my dick was at 10 whole inches. I was shocked. Thrilled. I was even scared a bit. What if the growth didn’t stop? Just how big was I going to get? But then a stronger, even more exciting thought occurred: I didn’t want it to stop. I liked getting bigger. And I wanted more. I wanted-and still want-to be the biggest."
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