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  1. Me and Marshall We Talking on Snapchat we enchange photos and pics and videos together we did hang out i had some fun with marshall lol that was fun we talk on the phone we send each other nudes lol so that day i call Marshall to pick me up and he said ok bae i go pick you up and he said "I Love You Gervontay" And i was like aww you so sweet "I Love You Too Marshall" and we i seen his car he pull over and i open his car door and I go in the car and we both pull off and i had so money and we both got something to eat and then we went to McDonald's and we got something to eat and marshall told me he bae you wanna come over to my house and i said yes bae i come over to your house and i said who go be there and marshall told me it's a surprise i was like ok so i went to marshall house and we both got out the car went inside went to his bedroom so when i went to his bedroom he told me to closed my eyes he told me to closed my eyes bae i go to show you something i was like ok so i closed my eyes when Marshall told me to open my eyes he was naked in the bed i was so surprised so i took off all my clothes off got on marshall bed and we both fuck had sex together we had the hold house to ourselves nobody wasn't there but me and marshall so i got in his bed we both start kiss on each other i got on top of marshall and we both start having sex i was the bottom and Marshall was the top marshall had me crying ans moaning and screaming my ass was loose marshall fuck me deep, rough, and Doggystyle had me nut everywhere i start sucking on marshall dick slob and knob sucking his dick deepthroat had marshall talking dirty to me while i sucking his dick then he me crying again when i bend my ass over riding his dick til he nut inside of me then he bust a nut again then i open my mouth taste marshall nut he fuck me deep slap my ass i look back at it while he fucking me deep then it's was my turn we both took turns fucking the whole bed was shaking i bang that headboard so hard i make marshall cry while i fucking him deep we had the music playing loud i was fucking marshall good til i nut inside of him make him my nigga bitch and then we both kissing then we nut on each at the end lol i told marshall that that was better sex i ever had
  2. So Me and Marshall woke up in the bed i spend the night at Marshall's House we had the whole house to ourselves we both start kiss each other in the bed so Marshall got on top of me kiss me kiss me on my neck i wrap my legs around his ass so i got on top of Marshall then he put his dick inside of me and we both start to fuck we fuck all morning we had the music loud the bed start squeaking Marshall fuck me harder hard and hard and we both talk dirty to each marshall was like you like this dick gervontay i said yes marshall give me you me you dick marshall i want that daddy dick marshall give me that daddy marshall lol he was like yeah "fuck" so i can feel his nut inside of me and fuck me til i nut so we got out the bed and start fucking in the bathroom we fuck in the shower i bend over and Marshall fuck me good nice and wet and yes we a sextape together i want us to go viral so we can be the next gay pornstars yeah we both fuck each other marshall fuck me good choke me spread my ass wide deep had me moan and screaming marshall fuck me til he nut til he told me to open my mouth i swallow every inch of Marshall nut
  3. Me and Marshall Was Just Talking on When I Saw Him I Was Like Damn You look good and sexy too and he say ok thanks you look good too and i was like ok thank you and so me and Marshall was in the car together riding around and he look at me and i look at him we both smiling and laughing and he told me that he got to show me something and i was like ok nervous and stuff my dick got hard when he said it and i know it about to go down and we pull over find a spot so no one couldn't find us and he turns his car off and we both look at each other i touch my dick and Marshall told me what your dick look like i said its big i got a big dick marshall you wanna see it and marshall said yeah and i was like ok so i pull my pants down and show him my big dick and marshall was so surprised and i was wow so Marshall bend over he suck my dick swallow it i was enjoy every bit of it. Then we take our clothes off got naked we have sex the whole car was moving around shaking etc we both screaming and moaning marshall fucking me nice and deep have me crying my eyes out cause he dick was so big he nut inside of me and yes marshall and me was recording me fucking me so i did the same we both record ourselves fucking each other and yes that was the best sex we every had so we Fucked til next morning lol
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