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  1. Hey guys, I hope you and your loved ones are all well and bearing up under the strain & tedium of lock-down.

    To while away the boredom this morning, inspired by the UK govt's new Covid-19 alert system, unveiled last night by our prime minister in a televised address to the nation...

    Bojo Alert System.jpg

    ...I've come up with my own Mickey Finn Arousal Alert system. In the hopes it might give you some gratuitous titillation and a bit of a laugh, here goes:

    Arousal 0....absolutely zero sexual stimulation or excitement whatsoever. Note how the penis shaft appears thin and lifeless, and how the foreskin droops over the shrunken glans:

    arousal 0.jpg

    Arousal 1:
    Some evidence of sexual excitement. Note how the shaft begins to extend downwards and become thicker, and the foreskin begins to stretch to accommodate the penis-head as it swells:

    arousal 1.jpg

    Arousal 2
    : Intermediate sexual excitement, signaled by the stiffening shaft standing proud from the body, attaining a position near parallel to the ground. In the well-endowed subject, the shaft, though not fully engorged, will display considerable girth. While it is acknowledged that penis length provides visual stimulation for the object of the male's desires, it is girth that truly provokes a pleasure-response in the receiving orifice:

    arousal 2.jpg

    Arousal 3
    : Advanced sexual excitement. At this stage, it can be seen that this boy has a very big penis. Lustful thoughts have brought him to almost full extension, in this case more than 7 inches, and his shaft is very thick and covered with a fretwork of veins. The shaft is also equipped with pleasure-giving ridges which stimulate the receiving orifice as he thrusts his big cock (for that is what it is) in and out in an attempt to gratify his sex urge. Under the force of his erection, this boy's foreskin has fully retracted back along the shaft, uncovering the sensitive head which, now free of its sheath, has become very engorged. Note also the swelling and tightening of his scrotum as his 'bollocks' pull upwards and prepare to pump out their semen-load. There is evidence of male sex-lubricant (also known as precum) leakage, a further indicator of just how turned on this guy is.

    arousal 3.jpg

    Arousal 4: Note the way his fully-erect penis is now standing to attention, almost vertical to the ground; the head grossly engorged and drippng precum...

    oh fuck it...just look at that massive dick!! This guy is hung like a fucking stallion!! Jesus, his shaft is so fucking fat! Imagine that fucking you! And his nuts look ready to explode. Fuck me, I bet there's a big load in there...!!!

    arousal 4.jpg

    Arousal 5: Wahey! Here it comes! Fuck yeah! Buckets of spunk!! Oh man, look at that big cock spraying cum all over the place! Oh fuck, I bet that feels good!!

    arousal 5.jpg

    (Ed.'s note: yes, it felt fucking awesome!)
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  2. cyclist pubes.JPG

    Hey, one of the unintended side-effects of the Covid-19 pandemic has been a rise in the popularity of cycling during lock-down. I need go declare an interest here: I'm really into cycling myself, have been since childhood and, over the last six weeks or so, I've been cycling every day during my one permitted daily exercise outing. In fact, I've probably done more cycling since the start of the virus shenanigans than I have for the past few years!

    This is not me btw, it's how I imagine myself to look...

    firce cyclist.jpg

    Here in the UK, the government says it's going to invest in more cycle lanes in towns & cities, maybe even have whole streets reserved only for cycling, to help us get back to work 'cos social distancing will make driving and public transportation really problematic.

    suited cyclist 2.jpg

    I'm not going to waste space here talking about the health benefits - no! Here's the thing: cycling and cyclists are super-sexy!


    Guys on bikes just radiate health and athleticism - which are both really sexy to me.


    C'mon. Who could resits him? Personally, I'm not one of the lycra lads (I prefer sports shorts and a cotton top), but I like looking at them. Oh, yes. Them bulges!

    boner cyclist.jpg

    topless cyclist.jpg


    And of course cyclists have great legs - bulging thighs and calves - and excellent butts.

    cyclist legs.jpg

    touch cyclist.jpg

    rear view cyclist.jpg

    Here's the educational bit - this chart shows how each of a guy's butt and leg muscles are used as he pushes the peddles around:

    cyclist legs diagram.jpg

    diagram credit.JPG

    But you didn't need me to tell you guys on bikes are super-hot. Here's some more evidence. Seeing is believing!




    bare ass cycling.jpg

    briefs guy cyclist.jpg

    naked cyclist.jpg

    Update: When I'm out on my bike at this time of year I find the scents of Spring in the countryside really turn me on. The sap is rising, and all that. I'm constantly on the lookout for a quiet, secluded place to have a wank. This is not me, I came across it (lol) in the Awesome Gifs thread, but it kind of sums up what I'm taking about...


    Photo - Awesome gifs

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  3. Having a wank the other day, my mind drifted back to when I first started playing with it. I guess I was about 12 or 13 and in those days I could and would usually come in about a minute flat. This was due partly to the intensity of those early adolescent erections and the newness of it all. Also, I was often having a sneaky wank in my bedroom, afraid of someone walking in on me, so the objective was to reach the heights of ecstasy as quickly and efficiently as possible, and to get that jizz out of me. I'd be capable of having two, thee orgasms a day back then.

    Flash forward to now - and my habits couldn't be more different. I've been into edging for several years now - and I can go for days without cumming. The objective now is to delay as long as possible, to enjoy the ride rather than the arrival. I always pick times when I know I won't be disturbed, so the anxieties of being discovered with my dick in my hands are gone.

    I had a period of unemployment a couple of years ago and with very little money all I could do was...jerk off. I spent about six months masturbating all day, every day, from about 8 am until 6 pm, with a break for an evening meal, then a few hours more masturbation till I fell exhausted into bed. This was where I really honed by edging skills!!

    It is now routine for me to play with it for an hour or two then leave it unfinished. I never feel quite satisfied, so it keeps me on the 'edge' of arousal all the time. I tend to walk around with a semi most of the time too and sometimes, if I've gone a little too close to the edge, I get ball-ache and that needs to be remedied with an orgasm to relieve the pressure and let my nuts relax for a bit.

    Sometimes I reach a plateau where I'm so aroused, and my balls are riding so high, that cum starts to leak from my cock but I never actually have a orgasm. My level of sex arousal is so high that it's almost unbearable, but it's also intensely pleasureable. In the end I guess this is why I do it - I can maintain peak arousal for hours. Orgasms, though they can be awesome, are over in seconds.

    Is this 'extreme edging'? Anyone else approach masturbation in this way?


    (Another edging session gets underway. See y'all in a few hours!)

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  4. Browsing LPSG and seeing the rampant boners so many guys are sporting in their pics, I found myself wondering whether they turn themselves on, get off purely on showing off their big cocks to the camera; or whether there is someone/something just off-camera that is arousing their lust.

    Are they looking at pics/vids that get them hard? Or is there a BF/GF (or both?) present for them to focus on in order to produce such solid, world-beating erections?

    This is not me - this is Kell Fuller, and I like the way he is showing off his ass to the photographer:

    kell fuller 17.jpg

    Below, Mark Smith getting off on showing it off!

    Mark Smith -BentleyRace-00023.jpg

    Me? Just turning on the camera gets my dick twitching and itching to be free. I am always alone when I photograph myself - no distractions. Just me, my dick, and you:


    Let me know how you get yourself up 'n hard for LPSG...

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  5. Not talkin bout the face, talking down below. I'm not against shaving per se. I do a bit of man-scaping myself but, to my eyes, most guys' dicks look better with some hair at the base and around his balls. Not necessarily on his balls - I shave my own - but nearby. I guess, for me, it just accentuates his masculinity.

    Body hair on men is a passion-rouser for me. That doesn't exclude guys with a trimmed bush. I once saw a passable imitation of a Charlie Chaplin mustache that kind of tuned me on.

    Away from the groin...a young guy (18+) with some hair on his chest can be devastatingly sexy, particularly if his face still has traces of boyishness in it. It's the contrast, I suppose, that turns me on so much. Add some hair on his legs and, oh fuck, I'm gone!

    I don't fully understand why some guys go for the totally bald look at their groin. Perhaps it's because it makes their dick look bigger, but there is a slight risk of looking like a pre-pubescent plucked chicken.

    Just my own view, of course. Our bodies are our personal canvas on which to paint whatever we want.

    Here are some hairy delights from my collection:

    courtesy LPSG member SolidGentleman.

    matheus henk 5.jpeg
    this awesome dick is credited to matheus henk

    The guy above is one of my all-time favourite LPSG posts. Perfection.

    young hairy guy.jpg

    View attachment 1840392

    bearded stud.jpg

    cocky boy.jpg

    Zane Malik.jpg
    Zane Malik (probably a fake)

    cock n thighs.jpg
    That cock, and those fucking thighs again. Can't get enough of them.

    See what I mean?
  6. I know this site is devoted to THE DICK but I have a bit of a fetish for a guy's legs. When checking out a guy in the street, my look will go face, crotch, legs, in that order.

    What was it Abraham Lincoln said when asked "How long should a man's legs be?" "Just long enough to reach the ground."? Yes, but should they be hairy? How big should the quads, the calves, the hamstrings be? And what shape should the knees be? We'll leave the glutes for another blog.

    I like my guy legs to be muscular but not TOO big. I want definition but also grace. Hairy? Probably. I've never understood why some men shave or wax their legs, but then I've never been very hairy myself. My own legs have a light covering of dark hair, and I like it. It makes me feel manly. I have no hair on my chest, so I think the leg hair makes up for that lack. Sigmund Freud would probably agree.

    Here are a few pics of the kind of guy legs that get me going. Just my own personal taste - there are many other legs available.

    1. Skater Boy - slender but strong and flexible, hopefully with a beautiful boy attached.

    Ben Bowers Legs 4.jpg

    2. Young Jock - a variant on skater boy.

    locker room.jpeg

    3. Soccer Boy - bred for sprinting and kicking - wow!


    4. Hot boy model - created to look good on camera.

    bryant wood.jpg

    7. Bad Boy - just because. Love his pose...

    adam von rothfelderbig.jpg

    6.. Hairy, studly guy. Try to see past THE DICK, I know it's difficult, but what about these strong, hairy thighs? I'm in heaven.

    cock n thighs.jpg

    I'm interested to know what you think.

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  7. My previous blog about mirror wanking reminded me of a drawing by Tom of Finland which had a big effect on me as a teenager. Recently managed to locate a copy. I wouldn't say it encouraged me but...

    tom mirror jerk off.jpg

    It also reminded me of an old joke:

    "It's great having a big cock, but you gotta be able to handle it!"

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  8. mirror jerk.jpg

    Cruising this site I wonder how many of the guys here got their first taste of exhibitionism by jerking off in front of a mirror. When puberty hit, I used to occasionally bunk off school - mum worked, so I had the house to myself most of the day - and steal up to the attic where we had a large unused mirror under a dust-sheet.

    I would uncover the mirror, dust it down, and place an old chair in front of it. When I was finally satisfied with the angle and the position, which had to be just so, under the skylight for max illumination, I would spend many happy hours masturbating.

    I'd turn this way and that, holding my dick in various positions, offering it up to the imaginary viewer who was, in reality, myself. Foreskin pulled right back, legs open, groin thrust forward, big dick sticking right up, pushed forward towards the mirror. Balls cupped, pulled, squeezed.

    I'd pump the shaft in my fist, making my balls bounce, stroke it with my fingers, squeeze it round the base to make the glans 'pop'. Stick a finger up between my ass cheeks and into my anus. I'd make faces, a range of expressions of sex lust and ecstasy, while working my cock. I was completely uninhibited. There would be stroke mags to look at - this was just pre-internet - and sometimes I'd smoke cigarettes to heighten the feeling of transgression.

    The session would always end with my spunk splattering the mirror and running down onto the wooden floor boards.

    I have no idea how common this experience is to other guys. Does it make me a narcissist? A pervert? Or just a boy overcome, dazed, by the flood of testosterone, taking delight in his dick, and keen to experiment?

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  9. Thinking about what I said last time about the taboos surrounding guys complimenting each other on their cocks and physiques in general, the ancient Greeks glorified the male body in statues but, although the bodies were spectacular, the cocks were small and dainty.

    greek god.jpg

    Tiny cocks were beautiful to ancient Greek eyes, although, in private, they worshiped a big dick:

    greek satyr.jpg

    The Romans put a bit more meat on their men, but still the cock is...modest:

    roman men.jpg

    But in Pompeii they also found this god of the dick, Priapus:

    priapus pompeii.jpg

    Not a bad showing there, bro. Love the foreskin overhang.

    Even in the Renaissance, Michelangelo's David was modestly endowed:

    david's cock and balls side.jpg david's cock and balls.jpg

    I've had the pleasure of standing under those actual bollocks in Florence and, although small, the guy really captured their shape and weight in marble - they're beauties! The whole statue is awesome.

    But it wasn't until the mid-20th century that the great Tom of Finland granted David the big free-hanging cock that he deserved:

    tom's big boy.jpg

    Of course, Tom of Finland always preferred to show his guys with big dicks.

    tom big dick.jpg

    UPDATE, October 2019:

    During a visit to the Royal Academy of Arts in London I encountered this statue of Hercules. He's a bit more muscular than I'd actually go for in real life but I think he's just.... stunning. Big Herc is about ten feet tall and stands on a plinth which accentuates his height even more. You are forced to look upwards at his incredible physique.

    Like Michelangelo's David, Herc's cock is modest by lpsg standards but is nonetheless beautifully sculpted. His balls in particular have the fullness and weight you'd expect of such a legendary hero. Awesome!



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  10. Cruising the site today, gawping at the parade of beautiful, big cocks, checking my alerts, gratefully receiving any compliments that come my way - I wondered why we guys get such a buzz from showing off our dicks to other guys.

    Sure, some of us want hook-ups, but not that many, 'cos we're often separated by hundreds, thousands of miles and it ain't gonna happen. And what about the guys who say they are "100% straight"? What's in it for them - assuming they are being honest about their orientation?

    It must be something PRIMAL. A need to display, and to receive the affirmation of other virile men. Most of us on here are blessed with bigger than average cocks, magnificent specimens that are certainly worth showing off, so you'd think we'd be confident in NOT needing affirmation. But there you go.

    A degree of anonymity allows us freedom to express ourselves in ways we might find difficult in the 'real' world - particularly for 'straight' guys and bi guys like me who straddle straight & gay worlds.

    We just don't go up to a guy in the locker room and say "Love that bulge, man!", or "It's hangin' real good today, bro!" Maybe we should.

    None of this matters, of course, cos we're all just having such a blast. my dick?

    layin on thigh.png
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