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  1. Now I live and work in Russia. Recently at the gym I met hot muscle guy. He is 25 yo, not tall, but very good-shaped and sexy. We quickly found a common language and began to communicate. We became "gym buddies".
    Some weeks ago we had mmf with a girl. It was really hot. During sex I feel that I like my friend too. I wanted to fuck his bubble ass but couldn't. After that we have a talk. I told him that I'm bisexual and love to fuck guys. Also I told that I liked him. He was surprised and a little scared but then the situation has improved and we continue our friendsheep.
    Some days ago after gym training he approached me and said that if I like him, he does not object to a blowjob. But only if I sucked his dick off.
    It's a new situation for me because I've never sucked dicks.
    I ask for advice on what to do in this situation. I like to be a "total top" and use male asses and mouths as my sexytoys but I like this guy too. May be if I suck him, can I convince him to do the same for me later? What do you think about it? Let's comment guys.

    PS: attach a file with his body to this post
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