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  1. It's not always that dramatic car backfiring bullshit. Sometimes you see something or someone and your mind starts connecting the dots and before you know it your in that shitty place you didn't want your brain to take you to.

    But your there, whether you want to be or not. There is no changing the channel. You just go through the whole thing and hope something snaps you out of it. Sometimes it's better when your asleep, sometimes it's not.

    At least they have a name for it now.
  2. Today was a .....nah fuck that. The badger avatar is back.
  3. Well looks like the dust is finally starting to settle from the SF migration. I am a little bit surprised how the Gold and Platinum shit was just handed out. Whatever gets the clicks I guess.

    Hope everyone stays safe
  4. Verified again. Guess I should go buy Powerball numbers now...
  5. Swore I would never do this but, what the fuck; one less thing on the bucket list. Wondering whether I should try to etch something profound and meaningful...or not. Naaaaah fuck that... Not my style, not that there is much of that anyways. I am entering my fourth month of fucking mass public hermitdom. Not sure what else to classify it as. I have not been this restricted since my first tour of duty in a forward deployed area.

    The high point of the last week or so has been watching the mass migration of fellow pervs from SF here into the land cockdom. I could not migrate my account, not that I really wanted to anyway. LPSG pretty much killed my sense of adventure and humor when it went corporate; so I refuse to invest as much emotionally in it as I did when I was the not so infamous "6inchcock". I killed my previous persona just shy of ten years or so I believe. The place is now like a remodeled home, that was picked up on one of those bazillion fucking house buying-renovating programs on TV. I am waiting to see whether the place gets "flipped" for a fatter pay off or torched by the local meth dealers when it doesn't pan out at some point down the road. I see way more platinum accounts, so far so good for his imminence; I am guessing if things go well it will turn into a massive pay as you play thing.

    Oh well enough for now, time to look at shaved vaginas and cat memes or maybe shave cats and vagina memes, all this bloggery has tired me to pace myself here
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