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  1. I just wonder if this is something anyone else has come across. Although I'm older and take care of my body as much as I can, and I don't want this to come across as vain or conceited, but I get hit up mostly by straight married or bi guys that really like my ass more than anything. Not innocent by no means as I have let a let a couple of straight married guys hit it (co-worker and a a gym buddy). It was honestly the hottest sexual experience I have had and wouldn't mind doing it again maybe. Like I said, I just wondered if this was something anyone else has had as I have had the same buds wanting it again. Just wanting to hear some thoughts. That's all.
  2. Sure would like to find a hot bud to jerk with on this cold day!!
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  3. If I really want to find good friends and ultimately a partner, I've realized that it's definitely not gonna happen here in Winston Salem, NC. I have nothing tying me down here except some family, but my options will be better if I move somewhere else other than NC. I want to go where the people live a healthy and fit lifestyle. I am in the medical field and its just overwhelming to see the so many diabetes and hypertension issues due to mainly poor eating habits as well as lack of exercise. Obesity is ramped everywhere here and it just gets depressing to see on a daily basis. Lol, this sounds like a personal ad! Fuck it, why not? Im single, stable, got my shit together and would def make someone a really good other half.
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  4. Am I the only one getting tired of seeing these ragged out and excessive pussy picts? lol I mean cmon, its suppose to be a site for well-equipped guys or at least I thought it was. Now I can appreciate a hot woman, but if I wanted to see vagina and tits all the time, Id go to tube for that shit!
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  5. I was just curious if anyone else that is mostly a top ever gets the urge to get their ass pounded really good? I get like this every now and then and was wondering if it was just me, or is this common. When I get that urge, Im so damn horned up that I could take a really big cock up my ass. I don't mind bottomming for a guy, but had to be in that mindset to do so. I would appreciate any thoughts.
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  6. Any masculine buds in the Winston Salem NC area interested in hanging out and having little casual bate fun hit me up.It's kinda hard to find other guys that are kool and discreet. Im i n grad school and renting a small house by myself so I got a pretty chill private place. Don't matter of your straight, gay or bi, it's just some casual fun.

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  7. I look at it this way, if your 100% straight, big cock, and on this site then you should expect to get comments from bi and gay guys as well. Any thoughts?
  8. Any bi or straight guys interested in hanging out and jackin off together hit me up. Nothing but rain all day long so, could be fun.
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