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  1. You may recall, about a year or so ago, I was at a baptism where I saw this incredibly amazing guy with his wife. He had a killer ass, and body… she was hot too.

    That was Matt’s son’s Baptism. We did a couple threeways with he and his wife and then some one on one time with he and I, and also his wife and I while he watched, and then a threeway with he, travis, and I. I think all of these are posted on the blog.

    Anyway, at the request of a kik friend, and fellow hung stud, I am posting a new story about a previous exploit with Jeremy:

    It wasn’t long after our threeway with Travis, that Jeremy sent me a text. He wanted to get together again - just us. I of course, set something up for the following weekend.

    He wanted to….talk. So we met up at a local bar I know that is busy enough to not be out of place, but also quiet enough that two people can carry on a conversation.

    We got a beer, and stood at the end of the bar, chatting casually for a while, and soon, the conversation turned to sex. He told me that fucking his wife wasn’t satisfying him as much as it used to, and that the threeway we had with Travis was amazing. And that ever since, while fucking his wife, he had to picture her pussy as my ass to get off.

    Could it be possible that I turned someone??????

    We continued to chat for a bit, and it became clearer and clearer that he thought he might be gay. Which is both hot, and amazing to hear from a this super masculine, married, STUD of a man. My cock, though we weren’t talking about sex in specifics, was hard as hell.

    He got pretty wasted, and I offered to drive him home. We left, he hopped in my car and I started to drive toward his house when he asked me if he could stay with me for the night. I of course, said fuck yea.

    We got back to my place. We each had a beer and I we continued to talk. It became apparent that he just wanted to fuck. Like hard, merciless, animal fucking.

    While I knew, we would likely fuck that night, I figured I’d be topping. As this was (mostly) my past experience with Jeremy. This time, he wanted a hole to put his monster cock in. I told him that I had to shower first… but in the mean time, I gave him a pair of my mesh gym shorts and offered some porn… he gladly took both.

    He stood in my living room, while I watched, pulled off his shirt, revealing his amazingly defined abs and pecs, and the clincher, he has an “apollos belt”. He unbuttoned his jeans, removed his socks, pushed his jeans down… was wearing CK trunks. His cock and balls filled the pouch completely, and his ass, as he turned around and bent over to take is pants completely off, made mine look flat and flabby. He stood up, and pushed his trunks down to his ankles, again, ass toward me, as he bent over, his bull nuts were clearly visible between his legs.

    I slid my hand in my unbuttoned jeans, and started to massage my swelling cock. He turned around, completely naked, his thick soft cock hanging nicely against his nuts. His pubes were closely trimmed and the apex of his apollo’s belt lined up perfectly with is pubes.

    He stepped into the mesh shorts and adjusted his junk a couple times before popping the porn into the dvd player and sitting down on my couch with other beer in his hand. Legs spread. One hand with a beer, the other buried in my shorts.

    I left him, and hopped in the shower (If you don’t have a shower shot - GET ONE). Within a few minutes, I was good to go, and clean as a whistle. I hop out and dry off, wrapping the towel around my waist, I come out to the living room to find Jeremy exactly where I left him. Hand in my shorts, rubbing his cock and a beer in the other. He’s watching a great porn on the TV and when I walk in, he looks at me in awe. My body still glistening with dampness, the head of my limp dick showing visibly under my towel.

    I grab a beer from the fridge and sit next to Jeremy on the couch. My legs, also spread wide, my towel comes undone, letting one leg out and it just covers my cock and balls. I pull his hand out of the shorts to discover that he’s not throbbing yet, but has a fantastic semi. I reach over and slide my hand down the front of the shorts. I grab onto his cock and slowly start to work it in my hand. He throws his head back and moans loudly. I lean over and suck and bite his nipple. His cock twitches. BINGO.

    I work my way up to his neck, then his ear lobe, then I lock my mouth on his. His cock is still semi in the shorts. This might not go so well. I pull off him, take my hand out, and swing my body over his, leaving my towel on the couch, Im now sitting on his lap, facing him, totally naked. My cock, though not hard, is leaking pre all over his abs and my shorts.

    I again, kiss him. Deeply. He reaches around and grabs my ass, pulling me into him. I stand up and pull his shorts off, sitting him right back down. His cock is now swollen, and close to fully hard. I sit on him again, his cock pulsing. I bite his neck. He moans.

    I’m thinking this better get goin soon, or I’m gonna fall asleep. Thought this guy wanted to FUCK not make love.

    I kneeled down and started sucking his cock like crazy. Within minutes he was throbbing and ready to go. I stood, as did he. I got on my knees facing the back of the couch, he spit on my hole and shoved his cock in me. Balls deep. Raw. FUCK that thing is big.

    Grabbing my hips, he slammed his dick in me as hard and fast as he could. My cock and nuts were swinging freely. My dick still leaking pre in a steady stream all over my towel. He pulled out, and told me to go to the bed.

    I did - and he pushed me on my back and totally dominated my ass. He pushed my legs up over my head and slammed his raging hard on back in me. As he fucked me, I couldnt help but stare at his amazing torso. Sweat was beading up on his forehead, and some dripped off his nose.

    He fucked me mercilessly for what seemed like an eternity. His massive cock splitting my jock ass wide open. I could feel every vein on his shaft and his pulsing head pushing deep inside me. His balls slapped me with each thrust.

    He was getting close and between his grunts and moans and the sounds of our bodies slapping together asked me if he could cum in me. I wanted him to. I said do it.

    He grabbed onto my ankles harder and began to pound me harder than ever. His dick hitting new depths in my ass. It felt as though his whoel body was pushing into my ass as his cock began to swell further. He pushed deep, releasing the first rope of cum. It’s hotness filled me immediately. He withdrew, firing rope after rope of thick cum in my gaping hole. He pulled out completely and continued to seed my ass with is batter. When we finished cumming, he rubbed his head around my cunt and pushed back in me. Firmly pushing his seed balls deep in my hole. He began to fuck me slowly, as his cock twitched and his whole body winced in the pleasureable pain of overstimulation after a powerful orgasm. He pulled out, his now completely soft, but swollen, cock slapping down against his balls. His shaft white and glistening with his own cum.

    He leaned down, engulfed my cock in his mouth and within seconds, I was shooting a huge wad deep in his throat. He swallowed and kissed me. We layed together for quite awhile, rubbing our hands over each other’s sculpted bodies. We kissed. We laughed. Finally, after our orgasm’s had fully subsided. Our cocks returned to a normal, non swollen, softness, we showered.

    We fell asleep in my bed, naked and awoke the next morning to a text from his wife on both our phones, “Hope you boys had a great time last night… Hunni when will you be home?”

    We laughed. He got up, put his clothes on, and left. I layed in bed, a masturbated thinking about the experience of the night before.
  2. So, forgive me. I went a little out of order. I should have posted this one before the Consummation of a Marriage post. Oh well. I hope you enjoy!

    Most of you know by now that I recently became engaged to the girl I’ve been seeing for a few years now. Things with Jennine started off as pure sex. We were fuck buddies at first, and that progressed into a more mutually exclusive relationship over time.

    Jennine is, to say the least, by far the best sex I’ve ever had with a woman. Her body is tight as hell (she’s got a 6 pack). Her boobs are huge and perfect and her pussy. My GOD her pussy. It’s shaved (well, waxed actually) and is just fucking delectable.

    What got me about Jennine is that her pussy is so deep. I can sink my hard on completely into her and she wants more. I have only had a hand full of women that can handle my full length, especially at first, and almost none that I didn’t hit bottom with (which is hot for a man, but painful for a woman).

    Also, she’s a squirter. If figured out very early on in our sexual relationship that if I eat her to the point of no return and then quickly slam my cock in her dripping pussy that she will squirt. Every. Damn. Time. It’s fucking amazing. The first time she did it she soaked me, my cock, and my bed. Since then, I expect it and lap up her juices like a puppy dog.

    So - I proposed to Jennine a few weeks ago and never got around to making that announcement on here. Forgive me. I’m a cock. We went for a really nice lunch down in Ellicotville and then a romantic walk, enjoying the fall air, and the beauty of the leaves in autumn. I waited for the right time and dropped to one knee and asked my this incredibly kind, sexy, and sensual woman to be my wife.

    She didn’t even let me get the question out of my mouth before she said yes.

    We made out and hugged for what seemed like an eternity right there on the spot. My dick was throbbing through my jeans and she whispered in my ear that, “feeling your manhood against my leg is turning me on beyond belief. I need you in me. Now.”

    We couldn’t have sex right there, so we went back to the car and immediately drove home. All the way back to my house in Buffalo, Jennine rubbed her pussy and my cock through our clothes. I watched her out of the corner of my eye as her fingers ran back and forth slowly, edging herself, over her now soaked yoga pants. My dick started leaking so hard that I developed a massive wet spot on my inner thigh. She almost made me cum from rubbing me too much and aggressively.

    I had stopped jerking off for a few days before I proposed and we hadn’t had the opportunity to have sex like we normally do. My balls were full and sore. She was tense with frustration, too. We were going to make some carnal fucking love that evening.

    By the time we got home, my balls ached with the load a what felt like 3 months. We didn’t even get the door shut and our clothes were coming off. First, I tore my shirt off, leaving it piled up in the entry way. My abs were flexed with tension. I was nervous as hell. I don’t know why.

    I watched in anticipation as she removed her shirt and bit her bottom lip. I couldn’t wait any more. I picked her up and slammed her down on the stairs. I tore (literally) her yoga pants off her. They were drenched in pussy juice. She wasn’t wearing underwear and her pussy was dripping a steady stream of juice onto my stair case. I dove down, and pushed my tongue deep into her gash. She moaned and squeezed her legs around my head. She was cumming. Hard. I continued eating her, making her moan louder and louder. Before long, she was cumming again. This time she squirted a huge “load” of her cum all over my face. I licked her harder, and deeper. I wanted that pussy to come again. She did. Immediately she started convulsing in pleasure. I picked her loose, almost lifeless body up in my arms and carried her up the stairs to our bed. I laid her down and unbuttoned my jeans slowly. My throbbing 8 inch cock sprang straight out, throwing a monstrous rope of pre cum across the floor, hitting her abs.

    “Fuck me” she ordered. I walked to the edge of the bed and pulling her body toward me, spreading her legs, and sliding my cock into her smoldering hot pussy simultaneously i pushed deep into her. Her pussy was on fire. I’ve never felt it that hot before. She was burning up inside. Inch by inch I slide effortlessly into her body. Her pussy devouring every last inch of me until I was buried in her balls deep.

    I pushed hard against her body, making her moan as the head of my dick hit her cervix. My huge, cum filled balls were pressed against her pucker making them ache with anticipation.

    Slowly, I pulled out until the ridge of my head was visible at her opening. And slowly, I slid back in, again hitting her wall. In and out, in and out, in and out. Slowly, deliberate movements. I’d push deep in her and flex my muscle ass, making my cock spasm within her. She moaned deeply. Her eyes rolled back in her head as her pussy clamped down on my throbbing love rod.

    She sat forward, pressing her breasts against my pecs and kissed me deeply. My cock still balls deep in her. She grabbed my neck and almost angrily said, “Fuck me god dammit!”

    I pushed her back down on the bed, pulled my cock free of her vice like pussy, dragging my pre and her juice out with it. I grabbed her hips and threw her, literally, over onto her knees. I got on the bed and mounted that perfect, rock hard ass, and slid…no slammed, my cock balls deep in her gash. She screamed with pleasure.

    “That’s it baby, fuck that pussy like you fucking mean it.” she moaned.

    I grabbed her hips and started building intensity. In and out, in and out, slam fucking her into oblivion. I could feel my over flowing tanks swinging heavily between my thighs, slapping her with every push. They ached so bad.

    She came again, and again, and again. I pushed deep into her body. Making sure to hit her as deep as my 8 inch cock could reach. She enveloped my cock like it was nothing. She was tighter than I’d ever known her to be, yet my dick slid with no effort into the depths of her womanhood.

    “Fill me with your cum, baby” she insisted.

    I kept pushing into her hard and pulling free and slamming back in for what seemed like hours. In reality it was probably only about 10 minutes. The sweat was dripping off my nose. My pecs and abs were glistening with sweat. My back was soaked. I was getting close.

    I pulled out of her and rolled her back over. On her back, she looked into my eyes as my towering body was between her legs. I pushed her legs apart, her gaping pussy drooling constantly onto the comforter. I leaned forward and licked it clean, making her shudder with pleasure.

    I slowly kissed my way up her body, working her nipples over with precision, then moving to her neck, her ears, then finally to her lips. As our lips met, my dick slid into her waiting pussy one more time. She moaned as I filled her with my thick rod. I pushed in slower than ever. Steadily, I fed her hungry pussy every centimeter of my man hood. I began to gyrate my hips slowly. Pumping a few inches in and out of her gently. I could feel my nuts start to tighten.

    She wrapped her arms around my back and dug her nails into me as she climaxed again, squirting. Her legs wrapped around my waist, allowing me to feel her cervix again. Her pussy was spasming hard against my meat.

    I pushed in deep and exploded. The biggest load of my life came flying through my cock and into her waiting, gushing, pussy. The energy it took to push the volume of cum up out of my balls, through the length of my cock, and out into her pussy was incredible. The orgasm made my abs tense up, my biceps tighten, my ass clench, and my toes literally curl.

    We continued to kiss passionately while my cock pushed every last drop of cum out into her. I began to soften and pulled out, slowly. My cock was so sensitive it hurt to withdraw my deflated manhood.

    I popped my dick free from her grip and it flopped down against my freshly drained sac with a thud. Her pussy was oozing my cum onto the bed. I leaned down, and licked it up. With a huge glob of my cum in my mouth she motioned me with her finger to move up to her mouth. We kissed and swapped my cum back and forth until we both swallowed half my seed.

    We laid on the bed, entwined together for a hour after. Laughing, kissing, and talking.

    Having sex with her has always been amazing. This, though, was by far - hands down, the absolute best sex I have ever had. Bar none. I cannot wait to feel our wedding night sex.
  3. We had a beautiful day. It was warm, sunny, and just the right amount of breeze. When I saw here, my heart skipped a beat. She was breathtaking in her wedding dress.

    When we kissed after our vows, a bolt of lightening went through my body. It felt different. Different than any kiss. We were connected on a much higher, deeper level.

    Dinner was great, partying and dancing all night was great. But she and I both wanted the same thing: alone time. The anticipation of no sex or masturbation for either of us for a month was building inside. I could see it in her eyes as we danced. During our first dance she whispered in my ear, “I can’t wait to ride you tonight. I’m wet already.”

    I whispered back, “You’re making me hard.”

    The party ended around 10. Then the after party continued with drinks and pizza at a bar in the city. It was around midnight when we finally were able to sneak off to the limo which dropped us off at my our place. We had to leave for New York on Monday so we had a full night and following day of quiet alone time…just the two of us.

    In the limo, as soon as the door closed, she straddled me. We started making out like never before. She was an animal. A lioness in heat. She couldn’t wait to tear my clothes off. And I couldn’t wait to push her dress up and plow into her.

    At home, I walked in with a hard on running sideways across my left thigh. I was leaking pre cum like never before. In the short 10 minute limo ride, I had soaked through my boxer briefs and my suit pants. As soon as the door closed behind us, I pushed her against the wall and locked her lips to mine again. My tongue started exploring her mouth. She moaned and gyrated her hips against me.

    I scooped her up and carried her up the stairs to our bed. I laid her down gently and climbed on top of her, still fully clothed. We kissed more. Her hands exploring every inch of my body. She moaned. Louder and louder.

    I sat up, and pulled my shirt off - popping every button as I did. It was like Superman changing from street clothes to his suit. I pulled my belt off and unbuttoned my pants. She moaned as she watched me undress on top of her.

    My abs flexed as she traced my six-pack with her fingers. I stood briefly to push my pants off. I left my blue diesel boxer briefs on. My cock sticking out, stretching the fabric. Precum flowing through the fabric onto her dress. I once again straddled her and began kissing her again.

    Sucking and biting her ear lobes, down to her neck, to her collar bone, across her chest and reversing the order back up the other side.

    I worked my way down again, kissing between her two massive boobs. Making her buck and moan in pleasure.

    She had her hand in my underwear, stroking my fat cock up good and hard. I was moaning too.

    I stood and pushed her legs apart. I pushed her dress up and pulled her thong off… Her pussy was glistening in the dimly lit room. A pussy that hadn’t been touched in a month. She was agape, and ready for me. The anticipation had her on the edge of an orgasm. I touched my tongue to her slit and she came immediately. Squirting all over my face and tongue. I lapped at her juices and probed her pussy with my tongue until she came again.

    While she was convulsing with her second orgasm of the night, I stood and pushed my underwear to the floor. Stepping out of them, my cock was raging hard. I hadn’t been that hard in a long time. It was like steel. The precum was oozing steadily down onto the floor and then her dress and the bed. I pulled her by the thighs to the edge of the bed, resting her legs on my shoulders. I lined my cock up and slid effortlessly into her waiting pussy. The heat from her soaked slit seared my cock as I slid into her. I pushed balls deep into her forcing her to open for me.

    She screamed with pleasure as I slid in and out of her. It had been too long. We both felt it. Our desire for each other. The anticipation. The wait. I pushed deep and hard into her pussy and came. The explosion of my cum shooting from my cock against her cervix sent her in to another climax. Her pussy clamped down on my freshly drained cock and milked out another orgasm from me.

    I pulled out, slowly, and kissed her deeply. I rolled her to her stomach and unlaced her dress. Freeing her from the tight confines of a dress that was made to look nice, but not be comfortable. As soon as I had her untied, she breathed a sigh of relief and assisted me with its removal.

    The cum was draining from her gash as I leaned down to lap at our juices. I began to harden again and pushed her back onto the bed, spreading her legs and sliding into her missionary. Slowly, and gently, I thrusted in and out of her. She wrapped her legs and arms around me as I sent her into another climax. We kissed deeply as I continued throughout her orgasm. Her pussy spasming around my pole.

    I continued slowly making love to my new wife for probably 45 minutes, sending her to climax after climax. Her passion combined with mine was unbelievable. As I came the third time deep inside her, she moaned with pleasure as the heat from my cum filled her.

    We kissed more as I pulled out. My cock limp and lifeless after 2 hours of lovemaking. I rolled to my back, panting. My entire body soaked with sweat. My cock soaked with my cum and her juices. My nuts drained. She rolled over to me and kissed me more. Her hands exploring every inch of my torso and soft cock.

    “I love you” she whispered in my ear as she nibbled at my earlobe.

    “I love you, too” I panted back.

    We fell asleep in each others arms. I slept better than I’ve slept in months.

    The next morning I woke before Jennine. We were still on top of the covers, naked. Our bodies were both covered in dry sweat. My cock covered in dry cum and pussy juice. There was dry cum all over the bed from the excessive loads I blew in her the night before and me continuing to fuck them back out of her tight pussy.

    I kissed her awake and we went to the shower. I normally hate shower sex, but this day was different. We made out heavily under the water and I massaged her clit until her pussy was soaking wet and ready for my throbbing cock. Gently, I pushed into her. She bit her bottom lip as I slid up inside her dripping pussy.

    I scooped her up by the knees and pinned her to the shower wall. I fucked up into her for a few minutes until I was exhausted from holding her up. As I lowered her back down my cock slid deeper into her sending her into a violent orgasm.

    I pulled out and she dropped to her knees, taking my cock in her mouth. She worked my pipe over with her tongue, lips, and hands until I blew a massive load down her throat.

    We finished showering and made breakfast together, followed by another roll in the bed.

    In total, before we left on our honeymoon, we had sex 5 times. On the honeymoon we alternated between sex and fucking. As many of my more faithful followers know, there is a distinct difference between the two.
  4. I’ve been working out at LA in Buffalo since they bought out the Buffalo Athletic Club. I used to go downtown across from the jail and enjoyed the businessmen that would come in before or after work and get their sweat on.

    After LA bought BAC out, and I moved out of downtown, I started going to LA more frequently. Now, it’s my only gym.

    A High School friend of mine, Trent, recently moved back to Buffalo. He had moved to Atlanta after college to start a career in fitness. We lost touch as people tend to do. Sure, we were friends on Facebook, etc. but that just wasn’t the same.

    I High School, Trent was one of the several guys that would regularly spill seed together after a win. He was hot as hell back then. Ginger, toned body, and a great cut cock. He always had a gorgeous girl on his arm and wasn’t shy about telling the guys about how good he was fucking which ever of them he was with that week. As a wrestler, he was the equivalent of the quarterback when it came to girls.

    During college we remained tight, often grabbing drinks and pulling girls on a Friday night in downtown Buffalo. His skills were impressive and almost never went home alone. It was through our relationship of being wingmen for each other that I learned he is bi.

    In fact, he is one of the first tops I experienced when I began really experimenting with bottoming. I could easily tell, while on my back for him, why girls loved to sleep with him. The way his hips rolled, and his abs flexed while thrusting were enough to visually send most people over the edge. His awesome 7″ cut cock felt amazing as it stretched me wide. He easily sent me into multiple anal orgasms before he unloaded in the condom while inside me. His stamina was as impressive as his body. Unfortunately, we only had sex a few times before he moved to Atlanta and put his bisexuality behind him.

    I knew he was moving back to Buffalo about a year ago but hadn’t had an opportunity to reconnect with him. That’s why I was floored when I walked into an LA that I usually don’t go to and saw him standing there, selling his services as a personal trainer.

    He was wearing black full length compressions and a UA shirt that looked like it was painted on. His chiseled face was accentuated by a pair of trendy glasses, and his teeth glistened when he smiled. I actually stopped in my tracks when I saw him. I couldn’t believe my eyes. He looked fucking amazing. Truly an insta famous level of fitness.

    We caught up briefly before I went to the locker room to change. He came in just as I was tossing my trunks in my bag. I stood there naked talking to him a little while I looked for my jock strap. I pulled it on while he watched/talked to me and I watched as his eyes stared at the pouch as I adjusted my soft dick and balls to fit securely inside. He adjusted his compressions slightly to make room for his obviously swelling dick.

    “Still wearing a jock to workout, huh?”

    “Hell yea man, can’t beat the support.”

    “Well, you definitely need it. Those balls are something.”

    I smirked at him as I finished dressing. Grey adidas gym shorts and a stringer. As I walked past him to leave the locker room, I whispered in his ear, “your head is showing.” He smirked and followed me out.

    He went back to his post at the entrance to sell more training. I began to stretch before hopping on a treadmill to jog a couple miles before hitting the weights. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. His ass popped in those compressions in a way that made me glad I had a tight jock strap holding my dick in place. I needed to focus.

    We continued to see each other at the gym daily for months. If I worked out in the morning, most days he got there around the same time I did and we’d change together. His torso is beyond cut. The guy looks legitimately like a statue. His body hair is completely shaven/waxed and is always perfect. There’s never a stray hair on him. He clearly takes care of himself and wants to look his best. Which makes sense as a trainer.

    Our casual banter stopped pretty quickly after the first few encounters. The novelty of seeing each other changing wore off as we both focused on lifting and working. Especially when he started dating Brittany. She’s a sext brunette with huge perky boobs and a great ass. She works out at the same LA that Trent works at and definitely draws the attention of all the men interested in women in the building. She’s hot, and she knows it.

    One night after a few months of seeing each other, and Trent dating Britt, we were both there late. I came in much later than usual due to work craziness. In fact, I was there with just enough time to get a full workout in before close. Trent was there closing that night. The place died out pretty quickly as I was finishing leg day. When the last of the guys left the locker room, Trent locked the doors and shut down the front set of lights. It was just he and I in the building.

    He came over to the Smith Machine and told me he was closing up.

    “Hey bro, no problem, this was the last set anyway. Lemme shower quick and I’ll split. 10 minutes?”

    “Actually, I’m gonna hit the steam for a while. Take your time.”

    “Sounds good dude.” and I followed him to the locker room.

    He stripped down a few banks away from me and walked past wearing just his towel. I had just tossed my sweaty clothes in my bag and tossed my towel on my shoulder when he came by.

    “Hey, want some company in there?” I asked.

    “Hell yea.”

    I wrapped my towel around my waist and we walked to the steam. We sat across from each other. I figured I’d follow his lead, which wasn’t hard to figure out. He pulled his towel off, folded it, and sat on it immediately. I followed suit. Both of us facing each other, naked. I spread my legs wide enough for my balls to rest on the bench and I bounced them slightly to unstick them from my legs. Trent did the same, though his balls aren’t as large as mine.

    We made small talk about our days and my workout for several minutes. I wanted to turn the conversation to a sexual nature so I could maybe get off with him, but wanted him to drive the bus since he was dating Britt.

    Eventually, i couldn’t wait any more. “So bro, how’s things with Britt?”

    “Dude, she’s amazing. Honestly, the best.”

    “Fuck man, that’s awesome. So happy for you. Honestly didn’t think you’d ever be the dating type.”

    “Haha me either. Actually started as a hook up, but it was so good I didn’t want to let it go. Plus she’s a great girl to be around.”

    “Jennine and I started as a hook up too. I totally feel you.’

    “Yea man, I mean, she loves to fuck. Total nympho, just like me.”

    “Yup, same with Jennine. But she’s slowing down a little. She can’t keep up with me anymore.”

    “Yea, we’re still too new for that to happen yet. We legit screw like 3x a day. Morning, a quickie after work, and then again when we go to bed.”

    “Damn man, I miss those days. We’re like 3x a week now.”

    He was starting to swell up, and so was I. I reached down and pulled the skin back off my head making it flare and pulse slightly.

    “Yea man, I mean, the only thing she sucks at is giving head. My dick is too thick for her to not hit it with her teeth. Not her fault I guess, but I’d kill for a solid blow job.”

    “Damn bro. Nothing better than a sloppy blow job.”

    “I totally agree.”

    By this time, his dick was about half mast. I was, too. i stroked my pole a few times getting it rock hard and throbbing. “Sorry man, I can’t help it.”

    “Not at all bro. Think I mind seeing that big fucker nice and hard?”

    “Haha, good to know. Just tossing this out there, but I’d be happy to give ya that blow job you’re craving. Up to you.”

    He smirked and spread his legs wider. Game on.

    I got up and crossed the room. I dropped to me knees between his massive tree trunk legs. I grabbed his dick by the root and swallowed all of it effortlessly. I felt it swell in my mouth as i sucked his thick cock. Swirling my tongue around his head I made eye contact with him. He moaned in pleasure as I fondled his heavy balls and stroked his shaft while sucking on his head.

    It wasn’t more than 2 minutes when he moaned, “Awe fuck TJ. I’m gonna cum.”

    I nodded and went harder on his rock hard cock. It was beyond hard. The thing was like steel. I massaged his full balls and felt his cock swell in my mouth. 10 seconds later he was spewing a big load of jizz down my throat. He let out a loud deep moan as he unloaded.

    I stood up, wiping a few drops of cum from my lips and went back to my seat. I was hard as a rock while he relaxed. His plump, freshly drained cock rested on his thigh as he caught his breath. “Fuuuuck man. I forgot how good you suck cock.”

    “Happy to help, anytime bro. You know I’m always looking for some extra protein. haha.”

    He gave me a sympathy laugh and got up. “I’m gonna rise off and get outta here.”

    “Sounds good, man. I’ll do the same.”

    We went to the showers together and took stalls across from each other. Leaving the curtains open, we soaped up for each other. I was rock hard and dripping the entire time we were showing off together.

    After drying off, we walked naked back to our lockers. I tucked my still rock hard cock into the basket ball shorts that I had worn to the gym and went to find Trent. I sat on the bench as he got dressed. He was freeballing in a pair of basketballs shorts, too, along with a tight fitting tee.

    We walked out together. As the he set the alarm, he grabbed my thick cock and said, “Thanks for the drain, bro. And sorry about the blue balls.”

    “Happy to help stud. Anytime.”

    I went home and fucked Jennine with a fury that she said she hadn’t seen or felt in me in months. The sheer force of my slamming my massive dick against her cervix pushed her into multiple orgasms before I exploded deep within her, forcing cum out around my shaft. I pulled my hog from her pussy, dragging a torrent of cum with it. We kissed passionately and fell asleep spooning. I could feel my cum leaking from her gaping pussy all over my slab as we dozed off.

    The next morning, I awoke without morning wood for the first time in forever. As I lay naked in the bed, trying to wake up, she slid her hand down grabbing my crazy thick limp cock, kissed me deeply and whispered in my ear, “You won’t be fucking me again for a few days baby, I’m so sore.”

    “I’m sorry sweetie. I don’t know what got into me” knowing full well it was the belly full of trainer seed that got me fired up to the point of not being able to control myself. I was drunk on Trent’s cum.

    I showered and went off to work with a smile that didn’t go away for a couple days.
  5. Tony had opened me wide the night before, but I was still craving a nice big dick. I woke up covered in dry cum and hard as hell. The feeling of horniness inside me was unrelenting.

    I showered that morning, scrubbing Tony’s dried seed from my inner thighs, sac, and legs. I remained throbbing and dripping throughout my morning routine.

    I went to breakfast, and to my meeting where Tony and I sat across from each other, smirking. I had loved the way he completely dominated my tight jock hole the night before. I was still sore from his amazingly thick cock thrusting mercilessly into me. I knew I could have Tony again. But I wanted something different. Something new.

    After the meeting ended for the day, I went back to my hotel where I stripped to just my briefs and laid in bed cruising Grindr. I had a couple hours before dinner to waste, though I definitely did not want to spill the seed that was brewing in my tanks all day.

    Several guys hit me up fairly quickly but I was looking for something specific. He had to be muscled. Jacked, in fact. He had to be hung. Bigger than Tony. Bigger than me. He had to be a top. And he had to be rough.

    I trolled the app, chatting with random bros while massaging my leaking dick and full balls through the pouch in my briefs. I was about to give up and text Tony when Adam reached out.

    The profile pictures he sent me fit the bill perfectly. I was interested. We traded cell numbers and immediately started chatting.

    I went to dinner with my colleagues. During dinner, my phone buzzed.

    After dinner, I skipped drinks at the hotel bar and went straight to my room. Adam was due to be there in about 45 minutes. I stripped quickly and hit the shower.

    My dick was drooling as I pulled a clean jock on and then a pair of jeans. I had decided I wanted to meet Adam at the bar first…just in case he was a total creep, it would be easier to ditch him there rather than from my room. He agreed.

    I pulled a tight tee on and made my way downstairs at 8:45. I had just ordered a beer when a guy walked up next to me. He smelled amazing. I looked over at him, and then up to find his face. He was tall. 6′. Had a perfectly trimmed beard and a cap on.

    “Are you TJ?”

    “Uh, well, uh, yea. Are you Adam?”

    “Of course.”

    I took a half step back and looked him up and down. HOLY FUCK. What I saw was a jacked stud of a man. Tight jeans, with a dick print clearly visible. A black tee shirt that hugged his chest perfectly. I bit my lip.

    He smirked. “So, we gonna do this?”

    “Yup!” I left my full beer on the bar and we went to my room.

    As soon as we walked in, he asked, “Any ground rules?”

    “Just one: Fuck me into next week.”

    “I can work with that.” he said laughing.

    He pushed me against the wall and kissed me. His tongue tasted as amazing as he smelled. I immediately reached down and grabbed his soft cock in his jeans and moaned.

    We pulled each others shirts off, working each others nipples and pawing at our pecs. I was moaning loud as hell already. He was panting and biting at my nipples making me crazy.

    He pushed me on the bed and pulled my jeans off. My cock was rock hard, stretching the pouch of my jock. “Oh damn, i do love a stud in a jock.” he remarked as he rolled me over to open my ass.

    He pawed at my muscled ass, spreading me. “Awe fuck, yea TJ. This is a great cunt.” he said as he dove in, licking me.

    I moaned loudly into the pillow. I was bucking my hips against his face, making sure he get his tongue deep in me. My cock was pulsing. I felt him reach up and free my fat cock from the pouch, allowing it to stretch to its full length and girth. He sucked my knob from behind a few times, getting a taste of my sweet pre.

    He rolled me back over, and pushed his jeans to the floor. He was free balling. His cock was fucking ENORMOUS. Easily 9″ long and thick as my wrist. The head glistened with pre which was dripping constantly. His heavy bull balls hung low and were bigger than mine. Easily the size of eggs.

    I sat up and immediately took him in my mouth and down my throat. I couldn’t get it all in, but I came fucking close. I had never felt a dick that size as hard as his. It was literally like rock.

    “You gonna be able to handle that big cock, boi?”

    “Do I have a choice?”

    “Fuck no. But I’ll open you up a little with your dildo there if you want?”


    He grabbed both my 6″ and 8″ dildos from my open bag next to the bed along with the bottle of Gun Oil lube I had in there. He drizzled some on the 6″ and on my hole. Laying on my back he slid the 6″ in effortlessly and began to fuck me with it. I was loving the feeling of that cock in me, but knew it would be small compared to his.

    He grabbed the 8″, again, lubed it up, and pushed it in. I moaned hard while being filled my the rubber cock Adam was fucking me senseless with.

    He swung his legs over my head getting in a 69 position with me as he continued to fuck my hole with the dildo. I grabbed his meaty fuck stick and began slurping it down my throat. His heavy balls rested on my nose as I worked his cock over like a fucking whore. He was moaning, calling me a “good cocksucker” all while shredding my ass with my dildo.

    “You ready, boi?” he finally asked.

    “Oh fuck, yes daddy. Fuck me good.”

    With that, he stood next to the bed and pulled me to the edge. Still in my jock, he spread my legs wide, placing my ankles on his shoulders. He drizzled a healthy amount of Gun Oil along the entire length of his meat and swirled it around his cock with his hand. He then coated my now gaping hole with lube, even squeezing some right into my hole, ensuring an easy entry for his massive cock.

    “You sure?” he asked, smiling.

    “FUCK ME” I yelled.

    With that, he pushed into me to the hilt. I winced in pain as he slid the last few inches into me. He was deep in my hole, beyond the second ring. It had been years since I was that full of cock. He paused and allowed me to open up for him. I did and he began to pummel me. Long, rough thrusts. In and out. In and out. I could feel his body slapping against mine, sending ripples up my muscular legs. The bed was slamming against the wall. I was moaning so FUCKING LOUD.

    After maybe 5 minutes, he pulled out and rolled me to my knees. On all fours, with my ass perfectly framed by the jock, I felt him pull me back to the edge of the bed by the straps. He SLAMMED his cock back into me, bashing my head up to the head board.

    Again, he pulled out, and pulled me back by the straps. Again, he SLAMMED into me. Again, bashing my head up to the headboard.

    This continued for maybe 6 thrusts before I braced myself against the head board with my hands. He climbed up on the bed and took me doggy style for what felt like eternity. He was fucking me unquestionably harder than I had ever been fucked.

    As he fucked me, I unloaded a massive load on my pillow. I must have clenched my ass hard as hell because he stopped fucking me while I was cumming.

    As soon as the climax subsided, he rolled me to my back and removed my jock. He tugged my balls asking, “these big balls got another load of jizz in them?”

    “Hell yea they do, Daddy”

    “Good cause I’m not even close.”

    He rolled me to my stomach and climbed on top of me. He split my ass in half entering me.

    He began to throttle me in that position for a good 10 minutes. He was filling my hole to a point of bliss. The perfect combination of stretching, filling, and roughness. I was in Heaven.

    He pulled out, and stood at the end of the bed again. He was close. I could feel it in his intensity and breathing. I wanted to his seed deep in my hole. Bad. He tugged me by the ankles to the edge of the bed. “Get on your knees, boi.” he ordered.

    I shoved my ass in the air on my knees and left my head/chest on the bed. I was totally bitching out for this stud.

    He pushed back in me so SLOW. Inching in effortlessly, yet gently.

    “I’m close, boi. Where do you want Daddy’s baby batter?”

    “Breed me, Daddy.”

    He slammed into me. I felt him unload in me as he withdrew. The last several jets of cum splattered on my freshly fucked ass as he aimed his dick into my hole. He moaned DEEP and LOUD as he came rope after rope.

    He pushed all of the visible cum to my wide open hole and slowly worked it deep inside me, pushing every ounce deep past the second ring, securing his seed in me for the night.

    He rolled me, and noticing some leaked out, pushed my legs up over my head and proceeded to push it all back into me. Feeling and seeing him push into me with his seed sent me into another hands free orgasm, spewing cum all over my chest and abs. He smiled as I exploded knowing that he fucked not one but two massive loads out of me.

    He pulled out after he went limp, his heavy soft cock flopping down against his freshly drained cum tanks with an audible thud.

    While I laid there, out of breath, he pulled his jeans on and his shirt. He kissed me deeply and said, “That’s the best pussy I’ve been in in months dude. You’re way better than my wife. Next time you’re in town, hit me up.”

    “You’re better than my wife, too.” I smiled.

    We both laughed as he put his shoes on and left.

    I again, passed out naked in the bed. I again, woke up covered in dry cum.

    I showered, dressed, went to breakfast with my colleagues and then to my meeting, where I again, sat across from Tony.
  6. I’m in NYC for a few days on a business trip. During my first day of meetings, I sat across from a young, Italian jock wearing a white undershirt and skinny jeans. Throughout the course of the day, it became obvious that he was at least bisexual. I couldn’t figure out if he was flirting with me to feel me out, or if he had found me on Grindr. Either way, I was interested.

    Several times during the 6 hour meeting, Tony smiled at me, smirked, eyed my soft dick print in my suit pants, or bit his bottom lip while I was looking at him. I hadn’t been that openly eye fucked in a long time.

    A few times he got up to stretch or grab a coffee at which point his dick print was visible in his jeans. Finally, after about 4 cups of coffee, I had to take a piss. I went to the men’s room and stood at the center of three urinals. I had just got my fly undone when someone walked in and stood at the urinal next to me and began unbuttoning his belt and jeans. I glanced over. It was Tony.

    As I glanced, Tony was just hauling his soft Italian meat out of his boxers. He took a slight step back letting me get a full view of his heavy cut cock. It was dark and looked to be maybe 5” and thick. “Like what you see?” he asked me.

    I took a step back, giving him view of my hammer as I pissed a heavy stream. “Do you?” I replied. He smirked and milked the last drops of piss from his cock before tucking it back into his jeans. I did the same. He finished washing his hands ahead of me, and grabbed my ass as he left the men’s room.

    Back in the meeting we eye fucked each other for awhile before both of us had to adjust our pants to allow our swelling dicks room to breathe.

    At the end of the meeting, Tony passed me his number and went to his hotel. I shot him a text an hour or so later. “Hey dude, wanna grab a beer?”

    “Sure. Where are you staying?”

    “Radisson, you?”

    “Me too. Bar is swank. Wanna say 9?”

    “See you then.”

    I went to dinner with a colleague and got back to my room around 830. I had a ½ hour to shower and change. As I soaped my chest, abs, ass, and junk up I started to swell. The thought of getting with Tony had my mind working overtime.

    I pulled on a pair of 2xist trunks, tight jeans, and a long sleeve shirt that accentuates my pecs and arms well and made my way to the bar.

    I beat Tony by maybe 10 minutes. I had a fresh pint of Blue Moon in front of me when Tony got there. I bought him a Bud Light as we chatted about the meeting and got to know each other.

    About 3 beers in for each of us, I had to piss. Tony suggested we “go upstairs” because the bathrooms in the bar are awful. I didn’t argue.

    I opened the door to my room with Tony in tow. I pissed, as did he. When he came out of the bathroom, he immediately pushed me on the bed and said “let’s get one thing straight, faggot. You’re gonna be my bitch tonight.” I nodded and undid his jeans. He was wearing a pair of Diesel briefs. His cock had soaked through the upper left side of the briefs from the pre he had been dripping.

    I pulled his semi hard cock from the briefs and immediately went to work sucking him. He started to swell super quick. Within 3 minutes he was at full mast. His cock was too thick to get more than the head in my mouth and he was at least 8 long. His erect dick reminded me of a beer bottle in length and girth. I swallowed hard knowing I hadn’t been penetrated in more than a year outside of the occasional dildo.

    I tore off his shirt as he stepped out of his jeans. He stroked his huge dick slowly. “Strip boi.” He ordered.

    I stood and removed my shirt, flexing my abs as I did. Undid my jeans and pushed them down leaving my trunks as I stepped free from the pants. I grabbed my heavy cock through the pouch. It, too, was soaked through with pre.

    “I can’t fuck you in those fag. Strip.”

    I did as I was told. My cock stood straight out by the time I had the trunks off.

    “Fuck, boi. You got a helluva cock there. Too bad you ain’t using it tonight.”

    “Just make me cum stud.”

    “Oh you’re gonna cum” he insisted as he pushed me in my stomach on the bed and dove into my ass. He licked me like I eat pussy. Just devoured my hole for a solid 15 minutes. We were both moaning loudly as he tongue fucked me.

    “Awe fuck me dude!” I begged.

    “Hell yea, fag. You ready for this cock?” He urged as he slapped his meat on my ass.

    “FUCK ME!” I pleaded.

    He lined up, raw, and pushed into me. Just his head at first. Then inching deeper and deeper until I opened up and swallowed every last inch of his meat.

    He moaned as my ass enveloped his pole. I could feel his balls resting on mine. His pubes buried in my ass. And his cock squirting pre.

    He started thrusting, gaining power with each pump. I was in escstacy. He was ravishing me. Calling me a “big dicked faggot” and a “homo” and “gay boi” and “cock whore” as I enjoyed every second of his destruction of my hole.

    We switched positions from in my stomach to my back, to all fours, to standing, to bent over the couch in my room. We ended with me on my back. About 20 mins of solid dicking into it, he started aiming for my gland.

    “Fuuuuuuuuuuck dude” I moaned so loud. He thrust his massive unit into my gland for a few minutes before I erupted a massive load of cum onto my face and upper chest.

    Seeing me explode, he pushed in deep and unloaded in me. His cum seared my guts as he bred me deep.

    He pulled his cock out. He rested it on my leg, catching his breath. He remained hard as our orgasms subsided.

    As soon as he could breathe again, he pushed back into me and started ruining my hole again. I got hard again fast and began stroking my fat uncut cock while begging him for it harder.

    He obliged and started wrecking me harder than before. Just pummeling my “faggot pussy.” He went to town on me for maybe 10 minutes before I came again on my abs. Out of breath, he pulled out and moved up my body. Stroking his cum soaked cock feverishly he unloaded a MASSIVE load of cum on my face.

    He slapped my face with his meat and asked “how was that, fag?”

    “Amazing sir” I responded.

    I both caught our breath and showered off. He left for his room.

    I passed out naked. When I woke up, the bed was covered in dried cum that leaked from my freshly fucked hole.

    I showered again and went to breakfast then my meeting where he and I sat across from each other, smirking at each other all damn day.

    This is part 1 of 3 from my NYC trip. Thoughts? I love it when you share with me your feelings, reactions, comments.
  7. This past Saturday night I attended a local brewfest which benefited charity.

    While I was there I ran into a couple guys I know from my gym. They happen to be brothers. Todd, and Rich.

    Both are extremely masculine and physically fit. Todd is 32- maybe 6’ and has a light beard. He’s built but not ripped, though he is definitely toned. He has a slight V line and his ass is amazing.

    Rich is younger, he’s 29. Is shorter than his brother by a couple inches and is clean cut. He’s your classic pretty boy jock. He’s ripped and has a great ass, but not as nice as Todd’s.

    They are usually at the gym in the mornings together and we’ve become casual friends. We’ve showered together multiple times and been in the sauna together - even jerking off - a few times.

    Dick wise both are average length, cut, and pretty thick. They both have really nice nuts - but not huge. Todd is neatly trimmed and Rich is clean shaven.

    So I saw them at this event and went over to chat with them for a bit. We were all pretty wasted off the free beer. Eventually we started joking around about sex and needing to get laid and talking about spanking it at the gym, which the both said was crazy hot and intense.

    In the course of the conversation, Todd said that he could really go for a group stroke that night - which we all agreed would be amazing. We headed to my place after the event ended.

    At my place we had a couple brews and all sat on the couch watching porn on my laptop. I found a really hot MMF scene that we all were in to.

    Within a few minutes we were all pushing our pants down around our ankles letting our cocks spring free and started to stroke while watching the porno.

    I was sitting between the guys rubbing my dick and watching Todd and Rich more than anything else when Todd moaned that he could really use a hot slob job - I of course seized the chance and leaned down and gave his dick a lick on the head.

    He didn’t resist at all - in fact - he pushed my head down on it - so I started sucking his rod like a fucking hoover.

    Within a couple minutes Rich was audibly jealous and wanted some too.

    I started switching back and forth - sucking the hell out of both of their amazing cocks.

    In the porn at this point, the chick was getting spit roasted by the dudes. Todd asked Rich if he had ever double teamed a chick - which he hadn't but said he’d love to. Todd agreed.

    “What about double teaming a dude?” I asked earnestly.

    After just a couple seconds of hesitation, Todd got up and grabbed a rubber from his jeans, stretched it down over his steel hard cock and using the lube from our jerking off entered me.

    I was kneeling on the floor between Rich’s legs getting mounted by his brother.

    I ended up on all fours in the middle of my living room floor getting spit roasted. Todd was an amazing fuck. He was very fluid in his movements and had a great rhythm. His cock slid in and out of me effortlessly and he definitely knew how to make it feel good.

    Soon, Todd was close and wanted to cum in my mouth. He and Rich switched spots using another condom from Todd’s jeans. Todd nutted deep down my throat within a couple of minutes. Rich was getting close too, and wanted to blow on my abs, so I rolled over and started cranking my own cock, hoping to cum at the same time as the young stud railing me.

    He started railing the fuck outta me. He was 100x more aggressive that his older brother. More verbal and dominant. He knew what he liked, and what he wanted, and how to move to make himself cum hard.

    His skillfull fucking made me cum hard. I exploded all over my chest and neck and abs. The sight pushed Rich over the edge. He pulled out and came all over my torso. His load was enormous.

    I wiped the loads off my body with my hands, licking them clean. We were all still out of breath and totally sexually exhausted but had a few more brews hanging out naked on my couch chatting.

    Eventually, it was time for them to leave. I rinsed off and went to bed, and slept better than I have in a long time.

    I saw them this morning at the gym. They both came right over to me and told me how powerful their orgasms were. Both pointed out that they wanted to get together again. I can definitely see this happening more and more in the not so distant future.

    What do you think of this, you sexy fuckers? I need some feedback.
  8. Occasionally, I leave my home turf of LA Fitness and lift at UB’s Alumni Arena. Especially when college is in session there’s almost always some stellar scenery there.

    I’ve run into multiple UB Bull Footballers there over the years, but recently I met Alec (not the real name). He and I have talked casually while lifting and even in the locker room after a workout. He’s shredded, of course. Maybe 22, 5′11, 200. I won’t go into further detail on his appearance due to his active status with UB.

    One afternoon I was there for leg day. He was there too. We chatted a bit as he headed for the locker room. I had another set on my squats to go before cool down.

    Following my workout, I went into the locker room, stripped, and realizing I had some time to kill, went in the steam room. Alec was in there, leg spread wide open, towel next to him, with a semi hard cock. He immediately reached for the towel. “No need to cover that up on my account brah.” I said as I pulled my towel from my waist.

    “Haha, cool dude.” he replied, letting go of his towel. “Good lift today man?” he asked.

    “Excellent. Wrecked my legs though. You?”

    “Always a good day. haha.”

    “Agreed. Leg day though, always gets the blood pumping, looks like you know what I mean.” smirking.

    “Hahah, yea man. For sure.”

    I reached down and adjusted my heavy ball bag between my legs. My cock flopped easily in the process. He was watching intently. I was certain I had interrupted him mid stroke, but never got the feeling he might be down to tug one with a dude. Much to my surprise, his cock jumped.

    “Fuck dude. You get a load of that blonde in there?”

    “Right?!?! I’d love to get in that.”

    “Dude, you’re a stud. You could get with her no problem.”

    “I do ok, but I think she’s got a guy.”

    “Would it matter? haha.”

    “Not really, no. You got a girl?”

    I flashed my wedding band. “Married man.”

    “Fuck. You gotta be dying then looking at her ass thinking about how good that college pussy would feel.”

    “I think I’d enjoy her, that’s for sure. Luckily my wife puts out like a porn star still.” Tugging on my growing meat a little. Just enough to pull the skin off the head.

    “Damn man. Jealous.”

    “You don’t hook up?”

    “Been in a dry spell. Caught a babe downtown a couple weeks ago though.”

    “Yea? How was it?”

    “Easily top 10 I’ve had. Her box was legit small. I struggled at first.”

    “I can see why dude, that’s not exactly small there man.”

    “Haha, thanks dude. The ladies enjoy it.”

    “My wife’s got a tight little box too dude. So fucking good.” I’m slowly stroking my growing meat still. He notices and starts getting hard, too.

    “Yea man? You slam her?”

    “Dude, I’m so rough. She cums like a freight train on my cock when I’m plowing her deep and hard.”

    “Fuuuck man. Love that shit.” He finally grabs his meat and starts giving it a good stroke.

    “So dude, did I interrupt you when I came in? Couldn’t help but notice you were kinda half mast.”

    “haha, yea, I guess you kinda did. Glad you’re cool though.”

    “Fuck dude. Sorry. But don’t let me stop you. Legit.”

    That relaxed him. He leaned back, slowed his breathing, and enjoyed the stroke. His cock grew to an easy 7.5″ cut, and thick. We continued to talk about sex and how bad we wanted to get with the blonde in the gym.

    About 5 minutes into it, Alec closed his eyes and moaned, “fuuuuck, I’m gonna cum.”

    “Do it bro. I’m close too.”

    He began cumming. Just a couple small ropes squirted from the tip of his cock out into the palm of his cupped, waiting hand. He rubbed it on his towel and tried to catch his breath.

    “Fuccck brah. I’m gonna blow.” I moaned as I let 4 ropes fly out onto the floor of the steam room. His eyes were enormous as I came.

    “God man. A huge cock and a porn star load. Impressive.”

    “Haha, thanks dude. Not too shabby yourself, stud.”

    We both enjoyed a naked steam after our tension was released. Finally, we wrapped our towels around our waists and went to shower. We dressed and left independently.

    I wonder if he’d tag a girl with me given the chance? I’ll for sure be looking for him more often now.
  9. Several months ago, my wife and I, along with a couple friends went to Vegas for a few days. The goal, was just to get away. No preconceived notions about winning or losing. We were out to just have a good time.

    We stayed at the Bellagio and enjoyed all that the hotel and casino had to offer. We saw a few shows including Mystere and Mind Freak, walked around to all the various casinos, and went to Old Vegas to explore that a bit. But, this is not the point of my story, of course.

    It was during this time the Jennine was having some medical issues and we were unable to have sex for the most part. We could occasionally have slow, very slow, sensual sex which was fucking amazing but during the week leading up to Vegas and the week of Vegas we were unable to have sex at all.

    Personally, I was in the midst of a very stressful couple weeks at work and in life in general so I hadn’t even jerked off for close to a week. to say I was going crazy is an understatement.

    Luckily, I have a pretty amazing wife who one night when she saw me walking back from a shower with an obvious hard on said, “Hey babe, if you need to go find someone to relieve some tension, I’d be ok with that, as long as it’s not another woman.”

    “What?! Are you serious?!” I replied, sounding surprised.

    “Absolutely hun. When in Vegas, I guess.”

    “Well, I’ll just put myself out there and see what happens, I guess.”

    So I proceeded to download Grindr to scope out the local scene. To say I faced a barrage of hits is an understatement. There were countless hot ass guys that wanted to have some fun, but I was after something special.

    I first found Alex the next morning. He was hot as hell. Skinny but not a twink and not a jock either. Definitely toned and worked out. But his cock got my attention. A massive 8.5 uncut inches was hanging from the 21 year old’s body. I wanted it. Bad. But - he was only interested in stroking off. I wanted more.

    I put the phone away for the morning while we got showered and went to breakfast. After a few screwdrivers and some amazing eggs, we went into Caesar’s Palace to gamble a little before the crowd got there. I sat down at a bank of video blackjack machines and began to play.

    I noticed a sexy dude walk past and sit down a few machines to my left. I was Alex. Fuck it, I thought. I grabbed my phone, opened Grindr, and messaged him. “Hey stud, look to your right.”

    When he did, I just looked at him and smiled. He returned the smile and got up to walk towards me. He was wearing shorts made of a very light, almost linen type fabric, a tight tee, boat shoes, and a backwards cap. Very preppy. Usually not my type, but whatever.

    He leaned down to my ear and whispered, “Come with me stud.”

    I got up and followed him. He led us directly into the men’s room and into a last stall. The room was empty except for us. We locked the door to the stall and immediately began to make out. His cock was rock hard almost instantly pressed against mine. I massaged it through his shorts. He moaned quietly.

    “Still just want a handie, bro?” I whispered in his ear.

    He nodded, smirked, and let his head roll back. I kissed his neck making his cock throb.

    I pulled his belt open, unbuttoned his shorts, pushed them down and let his massive cock spring free. I began to tug his massive fuck stick while making out with him, sucking his ear lobe, and kissing his neck. He moaned so quietly in my ear. His voice was crazy deep for his body size. I was surprised.

    He tried to unzip my fly and pull my hog out, but I batted his hand away. I was going to service him and save my nut for what I hoped to be a stellar jock pussy. He tried again. I again pushed him away. “This is your moment, dude.” I hissed.

    He moaned like a bitch and relented to allowing me to work his shaft without reciprocation. My cock was straining at my fly, and a wet spot was forming, but I really didn’t want to loose the week long nut I had saved up.

    “Are you a bottom, dude?” I whispered in his ear.

    He nodded and moaned. I spun him around and ground my hard on into his bare ass. It was muscled and hard, but not big. He laid his head back on my shoulder as I continued to push my clothed cock into his crack and quickly working his uncut monster cock in my fist. He was getting close. His breathing was deep and fast. His knees were weakening. His moans became closer together and more forceful. He would have been a great fuck.

    I pulled his head over and locked his lips. “You ready to cum, sexy?” I whispered. He tried to get a “yeaaaa” out but his breath wouldn’t let him. I moved us so he was facing the toilet and continued to work him over pretty well. He wrapped one arm around my back pulling my cock into him harder and the other arm up around my neck. I was supporting his whole weight while stroking him.

    Within 5-6 pumps, he was cumming. A single rocket of cum shot out of his swollen head and landed in the toilet. From there he started oozing a sizeable load all over the place. I was careful to move up to allow it to drool into the toilet and not all over his clothes.

    His orgasm subsided after 30 or so seconds. His once steel hard cock was now soft and spongey in my palm. I was surprised he didn’t loose much length when he softened, but figured it was swole from the rub and tug I just gave him.

    We kissed a little more. He pulled his shorts up and adjusted himself to look presentable. Albeit more than a little flush.

    He looked down at my still raging hard on, with a wet spot the diameter of a tennis ball on my left inner thigh. He ran his hand down the length of my meat, stopping to massage the head a little. “Damn, stud. You’d feel good in my tight little ass.”

    I just smiled. We both left the stall, washed our hands next to each other and walked out. We went directly to the bar where I bought him a beer. He held it up to cheers and said, “To big dicks and handies in the men’s room.”

    “Cheers” I replied and smirked.

    He looked down, noticing my still rock hard cock. “Dude. Will that thing ever go away?”

    “Eventually. When I cum.” I said laughing.

    “It’s good to be young and virile.”

    “That it is.”

    We finished our beers and each went our separate ways.

    I met up with Jennine and our friends. She immediately noticed the wet spot and smiled. “No luck?”

    “Not yet.”

    “I have faith in you baby.”

    “I have faith in me too.”

    And we continued to gamble and eat and drink.

    To be continued…..
  10. Many of you have messaged, commented, kik’d, etc. about the thirst for a new story from me. Remember all of my stories are true. Only names and occasionally places have been changed to protect the guilty. This hookup is no exception.

    Jennine and I had been engaged for several months. I had kept true to my word about not hooking up with men after our engagement. Sure, I had met up with some buddies over the course of the months to stroke out a nice fat load or two. But there was no touching. No head. No sex.

    Jennine and I had agreed to meet for dinner one evening after work at the Melting Pot in the Galleria Mall in Buffalo. It’s one of our favorite restaurants. I hadn’t made it to the gym before work like usual, so I stopped there right after work. I got a great lift in and carried about my business.

    I made it to the mall with an hour or so to spare, so I stopped in Dicks to grab a new jock and compressions.

    The store was pretty quiet for being a weekday at rush hour. I was in the athletic section looking at a new pair of compressions when this blonde stud walked over to the same clothes rack I was at.

    He was about 6′2, 220, pure muscle. He had on a tight muscle fit tee and joggers. His dick was clearly visible. His arms were swole from what I had to assume was a trip tot he gym just prior to the mall. More importantly however, he looked vaguely familiar.

    “Hey dude, how’s it goin?” I asked.

    “Great man, you?”

    “Can’t complain. If I just could find a pair of compressions that I like.”

    “HAHA, I have the same problem. My favorite pair just fell apart changing at the gym. I hate I have to replace them.”

    “I was gonna say, you’re lookin’ swole man.” giving him the up and down.

    Smirks. “Thanks. You too, actually.”

    “Shoulder day does it every time.” Smiling back.

    We carried about our business making small talk for a few minutes more. I was looking at a new Bike jock (classic white) when he comes over by me and said, “Hey man, so this is awkward, but I swear I know you from somewhere.”

    “Dude. I felt the same way. Just can’t place you.”

    “Do you go Worlds in Williamsville by chance?”

    “Nope, LA in Orchard Park or Downtown usually.”

    “Damn. Wish I could place it.”

    We both laughed and introduced ourselves. “Well, I’m TJ.”

    “Brandon. Nice to meet you man.”


    I grabbed my jock and went back for the compressions I was debating about. He followed me and immediately said, “Dude. This is outta left field, but I think I’ve got it. Are you on Grindr by chance?”

    “Fuck. Yup. That’s it.”

    “I knew it!”

    “Dude, we talked for a few days then you disappeared.”

    “I know man, I just got weirded out by the whole thing.”

    “I hear you there man. I’m gone from there too.”

    “Well, I’m glad we officially met now. What are the odds of running into you here?!?”

    “Right?! By the way. I wasn’t just talking about your arms when I said you were looking swole.” Looking right at his cock, then back up at his eyes. Smirking.

    “I knew what you meant.” smiling back.

    “Come with me.”

    I led him to the dressing rooms. We both had something we could plausibly try on. I went in a changing room, and pulled him in behind me.

    “Whoa, fuck dude. What the hell….”

    I didn’t say anything. I just touched is lips with my finger to shush him, and dropped to my knees. I tugged his joggers down to find him freeballing.

    His cock was perfect for throating. Soft, he was 3-4 inches. Cut. Nice heavy balls, but not hangers. Trimmed perfectly.

    I swallowed his soft cock and tugged his sac. It didn’t take long to make him hard as steel. I started sucking his pipe like it was my job.

    Within 45 seconds he tapped my head. I looked up and he mouthed, “Cum.”

    I nodded, and sucked harder. Seconds later he erupted down my throat. A nice thick load. Not huge, but not small either.

    I stood up, adjusted my hard on in my jeans. I kissed his neck and whispered in his ear, “next time it’s your turn bruh.”

    “What’s your number?”

    We exchanged digits. I left first, going to checkout. He followed 30 seconds later. We checked out at the same time in different lines. When we walked out into the mall, we went opposite directions.

    I got a text 5 minutes later, “Hey dude. I can’t believe how hot that was. I definitely owe you. Let’s get together soon.”

    I met up with Jennine for dinner. We shared a bottle of wine and great conversation. That night I filled her pussy with an epic amount of thick cum.
  11. A couple of years ago, attended a local brewfest which benefited charity.

    While I was there I ran into a couple guys I know from my gym. They happen to be brothers. Todd, and Rich.

    Both are extremely masculine and physically fit. Todd is 32- maybe 6’ and has a light beard. He’s built but not ripped, though he is definitely toned. He has a slight V line and his ass is amazing.

    Rich is younger, he’s 29. Is shorter than his brother by a couple inches and is clean cut. He’s your classic pretty boy jock. He’s ripped and has a great ass, but not as nice as Todd’s.

    They are usually at the gym in the mornings together and we’ve become casual friends. We’ve showered together multiple times and been in the sauna together - even jerking off - a few times.

    Dick wise both are average length, cut, and pretty thick. They both have really nice nuts - but not huge. Todd is neatly trimmed and Rich is clean shaven.

    So I saw them at this event and went over to chat with them for a bit. We were all pretty wasted off the free beer. Eventually we started joking around about sex and needing to get laid and talking about spanking it at the gym, which the both said was crazy hot and intense.

    In the course of the conversation, Todd said that he could really go for a group stroke that night - which we all agreed would be amazing. We headed to my place after the event ended.

    At my place we had a couple brews and all sat on the couch watching porn on my laptop. I found a really hot MMF scene that we all were in to.

    Within a few minutes we were all pushing our pants down around our ankles letting our cocks spring free and started to stroke while watching the porno.

    I was sitting between the guys rubbing my dick and watching Todd and Rich more than anything else when Todd moaned that he could really use a hot slob job - I of course seized the chance and leaned down and gave his dick a lick on the head.

    He didn’t resist at all - in fact - he pushed my head down on it - so I started sucking his rod like a fucking hoover.

    Within a couple minutes Rich was audibly jealous and wanted some too.

    I started switching back and forth - sucking the hell out of both of their amazing cocks.

    In the porn at this point, the chick was getting spit roasted by the dudes. Todd asked Rich if he had ever double teamed a chick - which he hadn't but said he’d love to. Todd agreed.

    “What about double teaming a dude?” I asked earnestly.

    After just a couple seconds of hesitation, Todd got up and grabbed a rubber from his jeans, stretched it down over his steel hard cock and using the lube from our jerking off entered me.

    I was kneeling on the floor between Rich’s legs getting mounted by his brother.

    I ended up on all fours in the middle of my living room floor getting spit roasted. Todd was an amazing fuck. He was very fluid in his movements and had a great rhythm. His cock slid in and out of me effortlessly and he definitely knew how to make it feel good.

    Soon, Todd was close and wanted to cum in my mouth. He and Rich switched spots using another condom from Todd’s jeans. Todd nutted deep down my throat within a couple of minutes. Rich was getting close too, and wanted to blow on my abs, so I rolled over and started cranking my own cock, hoping to cum at the same time as the young stud railing me.

    He started railing the fuck outta me. He was 100x more aggressive that his older brother. More verbal and dominant. He knew what he liked, and what he wanted, and how to move to make himself cum hard.

    His skillfull fucking made me cum hard. I exploded all over my chest and neck and abs. The sight pushed Rich over the edge. He pulled out and came all over my torso. His load was enormous.

    I wiped the loads off my body with my hands, licking them clean. We were all still out of breath and totally sexually exhausted but had a few more brews hanging out naked on my couch chatting.

    Eventually, it was time for them to leave. I rinsed off and went to bed, and slept better than I have in a long time.

    I saw them this morning at the gym. They both came right over to me and told me how powerful their orgasms were. Both pointed out that they wanted to get together again. I can definitely see this happening more and more in the not so distant future.
  12. Since I have made a conscious effort not to hook up with men since Jennine and I got engaged I’ve fielded approximately 1 Million requests for my dick and ass via text message. Literally every single stud that I’ve banged in the last 10 years has reached out, it seems.

    It was a text from Travis however that peaked my interest. He didn’t want me to fuck him. He didn’t want to fuck me. He simply sent me a picture of his new Fleshlight with the caption, “Wanna play with my new toy?”

    I did. I really, really did. I told Travis to come by my house after the gym on Saturday. Jennine was gone for the day, shopping in Rochester with her sister so the coast was clear.

    I got up early Saturday morning and went to the gym. As is usual this time of year, the place was full of the the amateurs. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about people getting in shape, but fuck… there should be a limit to the number of new members allowed inside at any one time.

    The workout was great, and I didn’t feel like showering there, so I left, still in my gym clothes. I swung by Starbucks and then straight home. It was around 10 or so by the time I got home, watched the news, drank my coffee, and took a shower.

    When Travis rang my doorbell at noon, I was dying to get off. I purposely hadn’t stroked it since his initial text on Thursday, and Jennine was on the rag, so there was no pussy, either. To say I was horny is an understatement.

    I answered the door wearing nothing but white mesh gym shorts. I had them sitting low on my hips, slightly showing my freshly trimmed pubes over the waist band. Travis took his coat off and was in jeans and a tight tee. He greeted me with a ball tap and grabbed my ass.

    “Fuck brah, I gotta admit, I’ve been jonesing for your tight hole.” he said.

    “I feel ya man. But I’m really trying to be faithful to Jennine.”

    “I understand.”

    We went in the living room and he tossed his gym bag on the floor next to the couch. He opened it and pulled his Fleshlight out, setting it on my coffee table. I went and got a bottle of lube since he forgot it. But when I returned, He was sitting on my couch in his boxer briefs, lightly rubbing his bulge.

    “Mother fuck you’re a sexy ass.” I laughed.

    “Find us some porn, dude. Preferably bi.”

    “I found an incredible bi video on PornHub and streamed it to my 60″ TV. I pushed my gym shorts to the floor, stepping out of them and noticing Travis’ jock in his gym bag.

    “I didn’t know you wear a jock to work out?”

    “Just started. Love how it feels.”

    “Lets see you in it.”

    He got up and pushed his boxer briefs down. His cock was swollen, but not hard. He pulled the jock on and adjusted his heavy balls in the pouch. I couldn’t help but stare at him. I wanted him. Bad.

    “Fuck dude, you look amazing!”

    “Thanks! Let’s see what you look like in it. Been a minute since I’ve seen you in a jock.”

    I stood up and took the strap from him, and pulled it on. It was tight around my waist. I fought for a minute to get my cock and balls inside the pouch without spilling out the sides. Once in it, I flexed for him. His dick began to grow.

    “You are incredible, TJ.”

    I pushed the jock back down and sat next to Travis on the couch. Completely naked, and semi hard, we restarted the porn.

    I reached over, and started stroking Travis’ soft cock. He moaned and bit his bottom lip. He was rock hard within a couple minutes and was squirting pre every couple strokes. He reached over into my lap and grabbed my semi hard, leaking dick. His grip was tight. He pumped me up to a throbbing bone before he let go, and grabbed the Fleshlight.

    I grabbed the lube and drizzled a bunch over his meaty cock, greasing it up with my hand before doing the same to myself.

    He pushed his dick slowly into the toy, moaning like crazy while he did. He pumped a couple strokes into the toy and pulled out, and pushed it down over my cock. It was TIGHT as hell. Like, crazy tight. But fuck, did it feel good.

    I took hold of it and pumped my cock in and out of it. He was watching me, stroking his dick with his fist like a mad man.

    We continued to pass the Fleshlight back and forth for over a hour before Travis moaned “TJ I’m gonna explode.”

    “Cum on my chest stud”

    He stood up and exploded all over my ripped chest. The way he went all out on his throbbing cock and seeing it explode all over me and his facial expressions during his orgasm were amazingly intense.

    It didn’t take long and I was ready to bust. My eyes were rolled back in my head, I was rubbing Travis’ hot cum all over my chest and abs while stroking my meat like a fiend. I was close.

    I threw a leg up over Trav’s and moaned in pleasure. “I’m gonna cum dude.” I uttered.

    “Cum in my mouth man.”

    “Awe fuck… Ok.”

    I stood up and Travis got on his knees on the floor in front of me. I kept beating my dick with my head dangerously close to his open, waiting mouth. I started to cum. Rope after rope after rope exploded and flew straight into his straight jock mouth. He waited until my nuts were fully drained before taking two tries to completely swallow my fresh load.

    We popped a beer open and hung out all afternoon, naked, watching playoff football.
  13. I had the opportunity to head out to Albany for a week on business, so I seized the opportunity to stay with Marcus and Samantha during my visit.

    I left Buffalo on Monday around noon, and arrived in Albany - more precisely, at Marcus’ home - around 4 pm. I pulled in the driveway and parked behind Marcus’ truck. When I knocked on the door, he answered in gym shorts, obviously free balling - as usual, and a tight tee. My dick instantly twitched. I had forgotten just how sexy this stud really is. I was wearing loose sweats, boxers, a hoodie, and a backwards cap. My dick print was fairly obvious, but not obscene.

    I sat my overnight bag on the floor, kicked off my shoes, and gave Marcus a big bro hug. We greeted each other and he led me into the kitchen where he handed me a frosty Blue Light.

    “Where’s Sam?” I asked.

    “She’s at work till 6.”

    “Oh nice. And the little guy?”

    “Day care, also till 6. Just us ‘till then.”

    “Awesome man. Been too fuckin’ long dude.”

    “You know it bruh.”

    We chatted more and drank a few more beers, finally settling down next to each other on the couch in the living room. Our legs were touching, but strangely, not in a sexual way. We just shot the shit as bros do. He had CNN on and we talked about how sexy some of their anchors are - both the men and women. His attitudes about sexual attraction hadn’t changed at all. He was most definitely still bi.

    Around this time Samantha and their son got home. She walked in and gave me a huge hug and a kiss on the cheek. She smelled so fucking good. I’ve always been attracted to Samantha. She’s absolutely gorgeous. When their son, Tony, saw me, he ran over and gave me a huge hug also, driving his head right square into my dick. Fucker. I doubled over in pain, which made him laugh - right along with Marcus and Samantha.

    Nothing really exciting happened until after dinner. Samantha had prepared an amazing meal - well, with help from Marcus and I outside grilling. We seized the time out in the garage grilling. We drank a couple more brews and when we were sure Samantha and Tony were no where to be found, “So dude, now that you’re engaged, does that mean that you and I can’t have any fun?” Marcus asked, smirking like a cock hungry whore.

    “Dude. Missed your opportunity this afternoon. We had two fucking hours to do what ever we wanted before Samantha and the boy got home.”

    “Fuck man, I know. I was honestly worried that you wouldn’t want to.”

    “Seriously?!?! Have we met?”

    “I know man. Ya know, I saw the blog stories about me and well….”

    “Awe fuck. You’re not pissed are ya?”

    “Fuck no. I drained my nuts to both of them about 5 times so far. Was great to relive that first time.”

    Smiling, “Glad you enjoyed. In the interest of full disclosure though, I’m not game for sex. But definitely have really, really been looking forward to feeling your hands wrapped around this.” grabbing my now semi hard cock through my sweats.

    “What time is your meeting tomorrow?”

    “I’m free all day tomorrow dude. What time do you get home from work?”

    “Took the day off.” winking and smiling. “We can get drunk, baked, and just goon the fuck out all day man. After the gym, that is.”

    “Apart from the baked part, I’m so down.”

    By this time, the steaks were finished, so we went back inside and enjoyed what turned out to be one of the best meals I’ve had in a while. After Tony was put to bed, Samantha changed into a pair of yoga pants and a tight tee. I could not stop looking at her ass. I was fairly certain she wasn’t wearing any underwear and I wanted desperately to just reach out and grab her perfect butt.

    She sat next to Marcus on the couch, cuddled up next him. They have never been shy about their sexual desire and within a few minutes, I watched Samantha slide her hand up Marcus leg, into his shorts, and start rubbing his soft piece of Italian Sausage. He looked at me, grinning, as she kept masturbating him right in front of me. She was watching TV and not really paying attention to the fact that I was staring directing at her hand on his junk.

    She pulled her hand out and kissed his cheek, whispering in his ear what I assume had to be something along the lines of “I’m going upstairs, you coming?” because he nodded and said, “I’ll be right there babe.”

    She walked past me, grabbing my shoulder with the same hand that had just been wrapped around his dick. Bitch. “Good night TJ. If you need anything, please holler, otherwise, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

    “Good night, Sam. I’m sure I’ll be fine.”

    She went up the stairs toward their bedroom and I immediately looked directly at Marcus who had is cock pulled out of his shorts… it was throbbing and leaking pre everywhere. “You fucker.” I said.

    “What can I say dude, she likes how I fuck.”

    “And I can relate to that. Go give it to her dude. Make her fucking scream loud enough so I can hear you.”

    “One one condition: You can’t nut tonight. You have to save it for me tomorrow.”

    “You bitch. Ok. Fine.”

    He laughed and went upstairs with me right behind him. I smacked his amazing ass as I turned into my room. The master bedroom was two doors down from me. The only thing between us was a linen closet. As I closed the door behind me, I tore my shirt off and pushed my sweats and boxers off leaving me naked and leaking. I felt a couple drops of pre cum hit my foot as I walked across the room to the bed. I was admittedly exhausted and didn’t even have an interest in playing online or watching any more TV. I turned off the light and hopped in bed. It was incredibly difficult to keep my hands off my cock.

    Within just a few minutes I heard the unmistakable sound of a bed creaking rhythmically. Then I heard Marcus moaning a little. Then Samantha started. Moaning softly but getting louder and louder. Before long she was moaning out loud and I swear I heard the words, “FUCK ME DADDY” come out of her mouth before the bed started to pound against the wall, rattling the whole damn house. My cock was throbbing under the blankets, but I kept my hands interlocked behind my head as my buddy slammed the dick into his wife’s amazing body.

    I remembered how hard he fucked me as I listened to them go at it. Before long she was cumming. Loudly. I could hear it like I was in the room with them. Later I learned that their bed was against the same wall as mine. After she came a couple of times, I finally heard the familiar sound of Marcus grunting and moaning as he exploded.

    The next morning, I woke up around 5. I pulled on a fresh pair of boxers and went downstairs. I found Samantha already awake, wearing only one of Marcus’ big tee shirts and what looked like boy shorts. She was cooking eggs for herself and offered to fry up a couple for me. I accepted and sat down at their breakfast bar. “Had I known you were up, I’d have put some pants on.” I said laughing.

    “It’s ok TJ. You look amazing like that. I’ll never get sick of seeing those abs.”

    “You’re sweet.”

    “How’d you sleep?”

    “Pretty good, after about an hour of being in the bed.” I said with a smirk.

    “Oh, I’m sorry! Guess we got a little carried away.”

    “A little!?!?“ laughing and smiling.

    She just smiled and handed me my eggs. About this time, Marcus and Tony came down the stairs and the process started all over again.

    After Sam and Tony were off for the day, Marcus asked me if I heard them. I affirmed that I did and that no, I didn’t nut, even though their sheets are now covered in my pre. He laughed and suggested we hit the gym. I agreed.

    After working out, we stopped for coffee and went back to Marcus’ place. Neither of us showered at the gym that morning. I was actually kind of bummed that Marcus didn’t want to take the time for that. There were some major studs in the locker room while we were changing.

    As soon as we got home, he pushed me against the wall and kissed me. “Woah dude. Just stroking, remember.”

    “Sorry sexy, I’ve just been dying to do that for a while.”

    “It’s all good stud. Let’s get clean and get our cocks out. My nuts are ACHING.”

    We went upstairs to the master bedroom. Marcus pulled his stringer off and pushed down his shorts. He was wearing compression shorts which made his ass look phenomenal. My cock twitched. He pushed his compression shorts off and tossed his smooth balls in his hand. “You just gonna stare or you gonna get naked?”

    I pulled my tee off and dropped my shorts also. I was in a black Bike jock. I pushed my thumbs under the waist band and started to push it down when Marcus said, “Wait. Turn around for me.”

    I did as I was told, and flexed my hard ass for him in my jock.

    “Fuck dude. You are one fine piece of meat. Ok go ahead and push that down. Bending over for me so I can see your tight pussy.”

    I did as I was asked and when I stood back up and turned around, Marcus was fully hard, stroking his fat Italian cock. “Apparently you like that cunt huh dude?”

    “I fucking love it. Let’s shower.”

    He followed me into the master bathroom. They have a huge walk-in rainfall shower with no doors. I could feel his eyes burning holes in my jock ass as I walked.

    We soaped up and washed off. I helped him soap up his entire body, spending extra time soaping up his thick shaft and rubbing his big balls in my hands. He moaned like Samantha did the night before. He returned the favor for me, soaping up my body. He spent a ton of time working the soap into my ass. I could feel his throbbing, leaking, cock against my sac as he stood behind me, rubbing soap into my chest and abs and down to my cock. I leaned my head back against his shoulder and moaned. I missed him. I missed his hands on my body. And I missed how good he fucks.

    We rinsed and dried off, going back downstairs to the couch naked. “We can’t do this here. There’s gonna be too much cum to clean up. Let’s go to the man cave.” he suggested.

    I followed him to the basement into his man cave. There was a big ass couch and a monster TV. In a locked cabinet, he pulled out several porn choices, and a big bottle of lube. I sat on the couch, staring at his tight body, lightly tossing my balls in my fingers. My cock was limp as could be, but drooling. “You got a towel down here bro. My dick is drooling already.”

    “Yea man, laundry room is right through there. I think Samantha tossed some in the dryer this morning.”

    I looked around, and grabbed two. I laid mine on the couch and sat on it. My dick was resting on the towel itself. My nuts were heavy as hell and full of cum. I was aching even more after the shower and the work out.

    He popped in a hot as fuck bi porn and sat next to me on the other towel. Our knees and thighs were touching. To say we were sitting next to each other was a bit of an understatement. He turned the volume up a little so we could hear the porno but we were mostly focused on one another. I reached across and grabbed his semi, hanging cock. I could feel it stiffen in my hand. “Did Sam get you hard this quick on the couch last night?”

    “No fuckin’ way man.”

    “Good.” I kept working his hardening dick in my fist. He drizzled some lube down onto his shaft allowing me to grease my palm at the same time. I was stroking him nice and slow, watching him breathe heavier and heavier as he grew harder. I leaned over and took his nip into my mouth and flicked it with my tongue. He squirted a rope of pre and moaned so loud, “oooooooh fuck, TJ”

    I felt his hand slide over and grab my semi hard dick. He peeled the skin back off my head and started working my pole like a pro. I moaned too. His hand felt amazing wrapped around my thick shaft. He definitely knows how to jack a dude off.

    We kept stroking each other until we were both on the cusp of exploding. He reached it first. But barely. “I’m gonna nut.” he moaned.

    “So am I baby.” I moaned back.

    “Where do you want my fuckin’ seed?“

    “On my chest.”

    He got up and stood over me, stroking his gorgeous cock for me. “Cum for me daddy.”

    “Yea? You want this big load, stud?”

    “Fuck yea! Give me your cum.”

    He started totally going nuts on his cock. I watched as his eyes rolled back in his head, he started moaning like crazy, and his nuts tightened pumping a MASSIVE load out and all over my chest and abs. There was no spraying this time. He had ROPES. He finally stopped nutting and he just dropped to his knees, exhausted. “Holy shit TJ. That was intense.”

    “Hell yea, it was. That load was huge. Where do you want me to pop?”

    “On my cock.”

    I stood up, letting him sit back down. His semi hard, swollen, still throbbing, aching dick was bright red. He was breathing hard and deep. He was exhausted.

    I scooped a glob of his fresh load off my abs and used it to grease my cock. I was squirting pre with every stroke. I was close. So fucking close. I just gooned out on my meat, staring at Marcus. Biting my lip. I wanted him. So fucking bad. Just then, I felt it coming. I leaned down and aimed my dick at his freshly drained unit. Rope after rope after rope of thick jizz fired out and splashed against his soft cock.

    I was tired after probably the hardest orgasm I’ve ever had masturbating. I was spent. Out of breath. I sat next to Marcus, who was rubbing my cum all over his body and moaning. I rubbed his cum into my body also.

    It was noon by the time we both caught our breath. I got up from the couch, still naked, still covered in now dry, cum. I grabbed two beers out of the fridge for us and sat back down next to Marcus.

    We jacked off together 3 more times that day. Once more in the basement, once in Marcus and Samantha’s bed and once in the shower when we washed all the cum off our spent, drained bodies.

    We got dressed and were just opening a fresh beer when Samantha and Tony walked through the door. Again, Tony ran and hugged me, drilling his head into my dick. I winced, but my nuts were aching from pumping so much cum that i hardly noticed anything different. Samantha gave me a kiss on the cheek and rubbed Marcus’ limp dick lightly while kissing him. “You two boys have a good day?” she asked with a knowing smirk.

    “Definitely.” we said in unison.

    She handed us 4 chicken breasts to grill, a pair of beers, and sent us to the garage.

    That night, there was no noise from their room and none from mine either. I slept like a log. The next morning, I got up, showered in the guest bathroom, pulled a suit on and went to my meeting.

    From there, i came back to Buffalo.

    Later that day, I got a text from Marcus,”Hey sexy. So good to see you. Can’t wait to do it again.”

    “Likewise, bruh. Keep making her howl for me, until next time.”

    “You bet.”

    I got home and laid the pipe to Jennine in an epic way and fell asleep, exhausted.
  14. After that first dive into male on male sexual activity, Marcus changed a little. He was clearly more comfortable in his own skin. He continued to date Samantha, whom he was deeply and madly in love with. She was incredibly attractive and she, Marcus, Jennine, and I all became close friends.

    Marcus apparently immediately told Samantha that he was experiencing some confusion about his sexuality, though never mentioned our exploit. Samantha brought it up to Jennine shortly after.

    Jennine, the cunning fox that she is, worked hard to calm Samantha’s fears and encourage her to be open minded about the situation. She relayed that I am bi, and that she’s ok with that.

    Marcus and I continued to workout together, and he was more open and honest about who he was after our initial encounter. We became extremely close friends, and remain so today. But this is not the point of this story.

    It was about a week after I blew Marcus that he sent me a text, wanting to get together to hang out with out the girls. I figured he wanted another, as he called it, [The] best blow job of [his] life.” I was more than willing to swallow another load of his, too. So we set it up.

    He came by my place one weekend afternoon while Jennine and Samantha were out shopping. I remember distinctly he was wearing mesh shorts and a tank top. He looked amazing, actually. I could see his dick print clearly so I assumed he was free balling.

    I answered the door wearing sweats and a beater. I too, was freeballing and had been edging for an hour or so watching some porn and blogging. My bone was semi hard and thick as hell in my sweats. He immediately noticed my print and commented on it. I can’t remember his exact words, but I’m sure they were along the lines of, “Jesus dude, you get started without me?”

    We went to the living room where I had a bi porn paused on my laptop and an open bottle of lube sitting on the coffee table. He immediately pushed play and sat next to me.

    We watched the porn and I had already decided that I wanted to try to get him to plow me, so I was all cleaned and prepped for that, just in case. (Have I mentioned how much I love my Shower Shot? Seriously, get one).

    I reached over and slid my hand down his shorts, grabbing his semi hard cock. He moaned hard. I had him.

    I let go of his dick and swung my leg over him, pivoting at the same time so I was sitting on his lap, facing him. He didn’t resist. I noticed that he bit his bottom lip and kept looking directly at my mouth. He wanted a kiss. I locked my lips on his, and he began exploring my mouth with his tongue.

    I remember thinking that he was a great kisser and that if his tongue was that talented, I can only imagine how it feels on Samantha’s pussy. I could feel him boning up in his shorts. I kissed his neck and bit his ear lobe. It was oddly sensual. I say oddly, because I’m not a huge fan of romantic sex with men. I prefer to fuck. To dominate. Or, when I bottom, to be dominated. Totally and completely. I wanted him to use me like a fucking faggot that afternoon.

    He had already told me that he liked it rough. I knew I was going to get the pounding I craved if I could convince him to actually mount me.

    I stood up and tore my beater in half removing it and pushed my sweats off. My semi hard cock was dripping pre all over the place. I pulled his shorts off as he removed his tank top. He was throbbing hard. His head slick with pre.

    I climbed back up on him. My dick was resting on his abs, drooling all over him. I reached back and pushed his cock against my ass and started stroking him with my crack. He moaned like a bitch.

    “Fuck I want you so bad, dude.” he moaned to me. That’s all I needed to hear. I stood up, grabbed a condom from the end table and rolled it down over his rock hard pole. I had thought ahead and knew he didn’t need a magnum, so I had purchased a box of standard fit Trojans. It fit him tight and he filled it almost completely. I drizzled a generous amount of lube over his rubbered cock and worked some into my ass as well.

    I mounted him again and kissed him. Slowly, I pushed down on his raging bone until he was completely inside of me. “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck” he moaned as I slid down on him.

    I started riding him nice and slow. I wasn’t sure how long he’d last the first time. We continued to kiss deeply and me kept moaning. “You’re cock feels huge in my pussy bruh.” I moaned in his ear.

    “Yea, dude? You like that fat cock?”

    “Fuck yea bruh. I love it. You wanna really fuck me?”

    “God yes.”

    “Good. Make me your bitch.”

    I got off of him and got on all fours on the coffee table. I stood behind me and slammed his cock into me with a force I hadn’t seen from him before. He drove that straight jock dick home inside of me so fucking hard I sore it was going to come out my mouth. I winced in pain, but moaned in pleasure. “Fuck yea stud. Just like that. Fuck me!”

    I arched my back as I felt him grab my hips and start ruining me. He went at me for what felt like ever. He was relentless. Never slowed, or stopped. Never once lost his rhythm. Just a hard, fucking pounding.

    “I wanna see your face.” he said after about 10 minutes. He pulled out of me and I got up and laid on the floor. I spread my legs wide open, holding my legs back so he could enter me. As soon as he did, my dick jumped. Ahhhh, finally. He found the gland.

    He held my calves as he brutally fucked me. His cock was sliding in and out of me so easily by this time that I started to focus on cumming hands free. He hit my spot every thrust. His head is so fuckin’ big I would be shocked if he could even avoid hitting it to be honest.

    I closed my eyes and started to moan like a chick. I wanted him to see me cum. I wanted to coat my chest and abs with a monster load of jizz. I wanted him to fuck the cum out of me.

    “Oh fuck yea, bruh. Fuck that ass.”

    “Yea, fuckin’ take it, bitch.”

    “Oh yea, just like that! fuck me harder! Harder! HARDER!!!”

    “You’re so fucking sexy with my cock in your ass dude.”

    “Oh fuck baby, I’m gonna cum.” And just then, I exploded. Rope after rope after rope of thick white cum splattered all over my torso. I hadn’t even slightly stroked my cock. He legit fucked it out of me. Watching me cum must have pushed him over the edge too.

    “Mother fuck. I’m gonna cum too.”

    “Cum on me.”

    He pulled out in the nick of time got the condom off before he exploded. He sprayed cum everywhere. There was cum all over my fucking floor, me, my face, my cock, my balls, my ass. EVERYWHERE.

    He kissed me again and snapped a picture of me covered in two creamy white loads before he asked to take a shower. I stood up and showered with him. We got dressed and hung out on the couch for a couple more hours watching espn and talking about what had just happened.

    He told me that my ass was tighter than Samantha’s pussy and that he was amazed I could take it as good as I did. He also had never even heard of a dude cumming hands free and said that was the hottest thing he had ever seen.

    He left and I shampoo’d my living room floor to get the cum off it (not the first time).

    After that day, we continued to workout together, hang out with the girls, hang out together - both platonic and sexual. He eventually moved to Albany for work but we remain very close friends. We see each other whenever I go to Albany or he comes to Buffalo. He and Samantha are married now, and have a baby boy. A perfect little Italian with the most adorable smile. He says that in Albany he has only wadded into the bisexual scene a couple times and never further than stroking with a couple friends he’s made at the gym. I am actually heading to Albany tomorrow for a conference and plan to stay at their place for a few days. It will be good to go to the gym with Marcus again and, fingers crossed, find some time to mutually rub one or more out with a bro.

    I never convinced him to let me fuck him. He was interested, but not with my dick. In his words, “You’re way too fucking big for me.” But I was able to eventually finger blast him and rim his virgin jock ass. I wanted nothing more than to slide deep in that perfect little pussy. But it was not to be. He continued to dominate me completely in ways that still blow my mind. The sex was absolutely incredible with Marcus. He lasted far longer than anyone else I’ve been fucked by. His stamina for ruthless hard pounding (physical stamina) was insane.
  15. Marcus and I met a couple years ago at a dive bar in Buffalo. He’s your typical closeted gay Italian American male. He was 28 at the time and was in the “curious” stage of his orientation discovery process.

    It all started pretty nonchalantly. We met in the bar, had a few drinks, and I comment on his arms. They were and are, huge. He complimented me back. We agreed that we should be “work out partners.” We both had memberships to LA but went to different locations. He agreed that we’d alternate if it all worked out and a date was set to meet up at his gym the next day.

    I showed up in my typical everyday clothes. A suit. In the locker room I changed into my jock, mesh shorts, and tee shirt. He was already waiting for me outside the locker room when I arrived so we met back up there after I changed.

    We both were working chest/shoulders that day, which involved among other things the bench. I obviously had no idea that he was “curious” at this point and he had no idea that I am bi. We were just two good looking, similar aged jocks working out together. As men do. I spotted him first on the bench and couldn’t help but notice the bulge in his gym shorts. It snaked slightly to the left. I’ll admit I was staring.

    He laid his head basically between my legs and I positioned myself just right to give him the chance to look up my shorts if he wanted to. He took the bait. There was nothing to really see though. But I definitely noticed him catching glances up into my shorts.

    After our workout, we both made our way to the locker room. As is usual for me, as soon as I get through the door, I take my shirt off. My pecs and shoulders were swole as hell. I make a habit of tucking my shirt into the waist back of my shorts, right in front of my crotch. His locker was kind of diagonal from mine. I was undressed before him, so I wrapped a towel around my waist and walked to the showers…right past him. I glanced over just in time to see him drop his shorts and boxer briefs. He had a pretty thick, slightly above average flaccid cock and a nice set of nuts. Trimmed pubes. I just kept walking and took the first stall that was free. I kept the curtain partially open to try to entice him to take the stall across from me, and maybe catch a glimpse of him soaping up.

    He took the bait. Again. To my surprise, he left the curtain partially open too. I was still ahead of him in my shower, so as I finished, I pulled the curtain open to dry off. I faced him and took my time drying my hair, pits, chest, abs, and down to my dick and balls. I caught him staring at me hard. I just smirked and kept going. I’m used to being stared at in the locker room. No big deal.

    He was soaping up his dick as I was drying my ass and legs. I wrapped my towel around my waist again and made my way to my locker. I had just pulled my boxer briefs up and had a hand shoved down the front, adjusting my hang down, when he came around the corner.

    He asked if I had time to grab a cup of coffee, which I agreed to.

    I finished getting dressed and made my way to Spot Coffee in the city where we agreed to meet up. He came in shortly after me, wearing a suit and tie. The dude looked incredible in his flat front, tight fitting suit pants and his athletic cut shirt and coat. The tip of his tie was perfectly positioned at the top edge of his belt buckle, pointing straight down at his bulge. As he walked, I could tell he must have been wearing either boxers or free balling, because I could see his dick clearly beneath the fabric. Still, curving to the left. The line of his head was pronounced. I started to thicken a little as I watched him walk toward me with his coffee.

    Coffee was uneventful, and we continued to meet up every couple of days, alternating gym locations, followed by coffee for the next month or so. Every day, I would see him change into his gym clothes, shower, and back into a suit.

    Finally, he texted me one night and asked if I wanted to grab a couple cold ones at the same dive bar where we had met. I agreed.

    When we met at the bar, Marcus was wearing tight jeans that accentuated his ass and package and a tight as fuck tee shirt. He looked completely fuckable. And to be honest, I was jonesing to 1. see this stud’s dick get good and hard and 2. get my dick in some jock. We had never talked about sex, or anything remotely sexual up to this point. He had never commented on my dick, or my ass. Just my overall physical appearance, “You’re jacked as fuck dude” or “I can’t believe those abs” or “You’re looking swole as hell today bruh.” I too, would exchange these compliments to him. He did, afterall, have a totally studly body. No real ab definition, but definitely no paunch either. Good solid pecs, big dark nipples, just the right about of chest hair, a great jock ass, big hairy legs, and massive guns.

    The conversation was bland for awhile. We were getting into the brew pretty heavy and had to piss. So after I returned, he had ordered us each a shot and as we downed it, he comes out with, “So… I happened to stumble across this Tumblr page online. The guy that runs it looks remarkably like you. And he’s a funeral director. Anything you’d like to tell me?”

    I was, to say the least, shocked as fuck. I’ve fucked only one follower before. He was a Buffalo City Cop that I picked up at a bar, and he didn’t tell me until after. Then made me promise not to blog about it. So I haven’t. My response was, “Well. Is it called “Big Dick Stud?” He affirmed that it was.

    “Well, in that case. It’s me” but, “more importantly, why were you looking at gay porn, dude? Do YOU have something you’d like to tell me?” I love spinning this shit back on people.

    He awkwardly looked around, turned beat red, and stared at the floor. “Dude, it’s like this…… I’m straight….but there’s something about dick that…..I don’t know. I like seeing it.”

    “Marcus, listen. I get it. You’ve met Jennine. I clearly love chicks. But, dudes just….. how can I put this nicely……..”

    “Fuck better?” he interrupted.

    “Yes. That’s exactly it.”

    We carried on talking about the blog, and his feelings, etc etc etc for about an hour when I said, “Hey man, listen. I would love to keep talking about this. But, why don’t you come to my place and we can chat a little more openly than here. I’ve got all the beer you can drink. What do you say?”

    “Fuck it. Ok.”

    So, we get to my place and I immediately grab Marcus a beer. We sit in the living room, where I’ve fucked countless supposed straight jocks. He put his beer on the very coffee table, where Travis came in to find me on all fours, in a jock, waiting to get plowed. And where I exploded during that same fuck. The memories of the room are enormous. I sat on the couch next to him, knees slightly touching. I had a beer in one hand, and my other was grabbing my crotch gently.

    We talked about his feelings, and the blog, and my feelings, and what it might mean to be bi, and what he wanted to do with a guy, and what he fantasied about, and what I fantasize about,and our girlfriends. Finally, I asked him if he’d ever done anything with a guy at all. He hadn’t. I asked if he wanted to. He did. Pressed further, I asked what exactly he wanted to do. Jerk off. Maybe fuck. Definitely get blown. Maybe Blow. Maybe get fucked.

    “Here’s the thing man, you know what I’m all about now that you found the blog. You know I’m pretty much down for whatever you want. What ever YOU’RE comfortable with. You’re driving the bus.”

    “You got any porn?”

    “Gay or Straight?”


    “Go into my bedroom, right up the stairs, first door on the left. In the right hand nightstand, bottom drawer is my collection. If you can’t find anything…we can use the laptop. Go in the top drawer and grab the lube too.”

    When he came back, he had two condoms, lube, my dildo, and 3 DVDs of gay porn. “Holy shit dude, what did you do, bring the whole cabinet?”

    “Well, I thought this shit might be useful.”

    He popped in his first choice of videos and sat back down next to me. He was nervous, I could tell. I tried to ease his mind by reassuring that he was in charge and we didn’t have to do anything at all.

    He was all in. The porn was moving along well. I was sufficiently turned on, but neither of us were doing much. So I stood up and pulled my shirt off. He watched me. Stared, in fact. I undid my belt and unbuttoned my jeans and fly. I pushed my jeans down to the floor, leaving me in Diesel Trunks. My dick head was sticking out the right leg of the trunks, drooling pre. His eyes were the size of silver dollars when he saw my dick drool the first rope of pre.

    “Holy fuck dude. You weren’t lying about how much you leak! That’s amazing.”

    “Why don’t you loose some of those clothes man. Get comfortable. Not like we haven’t seen each other 100 times.”

    He stood up and mirrored me. First his shirt, then his jeans. He was commando and made sure to point out that he was naked, and I wasn’t. As soon as his jeans cleared his dick, it sprung straight up and smacked his abs. It stayed that way. He was thick as hell. Average length. Enormous head, though. He tugged his balls down and as he did his whole dick bounced up and down.

    I stood up and pushed my trunks to the floor and sat back down. My cock was standing up against my abs when I sat. We weren’t watching the porno anymore. The focus was on each other. I reached across him and grabbed the lube. I drizzled a generous portion on his cock and did the same to mine. Greased up, and throbbing, we both slowly started stroking our dicks.

    I noticed his nips were hard enough to cut glass. I asked if they were sensitive and he said “Crazy sensistive.” I reached over and tweaked one. Me moaned and a small jet of pre squirted from his slit. I reached down, and slowly wrapped my hand around his shaft. “So thick” I commented as he relaxed and let me stroke him. Slowly, up, and down, up, and down. Twisting my wrist over his head. Tight and loose, up and down. He began to moan heavily. He was tweaking his nipples. His eyes closed, mouth open.

    I leaned over and sucked one of this nips nice and hard. Flicking it with my tongue. I felt his cock let another rope of pre go up onto his abs.

    “Does Samantha suck your nips bruh?” I whispered into his ear as I bit lightly on his lobe.

    “noooooo” me moaned lightly.

    I looked down, and saw that the veins in his shaft were starting to pop. His meat was fucking perfection. I got down on my knees between his legs and slowly pushed his legs apart letting his nuts drop. I took one, then the other, then both in my mouth. Sucking them lightly. He responded with louder moaning and more pre.

    Slowly, I worked my way up to his head. I took his dick in my mouth and throated him immediately. I worked his cock with my mouth for several minutes. He got into it, rubbing his fingers through my hair, pushing my head down on him deeper.

    I kept working his pole until finally he tapped my head, “You’re gonna make me cum.” I nodded and kept going. He exploded in my mouth. His dick sprayed cum like a geyser. Not ropes. Just a spray of hot, sticky, cum.

    He went soft in my mouth and when I looked up at him, he was smiling from ear to ear.

    By this time, my cock had gone soft. I was focused on pleasing him totally. I wanted him to experience his first male blowjob and crave more.

    Crave more, he did.

    … be continued……
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