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  1. Thought I would start the week by putting one ring on then each day adding the corresponding number of rings. Could be an interesting week as I won't take any off until the week is up. For example on Monday I'll start with 1 ring then Tuesday I'll add another 2 rings, Wednesday 3 and so on. Anyone guess how many rings I will have on at the end

    Today is the start of an interesting week, the first ring is on for the next 24/7. Which means going to work and sleeping with them on

    Well Tuesdays here, 2nd day of the week which means 2 more rings have to be added. Yesterday was great, could definitely feel my balls swelling creating a little bulge. Although I've worn lots of rings before they were all put on at once, doing it this way is more of a challenge than I thought. Not so easy to get the rings on in stages.
    15511550726748902964141907523721.jpg 15509869597877396570326816279501.jpg
    Another day at work done, not so easy with rings on sitting down most of the day, will soon be sitting on them.

    Day 3 of the week and 3 more rings added, slowly getting heavier each day and more prominent in the bulge
    15512392530835479303540289093196.jpg .

    Doesn't time fly, day 4 already and 4 more rings to add to the 6 I have on.
    Having to wear loose fitting pants to try and conceal the bulge plus getting up and down from at work is making them ache and throb.
    15513202422808064172191061517458.jpg .

    Day 5 of 7 therefore 5 more rings added making it 15 for today definitely a lot longer and heavier, lucky for me my work pants are quite baggy but the bulge is still visible 15514156434115062970189469126899.jpg
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