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  1. Yesterday I had one of the biggest, messiest, warm cums. I was videoing, like some of my others that I posted, standing in front of the camera, with a squash - it was small, so kind of like an average cock I guess, which I was sucking on, licking it and taking it in my mouth thinking it was a guys cock - I am really craving one now and to taste cum!

    As I videoed myself sucking on it, I was watching the screen and seeing my own cock growing hard, partly thinking about sucking on a cock, partly thinking about you watching me, maybe sucking your cock or another guys, all of us watching my cock grow. I tried to just let it grow by itself, but I wanted to touch so bad and stroke it, so slowly I moved my hand down to it and it jumped to greet my hand.

    I kept sucking and stroking my pretend cock into my mouth and started stroking my own, thinking this is what I would do if I were sucking another guy off and also that maybe it was his hand reaching down to join mine and stroke with and for me. My cock got rock hard and was enjoying all the attention. I needed to taste some of my precum and cock taste, so I brought my pretend cock down and started rubbing it all over my head, that was alternating being covered with my wet foreskin and fully exposed as I stroked away. My pretend cock was wet and covered in my saliva and now felt so good rubbing up against my cock. I watched thinking about what it would be like if it was really another cock against me, how much hotter it would be watching that, me reaching out to stroke it and play with his balls as our cocks danced together. But now it was time to bring it back to my mouth.

    Before tasting it, I could smell it and sense that it was warm now, like a real cock. I took it into my mouth, my lips and tongue feeling and tasting my precum on it and I just moaned onto it as I continued stroking away at my cock. Now I was beyond being into this and started sensing a cum builiding up and new it wouldn't be long before I came. I started thinking about how I wanted to taste it, taste my own cum, really taste another's but this was all I had for now. I started sucking and moaning and stroking with more intensity. I watched as my cock somehow grew even bigger. I felt my cum getting even closer.

    I moved my pretend cock down to play under my balls a little as I stroked and then felt myself going over the edge. I quickly moved my pretend cock to just in front of my own and imagined I was jerking away so close to shooting over his cock. And then I exploded onto it and beyond. I had two or three really big blasts and felt my warm cum flowing down that pretend cock and all over my hand that was holding it. My hand that was stroking was also now covered in my cum that was still being stroked out of my cock and balls. I looked down at all this juicy warm cum and knew I had to taste it, wished it was someone else's, wished someone else was able to enjoy having their cock covered in it and then me taking them back into my mouth to suck and lick it all off them and soon be enjoying their cum too. And as I took that pretend cock, covered in my still very warm jiz, that is exactly what I was thinking about as I enjoyed that special unique taste warming my tongue, making my lips feel slippery, swallowing what I was lapping up. I want more of it and sure I will have some before too long, because I need to do something with this really nicely stiffening sensation that I have in my shorts right now.
  2. I had just had one of the hottest blowjobs given to me by a younger guy I met out cruising. He started sucking me off in his car, but soon we decided to get out and walk into an open field and before long were both naked and he was kneeling in front of me sucking on my cock, stroking it into his mouth and letting his other hand move softly around my bod. It was so incredibly hot looking down at him, illuminated by the moonlight, knowing a car could come by and see us if they looked our way, knowing how much he was enjoying sucking on me, seeing him occasionally reach down to stroke his own very hard cock - I had to have him stop and let me suck and play with him some or I was going to be cumming soon. And after a bit of that, he wanted back at my cock, and was back sucking me even more eagerly lustfully going at it. I came pretty quickly after he began again and was now being sensuously milked and sucked as my cock softened.

    I knew what I wanted. I wanted to suck him off. I wanted to let him shoot in my mouth like he just let me - I convinced myself of that as he was swallowing away. So I leaned back and held his face to keep him from continuing to suck on me and looked down at him to tell him I wanted to suck on him. He was busy still stroking his cock and I realized I hadn't said anything, I was just watching him stroke. It was so sexy. I know he was doing it because he was super worked up, but it also seemed like he was doing it for me .... knowing that I was watching him, enjoying looking down at his tone body, his stiff cock poking out, his fingers wrapped around it and moving up and down his shaft. I caught myself moving a hand to my semi soft cock that seemed to be getting a new life and started to swell a little again. I had an image pop into my mind of us laying down in a 69 and going at each other on the blanket I had taken from my car. I was going to move down and join him, but as I started to, he motioned for me to come stand behind him. I did and as I did, he looked back up at me. My cock was now almost fully hard again and just bounced there as I looked down at him looking up at me, leaning back, his head touching my thigh and lower stomach, his eyes darting back and forth from looking at me looking down at him and to my cock that was close to his cheek and lips, lookng down at his smooth chest and stomach, his hand working his cock not slowly, but with a purposeful rhythm, moving up and down his shaft. I was lost in this site ... knowing what I wanted to do, but not moving.

    Finally, I brought my hands which were on his shoulders down to caress his chest and leaned down further, moving my hands, sliding them down toward his stomach, thinking I was going reach his cock, my hand to join his and take over stroking for him as I continued to lean further down, hoping he would turn his head ever so slightly and again take my cock into his mouth and I would lower myself to where I would be positioned laying beside him positioned to take him into my mouth and we would 69 like that. That is what I wanted. That is what had my cock fully hard again. But as my hand moved across his stomach I saw him lean up from sitting back on his legs, I felt his stomach tighten up, I saw, out of my peripheral vision, his thighs tighten - I say peripheral because I was focused on his cock, his stroking his cock that seemed to be swelling even more before my eyes, his thrusting forward and I felt his body begin to shake as I heard a moan coming out of his mouth and felt his warm breath on my cock just before I felt his wet lips and warm mouth envelope it again. And then I saw him start to cum.

    He shot two really strong streams of cum out onto my blanket as his stomach spassmed, his body stiffened, and his stroking came to a stop. He was still squirting shots out onto my blanket as my hand wrapped around his, my other hand was now moving back up to his chest and to his throat and just under his chin. I could feel him suckling on me and his lips tighten as my hand began to stroke his hand, using it to stroke and milk his cock. I squeezed his hand, causing him to squeeze his own cock a little more. He just moaned softly against me in his mouth. It was such an amazing feeling that only became more amazing as he slowly let my hand completely take over, moving his hand away and letting me again hold his cock in my hand and slowly,lightly stroke him. It was so warm, so spongy, especially as it slowly started softening. And finally I did get to lean all the way down and lay next to him, positioned to take him into my mouth and suck on him while he sucked me. He was done cumming now, but I did take him into my mouth and suckle a bit and am pretty sure he still had a little cum on his head. He jerked back as I did as he was super sensitive. I pulled back and just looked up his body as he was looking down mine to me. And just then another car came by, startling both of us again. We covered up a little with the blanket and don't think anyone saw us since we were laying down. But that was close enough for him and he said he had better get going. As we got dressed he told me he wished we had gone to hotel room like I had suggested and I am sure we would have continued for at least another cum for both of us. I wish we had also, and I would have made sure I would have had the chance to let him cum in my mouth the next time.
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  3. That first time, being with another guy, more than just stroking or sucking a cock through a gh, had me hooked. It was way more exciting and hot for me to be able to actually watch another guy wrap his hand or mouth around my cock, watch how he was so into it, and way hotter for me too, to be able to look up at a guy as I stroked and sucked him, him staring down at me, having our bodies close to each other, enjoying pleasing each other so much. I knew I had to have more and now knew where I could go to find it.

    So about two weeks later, I went back to the same place I had cruised and had my second encounter. I was still a bit nervous and unsure of myself being there, but was also a lot more excited and anxious to connect up with another guy. It only took about one loop around when I spotted a guy sitting in his car, he looked over at me as I passed and I saw he appeared a few years younger than me and I wondered if he had been here before, if he was experienced, or if maybe this was his first time with another guy and the thought of that really made me excited, so I pulled in and parked next to him.

    I sat there for a minute or so before getting out, wondering if he would come over to me, but eventually I got out of my car and walked to his open window. We talked for a bit and he asked me if I wanted to get in his car. I told him that I really wanted to go somewhere else, like I did last time, but he was a bit unsure and suggested we just go some other place that was more secluded where we could park and hang out. I told him I knew a place and suggested he follow me and he agreed. So I went back to my car and led him to a place that was close to the hotel I went before. We parked at a pull off near an open field and I went back to his car and got in. We just sat there a bit talking about experiences and interests. He said he was bi, like I was, and that he had been with guys before, and basically said he was into jacking guys off and oral and just liked the idea of making guys feel good and having them reciprocate. I asked if he would be down to give me a blowjob and as he answered yes, he was turning his baseball cap around and working to open my shorts where my cock was starting to grow hard very quickly.

    I was kind of a bit stunned or lost in the moment as I saw him lowering his head down as he wrapped his hand around my stiffening cock. He seemed a little younger than the 19 he told me he was, but very confident and experienced, and in one smooth movement, he had my cock in his mouth and was stroking and sucking away. I watched as his head bobbed up and down, his ball cap knocked off as I reached to caress his back, and I started moaning as I focused on how he expertly sucked, rolling his tongue around my now exposed head as he stroked my cock up and down. But then a car came down the road, headlights brightening the road and the inside of his car, fortunately he was leaning over and no one saw us, but it kind of made us both a bit nervous. I told him I had a blanket in my trunk and if he wanted, we could go into the field so we would at least be off the road and he agreed that it was probably a good idea.

    So after pulling up my shorts, my cock pressing to get out again, I grabbed the blanket and we climbed up the small hill to a clearing. I laid it out and he went down to his knees and eagerly started undoing my shorts again, which quickly fell to my feet. I thought how he really likes giving head and sucking on cock. So there I was standing before him, naked from the waist down, my cock standing at more than attention, and now he was unbuttoning the shirt I was wearing too and as I started to help him with it, he shifted to take off his shorts. Soon we were both completely naked, he was back to sucking on my cock and lightly teasing his - it was such a hot sight for me, it had me very close to cumming, but I didn't want to just yet, so I told him I wanted to suck him some and lightly pushed on his shoulders to get him to back off.

    We switched positions and now he was standing up above me, his cock hard and bouncing before my face, my hand slowly moving up and reaching out to wrap around him and just marvel at the feel of it in my hand. It felt so nice and warm, especially in the slightly cool night air. I loved looking at him, naked before me, looking down at me holding his full erect cock in my hand that was slowly beginning to move up and down, my other hand now moving across his flat tummy, the moonlight reflecting off his smooth skin, my mouth opening up as it moved closer to him and then my lips wrapping around his cock.

    It felt so incredible. Warm and hard in my mouth, thick and full, yet again, slightly spongy soft. My mouth was full of him and I was working to slowly take more. I could taste a little of his salty sweet precum on my tongue as I teased at his cock head. I couldn't keep from looking up at him looking down at me, my hand stroking slightly more with each stroke, my mouth following alternatively, going further down his cock, my other hand now moving under to play and tease with his balls. I just kept thinking how we just got right to sucking on each other, how we were here in this open field, under the moonlight, a car could easily drive by and, if they looked our way, see us. And then like I did earlier, he asked me to hold off or he was going to cum. I tried for a couple more strokes, bobbing on him, to see if he was close enough to cum - partly thinking I wanted him to accidentally, or on purpose, cum in my mouth, even though I wasn't sure I was really ready for that. But then he pulled back, his cock now wet and covered with my saliva, bouncing before me and told me to stand up.

    As I did, he went back to his knees and to stroking my very stiff cock, lightly teasing at my foreskin and head with his tongue before taking my cock in, sliding his warm wet lips and mouth over me. He too started playing with my balls and stroked me into his mouth. I knew it wasn't going to take very much. I was just too excited with being out here the way we were, naked in this field, knowing how wanted my cock, wanted to make me cum, watching him sucking on me, looking at his hard cock and smooth body, thinking about feeling everything he was doing to me. I told him I was getting close and he double his efforts, looking up at me, smiling slightly while he suck on me and reached a hand around to cup my ass and encourage me to start slightly pumping into him. That was all it took and I started cumming and hard. And he loved it! I could tell right away as my first shot of warm cum jetted into his mouth, he knew I was cumming and loved it. He started sucking and going a little deeper, wanting to make sure he took all of my load. Then he moved back and just stroked my cock with my head just inside his mouth, his tongue lapping at it and my foreskin moving up and over, cum still spurting out and landing on his tongue, hearing and feeling him moaning on my cock as he slurped up my jiz. I was lost in the way he was just making love to my cock with his mouth, he was lost in milking me dry, knowing how he was making me feel. I felt me knees weakening, but steadied myself and let him continue for just a bit more and then he let my now softening cock slide out past his lips. I watched as he swallowed and saw a little string of cum going from his lower lip to the tip of my cock and then saw him bring his hand up to capture it and take it to his mouth too. He didn't want to miss a drop.

    And now it was to be his turn .... next entry.
  4. If you want part one, it is titled, probably obvious, Remembering that First Time. And this is part 2.

    As he went off to clean up, I leaned back on the bed and propped myself up a little on the pillows and lightly teased my super hard cock, thinking about what was probably going to happen very soon. I had had my cock sucked before by girls and also guys, but only through glory holes, and love the feeling, but even more, I enjoy watching someone go down on me and that was what was really driving me crazy - I knew I was going to watch a guy give me head, and the anticipation was almost more than I could bare, so I had to stop playing with my cock. And fortunately, he was quick about cleaning up.

    He told me to lay back a little more and then positioned himself sort of sitting by my side and leaning over to start kissing around my stomach while his hand was teasing across my chest to play with hard nipples. I instinctively moved a hand onto his and lightly joined him. My other hand was teasing at his hair and also lightly rubbing his back. I also very quickly realized he positioned me and himself on the bed so that I could watch what he was doing not only from the perspective of my pov, but also watch him in the mirror in the hotel room. And what I saw nearly made me cum right away. I watched his other hand move from the bed just as it was going to touch my thigh and also saw him kissing his way further down. I watched as his hand moved up, inside my thigh, feeling his light touch and knew he was going to touch me, hold my hard cock in his hand and start to stroke me in mere seconds, but it seemed his hand was moving so very slowly, everything was moving so slowly, in more than slow motion. But then it happened. I couldn't see from my pov, because his body and head partially blocked my view as he kissed closer to me, but I watched in the mirror as his hand opened up, fingers lightly grazing my balls, and then wrap lightly around my shaft just above them. I watched as my legs parted slowly for him as his hand softly slid up my hard cock, I watched as he lifted his head slightly to get a better view of his hand beginning to stroke me, and then he turned to look at me just as a slight moan escaped my dry mouth.

    I managed to smile slightly at him, I felt totally mesmerized by the experience and was enjoying just how slowly he was going, purposeful, knowing that I was enjoying every minute, every second of it. I remember starting to close my lips and feeling my tongue slide out, almost biting on it just as his hand moved up to under my head, still mostly hidden under my foreskin, and then watching, now with a better view since he had turned to look up at me and enjoy watching my facial expression, his hand slid back down, with a slightly firmer, but still light grip, pulling my foreskin down, revealing my head. I gasped again and lightly squeezed my hand that was laying on his other hand that was on my chest and he turned to watch his hand slowly stroke up and down my cock.

    And he wasn't just turning to watch, as hot as it was to see, at least for me, but he started to move his head closer to me, moving it so I could still watch what he was doing without having to look in the mirror. And what I saw had my cock bouncing, even as he held it in his hand. He was lowering his face to my cock, his mouth was open and I could see his tongue was right at the edge, just slightly inside his mouth. I could feel the warmth of his breath on my cock as his hand stroked back up, again partially covering my cockhead with my foreskin. He licked his lips, looked in the mirror himself to see me watching down at him and I followed his gaze so also see the reflection of what he was seeing - me laying on my back on the bed, slightly propped up on the pillows, my legs spread even wider now, bent at the knees, but flat on the bed, his hand on my cock, fingers wrapped around it, his other hand on my chest, my hand on his, his mouth just hovering, barely above my cock, and I saw him too, studied him laying on his side, naked, his cock now swelled up fully hard and my hand moving on its own to rest on his hip, slowly sliding toward his cock, knowing that I wanted to stroke him too and I am sure he could hear my heart pounding, along with the very slight light breathing,sounds I was making, even though I felt like I was panting away. And then I stopped breathing all together and felt my body tighten up as I again looked to watch him moving down onto my cock, to watch my foreskin covered head sliding past his moistened lips that were starting close around me, feeling his tongue on my head that was being revealed inside his warm wet mouth as he lightly stroked down and his mouth followed.

    It always feels so incredible, those first few moments when someone is sucking on me, actually usually all the moments feel incredible, but especially so those first ones, but this was even more so. It felt so intimate, so special, he was wanting my cock in his mouth, wanting to taste it, to please it, to please me, he knew what I was feeling and experiencing, I had just done this to him, he was so excited, his cock was bouncing now too and my hand was moving even closer to it, I just wanted to hold it in my hand, to squeeze it and feel how hard and hot he was and to mimic his movements of what he was doing, bobbing so slowly and suckling on my cock, moving down slightly, taking a little more of my head and then past it into his mouth, coming back up just a little then back down more to meet his hand stroking up and down, then coming slowly back up, sucking on me, all the while his tongue was moving around my head, warm, soft, wet. I was gasping and quietly, almost a whisper, encouraging him with little yesses and mmmmm's and soft purring like groans and moans. And maybe my encouragement was being rewarded, or maybe he was just so into sucking me, but he started taking even more of me into his mouth and the things he was doing with his tongue were driving me so close to the edge. And then he brought me out of his mouth and I watched him look again more intently at my cock, now wet and coated with his saliva, glistening, fully swollen, my cock head almost completely mushroomed out, his hand still moving on me, his tongue darting at and lapping against me, he looked to the mirror and again I followed his gaze, both of us looking at how hot the sight was, and I watched as my hand reached his cock and again my fingers, like his did a few moments ago, stretched out to wrap around his cock and with that I started to jack him lightly too. And with that, he again took me in his mouth, bobbing in short slightly faster ups and downs. He was stroking slightly faster too, I think he could sense how close I was getting. My hand was following his rhythm, moving up and down his shaft and he was slightly rocking into it.

    I felt it building. My balls were beyond tingling, I felt my toes tingling, my legs warming, my stomach had that feeling too, warm, fuzzy, tightening. I tried to tell him I was so close, but it felt like my words weren't able to escape, just moans and now panting. I am sure he sensed I was about to cum. He felt my cock swelling even more, thickening, my body tensing, my legs moving slightly in, my hand tightening on his cock as I pulled it up and down, the squirming of my body, and then I let out a slightly louder, more urgent uuuuuuhhhhhhh, yeeeeeaaassss, gonna, I'mmmmm ccuuummmiing and started to erupt into his mouth which was just at the top of my cock and beginning to move back down. I stared down at him sucking me, his lips wrapped tightly around my cock, moving ever so slightly now, watching his mouth and cheeks as he sucked, feeling his tongue lapping away at my head, his hand stroking me to milk my cum between spurts. It was beyond what I had experienced before, he was so expert at giving head, but beyond that, I was here, holding his cock, I had just blown him and finished him off by jerking him until he came and then milked his cock even as it softened in my cum covered hand, and now I was stroking him too, or actually now was just gripping his hard cock as he lightly rocked his body to match the movements of his hand stroking my cock in his mouth, I continued to cum and he continued to suck on me, and then he stopped for a moment and I watched his throat contract a little as he swallowed. Oooohhhh fuuucck sooo goood, softly finally left my mouth. My other hand that was upon his now moved again to run through his hair and rest lightly on his head and moved with him as he continued to suck on my softening cock, his hand sliding down to lightly tease at my balls and then he turned to look up at me, with a look of pure contentment that I am sure I matched and then some. He smiled and I was expecting to see some cum on his lips or in his mouth, but he took all of me, all he could get and even tried for more. He told me that was so incredible and he loved the sounds I was making and how my body was moving and my cock was responding to everything he did, and how much he loved the taste of my cum. And then he sat up, his cock still hard, my hand moving to reach for it, but was held by his hand instead. He told me he had to go, but I could stay the night here, leaned over gave me a light kiss on my head and then moved back to give my now semi soft, completely spent, cock a light kiss and off he went to get his clothes and leave.

    After he left, I thought I should have gotten his number or something. I thought I should have told him that I wanted to suck him again and this time let him cum in my mouth - that is what I really wanted. But I didn't. And now I just have this incredible memory and am happy to share it again with you and for me too. And yes, I came writing this part also. I hope you enjoyed it and maybe also came too. I'd love to hear if you did.
  5. I was thinking about writing a new blog entry and been wanting to write about my first time with another guy, sucking on him until ... but I don't want to get to ahead of myself, so I will just go ahead and start writing this entry. I hope you enjoy it and maybe it gets you nice and warm between your legs and when you reach down to touch, find yourself nice and hard.

    So, this isn't really the first time I jacked another guy off, or even the first time I took a cock in my mouth, those were a few years earlier and at a local video place that had booths with glory holes. That is altogether another entry, to write about how anxious and nervous I was, how those first few times I would just jerk off knowing someone could be or was watching through the hole, that first time a finger came through, telling me they were watching and wanted more, and that first time a cock came through offering me more. No, this is about the first time I knew I wanted more, I wanted to see the guy I was stroking and eventually sucking, let him see me too. And yes, I was very excited but also very nervous as I drove to a place I knew guys parked and waited for others to do stuff with.

    I drove around the little block a few times, I guess it was like cruising, looking at the parked cars and also some of the guys standing out by them. I didn't think I was actually going to be able to pull into a spot and go ahead with this. I didn't know how it would work. But I am glad I did. I had seen this one guy, close to my age where others seemed a bit older, sitting in his car as I slowed down and passed several times and saw him looking at me as I did, he seemed nice and so I decided I would park next to him. At first I just sat in my car and he did too. I didn't look over to see if he was looking towards me but somehow felt he was. I was tingling inside and afraid to get out and go over to him, kind of hoping he would approach me, but he didn't. Somehow I got the courage to get out and walk over to his window that was down and realized mine wasn't so maybe that was why he didn't come over. He looked up at me and asked how I was doing. Nervously I answered and we started talking. He made me feel comfortable, I guess as comfortable as I could be standing out there next to his car. And as we talked I notice he was kind of touching himself a little through his pants and noticed he was definitely hard. He caught my eye looking down and asked if I wanted to come in the car for a better view.

    I told him I had never done this before, but had given it a lot, really lots of lots of thought, and I wanted to go to a hotel and get a room. I told him I wasn't interested in more than touching and sucking, but I didn't want to do it here in parking area. I told him I had even picked out a hotel and we could drive there,in separate cars if he wanted to. He wasn't sure at first, but then decided why not.

    I stopped just before the hotel and told him I wanted him to wait there for a few short minutes, I wanted to go to my house that was close by for something and I would be right back. He was a little surprised by the request but agreed and told me he would go ahead and register and pay for a room for us. I raced back to my house, almost as fast as my heart was racing, and changed into a pair of red silk boxers. I have no idea why I had them or why I wanted to wear them, I guess I just wanted to be sexy for him.

    When I came back he was in the hotel parking lot standing by his car and told me the room was all set. We went in and sat down on the couch in the room, as he got a little jr. suite place. I kept telling him how nervous I was and scared, and he told me he could tell and that he would be gentle and go slow, doing only what I was ok with. His caressing my shoulder and thighs was calming me down, or really getting me more excited. As he started unbuttoning my shirt, he asked if we could kiss, mouth to mouth, but I told him I didn't want to do that and he as he opened my shirt revealing my chest and erect nipples, which his hand moved to play with lightly, he asked about kissing them and around my neck. I agreed and it felt so good having him lean, his warm breath on my neck and then his tongue and lips, while his hand teased my nipple. My hands instinctively reached out to hold him and also to steady myself as we leaned back on the couch.

    I reached down and unbuttoned my jeans and tried to slide them down while he was partly on top of me, still kissing around my neck, and somehow, I don't know when, but my hands had moved to his hips and were moving toward his thighs, as my legs wrapped partly around one of his legs and I was grinding and humping in to him. He sat back and told me we had better slow down or for sure one of us was going to end up coming and he wanted to really enjoy me for a bit longer. He asked if we wanted to go to the bed and of course I said yes. I stood and helped him off with his pants and saw the briefs he was wearing was full of a very hard stiff cock. My hand reached out tentatively to caress it through his undies as he pulled down my jeans. I still remember his reaction to my boxers. He was kind of surprised that I was wearing them and almost made me feel bad for having them on as he joked a little about how I must have been wanting this to be special. But when I felt his hand on my cock through those boxers and his tongue and lips on my nipple I forgot all about it. He lightly squeezed my cock and gave it a little stroke and it slipped out the opening to stand fully hard and engorged, bouncing ever so slightly as it was still trying to grow even more. We moved to the bed and worked our bottoms off and I helped him off with his shirt.

    I really liked the way it felt when he was kissing my nipples so I leaned in and did the same to him, while I looked down his body at his hard cock. I felt his hand on the back of my head, lightly teasing through my hair and heard him moan as my hand went down to wrap my fingers around his cock and lightly begin stroking it. I loved the feel of it in my hand, how warm it was, the way I could see his legs start to part a little, and the feeling of him teasing at my hair and moaning more. I don't think he pushed or applied any pressure on my head for me to move down, but if he had I would have been good with that. His cock was drawing me to it and I knew I wanted to be closer so I kissed my way down his chest and stomach and was just enjoying feeling his stomach tighten a little as I did, watching my hand slide up and down his shaft to the top of his balls and then back up. I was taking in the smell of him and could feel his warmth as I got closer to him.

    As I said before, I had sucked a few cocks before,but always through a gh, but this was different. It felt like I was so much more experiencing it - I guess because I was. My own cock was raging hard and as leaned up to kneel next to him laying on the bed so I could lower my mouth to him, my cock pressed up into him. I was looking up at him looking back down at me - I can still remember the site. I imagined what he was thinking as he watched me looking at my hand stroking his cock, looking up at him laying there naked on his back, seeing my cock slightly touching his side and stomach, thinking about me, watching me, exploring for the first time like this and that he was getting to share in the experience, in my enthusiasm and lust for his cock, to touch and stroke a guy, feeling and squeezing it, hard, but still a little soft and spongy like, so hot.

    I leaned down closer and opened my mouth, looking up at him the whole time, slowly kept softly stroking and pointing his cock to my approaching lips. I stopped just before. It was totally silent, I could hear my heart beating. I lowered my head just a little more, still looking up at him, and we both moaned, softly escaping, as my tongue moved forward and welcomed him into my warm wet mouth, my lips wrapping around him and sliding a little down his shaft to me my hand, his head fully inside my mouth, my tongue moving around it. I watched his eyes close a little and his head roll back and began to focus on his cock, bobbing on it, trying to comprehend the way it felt, how thick it was, how heavy it was full and throbbing a bit, how hot it was.
    My other hand had moved up and was teasing at his nipples and then started moving down his stomach, knowing I wanted to play with his balls some too. And when I got there he moaned again and said that felt really nice. He continued to give me small little verbal feedback and encouragement and that turned me on even more. I was looking up at him and seeing him looking down at me as I went at his cock, stroking it as I tried taking more of him into my mouth when he did something that rocked my world. I watched as his eyes moved from looking at me, following my body that was curled up next to his down to my cock. At the same time I saw his hand move from resting on his belly toward me and then I felt his hand on me. He was stroking me, watching his hand wrapped around my cock moving up and down, rolling all the way up to play with my head, covering it with my foreskin and teasing away. I followed his eyes and hand with my eyes too. watched him slowly jacking me off while I was going down on his cock. It was so incredibly hot watching him watching himself do that, thinking that maybe he was thinking same thing I was thinking - this must look so damn hot if you were standing looking at us on the bed. I just started loosing control, I was moaning away on his cock and increasing the tempo of my strokes as I jerked him off into my mouth, he was following my pace and speeding up as I was. But I noticed I was getting out of synch, I was sucking and going deeper and kept bumping into my hand stroking up. I kept looking up at him in between looking at his hand jerking me. Actually too good and I was close to totally loosing control and my ability to concentrate on his cock and also knew I was getting close to cumming. So I reached my hand out, touching his and following a few strokes of my cock with him and then gently pulled him away from me. I didn't want to do that, and don't think he wanted me to, but he understood that he would have had me cumming and he didn't really want that, at least not just yet anyway.

    His hand now off my cock, my rhythm got back and I was taken more and more of him in my mouth, getting very close to gagging myself, but I couldn't help it. I just really wanted more of that cock. I would also stop for a bit when I bobbed back up to suck at and lick his head. Also, now that his hand wasn't stroking and teasing me, it was free to come back and rest on my head. It felt so good there, that light pressure, another way of encouraging me and telling me what a good job I was doing sucking on him. That was one way, the moans another, and then there was the fact that I could feel him moving a bit, lightly thrusting a bit and his body starting to tense some. I was enjoying tasting his precum and knew he was getting very close to cumming. i was planning to keep going. To stay sucking him and let his warm creamy cum shoot into my mouth, coating my tongue and throat with his hot thick jizz, but then I felt him pull my head up a little as he started to tell me he was very close to cumming. He wanted to stop me so he could ask what I wanted - did I want to let him cum in my mouth or did I want to finish him by jerking him off and watching and feeling him shoot.

    I know I really wanted to keep going, but now that I stopped, I began to think about what it would be like to jerk him off, feeling him pulsing and shooting as I did and as I watched. That is what I chose to do. I wish I let him cum in my mouth, but I didn't. It was still so incredible and intimate and so good for him and me though. I went back to stroking him, now my mouth and tongue were focused on kissing around and under his balls, back up to around his tummy and some on his shaft since his cock was right there by my face as I jerked him. And then it started. That moment when his balls tightened, his cock swelled a bit more, his stomach and body tensed and all the while my face was right next to his cock as it started to spurt. And that is how it started. It was like two or three small spurts, shooting, flying out of his head and then the real big cum shots began as I stroked away. I leaned back so I could watch better as I stroked him and I think that sight was even more erotic to him - me sitting back, my cock bouncing wildly, hard with excitement and lust, and my hand wrapped around his cock as I watched him cumming and cumming more.

    He totally coated his stomach and chest. And I milked his cock even more as it started to soften, lost in the feeling of holding a semi hard cock, warm creamy cum oozing out of it and coating my fingers and hand too. And listening and watching him moan softly and smile in appreciation and bliss.

    A few more moments of this and then he was up to go wash off a little, telling me to stay where I was at, he was really looking forward to what he was going to be able to do next. And that will have to be another entry. I came twice writing this and probably need to review and rewrite it to make it better, because I know I was very distracted recalling all of this that seems like it was just the other day.
  6. I so really enjoy getting to know members here for many different reasons. Mostly because I find many here that I connect with are having a lot of the same feelings and experiences that I have been having, I get to express myself with them, and I experience and share their experiences as well. Most are guys and many of them are bi like me or bi exploring/curious, all really enjoy the beauty being shared of another's body and mostly here that's of guys and their awesome and unique cocks. I really enjoy hearing from others and the encouragement and comments they make about what I am sharing. And sometimes those connections go beyond just comments and into a deeper connection sharing conversations and further still there are those where I connect on chat/cam and enjoy watching and being watched as we stroke together, with and for each other, until we cum. And that is what my latest fantasy is about .... getting to have that cam session with another member I connected with and am going further by having some conversations about our interests in and drives to being with another guy, enjoying for me a time of mutual stroking and oral. Of course my bigger fantasy is that we could actually move past just having a cam session, maybe it will happen, but right now I have just been fantasizing about getting to actually connect with him on cam and end up cumming together.

    He is, like I was not too long ago, realizing he can't and doesn't want to fight his desire to be with another guy. He wants to, is craving to, reach out and please another guy, at the same time giving himself the pleasure of experiencing that moment of realizing how wonderful it is to watch another cock harden before him, see his own hand reach out to touch it, like he has touched his own cock so many times, feeling his own cock swelling (like mine is right now as I write this). His longing to lightly caress and wrap his fingers around another cock and feel it's warmth being realized, knowing the guy is getting such intense pleasure looking and watching as he sees him touching another cock for the first time. His hand holds, senses all the weightiness of this cock filling and pulsing, warm, soft.

    He is imagining, even as he is acting out what he is imagining, what it feels like and knows from holding his own cock, stroking it like he likes to stroke himself but even more like he knows the guy wants and needs his cock to be touched and stroked.

    It is right there before him and he watches it closely, marveling at it as he strokes it, wanting to look up at the guy he is jacking so softly, hoping and knowing he will see how much pleasure he is already giving him. There is so much to explore, but in this moment, he is content, beyond content, full of ecstasy and enjoying being lost in the moment and being lost in stroking another cock.

    Almost without thinking, as his hand wraps slightly tighter around it and his strokes are going a little deeper, his other hand moving up to caress the inside of the guy's thigh, moving up to cup his balls, his head lowers closer and his mouth opens, lips forming an O to let a moan escape, but also to let his tongue slide out, wetting his lips in anticipation and also seeking out the shaft and head to lap at before being taken into his mouth. He wants it. I want it for him. I wish I could be there for this moment watching him doing it. Actually, I wish he was experiencing this with me, doing it to me so I could be looking down at him and smiling with full approval and letting him know how incredible he is making me feel (I am sure he would already know that from my moans and gasps and how hard my cock would be/is right now). He wants this more than he wants to have another guy do this to him, but he also wants that too and it will happen and yes, I wish it would be me doing it.

    I want to experience watching him watch me reveal my cock and him doing the same for me, watching each other move our hands down, across our bodies to our cocks, watch them stiffen and bounce, watch us touching and stroking for each other, wishing we were doing that in person, cocks close to each other, touching occasionally. I think it will be his first time stroking with another guy, on cam, but still together with another guy, watching each other, stroking for each other. It will be with me ... and that has me so excited and horny. Writing this has been hard, because I have been very hard the whole time and have had to type one handed a lot, my other hand paying attention to and lightly stroking up and down my cock, feeling my foreskin's wetness from my precum and teasing it back.

    I am going to cum soon doing this and am feeling my cock twitch right now at the idea of me cumming with and for him, him watching me and knowing what I am experiencing and that I am cumming because of him, wanting him to see me cum, wishing he could be holding my cock, his hand feeling my pulses and the sudden surge and swelling and then the cum pulsing up through me and shooting out, covering his hand, maybe his face or maybe into his mouth, feeling it's warmth, tasting it, savoring it.

    But he will only be watching me, yet he will be experiencing more, so much more than just the lust of watching me. I will be watching him too, wanting to be holding his cock too, sucking on it and pleasing him the way he is wanting to and actually is pleasing me. We are both going to cum so hard together, with and for each other. And I know it will happen and be even better than I can imagine or write about and I am also sure he is going to have that first time experience of touching another cock and doing everything and more that he has been imagining and fantasizing about and jacking off and cumming so hard to. And he is going to experience another guy doing the same to and for him. I wish it was me, but for now I just can't wait to stroke with him. And cum with him. I just had a really hard nice long cum imagining it. My cock is actually still swelling and bouncing as the cum is dripping down my shaft to my balls, some was shot out and landed on my thigh and a little on my stomach. And tasting it now too, imagining I was tasting him or him me. I so want it for him and for me.
  7. I have always wished I could try sucking myself, but haven't ever been able to. I have been able to shoot a load and cum on my face and in my mouth, enjoyed tasting myself by rubbing my head and playing with my foreskin then bringing my fingers to my mouth to suck, only to go back for more, but never been able to enjoy actually getting my cock to my lips and taking me into my mouth, I am just not that flexible. But the other day I did have a dream of something like that ... I wasn't actually bending and twisting to suck on myself, but was somehow outside of my body, or in another body of mine, and giving myself an amazing blowjob.

    I woke up with the really intense dream - I was sucking a cock. It started with me reaching my hand down to wrap around a nicely swelling shaft which grew hard as I lightly stroked it, sliding the foreskin back and forth. As I did I felt my own cock twitching and growing. I lowered my head and opened my mouth to wrap my lips on it as I lapped at the foreskin moving over and away with my tongue. I could feel the cock head swelling as I took it in and could also feel my own head pulsing as i stroked my own cock. As I bobbed my head on it and stroked away it grew bigger and as I moaned against it, I could hear myself moaning and also strangely feel my own cock getting some very nice head. It was then that I realized my dream was somehow part of a reality where I was not only sucking this cock, but was actually sucking my own, tasting my own precum and fondling my own balls which were swelling with warm tasty cum. I could see myself going down on my own cock, looking up at myself looking down at me going down on myself. I felt the warmth of my mouth, the wetness and softness of my lips and my tongue, I watched my own eyes close as my head lowered again and took more of me into my own mouth. I was stroking with one hand, in the dream/other reality and also for real, or in the reality where I was in bed. I knew I was very close to cumming ... I wanted to taste the warm and thick salty cum so bad, I had to.

    It was such an amazing cum as I visualized myself taking the full load spurting into my mouth wrapped around this cock. And then I felt globs of cum landing on my tummy and opened my eyes, looking for myself still sucking and milking out final drops of cum, but only saw my hand covered in streams of what would be very taste warm cum.
  8. Just thinking about the dream I had this morning .... guess it is because i really want to experience this I keep dreaming about it. Even right now, remembering my dream, I feel my cock swelling and stiffening in my shorts, my balls tingling just a little ... I just reached down to squeeze it to see how big it has gotten and it felt very nice.

    In my dream I was wondering what it would be like to be sucking another guy, he was uncut, like me. I was softly teasing around and under his balls, while slowly and softly stroking him. I started sucking on his semi hard cock that I had been teasing and edging for a while, feeling and watching it grow in my hand and mouth as I teased the foreskin back and forth, nibbling and suckling softly, and then slowed and stopped to watch it soften some only to start again. But now I wanted to stroke and suck it good and hard and wet and finish him off. As it grew, I started jerking it faster, the tip just inside my mouth, feeling that foreskin sliding over my tongue and to my lips, back over the head to allow me to lap at it and then cover it again.

    Nibbling away and softly sucking on his foreskin as it moved ever so slightly back and forth with my lips on it, my tongue darting out and teasing it and the very tip of his head, tasting his precum, he looked down and saw my shorts starting to bulge and my cock twitching inside them as I was getting so excited sucking on him, he reached down and gave me a squeeze, keeping his hand on me and slowly stroking my cock through my shorts and letting me follow his slow pace, I teased at his tip and sucked him into my mouth ever so slightly, my hand sliding up and down his cock, feeling his balls tightening a little. I continued playing with his balls the whole while, looking up and letting a small smile appear as my lips surround the swelling cock. I knew he was going to shoot soon, tasting more of his sweet precum, balls tightening even more, his moaning, his hand tightening his grip on my cock still in my shorts, and I could feel the cock starting to swell even more in my mouth and then jerk as a first shot exploded into my mouth as I was sliding the cock out - hot and thick on my tongue, then several more rapid streams shot out landing on my lips and face as I continued to stroke him, letting his balls bounce into the palm of my hand below. It was so hard! so hot! I didn't know what to concentrate on - the taste and feel of his cum inside my mouth, cooling, but still warm and sticky, the smell of his cum on my lips under my tongue, or the feel of his still hot jizz on face, imagining what I looked like to him, covered in his cum, or the cock, still twitching in my light grip as I continued soft slow strokes, sliding the overhang slightly back and forth, but mostly covering his head, still filled with more cum. I knew what I wanted and lowered my head back down to take him in my mouth again to gently suck and milk him slowly into my mouth, to finish him off while enjoying my first real and complete blowjob and tasting of and swallowing a good part of a full load that had been worked up over a long edging session.
  9. Read this after my blog entry titled One of my dreams for full context.

    Normally I don't wear anything to sleep and often find myself with a nice hard one popping up my sheets, but for some reason I went to bed with shorts on.. So the morning after the dream of encountering the beautiful girl and her tasty cock, I woke up feeling very horny as my hand was sliding back and forth over a very stiff cock inside my shorts. I went ahead and slid my hand inside my loose fitting shorts, knowing I wasn't wearing any underwear. and ran my hand against my now fully hard cock that I had been teasing through my shorts, pressing it against my thigh, pressing my foreskin covered head down and moving it around. As I touched it and felt the warmth of my hand and fingers wrapping around my twitching shaft and moving to tease my damp foreskin, I remembered where my dream left off and about how I would react if she was doing it to me. I let out a gasp as I pictured her leaning in and placing her soft hand on me, her breasts before me, feeling the warmth of her breath, and also staring down at her still semi hard cock, glistening wet with my saliva. I gasped a little again and then let a soft moan escape my mouth as she pulled my cock out or past the elastic part of my shorts back and over my uncut cock.

    I imagined her thinking about how it felt so hot and hard, but at the same time a little soft as she squeeze it and tease the foreskin back just a little, my balls tight, tingling, and full of warm cum from teasing myself as I woke and also from my incredible dream. I thought about how wonderful it would feel to have her hand caressing my cock, fingers lightly teasing at my head, sliding my foreskin back and forth a little, as I was teasing my cock, I imagined my hand reaching out to lightly tease her still semi swollen cock and down to play with her balls just as I imagined my friend who brought me into the room reaching down and cupping my balls. I was driving myself very close as I thought about the two of them teasing me, my own hand working at my cock, stroking it while it was still halfway covered by my shorts, my sheets now pushed back off of me. I thought about them watching me stroke and tease my foreskin and thought I was doing it for them (and now as I write this for you too.) But I went back to imagining her stroking my twitching cock, my foreskin opening up and revealing my partly hooded head, teasing at the very tip and imaged watching her doing that as I felt my friend's hand move away from my balls only to touch and fondle them again, only this time, reaching at them from behind me, from between my legs. Mmmmm, a slight moan as his hand moved back a little and his fingers started teasing underneath and behind my balls, pressing slightly against me as her grip became tighter, but still a loose grip, moving up and down moving my foreskin back over my head, it felt so nice as my swollen head came into full view.

    Part of me wanted to to stop teasing myself for a little, but part of me wanted to keep going, knowing I would soon be in full stroke mode, intent on cumming so hard. Knowing what part would win, I moved my shorts down, just under my balls. I remembered looking down at my cock and watching it bouncing, the tip glistening a little, reached down and feeling it so warm in my hand, squeezing it slightly in between the slowest softest strokes. I saw my little hole at the top was filled with precum, slowly coming out as I squeezed my head and opened it up a little and thought of how she would have like seeing that and watched as she slid down closer to get nearer. I ran my finger over it and feel how slick and warm it is, moving it around my head and inside my foreskin, wanting to taste a little of it too. Mmmmm, it tasted sweet and salty, warm too, and as I tasted it, I imaged her lowering her mouth to me, letting her tongue dart out like mine did to her cock and having her take just a few drops on the tip of her tongue and then glisten her lips with it as she also moaned while savoring the taste. And then she looked up at me, smiling and moved up to kiss me while continuing to stroke my now raging cock.

    I felt like i could cum so hard then with just a few real strokes, or maybe even just a little more light teasing
    I resisted the urge to stroke it, wanting to see how long until this light teasing had me erupting, how long I could last and let this now woken dream play out ... I didn't think it would be very long.

    I went back to imagining what I would have been feeling as she just lightly teased the back of my swollen head with her finger, moving my wet foreskin ever so slightly, but each little stroke, making my cock want more, and somehow she knew and so gave it a little more, moving it down further, but not too far. My friend behind me still alternating between teasing at my balls and back to around my anus, probing ever closer. I realized I was again stroking her now hard cock. I had my forefinger and thumb toying with her, just teasing at it and playing with her foreskin, moving it all the way down and then back up and over, my mind was racing and my cock was pulsing, my balls were getting even tighter, I knew all this was too much, I wouldn't, couldn't last much longer, no matter how much I wanted to.

    My mind went to the image of her breaking our kissing, her tongue leaving mine even as I leaned in for more. But I knew why and just reveled in the feeling as her tongue slid away and I watched her head lower down as my cock tried to grow even bigger to meet her approach. My friend was now just focusing teasing at the entrance to my ass, not really pressing to enter, just playing around it. I reached back with my free hand and found his stiff hard shaft, wrapping my fingers around it, not really stroking, but just holding it and squeezing.

    And then I watched the back of her head lower and felt the most amazing warmth and wetness as her mouth lowered upon me, her tongue lapped around my head and she lowered herself on me, taking me in, lips wrapping around me and as she bobbed up and down, felt my cock begin to pulse even more.

    I knew it was about to happen, I wasn't going to last two more strokes, my full balls were about to being erupting. I tried to hold off - pulled my hand away and just watched my cock bouncing and twitching like crazy, I knew I couldn't keep it from cumming, get this close again, I am not going to be able to keep from cumming, I was just too close, I thought of her down there, taking my cock deeper and moaning on it as my hand left her cock and moved up to squeeze and play with one of her nipples, my other hand beginning to stroke my friend. I wrapped my hand around my cock again and my hand became her hand as she reached it and stroked it into her mouth and then felt my balls tighten once more felt an intense tingling and then my cum streaming up my shaft as I unloaded a huge hot big load, shooting my sticky warm cum up onto my stomach in several large spurts and then settled a little, but kept lightly stroking and letting my cum bubble out and run down my still throbbing shaft as I imagined my new friend sucking away at my cock, enjoying the warming cum as she tasted me and let me fill her mouth. My cock growing even more. She pulled back and smiled the warmest cutest happy smile, with my cum dripping a little from her lips and I watched her bring a finger to it, wipe it up and then lick it off her finger and then move up to kiss me.
  10. I dreamed I was being told to go into a room where a girl was waiting for me on the bed and she had a special surprise for me, but I had to do it quickly. So I went in the dimly lit room and saw what looked liked a girl on the bed with her back towards me. The bed was slowly rotating and turning so the girl was now starting to face. She was looking up and smiling a very welcumming smile and her beautiful eyes were locked on me and then she glanced down toward her smooth legs. It was then that I noticed her hard uncut cock, standing stiff and erect, bouncing ever so slightly, and cum on her semi exposed head, sliding over her and down her shaft. She was cupping her balls with one hand and waving me over with her other.

    Almost in a trance, I moved to the bed, understanding the urgency for me to cum in the room .... someone needed to lick up her cum. I bent down and as I neared her cock, I saw it start to bounce with more excitement. I opened my mouth and extended my tongue and tasted her with the tip, curling around and lapping at her cum covered foreskin and cock head. Her cum was creamy and warm and the feeling of it on my tongue and lips was driving me wild and I knew I had to widen my mouth slightly more to take her in. Lowering my head more, looking up at her and delighted to see the pleasure on her face,I wrapped my lips around her, my tongue continuing to taste. I felt and hand rest upon my head and fingers run through my hair and down to the back, just above my neck, putting ever so slight a pressure to encourage me to take more of her as I bobbed on her swelling and twitching cock.

    My hand joined her other hand cupping her balls and we slightly squeezed and fondled them and then our hands, joined together, slid up her cock, lightly stroking her while she was in my mouth. We both started moaning together at the amazingly wonderful feeling - of course my moaning was a little muffled as I was moaning onto her cock that was now sliding slightly further into my mouth as I slowly bobbed up and down on it, sucking and milking more of her cum out, feeling her getting even bigger and harder. My own cock was pressing and poking out of my shorts and I could feel her other hand move from my head, knowing I was well into my rythym and wanting to take more of her, she began searching for my cock and finally found it, only to be joined by a hand from the friend that invited me into the room. d2.JPG d3d.JPG d9r.JPG d9s.JPG d9t.JPG d9u.JPG d9v.JPG d9w.JPG da.JPG da1.JPG
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