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  1. So as some of you know I have been battling symptoms from a concussion as well as whiplash. It seems that my neck was in very bad shape. To begin with and the whiplash just brought that all out. I had so many knots in my shoulders and neck it was like a crate of oranges! Like many others I carry all my stress in that area of my body. As you know we live in very stressful times so that does not help my situation. Apparently some of these oranges I have been carrying around with me have been with me for over 10 years!! As of yesterday, my therapist had worked most of them out or down to a very small size. Those problems were causing me to have hellacious headaches. Last night was the first time in days I did not have a headache.

    Today I am scheduled for my first acupuncture treatment for my neck. I am hoping this is the silver bullet I have been waiting for all these weeks. I have never had it before, but my alternative was shooting medicine into my neck with large needles. I am excited to try this treatment but also a little worried as well. I have heard good things about the process from many people so I am crossing my fingers.

    I also seem to be having trouble with my eyes. I know that I have had dry eye for over four years now, but the concussion and trying to read things have made the problem worse. I am seeing a specialist for dry eye on Monday and that appointment I am truly excited about!

    And finally - I have what one of my doctors called "Marching Testicles". Apparently my boys are pretty close to being made of glass. When they bang around too much they get inflamed and hurt. Epidemititis is what I think it is called. I have been taking antibiotics and steroids to get that back under control as well. Shit man when it rains it pours.

    Sorry, this is not really very sexy - but it is currently my life and because it is my life - not much sexy is going on!!!

    Cheers Mates!
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  2. So my return was short-lived - I had a much worse concussion than originally realized. It took a lot out of me. I had therapy 3 days a week and doctor appts. once a week. It took weeks for the symptoms to finally stop. Yesterday all my restrictions were lifted. Hopefully, I will get back into the swing of posting again. It feels like it has been forever since I have talked with some of you that I often either chatted or commented to frequently - It was just a really crazy time! Thanks for all the likes that many of you gave me!
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  3. So this concussion has really kicked my ass. I am in concussion therapy 3 days a week. The therapy is very hard work, but also very much fun. Many times I feel like a dope because what I am being asked to do is so easy, but I guess it is not as easy as it appears.

    The other thing I found out the hard way was that jerking off was actually bad for a concussion. Wish I had known that a few weeks ago. Apparently in your ability to get your mind to focus and make you cum, it really works your brain and the bottom line of concussion recovery is rest your brain as much as possible.

    When I found this out, I went back to the I had jerked off and thought about how I felt before, during, and after and it was on the money. So looks like any fun will not be happening for a while yet. As previously mentioned, I still get hard pretty easily and leak like a fountain, but that apparently is not as bad as the full out slide the hand with lube!!

    I miss posting and talking to some of you. I also miss looking at all the hunky men who are either members on here or have been posted on here. I have been just about symptom-free for about 4 days and had a really hard therapy session yesterday. The therapist said that if I had a raging headache today - it was normal, but if I didn't or didn't have much of one, then things were getting better. So far so good. I hope to start posting again next week at least a little at a time.

    Just wanted you to know that I was still alive and kicking.

  4. Today is the first day I have been on the site since my accident. Things got kind of bad there for a while, but are getting better. I am supposed to have concussion therapy starting this week. Seems the problem is my eyes, headaches, stress, and dizziness. At least many of the other symptoms have gone away.

    Good news, the contest I was preparing for - an Eastern Regional one, I managed to win my division. So I suppose all this was worth it. I never thought I would win anything again, much less an Eastern Regional competition.

    Before it got too hot out, I spent about a half-hour every day on my deck with my little buddy Sam (my little Bischon). He would sleep next to me and I would nap. Now that it is 90+ degrees we have to do it on the sofa!

    My thanks to all of you who wished me well, commented on various posts and liked so many of my posts. It was nice to be around again for a bit. Each day I will be back for a little until I can spend more time here as I used to. Thank you gentlemen!!!
  5. Again - no sex - only pain -

    I teach color guard (the spinning and tossing of flags, rifles, and sabers). Tuesday night I was messing around with the saber (36" of steel for the blade and stainless(I think) for the handle. I have no idea what I did, but I hit myself on the side of my head with a good deal of force. My glasses flew across the yard, I saw some sort of figurative stars. I grabbed my ear because that was where the saber hit. I stood for a few seconds before I went to pick up my glasses. It was on the right side of my head so I was using my right hand to cover the ear and as I am a "righty" I went to pick up the glasses with my right hand. My hand was covered in blood. I was like "oh fuck! this is not good." I went in my house to look in the powder room mirror and what I saw was frightening. I had a slice across the top of my ear. It was straight as though I had taken a very sharp knife and just sliced it. Blood was spewing out of the corner of my ear and I was petrified that my ear was sliced through.

    I got some paper towels to try and cut the bleeding and then I had to figure out what to do. I could not drive because I needed to keep my hand on my ear. I could not call my brothers because by the time they would have gotten to my house I could have bled out (probably not really, I took a bit of dramatic license with that one). It would have been a while until they arrived that is true. So I got my next-door neighbor to take me to the ER.

    Everyone was wonderful and the doctor that stitched me up was super nice. I ended up with 5 stitches in my ear and this crazy bandage that made me look a lot like a pirate who had lost his earring. I am likely to have a bit of a cauliflower ear, but I did not slice through the ear and the slice I made was straight so it would likely heal nicely. I was 3 hours in the ER before being released. I felt very stupid, but I survived.

    This morning I got up and had one hell of a headache. I finally went to the doctor and after a fairly extensive exam, it was determined that I had a concussion. I had to get a CT scan to make sure there was no bleeding in my brain. There was not! Tomorrow I have an appt. with a head trauma/sports medicine doctor. They will do further testing to determine what I can do and when I can do it and how long until I can resume normal activities. I have already been told to not watch TV and of course, I am to stay off the computer. So I am sharing this to say, I am not sure when I will be back on here, but I will be back. Thanks to all of you who chat with me, like my pictures/posts, and generally have been really great men.

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  6. Many members of my high school graduating class are on Facebook which is how we stay in touch with each other. (I guess I am showing my age). A few months ago I started to get these messages from one of the guys in my class. I had no idea who he was, but things were easy going so no worries. Eventually, he sent me a message asking about why I was still single and why I had no family. I told him it was complicated but that I would tell him when I had some time to think about it.

    I'm gay and have known it for a very long time. I never wanted to be and did everything I could not to be, but baby I was born this way. For a long time I did one of those double life things that are no fun. Eventually, when I left my job I was able to come out and live my life. I finally shared basically what I just shared. His response to that story was good for you. Not what I was expecting. Not sure what I was expecting, just not that.

    I decided to see who this guy was and if I actually remembered him. I got the yearbook out and there he was. I think he came from a rather poor family, not that I was rich by any stretch, but I just remember him looking ragtag and a bit dirty all the time. He was a nice guy although a bit odd, but I remember talking to him from time to time. I hope that doesn't sound bitchy. I felt bad about him being kind of dirty.

    Anyway, I let him know I totally remembered him. He suggested we get together for coffee sometime in the future. I said sure. And then the odd comments started coming in. He said he could feel the beat of my heart when he was lying down and thinking about me. He loved holding men, it made him feel secure. He said he could not wait until we had a chance to really be together.

    I am shitting my pants because I am nowhere near ready for that. I decided I should take a good look at his Facebook. There are many pictures of him with a woman and they keep telling each other how happy they are together. How they support each other and love being together. I don't think he is married to her, but he could be.

    Suffice to say I am a bit weirded out by his comments. In a previous blog post, I talked about asking God to put a man in my life. I don't want to seem ungrateful, but I can't imagine God putting me in the middle of this whole thing. I know there is no sex here or people cumming or stroking off or ass fucking - it is just kind of plain old blog post about a guy who I am pretty sure was gay when he was in high school and had a crush on me when he was in high school (forgot to say that he told me that too). I don't want to be mean and hurtful, but I don't think being involved in this situation is a good idea.

    If you want to share your thoughts - please do - if not that is fine too. Just a weird situation.
  7. So I was not a big fan of gym class though I actually was a good athlete. I had toyed with the idea of track and tennis so I had something to do in the Spring. When I went to my first gym class of the semester and saw that it was made up of half the football team seniors, a few of the senior wrestlers (one who was a state champion) and some of the best looking guys in my class.

    That first gang shower time was overwhelming. I thought I was going to hyperventilate, no seriously! The first guy I saw was Rob. Rob was a football player and dear lord did he have one of the sexiest hairy chests I had ever seen. He was Italian so he was dark complected and then he had this swirling dark hair. I saw it and knew I had to look away, but it was so damn hard not to look. The next one was the wrestling state champion, oddly his name was Bob. He was a blonde so his hairy chest was harder to see than Rob's but his cock was right there. Like just about everyone in my gym classes over the years, he was cut and hung about 5 inches flaccid. Then there was Richard who had been in my gym classes every year since 7th grade. In 7th grade, he and I were the only two guys at the beginning of the year who had hair around our dicks. Some of the other guys who were hairless thought he and I were cool and occasionally we would stand next to each other so the guys could look. Rich also had a hairy chest by the time he was a senior and I should say I did too. Honestly, he and I watched each other grow up/mature over the six years. He was a really handsome guy with a twin brother. Both brothers were nice guys, but Rich was really sweet by comparison. We still talk at reunions if we see each other.

    I remember thanking God for putting me in that gym class. I also remember when we did the unit on gymnastics, I nailed everything and Bob was always patting me on the back and telling me how good I was. He kept saying it was a shame we did not have a gymnastics team because I could have cleaned up. I went to school with Bob from about 4th grade to 12th grade. For awhile we were quite inseparable. It was really nice of Rob because I am pretty sure he was aware that I was gay and he was for sure a big man on campus and yet he always seemed to have my back.

    Those are the guys that really left an impression on me in the locker room. I decided to write this because I was picturing Rob the first time I saw him naked, clearly, that image was seared into my brain for low these many years!! The last time I saw Rob he was still smokin' hot!
  8. I was looking through some older writing and I came across a short piece about Brian. This happened in 7th grade, first time wearing a jock, including a jock check by the PE teacher. We had to pull the waistband of our gym shorts down so he could see skin, jock, skin. All these traumatizing events when I was just starting to wonder who I was. So we were given lockers in the locker room based on our student number in class. Those numbers were determined by height. So #1 was the tallest and #26 was the shortest. I was #25 and Brian was #24. Brian was a pretty wild fellow and seemed to have no sexual hang-ups and good for him.

    It started at the beginning of one class when Brian took his tighty whities off. For whatever reason, he decided to try and slap me with his cock. He did not just focus on my he went after #26 as well. So it was weird but ok. When we came in to take showers he did it again. I guess because he got a response out of myself and #26 he decided it was fun to do it. At the beginning and end of every gym class, Brian would run around the two of us and try to slap us with his dick. He would occasionally threaten to pee in our lockers too. What started to get interesting was about half-way through the semester, before he would pull down his shorts, he would reach into his briefs and rub himself so that when he took his shorts off he was pretty nearly hard. So now he was running around trying to hit us with his boned up dick.

    At some point, I started to realize he was actually kind of cute. About five years ago, I saw him again for the first time at dinner. He was awkward around me at first. He made a point of sitting next to me. I felt like he was coming onto me a little. I knew he was married and had kids, but I also know that means nothing. That entire evening he was very attentive to me. He hugged me when the evening was over. I drove home trying to figure out what his story was. I have seen him more times since then at class activities and he treats me the same way all the time. He is incredibly handsome now - just my type of guy. I would like to wish he and I will hook up at some point, but I doubt it will happen. I still can see him running around threatening us to hit us with his dick.

    I know not very interesting really - just an odd experience for me when I was young, confused, and beginning that walk through the years of massive horniness!!
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  9. So since the precum blog entry and some of the great comments - I decided to embrace my precum. It seems odd to basically have damp briefs most of the day, but I am getting used to it. The other thing I have changed is when I wake up. So normally I sleep sans anything. I read along time ago that sleeping in the nude is actually really healthy! So now what I do when I get up is to take some time with myself. I love a very light touch with my fingertips or someone else's fingertips so I run my fingertips all over. Gosh, it feels amazing. I close my eyes and try to pretend that I don't know where my fingertips are going next. Of course, this little exercise in self-care creates lots of precum dripping on my belly. In the past, I would have gotten a tissue or towel to clean it off. Since I am embracing this now, I just rub it all over me and enjoy that feeling of the slick substance all over. I have actually awakened in the middle of the night and started touching myself before I fall back to sleep. This entire experience has been amazing - I encourage others to try this if you have not. Maybe I am weird, but I am a happy weirdo! If you like a heavier touch - go for it- whatever makes you feel good. Oh, and I have yet to rub one out due to this. Eventually, the touch is no longer really pleasant I know it is time to stop. Thanks for listening!!! Cheers!
  10. Many of you know that I have a very extreme relationship with coffee. Truth be told, my involvement started when I was quite young. I am not even sure I was in elementary school when I had my first taste of coffee. Often for breakfast, especially on the weekends, my dad would have these shortbread cookies called Lorna Dunes ( I probably spelled that wrong ). The cookies, alone, were kind of bland and dry, but dunked in coffee became a delicacy!! It got so bad (my stealing my father’s coffee) that he decided I should have a cup of my own. This coffee I drank was one part milk, two parts sugar, and the rest coffee. In other words, I was drinking sugar and milk with coffee, so of course, it tasted delicious.

    This went on for several years before I just stopped. I often wonder if this is one of the reasons I stayed short. “They” always said that drinking coffee stunted your growth. If this is true - I could be a poster child :)

    It was many years again before I had coffee. I was attending a marching band competition in Williamsport, PA. It was a frigid night, and the band I was teaching was last on. After the band performed, which was near the end of the contest, the snack bar was out of hot chocolate and tea. The only thing they had left to drink that was hot was coffee. There were parts of my body that were quickly losing any feeling, so I decided I would suck it up and drink the coffee. Now it may have been the extreme cold; it may have been that my palate had changed, or it just may have been desperation, but I ordered the coffee only to find out there was no cream or sugar!! With great reluctance, I started to drink the coffee, and to my sheer amazement - I loved it! Thus began my intimate relationship with coffee. For many years I drank my coffee black and loved it. I always told my friends that if you put anything in your coffee, you would not really experience “real coffee flavor.”

    Not sure for how many years I drank my coffee black and not sure how much I drank. Some days it was a pot for me. I remember being so hooped up on coffee and teaching that I was bouncing around my classroom. One of my students did ask how many cups I had had already drank on this particular morning. It was only the third period, and I was up to six cups. I believe that during this period of my life, I was an addict. I was always drinking coffee and never seemed to get enough. My students that year chided me by writing on their final exams that the one thing they learned this semester was how much I loved coffee!!

    Eventually, as all good things do, my stomach turned on me. I could not drink black coffee without getting really sick in the stomach. After some medical treatment, a diagnosis of GERD was assigned to me. Initially, I was going to treat this condition by not eating and drinking certain foods. As you know, that did not work well for me. I continued to drink coffee, but now with milk. It seemed to help for a while, but eventually, I had to be put on stomach meds to drink coffee. Now the doctors did not know that (I guess?) but that is really what happened. I started taking stomach meds so that I could continue to drink coffee. I often think about how silly this is, but I can’t imagine life without coffee. I try to regulate my coffee drinking these days. The advent of coffee shops was terrific. I would instead go to a coffee shop than a restaurant. When I was going through graduate school, I thought I would have my counseling business in a coffee shop. I would call it “Coffee and a Chat.” I have always found that sitting down with a good coffee and a good friend was the best way to have a serious conversation.

    So my addiction started when I was just a little nipper. My coffee was sweetened coffee and cookies. But the night I really began being a coffee addict was on a bitterly cold night in Williamsport, PA, when I had my first taste of black coffee.
  11. I am sure this is just not my problem, but man it sucks. I get aroused so quickly it is crazy. When I was growing they called it "no dick control." Actually I guess no dick control was more like popping a boner just about anywhere you and your dick are. This is different. I can't read a book that has even some mild suggestive material in it without getting aroused and once aroused, the precum starts flowing. I may not even get a full-on erection, but I sure get full-on precum.

    Now you might be thinking, "What is this guy complaining about, at least he gets a lot of precum." I do, but not always when it is convenient. I have always had this problem, but to a much lesser degree if you can believe that. Last night I was reading before bed. A good book about two 30 or 40 somethings living next to each other, start out hating each other but then have this wild sex scene. I think they called it anger sex? Anyway, the part I was reading last night was not really graphic. They were sitting on the couch watching a movie and making out. My sleeping shorts were soaked.

    Just a little while ago, someone from here liked some of my personal pictures. I am always flattered when another man likes what he sees, even if he lives in another country. I like the positive reinforcement I get from other men in this group. That is a whole other story for another day. I decided I would check out is pictures and the guy is good looking or hot or whatever the term is these days. According to his posts, he had turned 50 and seriously I'd like me some of that!! I was making coffee after I had looked and commented on a few of his pictures. I could feel the arousal so I knew it would be wet. What I saw when I looked down was a wet spot in showing through my pants. Shit as I type this, I can feel the stuff oozing out of my cock.

    I don't want to lose all that nice precum as you all know it makes a great lube. Currently, I have been putting folded up tissues in my undies to try and keep the precum from leaking through. I considered Depends for minor problems, but that makes me feel like I could be 90 years old. Rubber underwear, though kind of exciting, I would think in 90-degree weather would be kind of gross.

    So I am wondering if anyone out there has a similar problem and if they do, what do they do about it. Is the tissue the easiest and cheapest method. I sometimes forget to take the tissue out and it gets in the wash and then I have another mess to deal with, but better than wet spots!!!
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  12. He got up on his knees and undid his pants, and this gorgeous dick popped out. It has a high curve to it, and he had quite a mushroom on the end of his dick. It was perfect. I found myself salivating over my need to lick that mushroom head of his. He rolled back on to his back and told me to grab his pants and pull them down, which I did. He came back up again and started kissing me while we were now flesh to flesh. I could feel the flesh of his cock sliding against mine. By this time, we were both leaking badly and out dicks started to slide against each other with more ease. Honestly, I had not ever had sex like this. I had a little sex when I was a senior in high school, but I kept thinking about how does this guy knows so much and is so good.

    He scooted around so that we were face to dick. Thank heavens I was not a complete moron and knew we were going to 69. He leaned in and took me straight to the base. Russ’s dick was thicker than mine but not a lot longer, so I could do the same thing to his cock. I just took it straight down to the base and buried my face in his pubes. Then the fun began. Whatever Russ was doing to my cock, I did back to his. We licked, slurped, and sucked our way into oblivion. I was so hot by now that I was sweating. Russ was making me feel things I had never felt. I guess Russ could feel my legs squeezing and pushing. He knew I was getting close to cumming, He just started to suck me harder and faster and put his hand on the base of my cock, so he was taking in the top 3rd of my cock. I did the same to him. We both started to try to keep sucking and breath heavier until I felt his first red hot blast hit my tongue and flow down my throat, and as soon as I felt his, I let loose with mine. It was difficult for me to cum and not groan because I still had Russ’s cock in my mouth because he was still shooting.

    We kept each other’s cocks in our mouths until they had basically gone back to flaccid. Russ moved, and now we could look at each other in the eye. He started to kiss me again, so deep and passionate. Russ began to kiss my neck too. Suddenly he just stopped and snuggle up against me. There we were lying naked on a blanket in a field in Valley Forge Park. We must have stayed like that for a half-hour before Russ sat up and asked if I wanted some lemonade. He told me to get my blanket, and we put that over us from the waist down and sat there bare-chested and drank lemonade. Finally, we talked. I asked him where he got so good at what he did to me. Russ said, “I have read a lot about it.” He asked if I enjoyed it? I said, who would not enjoy what you did to me. He was quick to say, “You were doing the same things to me, and it felt just as nice.” He said, “I was not 100% sure you were gay, and I am still not totally sure, but you had no trouble having sex with me and swallowing my cum, so I guess you are probably pretty gay. I laughed and said it sure looks that way.

    We got some more lemonade, and we slid closer together as it was starting to get a little bit chilly out in the field. I asked what made him think of the Park. He said that he had always wanted to have sex in the Park, thinking that it would be really kind of Zen- you know doing nature in nature. As the sun started to go down, we both got dressed and got our stuff together and started to walk back to my car. On the way home, I asked if he wanted to get together again? He flipped it and asked me if I wanted to? I said sure I did, and he said good because I want to as well. He said, “You are so cute and petite.” I was not sure how to take that, and when I asked, he said it is a huge compliment. When we arrived in front of Russ’s house, he thanked me for an enjoyable evening and gave me a kiss before he got out of the car. He got out and went inside. I sat in my car and tried to process everything that had happened.

    I finally started the short drive home. My mom asked if Russ and I had a good time and I said, yes we had a great time. She smiled, and I said good night and headed up to bed. When I hit my sheets, I started an instant replay of the evening and started to get hard again. I realized that unless I jerked-off, I was not getting to sleep. I rubbed out a quick one because I was thinking about Russ. I cleaned up my belly, rolled over, and went to sleep. This was the beginning of what turned into a four “on and off” relationship between us.
  13. I was sitting at dinner with my parents when the phone rang. I quickly answered, and it was Russ. He wanted to know if I might want to go to Valley Forge Park tomorrow night to just hang out. I promptly asked my parents if that would be ok and they thought it was ok, I just needed to be home by 10 PM. I told Russ I could go. He asked if I could drive, and I told him I could. He asked me to pick him up around 7 PM. He also told me to be sure to bring a blanket with me. I had trouble concentrating the next day because all I could think about was what might happen tomorrow night. My dick seemed to have a pretty good idea of what was going to happen. I had trouble not getting hard all day long,

    I left about 6:30 for Russ’s house. I was not sure which one exactly was his, but I knew where to park. As I pulled in, he bopped out of the house. He jumped into my car with lemonade, some pretzels, and a blanket. I asked if we were having a picnic? Russ said I suppose you could say that.” We drove to the Park, which was only about 15 minutes from his house. We parked in one of the designated parking areas and then got out. Russ said, “Let’s find a perfect spot .” Since I had no real idea what we were doing, I mean, I thought I did but was not sure, I just followed him. We found a spot out in the middle of one of the fields. We were parked far enough from the parking area that we could have been seen, but not clearly.

    Russ opened up his blanket and sat down on it. I sat down too. We talked for a while, but the conversation drifted over to being gay and then gay sex. Once we started talking about that, I became aroused. Russ moved closer to me, and I saw him begin to move his mouth towards my mouth. We kissed, and it was delightful. Russ was a charming guy. We kissed again and again—each time with a bit more passion than the one before it. Russ starts to kiss me again, and while he is kissing me, he begins to lower me onto the ground, so now I am on my back looking up at him while he is having a field day on my mouth. Once he gets me on my back, he starts to kiss my neck and ears and back to my mouth. I was for sure hard and beginning to leak, and Russ made sure I could feel that he was hard. Russ slid over on top of me so that our dicks could rub against each other. While all that was going on, he took his hands and started to move them up my shirt. He picked at my nipples, he moved so he could kiss and lick my belly button. I was no longer sure what planet I was on. The fact that we were out in the open did not even cross my mind.

    Russ finally was able to get my T-shirt off me, exposing my chest to him. He was now straddling my cock while he ripped off his T-shirt. When I looked at his very muscular chest, Russ had this indent between his pecs. He said it was some kind of birth defect. Russ said, “It had been worse, but they cracked his sternum and reset the bones, so it was not so bad. I ran a fingertip into the little valley, and he shuddered, and then he laid back down on me and went to work on my pecs and belly. All I could do was help with the dry humping. When he got down to my belly button, he started to run his tongue all around it. As he was doing that, he began to undo my pants. He looked up at me and said, “Damn, you are really excited about this, aren’t you?” I said, I sure am, no hurry and take them off. He very quickly got me to raise my butt off the ground and in one fell swoop both my jeans and my boxers came off and there I was naked, hard and wet for him to see. He went back to licking my belly button, but my dick kept rubbing against his ear or face or hair. He very slowly brought his mouth and tongue around to my balls, where he basically gave them a tongue bath. He moved the tip of his tongue up and along the underside of my cock. He got a taste of my pre and told me it was delicious. He kept swirling around my cock and doing all kinds of mind-blowing things with his tongue.
  14. Hey - Really sorry there are two posts of the same piece. I am not sure exactly what happened - I tried to delete one, but it would not let me- at least not the way I tried to do it. I will try again a bit later - hopefully, I can get rid of the entry that does not have the picture attached and opened.

    Thanks guys!
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  15. Shortly after I graduated from high school, I met this guy, Russ, who was going to be a senior in a nearby high school. When I met Russ, it was in August, and he recently turned 18. We met in a corner market. I had heard that this market sold gay magazines besides bread and milk. I stopped one day on my way home to just check it out. I was browsing the magazine collection when Russ came in. Russ was not real tall, but as it was summer, he had on a tank top. I could see immediately that although he was not real tall, his muscles had muscles. He was cut, ripped, and defined, and that was just his arms and what I could see of his pecs. He really looked as though he might wrestle. So ok, he was hot.

    He started browsing alongside me, and eventually, we struck up a conversation. This was how I found out that he was going to be a senior and was nearly 18. I was also 18 and would not be 19 until October. Russ started picking out his favorite magazines and pictures to show me. I was surprised that he was able to just do that. It was then he told me he lived two doors over from the store. I said, “So you spend a lot of time in here?” He said. “I would not say every day, but I come over here to get some pictures in my head to take back to my house and my bedroom before I think about Rosie Palm and her four sisters. I looked at him questionably. He held up his hand and pointed to his thumb and then his four fingers, and suddenly it dawned on me that he was talking about jerking off. I was surprised he was so open about it. I laughed and said that I could see how having these magazines next to your house could benefit you. Russ laughed.

    We continued to look at the magazines a bit longer, I was getting a chub, and it appeared that Russ was too. He asked if I wanted to come over to his house. I said, “I needed to get home before my mother thought I had been abducted. Russ said, “I have really enjoyed talking to you. Would you want to get together sometime to talk more?” I said sure, and we exchanged phone numbers. We said goodbye to each other and were on our way.

    Shortly after I got home, I went to my bedroom, put some music on, and crashed on my bed. As I listened to the music, I started thinking about Russ and Russ’s body and then kissing Russ and then … My dick was so hard, and leaking it was crazy. I slid my hand down inside my briefs and stroked myself a little. Then I imagined that was Russ stroking my cock. Next thing I know, my zipper is down, and my cock is out. I started thinking about Russ and I being naked together, and finally, I began to think about my cock going in and out of his mouth. That was when I started stroking my own cock, and from there, the fantasy just took over. Russ was giving me this fantastic blow job, and I stroked myself to the same rhythm I had imagined Russ using. It didn’t take long before I blasted all over my chin, neck, pecs, and belly. It was a powerful orgasm, for sure. I grabbed my cum rag from under the bed and cleaned myself off.

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