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  1. 126_1000.gif

    I would love to have my ass fucked like this! Being face down as my ass is filled with a big, fat cock, with my fists gripping the sheets.

    I moan as I feel my prostate is being massaged with each thrust. My own cock is rubbing against the sheets as I work my ass up to meet each push.

    Mmmmm... this would feel SOOOO good!

    I need a good fuck so bad! I need to get my girlfriend a big strap on so she can do me like this!
  2. As I've aged, I have been finding my prefered choice for self pleasuring has been my ass. If I am feeling the need for release it no longer is centered around my cock, it is deeper inside.

    I feel the ache and desire coming from my prostate. I find myself sqirming and rocking my pelvis and craving my ass to be penetrated.

    I lay in bed feeling as though i am in heat, my ass up, wishing I had a huge cock to part my cheeks and take my breath away...


    My dick isn't even hard... my desire seems to come entirely deep inside from my prostate...


    I have found myself feeling more feminine, wanting a well hung stud to breed me and fill me with his seed. I have even started to experiment with donning some sexy clothes to reinforce the part of an insatiable size queen...


    It makes me feel so horny and lusting to have a big cock to indulge on my cravings. My ass wants to be filled, my prostate stimulated from a huge cock rhythmically and relentlessy thrusting deep into my hole...


    So big and thick, cauaing my prostate to ooze as waves of pleasure envelop me...


    My ability to have multiple orgasms has me wanting to be fucked endlessly. I would dream of having a room full of hung men all give me their seed... one after another!


    Or even have a woman with a big strap on take me for hours! Having her way and abusing me!


    Some day I hope this can be a reality... but for now I will have to break out my toys and fuck myself silly today!
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  3. I'm laying in bed this morning with my cock hard.... I put my hand around it and grasp it firmly...


    It is as big and hard as it gets and my mind is wadering to the big, thick cocks I have had the pleasure of stroking.

    I remember how my hand felt holding them... full, heavy, powerful, masculine... the feeling of BIG! The exvitement and erotic intensity as I grasp a girthy cock is intoxicating.

    My slim pecker feels so lacking.... I need to get my hands on a big fat cock again... SOON!
  4. I am finding it hard to take any new pictures that don't look like those already filling my galleries!

    The same old views get BORING...

    With me trying to hold my phone and compose the picture, my viewing angles are limited to what I can take myself.

    I wish I had a friend to do erotic photo shoots with! Hopefully someone with a big cock that could make its way into the pictures... as it is making its way into me, parting my ass cheeks! Laying next to my cock... shooting its load onto my abs, etc.
  5. I am laying in bed this morning and my prostate is aching. I squirm and rock my pelvis at the thought of being penetrated by something big. The idea of a big cock, all hard and warm, parting my ass and filling me up is getting me so horny!

    883_1000.gif 885_1000.gif 885_1000.gif
  6. My cock is a little above average in length, but below average in girth. It's only 4 and 3/8ths around... it is thin.


    Compared to a cock that is about the same length, but a lot thicker, it pales next to it..

    rdv4611 008.jpg

    I have never, nor will never, be able to fuck like a thick cock. My thin pecker always glides right in with no effort. I see how wide cocks push and have to make the opening yield. The initial penetration and stretch must provide an incredible sensation to a woman! .....something mine will never do.


    That slow push and stretch as a thick phallus enters, taking their breath away.

    And then how it stimulates and stretches... the clit and g-spot feeling the pressure a thick shaft imparts... inescapable!


    Each thrust displaces flesh, stimulates and stretches. All pleasure receptors engaged.

    With my thin dick I find my partner having to work hard at squeezing her muscles around me to try to increase contact and friction. She has to vigorously squirm and work her hips and pelvis to have my dick find and stimulate her pleasure spots. I feel it's more of a workout for her than a pleasure fest.

    But a thicker cock can trigger so much more while she can lay back and bask in carnal bliss... each thrust filling, tugging on her lips that tug and engage the clit, pulli g it against the hard shaft. The head massaging the g-spot on each pass. And every inch of her internal flesh is on fire!


    My thin dick will never be able to provide the kind of pleasure that a big, girthy cock can. And sometimes I am left feeling inadequate. I wish I could provide my partner the best experience ever, but lack the tool to do it.
  7. I will be turning 59 next month... where does the time go! And it seems I have spent a lot of it languishing about my body and dick.

    I'm only 5' 8" tall and 145lbs, pretty much a lightweight when it comes to my overall physical presence. And with the inactivity Covid brought, I'm not as fit and toned as I would like to be.

    What do you honestly think od my body and cock? I feel fortunate I dont carry thw big belly common on Wisconsin men, but have always felt scrawny and skinny. I especially despise my skinny cick!

    But what would you feel if my physical being was offered up for your sexual pleasure? Would you feel short changed?

    Tell me your thoughts if you were given this to have your way with?

  8. I saw a pic of a woman enjoying the pleasure of a large, uncut cock...


    It got me instantly hard! That erect, meaty cock looked so delicious!

    I especially liked the foreskin covering the glans and the prominent piss slit just begging to be probed with the tip of my tongue! I just wanted to work that meaty covering with my lips!

    I found my prostate beginning to ache to feel it inside... the thought of bending over to offer my ass up for its pleasure arroused me further.

    I wanted to take up a position like her to receive it deep, stretching and filling me...

    Yes... I am craving cock today, but I don't have any to satisfy my needs. Guess it's another toy day!
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  9. I was playing around doing some picture manipulation to take some of my cock photos and enhance the size of my cock, making it longer and THICKER! I know... what a big waste of time! It is what it is and I have to learn to live with it. But if I had that Genie is a bottle....

    Look at that gap between my hand gripping it and my slender dick... what if I grew to fill that void?


    Imagine how heavy that would feel? So much meat! Over double the volume I bet!

    To have that sticking out of my pants... instead of that skinny pecker on the left, a big meaty phallus!

    Not going crazy here... just a little longer and thicker here, but what a difference that would make to my self esteem when looking in a mirror!

    Honestly.... what cock would YOU prefer to have coffee with in the morning???

    A thick 7.5" long vs a skinny a skinny 6.5" x 4.4" hardon? The one on the right would be so amazing to have, wouldn't it?

    Like I said... a guy can dream, can't he???

    But realistically, the time spent doing this was just a stupid waste of time, wasn't it?!
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  10. I am smitten by the look and feel of big, heavy cocks. I consider my own dick as a slim featherweight.

    The first time I got to experience another man's cock it was a big, meaty one. I was immediately taken by the feel of its mass and heft as I put my hands on it.


    I could feel the extra effort to lift it up... it had more mass for gravity to act on. And as my hand wrapped around it it had such a plump, full feel.


    My own dick seems so light and delicate.

    I enjoy letting big cocks rest on me and revel in the pressure it exerts against my flesh.


    Yes... big, heavy cock have such a presence and power. I feel mine is a little squirt gun compared to a howitzer!


    Yes... I love big, heavy man meat!


    In the hand it is a joy to feel and service. I I am at your disposal!
  11. I see pics of really thick cocks and my prostate begins to ache for stimulation. My pelvis thrusts slowly as if it were working a rock hard dick deep inside, causing it to rub firmly against my P-spot.

    I can just imagine the stretch and fullness that only extreme girth can give. It would be glorious to have my ass filled with cocks like this...

    Maybe someday I will get to experience the real thing. Meanwhile, my dildos will have to do!
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  12. I lay in bed this morning and I feel a craving, an ache really... my ass wants to be fucked. I wish I had a huge, throbbing, hard cock to violate me.

    I am laying in bed, ass up, squirming...
    my dick rubbing against the sheets as I thrust my hips up and down, fantasizing a long, thick warm cock is giving my prostate the stimulation it desperately needs...

    To feel real flesh inside me as huge balls slap against me would feel so good! My dick would ooze to the stimulation as I moan and grunt to the joyful violation.

    I need this... I want cock... I need cum... please help me!!!
  13. I feel that need to have my ass filled to satisfy the ache deep in my prostate today. But I don't feel masculine about it... I feel like a sissy slut. My own cock is nothing more that a big clit to me.

    My sexuality seems to reside deep in my ass, and I want to ride and grind on something big, sensuously grinding my pelvis to have my P-spot stimulated.

    I think I feel more like these trans women probably do...

    It would feel so good to have a hard cock deep inside...over and over!

    Or a big dildo filling and stretching me...

    Massaging my prostate untill my clit oozes...

    So good to feel penetated...

    Big, hard and filling... I want it so bad!

    It will feel so good...harder, faster!

    Yes... I need this today! My man pussy is craving it!
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  14. I enjoy looking at big cock pics. They get me hard and craving to see, worship and service such amazing specimins! To feel their weight and fullness in my hands... big, thick, massive, heavy.


    And feel it stretch my ass and stimulate my prostate with each thrust... taki g my breath away!


    But often i wonder how many of the pictures I see are real or manipulated in some way. I look at these pictures and my prostate literally aches to feel them. My mouth waters to taste them... but are they real???? Do cocks like this exist in my world?


    Hard thick and throbbing....


    Engorged heads, just perfect to massge and pound my prostate...


    Long and thick to fill and stretch my ass...


    Rock hard to grind and ride, feeling it so deep inside...


    Tantalizing... I want it to be real! To get on my knees and put my hands and mouth around it!

    I hope to experience one someday, but fear it is just a dream that will never come true...
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  15. I find that because I am staying at home and working from my house I haven't been doing my regular routines...

    I don't get a shower in every day. I could really use one! One like this... feeli g the warm liquid hit my skin!

    I haven't been out to eat in a couple months now. I live with my girlfriend who is vegan. We don't keep meat in the house, so going out to eat is when I get to indulge in some hearty meat.

    It has me craving for some so much, that when I do get some i will go at it with gusto , like this...

    I also feel like a caged animal lately. I haven't had some good exercise workout in weeks. I need to get in some good stretching and some reps to keep my parts in shape. So.e good squats on a large , heavy piece of equipment like this... that will give me the stretch I need!

    So what are you missing or craving during this pandemic?
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