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  1. I’ve never tried my hand at expressing a fantasy of mine, but here it goes. Please be nice.

    So I have this massage fantasy. I go to a regular massage parlor after a stressful week. The masseuse that I’m given is a male, hot, but I’m satisfied with my man at home, so cheating isn’t really on my mind. The whole encounter starts out innocent enough, he steps out of the room as I strip down to nothing, lay face-down on the table, and lay the towels over my sensitive areas. Now as you all know, my ass is pretty big, so the folded towel covers most, but not all of it.

    So the hot masseuse starts on my back and is hitting all the right spots, but I can feel his eyes staring at my partially exposed ass. He continues to add oils and I start to let out little moans because this is just what I need. He goes up and down my back, getting close to, but not quite touching my ass. He stops, then he starts on my legs.

    He begins with my feet and works his way up. His hands feel absolutely amazing sliding all over my oiled up body. As his hands approach my inner thighs, I can feel myself start to tense. I’m not sure if this is a legit part of the massage, or if he’s trying to be fresh with me. The masseuse senses this and says for me to relax, it’s all part of a professional massage. I submit and allow his hands to travel far up my thighs, nearly touching my pussy lips. The sensation and the tease is amazing. I can feel myself getting wet and I haven’t even had my pussy touched. I’m letting out the softest moans, which I’m sure are letting the guy know he’s doing amazing and that I’m getting turned on. All of a sudden, he stops again, telling me to flip over. I can’t deny that I’m a bit disappointed that he hasn’t touched me, even though I have no idea why.

    I flip over and a towel is placed over my tits and pussy, covering both and conserving my modesty. I must confess at this point, I would rather have been totally naked. Anyway, he starts on both my arms and my neck and again, the feelings are just insane. I shift a little, and the lower towel rides up so that just the bottom of my pussy is showing. I know he can see it, I can feel his hard cock next to my face.

    He then starts on the front of my legs, rubbing the feet and working his way up. This time when he gets to my inner thighs, I can literally feel myself leaking. His thumb, as he is massaging me, brushes ever so slightly against my pussy sending shockwaves through my body as I let out a very sexual moan. He knows that I’m literally putty in his hands. He continues to massage my thighs, “accidentally touching my pussy more and more. I am losing control and I slowly begin to just part my legs for him, this guy I don’t know. Seeing this, he immediately slides a finger into my warm, wet hole and begins to finger fuck my pussy. As he does this, my hand reaches out to grab is hard cock and stroke it. He knows exactly what to do and within minutes I’m cumming all over his fingers. I continue to stroke his dick until he tells me he’s about to cum. I pull it out and aim it on my chest. He shoots his cum all over my oiled up tits. We both just stare at each other, unsure of what to do next.....

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