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  1. :emoji_high_brightness: Australian divorcee dad (39, Grindr, bar and my bedroom)

    I am laughing.

    I just had the best blow job I think I can remember. Bi guys got skills! I told him I had to actually give my ex instructions several times on how to give head because he was so bad at it, it either hurt me or I felt nothing. But yeah, give me the guy who's been married. I actually felt things during this very short sprint to climax that I don't think I've ever felt before.

    Last Night
    We met last night at a bar in town. He kept me waiting as his dinner took close to three hours. But we had a really lovely chat, a light bit of touching in the bar. I finished my merlot and we both had ginger beers. He walked me to my car, it was late and his buddy in the hotel just wanted to sleep (so we couldn't retire there to fool around). We kissed twice and parted ways - although he said he could meet me tomorrow afternoon (today).

    Well, the afternoon didn't happen, he was still on an island and a ferry ride away after six pm. Then somehow back to his hotel to shower around eight. Then I thought he would be on his way. No! Only after 10pm do I get a text that dinner is wrapping up. 10:15 waiting for a taxi. I am a fifteen minute ride away at this time. So, 10:59 pm I think I'll text and ask, "What's up?" But I hear music in the street and a taxi is pulling around the bend.
    I'm not the best at living a normal life when something is impending that day - so, I have been off my game, horny and distracted since I woke up.

    I'm sure there were two distinct new sensations I felt during the oral. One was like a tongue undulation, and the other felt like he had one finger in against it wiggling - but that must just be another variation of these crazy tongue skills. I was sat on my knees on the mattress and he was bent forward, not the easiest position to perform in, but it was amazing. He just went at it with such a clear eagerness without being overzealous, like a finely purring motor.

    He had this beautiful fat cock, that wasn't too imposing or jaw breaking. It was slightly darker than his body's skin tone. Probably as long as me, but his girth was continuous from the head down. It had a lovely weight to it. He lay on his back and I went to work, it felt like no time at all had passed until he was jizzing. Didn't even really get a taste of anything, just swallowed seamlessly. And he was out the gate by 11:16 - he had the taxi waiting.

    He was very, very kind and appreciative about my body - which is lovely to hear. I have been putting in time at the gym, but one's own progress never really registers. So I heard some variation of "You're so hot" about a dozen times across both evenings.

    I've had a good quickie like this before, but this was the best.

    11:43 He's back at the hotel and I've just hit 'Save'.
  2. :emoji_high_brightness: Handsome Brazilian Top (Hornet, 30, his bedroom)

    The date was set for 9:30. He actually lives off a street my family used to live on, I got to the area early so went to buy some petrol. Cleaned my windshield and hung up the pump. The attendant ran out to say I hadn't actually pumped my gas at all.. only 75c had gone through. (Just an odd occurrence with no real bearing on anything.)

    It was just nice being back in this area. I walked up the drive and steps and stood outside the door for about two mins before he responded (didn't knock as all flatmates were home). His bedroom was opposite the foyer, so we just slipped inside and he got us some water. The place was very hot, but he had a little fan going. I lay on the bed beside and we chatted a bit and touched just a little.


    I'll finish this story later - but short version is I got fucked by the biggest dick I've taken in perhaps ten years!
  3. 16th Feb:

    :emoji_drum: Myself

    I masturbated that night, fucking my sex toy, which I thought I'd lost for a moment. I think I saved the two images on Reddit that I came to - headless young body with great coloured nipples. Sexual urges were just taking up too much of my mind and time, and I needed to dial it down with a tactical emission.

    Found it:

    c6eb10d.jpg 12dc88f.jpg

    17th Feb:

    :emoji_information_source: Uni

    Back in my undergrad years, before I was sexually active. There were a notorious set of bathrooms on campus that had the dirtiest graffiti and several drilled little holes in the stalls for peeking. I think they were known as the cruising site. Anyway. After wearing my skimpy gym gear all the way from the parking spot to a wild goose chase across campus, I showered here. Having to get naked a few feet from the door. The two shower stalls only a couple of wall hooks for a bag, and no real space to get changed. Showered there, but no one came in at all during that time.

    Browsed Grindr for a bit - but I had a meeting and a seminar to go to and after that, just wanted to get out of the city.

    Handsome Brazilian Top (Hornet, 30)

    Late at night went through some messages I'd missed and responded to a request to view my hidden photos on Hornet. This guy is gorgeous: strong jaw, great hair, full lips, high cheekbones.

    "Yours look so hot, man" he wrote.
    "Do you into top guys?" he asked in funny phrasing. And "I'm very horny" he sent twice

    He wants to host me for sex the next night, and he wants to fuck me with a condom. I've sent him a good morning message now, so we'll see if this comes about. Haven't had a man climax inside me this year yet... I think? So could be this guy with nice abs and sexy darker toned penis.

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  4. So after feeling quite horny in the day (pic). I arranged to see this guy again.

    :emoji_high_brightness: Latin true dad-bod ISFJ (50, Squirt, my bedroom: take two)

    It was about 75% as intense as the first time. People were home then, so I played music in the garage which would provide a degree of aural cover as my bedroom is next to my office/garage. Lots of kissing and cuddling and swapping oral. I got to taste little sweet bits of his pre-cum and he leaked on my and his own thigh a bit. I rimmed him as best I could, but it's a hard one to access, but there is a sexy lip of skin across the bottom of his anus, and I think he enjoyed pressure on that with my tongue too.

    The penetration (with condom) was a bit painful as he tried to sit on top. We did it standing for a while, before finishing with him on his back. I really felt my cum shooting out, even if it never goes very far. Neither of us had cum since we last met. He was quite soft afterwards, and though I played with his dick a little - he didn't seem to want extra stimulation or to receive more oral then to finish.

    I guess he crossed a boundary by saying, "I love you." But it was a sweet and humble gift. This man has a real tragedy in his love life two decades ago, and I think since this catastrophe has been on a bit of a different track. He should feel loved. He made a passing comment to the bushes where I'd attempted to have sex with that guy a week ago - seems it's the prime cruising spot in our city. His experiences there have been demeaning and alienating. I talked about my wish that these experiences would renew his hope that sexual satisfaction is a real possibility, even though I'm not offering anything more than good sex now and then. He lives with some homophobic older truckers it seems, not the happiest domestic setting.

    Me personally - I am a total pendulum, swinging towards intimacy with men and then far, far away into peace, isolation, solitude and that aspect of healing from heartbreak.

    One thing I am thankful for with practicing abstinence is that it allows me to become aroused more easily with a greater variety of bodies. Porn trains you in a way of being highly selective at times (if you use it that way). It's important to fuck a variety of men, at some stage in your life - because sex is freeing, it affirms and it heals.
  5. 13th Feb

    :emoji_high_brightness: Tall personal trainer (Grindr, his apartment)

    Went out and saw a movie with this chap. We held hands a little. I didn't feel any great chemistry or desire, but it was nice to just spend time. He walked me to my car, and then another weird tight lipped kiss. He texted me later to say he enjoyed it and to see how my day was going. I am a bit ho-hum about this one.

    14th Feb (As mentioned 11th Feb)

    :emoji_blue_heart: Young psych student (Grindr, Restaurant booked)

    He made a booking at the perfect place in Parnell. The food was amazing. The staff fantastic. He was animated. Really fun to see in real life versus just a few photos (sometimes it is very much the other way around). We had a few funny things in common that were unexpected. Conversation was effortless. He definitely had some traits of youth that were a bit, hmm, almost erratic. But he was courteous, we shared most of our food, but he doesn't eat pork. Went for a walk. Kissed twice and he grabbed my ass a few times. Just a really pleasant little evening. Will likely hang out again.

    :emoji_8ball: 18 year old redhead (Grindr)

    Still sharing a few texts, no great progress.

    :emoji_high_brightness: Latin true dad-bod ISFJ (50, Squirt, my bedroom)

    Been texting with him too, might be looking to meet up again very soon.

    :emoji_8ball: Nice arms late forties (Squirt)

    Been chatting to this guy over a few weeks. Trying to make a time Sunday to meet him, but I'm hanging with my high school pals for live music in the late afternoon.

    :emoji_8ball: Scruffy open relationship (38, Tinder)

    See screenshot:


    Both Grindr and Squirt offer a range of other potential contacts but both platforms SUCK as contact management apps - it's very easy to lose touch and to forget who is who, who's said what. Gets a bit taxing.

    At this point I'm still being a little experimental with the use of emojis - but basically from now on:

    :emoji_8ball: denotes unknown potential
    :emoji_anger: denotes a fail or bad experience
    :emoji_blue_heart: denotes a slight warming up
    :emoji_high_brightness: denotes we've had sex with orgasm

    The selection of emojis here is pretty slim, but I'd welcome any suggestions to better delineate men.
  6. Porn

    So I upload a lot. But I actually delete all these images afterwards. I'm not anti-porn, I'm just anti: porn taking up too much space in my life, and I'm anti: porn and masturbation in excess. It's kind of a stupid fixation, but as these images are 95% from blocked tumblr pages, I don't know how many still perpetuate online, so I can't just trash it all. Even though I only upload 15% of what I archived, the best deserves some appreciation at least. So I look and sort, but don't wank.

    As a young teen I was a prone masturbator, laying on my belly and thrusting against a T-shirt or something. This was a very bad and high-friction way to being a mastubatory life. Eventually around fifteen or sixteen I learned to use my hand. It began just as a flat palm downwards stroke to mimic most closely the flat surface of the mattress. Somewhere in my teens I was put on Prozac (they don't do this for young people anymore), which massively impacted my ability to reach climax and dragged out masturbation to fifty minutes or more.

    Later in life it just became a habit to masturbate daily, at night before bed, on the PC and with porn. It was common for these sessions to last from 30 to 90 minutes, and became the 'normal' way my body understood arousal and ejaculation.


    From 25 to 37 years of age I climaxed only three times from fucking and five or fewer times from oral. I had low confidence, low erection quality, anxiety and low satisfaction.

    Between six and nine months of abstinence from masturbation I started to really notice that my body had started to heal from dysfunction. I started climaxing regularly for oral sex and anal sex. I had a two year relationship in which I never had an issue finishing from fucking. I wasn't perfect at this abstinence, but all healing and gains seemed cumulative over time. Main goals here was not to binge on stuff that induces dopamine over time - so when I had to cum, I'd aim to do it quickly.
    Sex toy

    I bought a cheap sex toy to practice fucking with. Also, wearing a condom with this helps to get used to the alien feel of the condom for sex, and also help tune into your body so that you can deal with the decrease in sensitivity. There were a few times were I climaxed in three, four or five minutes with the toy and I almost wept. For me a fast wank was 15-20 mins, and I didn't think I would ever have a normal ejaculatory response. But there it was.
    More Sex

    Now my priority is to abstain from masturbation, unless I'm getting zero sex. In which case I will have a release about once a week. I took a real knock in the post-break up space, a flaccid confused dick that didn't want to play. But since then I've built back up to fucking raw and with a condom and not having a problem with a satisfying ending.
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  7. :emoji_high_brightness: 12th Feb: Latin true dad-bod ISFJ (50, Squirt, my bedroom)

    I really thought that this would be another of my sex-fail stories because forty-five minutes after he said he was leaving his place, which is only fifteen minutes away, he still was not here!


    We had communicated quite a bit over the last few days. He seemed a little irregular, but in a nice way. Wrote many short messages. A little bit of internet English abbreviation. Really, really delayed sending his face pic which really had me suspicious. But his ass, cock and chest shots seemed very good so I remained interested. His face pick was pale, shy, puffy - not that great. But I was taking a chance because he happened to be free right when I knew the house would be empty (well, my brother sleeps all day and is awake all night, and he doesn't care).

    When I'd given up hope and was starting to feel rejected and annoyed, I stood in the front yard under the sunlight and saw a car whizz down the street. The driver didn't look like him. I went back inside and then I saw a man part jogging back up the street. Oh finally. Greeted him at the door, shook hands, he slipped off shoes and left a knapsack in the foyer. Then he went to pee.

    I kind of did this thing where I didn't look directly at his face for long, I just let that part of him linger a bit out of focus. I closed my bedroom door and we embraced and kissed. Quickly off with our shirts. I enjoyed his body - it really was what you'd get if you merged all the pics in my Dad Bods thread into one man. A bit older, reasonably athletic from sports, sun tanned, hairy - but without being bristly. His nipples had distinct little raised knobs. He took my pants down first, and then I his.

    I could just tell from the way things started that this was going to be an alright hook-up. Even though he was bi, closeted, and not that sexually active he had a warm and open and easy-to-connect with energy. He lay on me for a bit then rolled to his back. His balls were fucking amazing, both bigger than mine - and that is an achievement, but they were also denser and heavier too - almost full egg sized. A real treat. His penis was uncut, smaller than my own and very easy to go down on.

    He sucked me a little as well and the sensation was good. How is it bi guys can do this better than guys who have been cock suckers for decades? He bent over and made his backside available to me. Wow! The tan from his back ended abruptly into a nice shaped and shiny white ass, and his ass crack was deep and dark. I just love the contrast of shades and tones, it got me really aroused so I rimmed him immediately. His anus was a bit recessed in, I could get at it with my tongue but I don't think I really penetrated him with my tongue. We fooled around a bit more before I got a lubed finger in there, very smooth feeling, not too tight.

    All the time we were together he kept murmuring "Nice" and "So hot" on repeat, he called me a greek god and expressed his appreciation in many ways. He had a bit of a latin accent.

    He really wanted me to use a condom, so I put on a Lifestyle's Large. Touching him and stroking him. He sat on my dick and had a sting of pain, I told him to go slower. We kissed and he took me inside him. There was something just a little off with the angle of things in this position - and we were only just getting to know each other's bodies. He rode it happily for a few minutes. Then I fucked him on his back. I didn't have to hold his legs, I could stay inside him while holding him chest to chest and kissing his neck. Within about five minutes I was exploding into the condom.

    I sucked him a couple of times and got him to have a partial orgasm - he later admitted he'd masturbated in the shower because he was nervous about cumming very quickly. He wanted me to fuck him again - and I got about 80% of the way to climax, but not quite, as the condom does still interfere a little with the feeling of connection there.

    The time we spent together after sex was longer than the activity itself, just cuddling and talking. He said, "My ranking for you. The statistics. Is eleven out of ten", that was really sweet. I note that he is an ISFJ as we have very compatible feeling functions and find affection, giving and closeness very easy to achieve as well as a high priority in our lives. He talked five times more than I did - even saying "I love you/it" - I couldn't quite hear the last word.

    He said he'd never had sex with a guy before that was good at showing affection. Said I was his number one lay. Haha. Bi guys are easy to please?? I told him he just got my standard package, and we laughed. His face by this point - I'd warmed up to. Masculine, a little gruff, not conventionally handsome or kiwi - but just fine - the face of a man and that's okay with me. The praise kept coming and the intimation about what future or compatibility we might have. I feel sorry for him that he is even more sexually deprived than me. He was able to read my silences and my words and settled on exploring fuck buddies.

    I am excited to have sex with him again because I know that the experience will be quality, honest and warm. This is really the glory of men fucking men - we can set new standards for pleasure, acceptance, closeness and a hope for the future.

    Of course I don't want a relationship and I am still a little heartbroken - but it's important to nurture good qualities and experiences when there is fertile ground for it. I kissed and sucked a little here and there wherever on his body I felt like going - and he was so open and receptive, never guarded, never controlled by a social notion that might close down the intimacy.

    As we were getting dressed, up pulled a jock strap 2/3 of the way up. We embraced with our penises together. He didn't want to let go. I turned around and pressed my butt onto him, suggesting next time that he might fuck me. He liked the idea and did say he was more of a bottom - which I'm totally fine with.

    "Beautiful. Hot. A greek god. My number one. You brought me such pleasure. I would like to be your boyfriend. I've never had someone like you. You're perfect. I like your chest, your ass...." over and again, the kindest most healing and affirming words to hear. Never given with the expectation of receiving something in return. Just a blessing between two strangers that fucked.
  8. Not a lot going on:

    :emoji_anger: Slim muscled blonde (Squirt)

    This seemed to be going well. A hot guy who wanted an available ass when his bf was away. We traded SnapChats. But... the deal breaker for him was that I had to shave my ass for him to be interested. No, fuck off. So, that was that. I have very light body hair and my hole is in my album, lol, but it was too much. I do know that some men just have an aversion to body hair- but he kept his own pubes bushy so wtf is up with that?

    :emoji_8ball: Young psych student (Grindr, Restaurant booked)

    I've been in contact with this lad since the end of 2015. We haven't talked much since the initial contact but got chatting again. We are going to the same campsite in April and decided to meet early and establish a rapport. We swapped some nude pics. He wanted to make it bit more than a hook-up, so suggested we go out for food. Just so happens our date coincides with Valentine's day. He's got a nice pale body with dark body hair. I guess if meal goes well we'll fuck, or maybe just oral ... kinda hate sex on a full stomach as either top or bottom.

    :emoji_back: Ex boyfriend, hung, hairy, Scottish (Squirt, possible hotel)

    This was funny. I dated this guy for a few months about six or seven or even eight years ago. He has a gorgeous heavy meaty cock that hangs huge and flaccid. But he just wants to bottom. Says he's coming back into down and practically begging me to fuck him. So, may stick it in that hole. I don't think I ever shot inside him before as I used to have a lot of dysfunction, so this may be a first. We just never really clicked beyond having compatible levels of affection. Minds in completely different worlds.
  9. Just a short note on a few prospects that might be coming up:

    :emoji_8ball: 18 year old redhead (Grindr)

    I've been in contact with this lad, he wants to meet, talk and to have his first sexual experience with a guy. So, this could be me. I feel too stressed today (10th Feb) to arrange it for today, but he said he'd catch public transport and make his way over one afternoon.

    :emoji_8ball: Bi dad of three (Tinder)

    This guy actually lives just over two hours north of my city, but he's single and looking to expand his sexual horizons with men, having only done oral, rimming and a finger or two. He's noteworthy because his penis is so unique, short but with a head that's twice as wide as his shaft. That's just a crazy turn on. Not all that much to look at, but - it's better to just be a nice guy.

    :emoji_8ball: Ultra hot hairy-assed guy (Grindr)

    Fucking hell. This guy messaged me desperate to have his ass immediately loaded with cum - but I was just starting to cook dinner for my parents and I and couldn't arrange a quickie that fast. This is highly frustrating. He really is the hottest guy in my entire radius on Grindr. But there was something about his urgency that gave me pause also.... while extremely attractive to me, the lack of a desire to have any form of connection beyond being pounded and loaded up is a bit of a turn off. What does my cock think? He wants to fuck that fuzzy butt, but he also wants a cuddle.

    :emoji_8ball: Hot total whore (Scruff)

    This guy is prolifically sexual (I know that he's messaged a few other people that I know). But he's so damn fine and that masculine work-man type that turns me on so much. He really just wants to be fucked as well. We've been in contact off and on over years but it's never quite lined up. I get some suspect vibes on this one - like party and play vibes... which I'm not keen on at all. But it's hard to know at this distance. I've seen him in a bar once and had that magnetic sort of animal attraction to him. Hmmm.
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  10. February 2020

    6th Feb

    :emoji_information_source: Mixed race bohemian (Grindr, Bird sanctuary tour)

    We'd had a chat in a cafe sometime in Jan. A friend of his had to leave the country, so I took a free ticket to a day. Fun excursion but no real sexual chemistry. He was very kind to me, and wouldn't even let me pay for lunch.


    :emoji_information_source: Stylish hairy white guy (Grindr & Tinder, couch Netflix)

    While my friend napped on the island during our lunch stop, I got messaging with this guy. I had to drive to the shore. He was cute, but said he was after cuddles only and not sex. I asked if I could shower off the sunscreen at his place, yes. He kept a distance while I washed. No instruction for how to make the water warm, lol - I tried every handle position!

    He was slim, his hair perfectly shaped and his body bristling with blond, red, light brown hair. He bought me dinner via Uber Eats. We watched a boring film on Netflix. Touched each other lightly, chatted a bit, hug, kiss on cheek and left. He never replied to my text after that, so... we all know what that means

    8th Feb

    I've had some amazing prospects come up on Grindr. Young horny guys. But they've all been busy with friends and have set meeting up to "later". But damn, if this come to fruition, yay me.

    :emoji_high_brightness: Very cute slim guy (Squirt, in the bushes)

    Okay, so I really blundered this one. He has no profile picture, but sent me some photos on the Squirt chat. Really good looking guy. I love dark hair. Slim waist. We were both horny and clearly not thinking straight when we decided, at his suggestion, to try sex in public at a mid-point between our places. Only, we should have waited until it was getting dark.

    We met as planned (good sign). He walked me into the bushes, which became relatively steep narrow dirt tracks. There were two other guys cruising, and that made him uncomfortable. Plus the light of day really shows up the flaws in an area. Broken glass, lots of rocks, not as much cover as one imagines, used condoms draped on tree branches. We went around looking for a spot. Started making out and he tugged on my dick through my shorts. That was about it. I guess comfort matters a lot to me - and this scenario would only have been good for oral sex... when he really wanted to bottom for me. We left the park. His place was no longer free and he shrugged off the thought of coming back to mine. We agreed to talk later - but he hasn't messaged me yet and I've not been horny enough since to send one myself.

    :emoji_high_brightness: Tall personal trainer (Grindr, his apartment)

    This is actually a four-year sex raincheck that I'm cashing in. I sat in my car after being slightly rebuffed by the first guy. Turns out a guy I'd had a tea with long ago now lived only 250m from where I'd parked. We chatted through the app for about thirty minutes and he said he was happy to be my date substitute. We chatted on the couch for twenty odd minutes, a little bit of light stroking.

    We got naked in the bedroom. His kissing was really weird, small mouthed, very little tongue - I'm used to it being a bit bigger and messier. It's strange when you're with someone noticeably taller than you to see what parts of them differ. Small dick, which looks tiny against incredibly long legs. And a small bum, but proportioned so well. His oral was pretty good - and if that's all we wanted to do, I could likely have climaxed from it.

    It's very hard to throw a 6'5" chap around, so I never quite got him on his back to return oral in the same way, I just had to bend down while he was kneeling. In this position I could slip a hand between his legs and he was vocally accepting of a finger against his hole. He lay on his stomach and I rimmed him, then on his knees for more rimming. It was all good back there. Loosened him with one finger and then two, could tell he was tight. Penetration was excruciating. He sat on my dick and fuck... the pressure to get it in was almost more than I could take... but just before I asked to stop: schluck, it went in.

    He bent over the foot of the bed and I fucked him standing. He had a long anal tunnel I guess, being so tall, a bit more muscle fibre to loosen than the average guy. He'd shaved his ass and the regrowth felt a bit like fucking a cactus at times - but still, I was horny and this was good. He asked me if I liked his hole, and I sputtered a response. About five minutes of pumping away in that position and jizzed inside him, my legs felt weak for a half second, had to shake them out. I fingered him and sucked his nipples while he climaxed. We showered. Then cuddled back on the bed quietly for a good twenty minutes at least. That was a nice way to come down from orgasming.
  11. February 2020

    Is this even a sex diary?


    :emoji_high_brightness: 5th Feb: Smooth trim Chinese man (30, Grindr, my bedroom)

    This guy had messaged me in November or December when I'd come close to his place for a hook-up. He lives about 8km to the South. He seemed very keen then and very keen when he messaged me today. He wanted to meet. We exchanged the above details and I gave him my address.

    Our meeting was easy. He was quiet, we talked a little. He ran his hands under my T-shirt and played with my nipples. Cuddled. Kissed. Got naked. My dick looked huge against his one. He wanted his nipples sucked, so I did - he had quite sensitive ones. I sucked him quite briefly twice and he sucked me quite briefly once - a bit too gently. Then I sucked him again for a little bit longer and licked his balls.

    His body was so smooth, but his clippered public hair was very abraisive. It was fun to kiss his body, but his neck and collar bones were too ticklish. I stroked his flesh. He asked me to roll over and he gave me a massage that was a five or six out of ten - it's a bit tough with no oils etc. But, sure it was nice enough - and he paid attention to my arms and fingers and scalp as well.

    He had gone quite soft. I lay him on his back and worked at it with my mouth for a couple of minutes, it was quite slow to become erect. Just slightly longer and slightly wider than my thumb, and I have quite thin fingers. I pressed at the base of his penis to help him trap a bit more blood and just worked my magic. Within thirty seconds of him becoming 80% erect, he said he was cumming and shot most of it down my throat. I cradled him for a few minutes after that in silence. His legs were so smooth, you couldn't feel a hair.

    "Do you want to cum?" He asked.

    "Yes," I answered.

    He rolled me on my back, his head on my right shoulder, and said, "I'm gonna make you cum."

    Then he did sweet fuck all. Tugged on my dick, which had gone soft with frustration and neglect by this point - tugged three times for a total of ten seconds. He stroked my body with his right hand. He rubbed the final bit of his semen just below my left ribcage. I lay there expectantly.

    I have a very, very consent oriented approach to sex. I don't like to have to ask for oral sex, it's just better as a gift given freely. Anal you sometimes have to negotiate and warm the partner up... but when it's just dick sucking, DO IT! If I had to ask, it would have shifted my mindset and I may have just been to preoccupied to enjoy it after that. The last thing I ever want to endure is an unwilling b.j. Besides, he's written to me he was into sucking and had just said he would make me cum . . .

    "I still have to have dinner. I think I'm going to go home," He said, somewhere between five and ten minutes into not sucking my cock at all.

    I got up. Got dressed. Escorted him out. And that was that. Fuck this shit.
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  12. February 2020

    I find apps and websites a bit of a mind-fuck really. Between Grindr, Scruff, Tinder and Squirt (and rarely Hornet, Feeld, Dudesnude) you never know where to look, for how long, or anything. Too many times I close the app and have no idea who I just spoke to. It taxes the short term memory.

    Today I was talking to a really hot guy - but he wanted me to host in the middle of the day and I wasn't ready and my digestion wasn't ready, so I had to postpone it. There's another dude I spoke to on two sites and he is keen, but is super vague other than "this week", and another dude from Squirt that I now have on Whatsapp... and he's "sometime soon". So how would I even approach this? I just lay on my bed and wait for something random to happen, lol. I just wish these apps made it easier to track your contacts, but none of them are very good contact management apps, they're hook up apps and they allow people to advertise their lives and disappear.

    :emoji_high_brightness: 4th Feb: Weathered construction worker (45, Grindr, hotel)

    This guy had sent me a dick pic while I was down with a cold in January. His profile is blank and he's called "hung", with a single line of text on the black background 'Horny hung bi guy up for funnnn??'. He suggests 9pm tonight and that he is a top, but likes 69, cum fun and amyl and threesomes. Lol, okay. I get three dick pics all up and have to ask for a face pick.

    '7-8" not measured but thick' - I don't even know if I can take this, hardly ever meet hung guys in real life.
    Oh God this was lame. I came up to his room and he was friendly enough, didn't say hardly anything. Kind of British accent. He sniffed some amyl and got naked and lay on the bed. I lay beside him and we touched each other's dicks. He was a big guy, big belly but soft skin. His nipples poked out so that you could grasp almost half an inch of it. I sucked him. His penis was very handsome, thick skin, meaty - without his fat pad he really could be over eight.

    He never got all the way hard. We kissed just briefly while I rubbed our cocks together. He sucked me for like FIVE SECONDS, and then touched, with saliva rubbing the head. And he jerked my shaft while I sucked him some more. He seemed surprised I could deep throat it... but, it is a lot easier when it's only 70% hard. He asked me to ejaculate on his cock. I got my lube. I wank left handed so I held his dick with my right hand before oozing my jizz down his shaft. Then I masturbated him and he climaxed.

    This is not what I want from hook ups - and I'm going to have to be more vigilant that the guy's exception is not that I will masturbate myself. What's the point of that? Boring. I washed my hands and dick in the bathroom sink. Got dressed, gave him a quick hug and kiss and said, "It was nice to meet you." Blah. I won't be doing that again unless I actually get oral or more.
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  13. January 2020

    It's been a bit of a blurr, but here's my recollection of this month. And I plan to update as I go - because it's sad to invest all this time and energy into sex and then forget that it ever happened, lol.

    I have never been highly sexed. Lost virginity at twenty five and was celibate for around half the next decade. But I guess at forty I'm starting to be an adolescent.

    :emoji_high_brightness: Italian office worker (Grindr, last fuck of 2019)

    This guy has such a sexy body. His chest very trim. We made contact on Grindr. I drove 10 mins from home to pick him up from work as he takes public transport. I watched a rabbit hopping about in the grass while I waited for him to finish at work. Had a nice chat on the drive home. Back to my room and kissing is fun, his body is so smooth, broad shoulders. He feels good to hold, nicely muscled. His face is a little bit wide - or his features typical of Europe in a way that feels a bit foreign to me.

    He licks my ass and fucks me raw with no lube... there was a little lube in there already from my own 'check in' with my body. His uncut penis feels very smooth going in. He doesn't last long. He fingers me while I masturbate and say, "Woah, you fucked me". I drop him back at the train station. Plan to meet again, and next time he wants to bottom. He's said hi once on Grindr since, but I was stressed out that day.

    :emoji_high_brightness: 10/10 Hot Australian (Grindr, early Jan)

    I had a horrible cold that wiped out over a week, but before this hit - one morning an incredibly hot - like a body double of my second favourite Sean Cody model (Daniel), traveller messages me. I live near the airport and this is routinely a very shit situation - as guys message me from departures and there's nothing I can really do about it. But this guy has a few hours to spare. We decide at first that I will just suck his cock in my car somewhere near the airport and I drive in quick (while he's at breakfast) to see if I can find a spot that is secluded. In the end I tell him that my place is free and he says that if we go back to mine he will want to fuck me raw and breed me. Heh, okay.

    I pull into the small pick-up and drop off zone at the airport. Wave at him. He loads his luggage into my boot and we head to my place. He pulls his cock out of his cotton shorts and lets me play with it as I drive - I have a 'near' miss on the motorway, lol - not quite, but I was getting a little distracted. I like that he has a thick foreskin and his cock is leaking a little. He isn't the friendliest chap, and is a little concerned with getting into a stranger's car. He brings two of his bags in with him. I want to rinse a little more - but when we get to my room he wants action straight away.

    There's no affection. He asks if I have a cock ring, but I said my ex boyfriend held on to both of mine and I don't have any to offer. He just wants his cock sucked and let him push it into my mouth. I have to be on my knees - he plays that indifferent and demanding pseudo-dominant role. It isn't really fun for me, but his body is just such a joy to see, taste and touch. His precum tastes just fine. He pulls away from my attempt to kiss. I get into doggy position on the bed and he presses his cock into me - there's a sting as he pushes quite hard and enters. Then it feels okay - he's fucking me decently for about two minutes before he loses his wood. When he exits there's a bit of an unfortunate smell, but no material, I just wipe with a tissue. Things are okay and we continue.

    He sits on my bed and masturbates. I do what I can to try to keep him aroused. My cock is really hard (I had used about 15 to 20mg of sildenafil.... post break up has really hit my libido hard). At one point I try to sit on his dick, I think it went in a little but wasn't going to be hard enough to continue penetration. I lick his balls, taint and arsehole and finger him. He responds pretty well to this. I start rubbing his prostate with two fingers, enjoying the warmth of his hole while he mastubates to completion. I jerk off - he recoils at the point where it looks like I'm going to cum ... as if it could go up all over his face, but I tell him "It won't be that much" and I spooge on his thigh. Semen aversion in men is a little annoying.

    He brings his bags into the bathroom to shower, and I loiter around in visual range so he won't have to worry that I'm not taking off with his other bags. He's a little bit kinder on the drive back to the airport, cordial. I drop him off right where I picked him up from, thinking - this would have been so much better with hugging and kissing and just enjoying each other, rather than fake sexual power distance and aloofness. He took my fingers... he should just have taken my cock as well, I'm sure he'd have enjoyed that more. But, oh well.

    :emoji_high_brightness: American music teacher (Grindr, cheap hotel near my gym)

    An overweight guy a few years older than me wants to bottom. It was actually kinda fun and nice to interact with his big body and belly. I could get two fingers into him but he was too tight. We tried for forty five minutes to achieve penetration, but I knew any longer would just cause that horrible bruised feeling in my dick. I wore a condom for all the attempts. I lay on my back while he sucked me and wanked me, I asked for him to suck it again and came... I don't think in his mouth, but it was okay

    :emoji_high_brightness: Dark Italian false advertising (Grindr, same cheap hotel near my gym)

    I was working out - and often get horny at the gym. Even though I've been for years, I'd never met anyone at the cheap hotel next door until this month. This guy said he really wanted to suck cock and said he was ready now. He waited outside the foyer and took me up to the twin share room. He was hairy. But my penis was in his mouth for less than 30 seconds all up - for the most party we either kissed and rubbed, or he masturbated me. I don't like too much hand-friction, so this was annoying. I stroked his anus a little and had my cock between his legs for a little while. When it was clear he we weren't going to connect in any real or fun way, I let him finish me with his hand. He masturbated swiftly after that. I washed my cock, went back to gym to finish my last set, and then went home.

    :emoji_high_brightness: Scottish health worker (Grindr)

    He made this all very easy. We met on one or other app. He offered no strings anal sex. We had a lovely chat, he's intelligent and knowledgeable. He sucked my cock, I got hard, he mounted me on the bed. We fucked. He was a little loose, but it wasn't too hard to cum. I stayed inside him for a few minutes and held him. He's a larger lad, and his body hair is prickly - it was a very different experience - but not unpleasant. A week later I came back and fucked him again, just as kind and interesting, but not particularly attractive.

    :emoji_high_brightness: Married South American (Squirt, much nicer hotel)

    I had a hook up planned for this evening, but his clean-out didn't go so well so he had to cancel. I had a back up plan with a man who was staying just 2km away from home. I went to the hotel carpark and he fell out of contact for a while - the GPS on SQUIRT wasn't reporting his location correctly as it said he was 15km away now. But he was just there. He messaged me to say he wanted to meet at my car and that if either one of us wasn't fully comfortable we should say so and we could cancel with no hurt feelings. That's cute.

    Eventually he trundled out. Seemed like a nice guy. He babbled a bit about how we'd get to his room, as if he didn't want to be seen by the front desk, but I shrugged it off and we walked together to his room. It was fun to make out, and touch and roll around a bit with him. We took turns sucking each other's cock - his had a cool curve away from his body close to his head, so that it angled just perfectly for sucking. Nice uncut penis. He touched my ass a few times. The we took a little break to stretch our legs. I rimmed him. And I lay beside him and fingered his hole. Then I took out lube and condom from my back pack.

    He suggested that I penetrate him up against the wall as this was easiest for him to take me in. And he did, we fucked slowly standing and then in maybe two positions on the bed. It has been a while since I fucked with a condom, and it is very different, a little non-human and muted. But I ejaculated inside him in the rubber.

    Then he took me to dinner! Wow. Really surprised. I ate a lamb rib salad and we each had two beers and talked about life, his marriage. He was very complimentary and wanted me to sleep over the night - but I really needed my own bed. I feel a bit embarrassed that he said I was his best sexual experience... I didn't clarify whether he meant ever, or just with men. We only met because of his flight had to be diverted due to a sick passenger. So a total freak occurrence. This was a very cute experience.

    :emoji_high_brightness: Straight guy (Squirt hook-up, city hotel)

    This guy had a dick that looked nice in a photo and he said he came big and liked guys to suck him off. I had just come from fucking the Scottish guy - and was still a little horny and keen to suck a nice dick. He came down and collected me from the foyer. A very average man, but sort of warm. We had a quick shower together and played with each other's dicks. I didn't expect him to touch me at all, thinking he might be quite at a distance having a girlfriend etc. His dick wasn't that big, so easy to just get the head into my throat. He had a fat mound that encompassed his scrotum so that it didn't hang down in any kind of distinct way.

    He sucked my cock too, licked my balls and taint and ass in a sixty-nine position. I sucked his dick this way and he shot in my mouth. His cock really surged and you could feel this bulging pulse canon in his urethra as he ejaculated. He told me I could cum in his mouth too... but his technique wasn't up to scratch, so he sucked my balls while I jerked off. His skin was really smooth to touch, kind of a unique feel to it. Straight medium uncut cock.

    Later he text me to say he'd had 20 blow jobs from guys in January alone... I credited him with having a warm approach that capably set the scene for a hook up without being creepy or controlling.

    :emoji_high_brightness: Fit runner (Grindr, last fuck of the month)

    I had a coffee with this guy in Dec, but I didn't want to date and was still in pain over a break up. But I DM'd him and he offered me a good fuck from someone who cares. Understanding that things take time. We scheduled it for two days ahead and I met him the last Friday of January. There was a slight wiff of pot when he came to the curb, but I couldn't smell it anywhere else. I only note this because when my ex smoked some his ass became very relaxed... almost too relaxed.

    This guy is late thirties, incredibly trim, not an ounce of fat on his belly, into endurance sport. We sucked each other, kissed, rolled around. Enjoyed a lot of touch. We even fingered each other's holes at the same time for a few seconds, that was cute. I buried my face in his ass and rimmed him good, his body twitched as I licked and kissed his inner thighs, balls, taint and hole.

    We fucked and he rode my dick really hard, slamming down on it at one point... it did ache the next day. He felt a bit loose. Eventually I put him on his belly and got on top, fucking and cumming in his hole raw. We cuddled and talked for a while after that. He kissed the back of my neck in an electric way. He had had a long day and decided not to cum himself, although I would have assisted in any way and had said beforehand that we could take turns fucking if he likes. I know he wants to do it again, but I'm nervous about having to perform if I don't feel that much from his asshole... but perhaps he won't smoke anything next time? Unknown.
  14. My main selection routine involves looking for non-studio images that tell a story about real events, real men and real cocks.
    I've settled in to posting three pics per post, a kind of breakfast, lunch and dinner approach.
    All images I post I delete from my PC, so if anything happens to LPSG... poof, there they go.

    If you follow these links, there may be content of mine in the posts above as well:

    Premiere collection:

    College men and dorm cock
    A tribute to all college aged guys, sportsmen, dorm hijinx, sexual experimentation, erotic selfies, frat men

    Dad bods
    For the lover the fine male with a bit of gut but strong masculine appeal; hairy, bulky or slim

    Butch construction workers and other craftsmen
    Blue collar men, working-class men, tradies, tradesmen, rough trade, hi vis, labourers, men on worksites

    Boys will be boys
    Naked male bonding, straight men, socialising, alcohol, horseplay, fooling around, cock-out antics

    Regular collection:

    Men-in-nature, trees, mountains, caves, grass, skies, forest, hill, lake, river park, tramping, exploring, outside buildings

    Guys camping
    A class male passtime and form of recreation, community and bonding - to go camping!

    Pissing outdoors
    Men urinating on city streets and in nature

    Pissing indoors
    Men urinating inside, in toilets, being spied on, at parties, with friends, group urinal pissing

    Naked on the beach
    For explicitly sandy beach locations, naked men sunbathing, socialising in the sun and surf

    Guys with phone
    For explicit selfies on phone and camera, selfie stick, self-portrait

    Army boys for real
    For all military, army, navy and adjacently uniformed men

    Just ass collection:

    Assholes that would make you cum quick
    A direct view of the male anus

    Bubble butts
    I will be adding butts here that I like, that aren't really clear asshole shots

    Just cock collection:

    Hairy cocks
    A thread for when I think the magnificence of a penis is its hairiness rather than just whether it is cut or uncut

    Big and uncut
    For spectacular uncircumcised dicks

    Hot cut cock pics
    For phenomenal circumcised dicks

    Unique dick pics
    Penises with unique features or beautiful deformities

    Lighter-skinned guys with darker-shade cocks
    For that exciting shade contrast between body and genitals

    Big balls and Lads balls
    Large scrotums, ball stretching, huge nuts, gonads. Damn, I posted in two different threads here too!

    Big cocks with big knobs
    For that odd occasion where the glans is the most prominent aspect of a photo

    Public and vehicle collection:

    Car sex
    Cocks in cars, public displays, cocks in other vehicles, sexual activity involving cars, vans or trucks

    Cock wankers dick-players on public trains
    Train related

    Dick out in public
    Public exhibitionism, public boners, streaking, stripping, group nudity, dick slip

    A glimpse of dick
    The premier thread for dick slips on LPSG. Whereas go here for authentic dick slips

    Hidden cameras in locker rooms
    Tasty bodies seen in gym and pool locker rooms

    Body collection:

    Cocks viewed from below
    Towering dicks, men looking down at the camera, a very curious sub-set of dick pics that makes the penis quite imposing

    Bulges and Athlete Bulges and Butts and Bulge Pictures
    There's actually an array of bulge related threads on LPSG, but this first one seems general enough to apply to the bulk of bulging pants, underwear, swimwear, wet clothes, sportswear, jocks and mankinis. I managed to cock this one up and also post to bulge pictures as well, my bad

    Fitness models and bodybuilder nudes

    For named models and bodybuilders mostly

    Young guys with hairy chests
    Emphasis on young, but not many posters observe this: just a great high contrast of youth and hariness

    Hot male legs
    Legs are the largest muscle group in the body, and some men have developed them well

    Pecs and nips

    For when a man's chest development is his most prominent feature

    Fringe collection:

    Heavily tattooed guys
    Tattooed men alter the way their bodies are perceived, as three dimensional artworks and statements of identity and experience

    Naked ginger guys
    Redheads galore, fire crotch

    Hot men in kilts
    Kilt related cock

    Awesome gifs
    Short animated images

    Ryan Humiston bodybuilder trainer
    My only persona-oriented thread. I've tried to sleuth out his other competition photos, but they're so far in the past now and bodybuilder site archives are hard to navigate

    Grabbing another guy's junk
    An odd category, but it happens

    Ugly men with big dicks
    Another very odd category that is sometimes useful

    Flaunting in the locker room
    For casual, cock out lads loitering in the locker room and for member's pics in this setting too​
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