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  1. One of the biggest dicks I’ve seen in real life belonged to a young guy I met online.

    We’d chatted on and off for a long time before we met IRL. Both of us enjoyed talking about our cocks, for different reasons. I found it fascinating to hear his perspective which was so different than mine.

    For me, having someone see my cock for the first time was always a source of anxiety and embarrassment. For him it was an ego boost to see how awed and intimidated his audience was. The fundamental difference in our genetics completely shaped the way we navigated our respective worlds, and it was very interesting, to me at least, to discuss those differences.

    When we met IRL I was surprised. He was a tall, handsome guy, and that coupled with a huge cock should have made me arrogant. But if anything he was a bit shy.

    This shyness evaporated when he unzipped his pants to reveal the monster inside. I couldn’t believe the size of it. It was twice as long as mine, but the girth was what really amazed me. I could barley wrap my fingers around it.

    He sat on my bed and let me play with, amused, I think, by how awestruck I was. I felt the heft of it, the weight. It felt so much more substantial than other cocks I’d experienced, especially my own. I wrapped one hand around it. Then both hands. There was room to spare.

    It was also a beautiful cock, perfectly shaped, thick and straight. I couldn’t imagine having a cock like that, and how powerful it must feel to have something like that be a part of you. So capable of providing pleasure, and pain, so able to go much deeper than I could dream of.

    I regret not comparing with him, as the difference in our size would have been a huge turn on, but in the presence of his beast, I’d pretty much forgotten about my own.

    After he left, it was so strange to touch my own cock. It felt so small and insubstantial by comparison. But for a while, at least, it had been exciting to feel what a huge cock was like, even if it had to be vicariously.
  2. The last time I saw a really big dick in person was before the pandemic. I met him on a hook up app.

    When we exchanged pics and he saw my dick pic, he said, “You should just stick to your ass.” Later he told me anything less than 6” grossed him out. It didn’t seem like a real dick to him. This probably should have offended me, but it just turned me on more to hear him casually assert his superiority.

    His cock was amazing. Long and thick. I hadn’t had much experience with big dicks. I usually seem to attract other small guys like myself, or at most guys who were average. When I saw his, I couldn’t get over how much more aesthetically pleasing a really big dick is. They just look amazing, powerful, and a bit intimidating.

    Once we started messing around, he didn’t even acknowledge my dick. Confronted with his monster, I wasn’t thinking about my dick either. It seemed natural that the whole experience should revolve around pleasing him. Getting him off was all that mattered.

    When it came time for the actual sex, I got really nervous. I didn’t have a ton of experience with hung guys, and I was afraid it would hurt. But he took his time opening me up and gradually easing into me.

    He admitted later that he knows that due to his size, he can’t help but hurt guys, but knowing that a guy wanted his cock even though it hurt was a real turn on. And it did hurt. But it also felt amazing. I’d never experienced anything like it. He went deeper than anyone ever had. Once he was all the way inside’s hard to describe. The world dissolved and all I could see were colors.

    I could still feel him a week later. After experiencing the difference between the less endowed guys I was accustomed to and him...I never wanted to be boned by a small guy again. Now I’m totally big dick obsessed.
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  3. When it comes to dating, I’m anything but a size queen. If I like a guy, the size of his penis doesn’t even come into the equation. It’s all about the person. As a small guy, I’ve never had trouble dating or in relationships.

    But as an objective observer, I still feel like larger than average cocks are superior in nearly every way.

    1). They’re just more aesthetically pleasing and fun to look at.

    2). from a genetic standpoint they’re better equipped to spread their seed and establish their legacy.

    3). They’re more fun to play with. They have weight and heft and are more satisfying to hold.

    4). speaking from experience bottoming for a wide range....they feel better to be topped by. Smaller cocks can be hard and pokey. Larger ones actually seem to hurt less, and can reach places smaller guys just can’t. When being penetrated by a big cock, there’s a whole lot of trust involved, because the owner of that cock could really do some damage.

    5). They fill out undies better.

    In essence, bigger tools are just more exciting, more intimidating, and more awe inspiring than other cocks.

    I don’t think guys with big cocks are superior to guys with average or small ones. We’re all a lot more than just our cock size. But I do think that if all else is equal, big cocks are definitely superior to lesser cocks. And it does turn me on personally when big guys are cocky about it.

    What do you all think?
  4. As the owner of a smaller than average penis, I’m curious to know what advantages men with larger endowments enjoy, just by virtue of lucking out genetically.

    I don’t think hung men are superior to men who aren’t hung, at least in general, although they may be considered so in the realm of sex. But I do suspect that, like white privilege, there may be something similar when it comes to penis size. I call it Big Dick Privilege.

    Whether it’s an added level of confidence that carries into other aspects of life, or the perceived desirability that people associate with your endowment, what, if any, advantages do you think come with having a large penis?
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