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  1. for quite some time I have not been happy with my life so I made a change. Im in the military now and reallt pleased with myself. I lost weight, gained muscle and am making a difference. The one big issue im noticing with myself is that I think ive hated my life for so long, that im left with this residual bad attitude where i look for the bad in everything. I really want to be more of an optimistic guy. Without even seeing it coming. I just tend to find the negative an any situation and magnify it. Has anyone else struggleed with this, and know any ways to purge this type of toxic personality pattern?
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  2. for quite some time I have not been happy with my life so I made a change. Im in the military now and reallt pleased with myself. I lost weight, gained muscle and am making a difference. The one big issue im noticing with myself is that I think ive hated my life for so long, that im left with this residual bad attitude where i look for the bad in everything. I really want to be more of an optimistic guy. Without even seeing it coming. I just tend to find the negative an any situation and magnify it. Has anyone else struggleed with this, and know any ways to purge this type of toxic personality pattern?
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  3. As the few of you i keep close and talk to know. I work in management in the car industry in toronto. I have z dream of going to school for psychology buy after a series of events I've had to put a pin in that dream for a more appropriate time.

    The reason bring is i took two steps back and realized how much the younger version of me would hate that I became such a cutthroat type of person. There is no room for the nice guy in this industry and if you try to be customers will walk all over you and your staff. I decided to make a proper change while i am,still young. I grew up working in trades with my family members( go figure italians right) and learned some valuable things. Right now out west the tradesmen are making a lot, and my uncles an electrician out there. He had enrolled me in an preapprentiship course and offered to hook me up that way, so i can make a great loving and afford to do psychology on the side.

    I did give up a lot though. Capoeira being the biggist thing..y friends.. everything. Mainly i miss capoeira. Where i am in Windsor now they don't offer it and I cannot wait to get back at it. I do get randomly really depressed tho. I have no one here but a little family. I need a friend
  4. well i'm working continuously at this capoeira martial art and i'm starting to get.. well better. i've been going at it for about 3-4 months now(sorta forget) and i would have to say its my favorite martial art i have ever participated in, and will definitively be sticking with it because it is just so vast to possibilities, not to mention it's just beautiful to watch.

    As far as life is concerned I had mentioned before my want to go to university and the deadline for that is december 17th.

    When i was a child i wanted to be a psychiatrist and go to school for psych, but because a BA in Psych doesnt do much unless you get your masters, my father continuously said no.. well im 27 now so i figured if i have been thinking about it so long.. i will transfer my college credits to university and just do it part time and one day ill become maybe what i've wanted to .. I was originally going to go for business. but.. honestly.. f that... what I have found in pursuing sales as a profession is i'm givin no time for myself and i hate that.

    When i have a family i want to help raise my children.. I want the time to myself to pursue martial arts like i have been. I want time to date.. not just fuck. It may be the wrong choice money wise.. but i think i will be happier.
  5. So 4 months ago i took a vow to get back into the rocking shape i was in when i was boxing years ago. I had started a good workout regime and started seeing results after my 1st month. Last month I decided to step it up a notch and get back into a Martial art.. i have finally completed my first month of Capoeira.

    In the past if boxed fora year, did jujitsu for 4 years and did maui thai on and off for 2 years.. but nothing really suck with me like jujitsu did.. i liked how hard it was to do and how it never made me bored.. A customer at work told me about capoeira.. its as hard to do as kung fu and takes a very long time to get good at.

    A month into it now I know i will stick with it as long or longer than i did jujitsu. Its an amazing art form and it has been improving the shape i'm in drastically as well as my mental state.

    Since i started working out ive gotten two promotions.. one wich was last week right on my birthday!... things have been looking up becasue ive decided to switch to eating good,working out and going back into my passion of martial arts.

    I hope things are going jsut as well for all of you reading this.
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  6. This is something i've kept to myself since i was little.. in fact grade 3 was when i first started to discover this part of me.

    In grd 3 my best frind i grew up with's house caught on fire.. He lived downt he street and everyone stood outside the hosue as it burnt down. the people who could be saved was saved, but my best firend at the time died int he fire from smoke inhalation and we could hear fora shrot period of time his little sister screaming as she burnt to death. that night i went home and went to bed and over the apst week we had the funeral and stuff. after the funeral i could hear my mother complaining to my father that i acted like noting was wring ad it worried her. I did int know what to do so i faked the emotions and mimicked what the kids at school did. cried and stuff. as i grew older i knew there were things people were feeling that i was not. Nearing the end of highschool i made te assumption i just dont have the emotion that makes you care about others. Since then i've focused forever on knowing when to how to and fake these emotions that i care about others(that i dont actually need) by learning from how others react.The only way i know when to is by convincing myself that I need these people for one reason or another or that by treatingt hem a certain way, it will benefit me in the long run. This has been something big i have been stuggling with my entire life, but i don't want to see anyone about it due to shows like Dexter and stuff like that that make people automatically assume i'm a psychopath and I wouldnt be treated like i'm human. The reason i'm venting on here is because n one here can truly know ho i am, its anonamous and quite nice to becasue to just put it all out there.

    I work in sales because i like the control involved in selling a car. But i hate most customers because all they want is shit for free all the time or if a color of a car is not available in all of canada, they want THAT one, and it's gotta be here next week and that jsut creates a month of hearing them bitch at you and then they want you to understand where they are coming from. its one thing fakin it, but ive been putting up with this for years and years.. I'm making more money now wich is great.. but i was thinking about starting over in a different career which does not make me have to fake caring so much.

    I poke with an Army recruiter the other day about them sending em to university for 4 years(for those fo you weho read my blogs, getting a degree is a huge deal to me), in return for becoming an intelligence officer for 5 years minimum. i need to apply to university first so I have some time.. but I feel this may be better suited for me.

    whew its all out there.. it feels good
  7. so as you may or may not know from reading my last blog, i took a job at a new dealership in The city. I finish my move on sunday.. besides that stress filled event. I have been doing well at work. my first month i beat my record and sold 15 cars. the Owner of this dealership wish is the owner of multiple dealers has given me more responsibility that gives me more opportunities to close sales. this month i'm still top salesman. i'm in the middle of paying back student loans and my car payment so i took a smaller apartment. I think theres some real potential to grow where i'm at... in the meantime i am slowly putting money away to continue my schooling so that I could continue to grow.

    this has beena big releif because when i was leaving my old dealer, all they did was mock me and tell me It was going to be soo much harder and that I would fail and make less money.

    I was soo gung ho to prove them all wrong.

    I am glad I did
  8. When i came into the car business no one would give me a shot. One place finally did and it was a good used car dealership that specialized in bad credit. Since i started the owners kid started there, some deals go that way, the only commercials on tv and radio go directly to a financier who has his own business. And the scraps go to us Salesman.The other finanacer is good at his job but also ahuge scatterbrain and an even bigger asshole,,, I made a decent living though.. ive been there a year and a half. I love the owner and my sales manager.. but today i went to the city where a new new car dealer is just opening and was offered a job there in the sales department.. Where i am now i know the owners spoiled kid will be my boss. At this new dealership they promote from within. I have been at my dealership a year and a half and am the longest lasting salesman there... and this new dealer.. its one delaer opening another delaership and al lthier sales staff have been there for years. It's a no brainer.. but i'm not looking forward to telling the owner that i am quitting. the fear is there. .what if they hate me and fire me in a month. That cannot stop me though. I have to do this, to better my career.. wish me luck.
  9. I thought it would be interesting to some to see how a experienced car salesman read customers.

    The concept that many have of us are that we are sneaky, underhanded smucks that will say anything and lie to get the sale, even if it means screwing over a customer.

    for some this is true. But for ones such as myself, who are making a career out of it, it is simply not so.

    Now I sell cars in Canada, there is a difference between the states and Canada. In the USa, car salesman CAN get away with lying and can deliver cars on the spot.. In Canada we have strict laws we abide by, but some still get away with murder on the sales floor. These people don’t last.

    Many think selling cars is about hustling. Some need to be or they will walk all over you, but most should not be. If you do, your customers will never send their family and friends to you. If you cultivate good relationships, you will be successful.

    Over the next blogs I will cove every type of customer. I will first be covering bad credit customers the good and the bad because the faster a salesman can read and deal with these people the better. Yes I will be turning people into objects and judging them on many points.. you don’t have to like it, but it is what it is, its business and we gotta make a living and most importantly what i am divulging to you is pure fact.

    Today I will cover the aggressive bad credit customer that every lot gets. How to spot them and what to do.

    sloppy dress code and old awesome car is super common: The average bad credit customer dresses sloppily with greasy hair/weird haircut like a mohawk... common sense right(not all are like this but everyone is different right). But there are many types of ppl who screw up their credit and although they will all say its not their fault. Most of the time it is and they just made a habit of playing the victim.
    Some dress nice but drive an old shooter car like a 1999 BMW. They will want a 20 thousand dollar car every time. Whats going on here is this person is the type that wants to look better than he is, so he spent most of his life living beyond his means(usually a male).. Each one I’ve met in this category has the same bs story of how they paid their bills and told their creditors they wont pay another dime because they already paid it. You might believe it at first.. but once it happens a hundred times.. you can smell the bs before it leaves their lips. These specific types always think they know your job better than you do and think their 13 year old piece of shit with 200,000 km is worth like 3 grand and will wanna negotiate over everything and want a prime rate from the bank and then freak out when you ask for a deposit. Than, insist that you try and get them financed while they do the same thing at 100 other lots, get more applications into the bank and screw their credit score up even more in the process.(every time someone looks at your credit bureau it’s a hit on it).

    the way to deal with them:
    Its aggressive but it works the best. People like these live more on impulse and are more basic human. First you have to make sure hes the type.. They could have been good people who just got in a bad situation(could have owned a restaurant that went belly up.. it’s common, that industry is rough) or been through a devorce that they got screwed on and just wants to feel better. These people will not be aggressive and will flat out tell you that they have bad credit and not make excuses. Actually that’s a key point. So let me put it in bold, any bad credit customer that was put into their situation because it was beyond their control will not lie and tell confusing stories. I will cover these types in another blog… So anyways, do not act aggressively with these. If you help him out he/she will send their friends and you will have a customer for life. So… back to how to deal with the aggressive deadbeat. Put this joker in his place fast. One. .Hes not driving anything until he starts awnsering questions.. he/she p[lays by your rules or not at all because they can be wasting huge time when you could be selling cars to someone who has higher odds of being approved:

    do you work full time? how long? How much are you bringing in monthly? Any family responsibilities? Is he or was he in proposal? Has he defaulted on any of his proposal payments?(auto decline from the bank if he does). If everything is good. Time to bring him down to reality. Let him nicely know that since he was bankrupt the bank wont finance a 20 grand car. He will fight you on this and tell you other dealers said they, could.. that’s the typical liar salesman.. your not one of them or its them lieing to you because they don’t understand that banks decided if they are finance worthy not a dealership. Then you explain that if I asked him for 10 grand and never paid him back, would he give you another 10 grand. So why would the bank? Than explain to him that if the bank would agree to give them another 10 grand, doesn’t it make sense to jack up the interest rate so that they know they get paid every cent back? Now we are getting somewhere.. hit him between the eyes. He will either smarten up and realize that you can improve his credit by putting him into a 10 grand car at a high interest rate for a short period and he can refinance it at half the rate in 10 months or he will continue to fight and/or give bullshit stories(these people rarely listen well). If he continues to fight, shotgun him out before your shift partners get a customer that actually lives on planet earth. If they accept reality but try to negotiate(its rare but happens if they are European like myself or middle eastern), just re- sell him on rebuilding his credit and your financers superior skills. There’s no point in negotiating with someone who your financer might shoot out in five minutes anyways. Now once they agree to a 10 grand car and you go on the lot they will try and go for 12 grand cars… sell them that ONLY if they agree to be open minded that if it does not go through, then they will go with a cheaper car. By now they will agree. Get them seated at your desk and its time for some closing.

    Closing a aggressive bad credit customer on the deposit:
    NEVER agree to bring them to the financer without a deposit .NEVER. I don’t care… don’t do it. Even if its just 100 bucks. Now they are committed to you and it’s real. Take anything.. really. This specific type believes in something for nothing and will shop around and your financer will lose it once he does all this work and this goon just backed out. You got their money; you got the power, simple as that. If he refuses. Than you can’t help him.. next.. again.. put these types in their place is the mentality or they will walk all over you. You get the deposit, good send him to financing for the rest. Once they have a signed bill of sale with deposit they cannot legally start a contract at any other dealership(by Canadian law). Your financer will find a way to make it work or tell you to give their deposit back and that’s it.

    the above is important to do because it saves time. Unfortunately in this industry some people are pieces of meat, some are customers for life. This type is unfortunately a piece of meat and the shark in you has to come out.

    Let me reinreate something before I let you go. Being an aggressive asshole is almost only acceptable when your dealing with an aggressive lowlife. Many customers who have bad credit are quite nice and need your help to reestablish their credit. The specific type mentioned above is quite common but is a paycheck all the same. The successful salesman adapts to as many personality types as possible.

    until next time,
  10. It was pretty nice to let my thoughts out in a blog. i can see why people enjoy doing it.

    There is no one more critical of themselves as i am. The reason why is because I want allot from the world around me.

    I used to box competitively and was in amazing shape. ive been disgusted with the shape ive been in fora while sot he past 2 months ive gone back onto my boxing regiment, training wise. and have seen some good results. as long as i keep it part of my life other things will fall into place easier i believe.

    i mentioned in my last post that i am pursuing school, but i've also been re-analyzing what i want in life. now its Mainly with woman wich is quite important to me.

    If i had only have had sex with one woman in my life and she happened to be the right woman. i know id never stray. but just like anyone, ive kissed my share of chick-frogs.

    what i'm looking for may be alot: my family is southern italian, having an italian woman is not something i care about. but the men do have a code in our family and it has worked well for generations :"find a woman you can never stop making love to and can trust"

    The woman i am searching for:
    1.keeps in shape, and i find sexually attractive a great communicator that i could chat with alot about anything.
    3. smart and classy in public, but a kinky lil animal behind closed doors.
    and lastly,
    4. a caring and positive unselfish nature..

    that last part is the hardest to find ive only met a handful of people in the hundreds i meet from selling cars.. i don't know if i'm asking for too much. considering although im in good shape, im only 5'7 and alright looking. but i believe i do the best that i can and that i have only good intentions for any woman i ever meet. I like to think that means something haha.. anyhow i wonder if that woman does exist for me..

    till next time..
  11. I don't know how to start a blog, ive never even had a journal before.. but i guess ill start with this.

    There have been things i've always wanted in life, that i've known since i was a child. I want a beautiful wife and house in a nice neighborhood. I want my wife to have the option of working or not, and i wanted to work in a suit and tie.

    But what i want and what I am are two separate things.

    I am 26, single and the senior sales representative at a Car Dealership in Canada. I love selling and I knew as a child, i was born for the sort of grind that comes along with it.

    This however, is not the life i want.. I think many people sit there and wonder what if, and I have decided that I will not wonder any longer and do something about it..

    Tomorrow i call the nearest university to apply as an mature student so that may pursue a degree in international business on a part-time basis. It will be a slow move, but I feel that once i have this, I will be able to sell internationally, and hopefully find my princess(future wife) in the meantime.

    The money is good where i'm at, but i believe i am meant to do more. Math is my weakness, and I feel that I am prepared to slay that dragon.

    This will take time, but i'm only 26.. I can do this...