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  1. My wife and I have a guy we have been messaging on BiAustralia for years. We have never met him, but after he ‘winked’ us this morning we looked at these pics he has on there, and have decided we need to do that as soon as possible ....

    So we messaged him with the proposal below.

    We hope he likes it ....



    Hey sexy. Great to see your profile again. Your stockings pics are hot. Wondering if you like sleeping with guys and being woken up in the night with a cock pushing into you? Being made love to by a man?

    Oh and if you did come here some time for me to fuck in my wife’s bed, we would make her sleep on the lounge, where she could listen to you moan as I held you face down and fucked you, but we wouldn’t even let her watch. She would be able to finger herself tho. We would allow that.

    X Hubbi

    PS - After I have fucked my Ms. S, I like to just go back to sleep and leave her unsatisfied sometimes. Kinda keeps her in her place. I might do the same to you ... but if you needed to, you could go out to the longe with my cum in you and your cock still hard and fuck your cum into her mouth. She would like that. :)
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  2. I have after many years of advertising for sex in many ways become fascinated with the process as much as exited by the prospect. I will add to this blog thoughts on advertising for sex over time.

    For a start, a response I made on a forum on the Bi Australia site we use to actually meet people for fun, to the idea that people should just be ‘easier’ to meet.


    Love reading and posting in forums here on BiOz and just sent this message to Ridr who made a nice comment below ...

    I thought your response to the forum was nice. I think most of us after initial uncertainty or unknowingness about what we want in sexual adventures, build quite specific pictures of the other person and the act to be done. That makes it tricky to find, (despite the number of people on sites like this) the right person with interests that compliment yours , who you can actually meet given location and other life demands.

    If then it is ‘persons’ multiple that you need for your thrill,( as in a couple for a threesome or another couple for swapping etc.), the numbers available reduce wildly, and the odds of all possibly involved actually clicking with each other person in the mix, shrink to near invisible.

    It isn’t a zero chance tho for anything tho, and there are ways to make your particular need for sex more apparent on sites like this, such as making thoughtful and positive comments like yours in the forums, as you have done, which has attracted me/us to you. Being negative or complaining here about how others are the ‘problem’ with getting the sex ‘you’ want, reduces your chances, don’t you think?

    Regards : Badhubbi
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  3. On the Bi Australia site we use to meet bi Australians for sex - there is a forum, and someone in it asked a question about guys who lie about their relationship status. I posted the following response :

    We as a couple really feel our sex partner's relationships aren't much of our business. Tho sometimes we are interested in those relationships. One time my wife gave a guy a simple handjob. He told her his wife of 30 years had never touched his cock. She thought it dirty.

    Pretty sure from that kind of thing, what we do with guys, both of us, isn't something that is going to cause anything to happen that wasn't going to eventually happen anyway.

    We do prefer guys to be honest with us tho - and have met one or two liars who said they were single but turned out to be very married. We honestly would not have cared , but given they lied to us about that, we wondered what else they may lie about, so no more fun with us for them.

    I will post pics from meets with one of our bigger fibbers soon. Hot sexy guy my wife particularly liked, until we felt disrespected by him.
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  4. We visit a certain campground once a year.
    There is this guy in his early eighties who lives there, alone, year round. He is quite fit tho - good Scandinavian genes - and flirty. We always have drinks at a party at his cabin at least once on our visit, and he has this other couple over often for these events. Both are older than us also.

    The guy of the other couple is a bit mousy. His wife tho is a bit of a goer by her behavior. We think our fit older guy is fucking her. There is definitely something going on.

    My wife wants his cock too. He also flirts with her at the parties. She hasn’t made it happen yet.

    So I help her by telling her a fantasy where she dresses up in a semi see-thru blouse, and leaves me in our tent to masturbate, to go call on him with a couple of beers and wickedness on her mind.

    But the other woman is already there alone with him.

    But it all turns out good because he knows what my wife wants, and makes her strip anyway, and then has her stand naked on a step thing he has, (because he is over 6 foot and my wife is 5/7) so he can push his hard cock up her cunt with ease in a hot standup fuck.

    And his friend, (the other old guy’s wife) gets on her knees behind her, under the old hot guy’s instruction, and frigs her own cunt as she pushes her long sexy tongue up my wife’s anus.


    This fantasy story and others even more dirty are the kinds my wife likes to hear as she makes herself cum. You can see a video of her doing that here.

  5. One time my wife went off to a kind of work event. She was a teacher. She was staying at this venue for a week. It was pre-mobile phones, so other than the occasional landline call we were out of touch pretty much in that time.

    When she got back, amongst my first questions to her was whether she had had any sex while away. I suspect she was annoyed that that was a big interest of mine after such a time apart.

    People often look at our pics and videos and the details about who, what etc., and think (I think) that our sex lives are always entirely sorted, and we are just sex beasts doing it with whoever offers all the time, with no ‘issues’ ever between us.

    This is just not the case of course. Our interest in ‘sex with others’ ebbs and flows, and probably at this time, it was a period when my relative pushiness for us both to be ‘out there’ was a bit annoying to her.
    So when I probably hopefully asked had she been fucked by any guys at the conference centre, she just said said ‘No’.

    More than a year later however, when we were hot and horny again, and having a more wild time with friends once more, and talking dirty to each other about shared and separate exploits, she reminded me of how she had ‘gone with the guy who ran the conference centre to his house, and he had tied her to the bedhead by her wrists, and with her on her knees facing the wall, he had fucked her from behind!

    She had forgotten she had told me that there had been NO fucks for her on the trip!!!!!

    Some words were said over who had the correct memory of the after-conference conversation we had had. I have a notoriously poor memory, so probably she did tell me all about it at the time, and I had just forgotten, and instead substituted her statement that nothing had happened? :)

    The thing is, when I am jerking off alone, and I want to get off by thinking of my hot wife, as a truly ‘hot wife’, it is the image of her tied to that bedhead, face against the wall, him manhandling her tits as he pushes his cock hard up her from behind that makes me super hard. And it is the thought of her begging for his cock as he unloads his semen into her ... that gets me off most often in those solo-wank-moments.

    I think it is because she lied to me.

    And I understand I think why she wanted it to be a secret. Something just for her. Not for me. This fuck of someone was her thing. I was other to it. Really none of my business.

    In fact, it is this raw ownership of her own body and mind, and what she does with both, and who with that turns me on so much about her. Her fierce independence from me, especially in the area of sex made her fib hot!

    Her deception was in fact ‘sexy’ to me. More so indeed than if she had just come home and laid it all out straight away! Then it would have been just another fuck I’d encouraged or worse ‘allowed’. One of many.

    It isn’t a ‘cuckold’ thing on my part, I am sure. It is an admiration thing.

    Maybe also it is because having an ‘open marriage’, where part of its ‘faithfulness’ centres around ‘always telling’, never ‘cheating’, can be at times A BIT BORING?

    We as a couple I think because if our ‘agreements’ around sex, miss that tension and rawness that comes from ‘actually cheating’.

    Carly Simon sang a song that I am often reminded of, in the times after I have shot cum all over my fist by thinking of my wife taking that guy’s cock, tied to his bedhead, his cum running out of her cunt and down her inner thighs .... and not telling me about it for a year :

    “We have no secrets
    We tell each other everything
    About the lovers in the past
    And why they didn't last
    We share a cast of characters from A to Z
    We know each other's fantasies
    And though we know each other better when we explore
    Sometimes I wish
    Often I wish
    That I never knew some of those secrets of yours.”
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  6. I have posted the following as a reply to a discussion in the Group here on LPSG for men who are into or interested in seeing their wives/gfs with other men.

    Men Who Want to Watch Their Girl With Othe Discussions | LPSG

    It seemed a nice idea to paste the reply into my blog here for any of my friends who are interested to know more about how I feel about ‘watching’.


    I have a wife who has been fucking other men since we met 40 years ago. All aspects of the experience have been horny for me, from at first seeing her go off to meet a guy to get his cock, to eventually being there watching but not involved to being part of the sex in threesomes and couples things .... at times ....

    Like the attached gif of two friends of ours doing her at a beach last summer.

    The times when it hasn’t been the wild thrill most would imagine, are for me the times when I have thought that she doesn’t actually seem very horny with this guy. Not all guys and all fucks are equal.

    I have however over time found I like to listen to her being fucked in another room. My imagination triggered by the sounds of fucking can turn any guy she is with into a total stud that she is absolutely taken by, and any fuck he is giving her into a masterpiece!

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  7. My wife and I are on only one other site - a small one in Australia for bi people, which we use differently to what I do here, in that our stuff there is a bit boring, being mostly just the ‘Terms & Conditions’ we expect people to be good with in meets with us to fill our sexual ‘needs’. You know, photo and phone exchanges, STI health and the rest of that dull stuff?

    It is pretty self centered and boring.

    It does however have a kind of a Forum I post in occasionally, and just now I have replied to a question of ‘What is your favourite sexual encounter?’ thus :

    “If it is me with a guy, I either like to be with him for a day or two doing real guy stuff like work around the house, or fishing or having beers in pubs, and then making love, kissing, him fucking me, me fucking him, as the need arises in either of us ......... or I like no names, no pack-drill sex with strangers at beats where one of us leaves the other drained, shaking and in pure bliss.

    If it is me with my wife and a guy I am happy when she is plainly very horny about his cock being in her, and am pretty happy not to complicate things by needing it to be about me. In fact, I really like to watch or listen from a distance, like the time I stood outside a guys house and shot cum on his lawn watching him between my wife’s legs pushing his cock up her in his bed.”

    I will expand on this question of ‘my Favourite Sex’ in further blog posts, but have decided here to be honest and also tell of the times that fucking with someone hasn’t ended entirely happily.
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  8. Soon after we were more seriously ‘together’ in 1979, a month or two after we had met at uni, and she had stopped seeing and also fucking this army guy who was her boyfriend when we met, (she was sneakily two-timing both of us!) and was just fucking me, we had seriously gotten into ‘fantasy talk’ when we fucked, and a big part of that almost immediately was about her fucking other guys, and me having sex with other girls and guys.

    We had in our first days together had the ‘lots of different sex sounds fun’ conversation, along with the ‘monogamy sounds stupid’ one, so it wasn’t long before we were talking about specific people she might fuck, and the first was this guy who had a reputation as having a big dick, who had been flirting with her despite him knowing we were an item, and also having a serious off campus girlfriend himself.

    So the first fuck ‘we’ had with another guy as a couple, resulted from us being in her room getting each other hot and horny, and talking dirty about ‘Dave’ and then she leaving me there to masturbate while she walked across campus and into his dorm room, where she closed the door behind her and just sat on his bed with her skirt pulled up and legs open - no panties on.

    He was at his desk doing work when she walked in. No words were spoken as he stood, unzipped his jeans and then pushed her back and put his quickly stiff cock in her. No words either after he had blown in her and gone back to his studies, and she left to walk back to me with his cum running down her legs.

    She said she liked it like that. The no talk thing. I probably talk too much.

    Turned out that his dick was very big as she told me later, and I remember that his cum tasted nice (the first I had ever tasted still being an MM virgin) as I licked to orgasm my new hot-girlfriend - an orgasm she so fully deserved.
  9. We have a camper-van. Just a little one. Great for traveling around in. Exploring the wonderful country areas and coasts of Australia.

    Also great for having sex in, and on several occasions we have used it for a bit of ‘dogging’ - putting on a show for guys to watch.

    I also use it to cruise beats to pick up random guys for MM sex. I really like the ‘no-names, no pack-drill’ nature of beat pickups, as opposed to the long negotiations that always end up having to be had when meeting via internet hookup sites. Some of my sexiest man-sex has happened with strangers at beats, and using common sense, it has almost always (99.9% ) been a safe process.

    So one day I was in the van, in the back with the door open when a guy came walking by. I gave him one of the known international signs of being interested in fun, and he responded appropriately, and soon we were naked on the bed with my cock down his throat.

    He was a very sexy guy with a very talented mouth, so I wanted to know the chances of meeting again and asked whether he came to that beat often?

    When he could speak, he explained to me that he had been in the van with me before!

    Very embarrassing ... but there have been many, many guys, and so it is hard to keep track of them all.

    This then in part is why I have started to make these ‘Remembering Fucks’ entry in this blog. :)
  10. In the early 90’s my married wife and mother went off to meet a traveling sales-guy we had found on one of the bigger mostly straight adult hookup sites we used in those days, at his motel in a nearby town. He was a hairdresser who had started a business selling ‘product’ to other hairdressing businesses.
    The main memory I have of the event was her telling me when she got home late that night, that after a drink at the bar, she went to his room with him, and he fucked her FIVE TIMES!
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