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  1. Though I am 60 I only been sexually active with men for the last 6 years or so. Just this year I met a man who fulfills a lot of fantasies.
    He was a bit elusive on Scruff... didn't answer after a couple polite hellos so I let him be. Then a couple weeks late he started to show interest. He shared only a few photos but it was abundantly clear that he was exceptionally well hung. I do not consider myself a size queen hung up on the size of another man's penis, but until we met I had resigned myself to a sort of Law of Scruff that a) men whom I thought were unreal would only exist as photos for me, and that b) their physical attractiveness always seemed inversely proportional to their distance away from me. So that even if i did strike up a conversation with an amazing guy, he was bound to be located across an ocean and never seemed to be anywhere near the second largest city in the country where I live.
    Well it turned out my fantasy guy not only iives in Chicago too but his condo is 15 minutes away.
    His profile said he was 6'0 but he looked at least 6'2" with broad built shoulders tapering to firm round cheeks and sturdy legs. An even mat of fur on his solid pecs, and bulging biceps over thick forearms. A boyishly handsome face sporting handsome scruff and a twinkle in his eye.... a solid, manly man with a really friendly demeanor who values a personal connection even in casual relationships.
    Now back to that cock. I had made a casual comment about banging his thick cock on the mattress... as he led me into his bedroom he squeezed my ass playfully and drew me to his chest for a long, slow kiss wrapped in those big strong arms. I could already feel his hardness when he let go to loosen his shorts, and as he dropped them commando he wielded his amazing pole like a bat and whumped it on the mattress to show how hard and throbbing it had already become.
    He playfully nudged me to the mattress, not a shove but not a pull either, and as he fell on top of me i felt him poking under my balls and around my hole with his amazing unit.... so hard that his pee hole was almost gaping, massive vein on top, and thick like a plumbing pipe. He was all passion in his kisses and nips on my chest, long licks up my neck and lingering under my jaw. He loved holding my hands above my head and grinding into my hips...
    we rolled to the side and i kissed my way down to his cock... taking whatever i could in my mouth to suck his huge head and run my tongue up and down his shaft..kissing his balls and burying my lips underneath them to suck them into my mouth....
    when he pulled me up he rolled on top and slathered a thick grease onto my hole. clearly runny old lube was not going to do the trick here. He was so skilled in gently, patiently working his way in, backing out, and sliding in again, til he buried himself deep inside me and began to thrust slowly, confidently, as he hugged me tightly like a blanket of muscles....
    We rolled through a few different positions but eventually returned to me on my stomach, and he began grinding in and almost shivering, tensing up like he was lifting a huge stack of weights. i could feel his whole body get hard....then he gasped and shook as i could feel him flood me inside ....
    as he relaxed i flipped around, releasing my hole and staring at his unbelievable thickness. I took his head in my mouth and began playing with it, flickering my tongue under his shaft... he was so sensitive at that point that he began to have another orgasm and i kept on him, overwhelming him with one aftershock after another til he was begging me to stop but too weak to pull me off....
    i fell back into his arms as he hugged me tightly again, probably not expecting my rebound. i felt his fur on my face and rubbed his chest with the tip of my nose , filled with new cofidence from his manhood inside and the security of his strong embrace....
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