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  1. Several people here and in my personal life have tried to tell me I need to cope better with the reality I'm dealing with ever since the loss of my daughter. The experience has even been used as an insult against me more than once by more than one member of this community. I just came here to remind myself that ANYONE who would tell someone who lost a child ANYTHING like some of the vile things that have been said to me are the ones who actually need help and aren't getting it.

    Anyone who would complain about the difficult time I've had coming to terms with what happened is basically on the same level as someone who would mock a person with any other mental health condition, they are the kinds of people who use the word retard and mean it.

    If you are one of those people and you are reading this, I forgive you. Whether or not you're sorry, I don't need you to be.
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  2. I keep lashing out at people around me. I don't want to laugh anymore. I hate food. I hate wearing clothes but I can't stand to be naked.

    I want to cut my tits off my body. I hate everything about sex now, because it's how she happened and now she's gone. I HATE my body. I fucking HATE it.

    I keep dreaming that I'm either still pregnant, or that I'm holding literal parts of her. Bits and pieces of my baby girl.

    Every single place I go, I hear EVERY SINGLE CRY. And it slices into me, leaves me empty inside, even though there's nothing left to take.

    I fucking miss my baby.
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  3. Tonight I'm smoking some local nugs, and some local wax, with some local hash while sipping on a few of these "The Hemperor" beers by New Belgium. I'm just trying to get my brain to shut the fuck up.

    He's in the shower after a long day at work.. I've been waiting to hug him all day. Lately I've been wanting to call him to just go by my work to give me a hug when something reminds me of what happened. She's always on the back of my mind, and it's a constant battle to fight back the tears. When he's holding me, I feel her. So I just never want him to let me go.

    If only he could hold me forever.
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  4. I can't express how much I love the man who is sleeping next to me on this couch right now.

    We recently just went through a fucked up experience together, if you read the threads in the Women's Issues section you know what I'm talking about. Even though he's also mourning, he's been the most supportive, most considerate partner I could imagine. The things he's offered to do for me and the way he has been so genuinely concerned for my health, mentally and physically, I can't express how much I appreciate having this person in my life.

    We're gonna get through this together. I will always be there for this man. I have all the confidence that he will be there for me too. I don't believe in fate, or luck. We earned this love. We work for it. It has paid off exponentially.

    He'll probably never see this. I don't really even know why I'm putting it here. I guess I just feel a little warmth knowing that someone reading this will smile at the idea of the possibility of making it through something so tragic together. Sometimes people lose each other during these kinds of horrible life events. I feel like it's not possible for us to be separated by these circumstances. The embrace I feel from him, he's not going anywhere. I sure as fuck ain't either.
  5. I'm having a glass of Black's Smuggler Sandia Rose wine. It's not most expensive bottle on the market, but it's surely the most delicious glass I've tasted. Local, refreshing, and he picked it just for me.

    I stayed home, but he felt like going out today with some friends. There was a local celebration going on and they had enough cash to treat themselves. Day drinking happened. He's completely asleep next to me, snoring away. So, I'm sitting here, drinking this delicious glass of wine, thinking about how sweet it was of him to make sure I still had a little something for me. He knows my flavor palate and what my favorite drinks/grubages are. The consideration he shows me still flatters me thoroughly.

    I can't wait to tell him how silly he was being in the car when I picked him up. He had me laughing like always.

    So, cheers to a wonderful love and many more years of complete satisfaction.
  6. I'm just feeling all nostalgic tonight with my choice of beverage and smoke. Got me a 40 of Olde English and a lil chronic to smoke on... hearing some tunes from back in the day. We've come a long way, and Cum many, so so many times. I look back to the back-in-the-day fuckfests we've had in my blog posts, but tonight I'm just reminiscing about how chill it was to just kick it back then.. and how it's basically just as laid-back now.

    So many things have happened over the years, but the love hasn't faded. The sex hasn't lost that fire... it's just as good as it always was. If anything it's better than it's ever been.
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  7. I'm not sure what reminded me of this, but man did it make me laugh when I remembered it...

    Back when I turned 18, we were pretty excited to be able to finally rent a room and get out of the house to have some privacy to Fuck. No more sneaking around and fucking in the car Every time...It became a regular thing for us to just go to a local hotel and get a room for the night. Sometimes we'd even make an event out of it and go out of town just for the fuck of it. Most times we just ended up at the same spot though, it was easy, inexpensive and comfortable enough. Those are still some of my favorite memories to recall with him...

    Anyway, it was usually in my name when we'd check in, and we'd only stay the one night. After a few months of this, the place we were frequenting flagged me. I went to check in like I always did, with the same lady who was usually at the desk. She looked visibly embarrassed to see my face, and I noticed her body language immediately. Before I could even say anything she blurted out an apology and said she couldn't give me a room. I asked why, and no shit... the chain had me on file as a local prostitute! It made both of us laugh our fuckin' asses off.

    It was fucked up though, they had no evidence to support their claim. I'd never been arrested for anything.. my record is clean to this day other than a couple minor traffic violations. It doesn't matter at all now though, it's nothing more than a hilarious story to look back on in our relationship.

    Good times, good fuckin' times....
  8. Over my years here, I've changed my habits quite a bit. Took down most of the pics I'd posted... I really don't roam the galleries at all anymore. I used to quite a bit. I've noticed that ever since things evolved into a more serious relationship between me and my guy, I found myself less and less interested in seeing anything here other than the conversations. I've been pondering this a bit this morning, and wanted to place a few thoughts about it here for whatever the fuck reason.

    I've explained my interest in the site in the past somewhere in one of my previous entries, but it's even changed a bit since then. I've taken down most of my pis since then. There are a few factors there, one being that I do kind of only want to show off the pics we've decided to post together, and only to those I've come to know over my time here. I don't want just anyone looking at me anymore. It's not because of shame, it's because of the combination of the fact that the novelty kind of wore off so to say, and I've realized only those who've shown me respect enough to earn my approval get to see anything.

    I do wish he was more active on the site with me, not only because I think he'd be bad-ass in the forums, but just because I feel like it's a bit odd that he showed me the place, and he doesn't even log on anymore o_O
    I guess he was never really all that active anyway...

    I have to admit, I've thought about the idea that there may come a point where he asks me to delete my account here. If he does, I'm not gonna lie, he's much more important to me than this place could ever be, so I'd have to respect his wish. If that day ever comes, I will miss penis-ville.. and the awesome peeps I've met here, but I know you'd all understand. I really don't see that happening, but the thought crossed my mind the other day, so fuck it... might as well blabber on a bit about it.

    I guess that's all for now.

    The evolution continues...
  9. He's been at work all day and I'm just sitting here after having a lil sip and a few puffs feeling like he needs to hurry the Fuck Up. I know, sounds greedy. I won't be mad if he's in late, I used to work at the same place so I know how crazy the hours are. He'll probably be so tired too, I'm gonna have to make sure to rub him down real well in the morning before my day starts.

    He may even be too tired in the morning. I might have to wait for my dose. Even if I was to do some thangs to myself right now, it's just not quite the same when I'm missing him and have that anxious feeling in my horny. I mean, I can get off, but I won't really get Off without him at this very moment.

    Usually I'd already be asleep, but I just can't doze off without him next to me. I have this problem every time he's gone past our usual pass-out for the night time.

    It's been awhile since he fucked my ass. I'm thinking it's gonna have to happen soon. Last time I think we were in the hallway on the floor. We were just chasing each other around the house and that's where the finale wound up happening. I mean, no one's complaining about how his dick feels in my pussy. It's the highest I get. But when he's in this butt, it's just some other kind of drug.
  10. At least I was one of the lucky ones who got to share my life with a person I love so fucking much.
  11. I haven't seen him since Friday, and I'm just chillin at home waiting for him to come home. I'm gonna shower and shave, get dressed and make myself look as sexy as I damn well am, and go pick him up when he gets to the city. I'm hoping he's not too tired, because I have every intention of bending over in front of him and getting that dick to give me a standing ovation for my flawless presentation.
  12. We had planned to have a night of kinky, buzzed sex last night... but a couple hours before night fell my stupid uterus started hurting (endometriosis/p.c.o.s). It was just not gonna happen. It really pissed me off; I was all dressed up and excited to have some intimate, cuddly sex but there was just no way. Shooting pains, cramping sensations... not a penis friendly environment. Most of the time, sex is nothing but pleasure for us. There are times I end up curled in a ball crying like a mad-woman.

    We just ended up laying down after a few drinks and nothing happened. This morning, he woke me up... his penis was hard. I thought we were gonna start the fuck-session we never got to have earlier.. but he just asked me to get up and keep him company and make coffee. I was kinda confused because he just walked out of the room like he wasn't hard as a goddamn rock. So, I got up and made coffee for us. After a few hours of relaxing and a good bong-bowl I asked him why he wasn't inside me yet. His reply was the sweetest thing I've ever heard.

    He told me he wanted it when he woke me up, but remembered that I had been hurting before we went to bed. He didn't want to make it worse, and thought he should wait to make sure I was OK before fucking me. The look on his face almost made me cry with tears of sheer joy.

    He turns me on when his dick is hard, he turns me on when he speaks and expresses himself, he turns me on when he shows me how much he thinks about my health and well-being.

    I keep pinching myself... I still can't believe it.
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  13. It's a nice, relaxing afternoon. I've got a tall glass of chilled eggnog with a shot of brandy in it... and have had a few fat bong dabs of some high-grade bud-extract. I'm just listening to some music, enjoying my buzz, and he's doing the same while he battles the super mutants. It's been a really good day. I spent some time with the family this morning; even got a little dressed up for the holiday. I usually don't, but I figured it'd make my family happy to see me get a little more festive than usual. Their jaws dropped and it was hugs all around.

    My man was especially surprised. He can't seem to keep his hands off me in this dress. There's a good chance I'll be getting punished tonight for teasing him all day. I can't fuckin' wait.
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  14. I’ve noticed there are a few questions that are frequently asked by newer member on this site. I thought it’d be useful to just post a few responses here on my blog to make things easier on my lazy self.

    -Why I’m on LPSG: I like this site for a few different reasons. My exhibitionist side enjoys having a place to share pics of the sexy moments my man and I capture. It can be quite fun to tease strangers with our sexy-selves. It’s also interesting to explore the voyeuristic side of myself. Naked bodies are beautiful and interesting to me. I just wanna have a peek once in a while. My absolute favorite part of this site is definitely the forums. I enjoy the entertaining conversations that take place here. I enjoy sharing my thoughts. It’s a place I can talk about my sex life, and I know the people reading are interested in what I’m saying about it.

    A big part of why I like this place is also simply because my man is the one who introduced me to this community. He’s not active in the forums, and doesn’t post pics anymore… he’s just here because he thought it was a funny concept, and he does have a pretty big dick. He kinda belongs here, tehehe!! Now it’s just a place I like to fill my time with while we hang out together. He’ll crack-out on the Xbox, and I sit here with my laptop and roam the forums in between different TV show episodes/YouTube videos ect… Sometimes I show him the funnier things I read; sometimes I show him the sexy pics I find.

    What I’m not here to do though, is find new partners to meet or interact with in a sexual way. I’m not here for any chatting/camming, and I’m not here to flirt with anyone.

    -My thoughts on dick size: I don’t refer to myself as a ‘size queen’. I can cum from fingering, getting licked, anal sex, pussy-penetration… the main thing I need to get off is a connection to the person I’m playing with. Sure, a larger, girthier shaft is slightly more likely to stimulate my clit and get the friction going, but I don’t find it necessary. My lady bits are quite sensitive and I consider myself highly orgasmic. I can cum just from nipple stimulation. I really don’t need a monster cock to get the job done. The fact that my man happens to be well-endowed is simply the cherry on top of an already delicious, creamy sundae.

    -Meat gazing: Quite a few guys seem to wonder whether or not women check out their crotches in public. I’ve caught myself peeking. I’ve noticed though, I only peek at the crotch if I already like the rest of what I see. If I see a handsome face and a strong body my eyes may find their way to other regions of his anatomy… but it’s not very likely. It’s more enjoyable to check out the whole person rather than pick apart specifics like bulges.

    Sometimes you can’t help but see it, because it’s already pretty much staring back at you. I don’t mean public boners, I mean sometimes a guy with a large package will be wearing something that makes it stand out. Like when a woman with large boobies wears a form fitting top with no bra. You can just, see things.

    I don’t have particularly strong feelings about it one way or the other if someone wants to show off the goods. The only thing that swings me towards the ‘keep it classy’ category is the fact that people have their families with them in most public places.

    -Ladies discussing your junk: Yes. I have had discussions with friends about men’s bodies and their parts. It’s the kind of thing I’ve only discussed with close friends, or here. I realize some people find this kind of conversation to be tasteless and disrespectful… but I feel like it’s part of life, and a pretty important one at that. Sex and naked bodies are things we all encounter at one point or another. I mean, this whole website was founded on looking at dicks and discussing them. Even though it was probably meant as more of a satirical site at first, the simple fact that people really are interested in genitals turned it into a place plenty of us enjoy discussions revolving around sex and penises in particular. That’s not the only thing we discuss here, but it’s definitely the topic of the site, and most of the content on it.

    I see nothing wrong with it as long as the discussions aren’t insulting in nature. I had one friend (who isn’t my friend anymore… drugs are bad) and she would say some stupid shit from time to time. On more than one occasion I actually got so annoyed by her lack of tact I ended up telling her to shut up about it. You can talk about an unsatisfying encounter with a sexual partner without totally disrespecting the person you’re talking about. She didn’t seem to get that.

    I’ve also had the delightful experience of overhearing a group of men pretend to be gentlemen to a woman’s face while she passed by to get to her car. As soon as she was out of ear shot they all start going off saying fucked up, derogatory bullshit about her. If I hadn’t been by myself I would have shamed the living shit out of those pissholes. Being a female by myself in a remote parking lot late at night, that would have been pretty stupid… but holy Shit they made my blood boil. (I know this isn’t how all men talk about women ((just the stupid assholes who lack any decency))… I’m just making an example that this street most certainly runs in both directions. )

    -Relationship With a Bisexual Man?: It’s not something that turns me on to think about, but it doesn’t turn me off either. If my man were to tell me he’s also attracted to men, I’d be kind of surprised. Then I’d ask him what took his ass so long to tell me.

    I used to be kind of uncomfortable with the thought. I felt like I’d have so much more ‘competition’ and had those thoughts of “Would that mean I could never fully satisfy him??” Then I realized, there’s no way I’ll be the only person he ever looks at in a sexual way again no matter what his preferences may be. There will always be hot women, and he’ll probably always watch porn where he can see them naked and fucking. I asked myself, “Why would that be any different if he was also looking at guys?” and I had no answer.

    I also realized that I was being kind of a hypocrite. I’m bisexual myself. It’s a slightly different situation because he’s turned on completely by the thought of me with another woman, but I don’t get aroused at the thought of him with another man… but I’m still open to sharing new experiences with him. My main point is that I’d love him just as much as I do now if he was to tell me he’s bisexual. He’s still the man I love.
  15. Sometimes the feeling of just knowing you're gonna be getting Fucked within the next few hours is enough to get me gushing. After feeling like a total shit-sicle for the past 4 days, I'm feeling good and know I'm ready for some serious pleasure. I'm quite sure he's ready to feel my insides again as well. When we go more than a couple day without fucking the first few seconds of penetration are always so intense. I feel him stretching me out and filling me up. Once my hole opens up and we really get to Fucking and I can hear the juices and the clapping my heart starts to race.

    It's fun and arousing just to get prepared. Having been sick I haven't shaved my legs or tamed my bush at all. He don't give no fucks, he'd hit it hairy as fuck no problem... but it's nice to get all smooth and go that extra mile to show off for him a lil. He's been tickling and teasing me since I got home from work. Flicking my nipples, smacking my butt. I like to tickle his arm-pit and distract him from time time while he's cracking-out on his XBox. It's like little bits of foreplay accumulating throughout the afternoon.

    I just love that building excitement. The anticipation becomes almost tangible. It's also exciting just knowing there are so many different ways this could be going down. He could just pull his dick out and bend me over the kitchen sink while I'm doing the dishes... he might wait till the middle of the night and wake me up with a boner. I already made it clear I want it.. and he made it clear he's on board. I can't wait to find out how I'll be cumming to climax tonight.
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