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  1. If I created a zoom channel tonight (Say around 10 PM (BST) that you could join, stroke your cock and cum for me while I talked dirty to you.

    Where I could see you but you couldn’t see me...

    Would you join?
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  2. How we all doing?
  3. I live in the U.K..

    I know statically I should only be worried, but I’m genuinely scared.


    Just putting that out there.
    Stay safe everybody.
    Take care of your household.
    Be brave.

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  4. Updated my site with a new blog. Starting a conversation around escapism and why I spoke cannabis.

    Somewhere in the clouds that’s where we wanna be uh huh

    Would love to know your thoughts, or if you have any questions - also, any topics you'd like me to start writing about? I need some inspiration.

    Thanks, LPSG,
  5. For anyone interested in an update on my progress, you can find it here:


    Thanks, everyone that I've spoken to, loving the support.
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  6. Firstly, thanks to everyone that replied to my last post - it's great to get positive support, and it's another reason why I enjoy this community so much.

    I'm slowing getting into things - I attended a few classes and next week I'm starting with a personal trainer to get me into some of the more "advanced" looking equipment.

    baby steps.

    Goals for this year:

    1. Get healthier
    2. Get on top of my finances & debts
    3. Write more (on here, and on my own blog site, twitter, etc.)
    4. Get some personal projects off the ground

    I'd really like to grow as a person, and hopefully for the better.

    Will keep you all posted.
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  7. Ok, so listen.

    None of this New Year, new me shit. That isn't what I am trying to do here - that is simply a coincidence of timing.

    But I need to get my ass in gear any thinking about my health, and myself - physically and mentally.

    So - help out hivemind and riddle me this.

    There are two things I want to accomplish - and I need to motivate myself to do it alone.

    1. I want to lose weight, slim down and tone up.
    2. I want to start running.

    The problem is - I don't know where the hell to start with either.

    I've got a gym membership that I always make excuses for not using. In a gym, I wouldn't know where to start - everything intimidates me, and so does everyone.

    Running, the last time I went, I was so demotivated by how badly out of shape I was - I never went for another one.

    Now I'm not saying I'm hugely overweight or anything, but I could happily lose a stone or two.

    So open to all suggestions on how to start.
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  8. A4F49E43-64C7-4A31-8629-273F935473E6.png

    Sometimes you have to take life by the balls.

    I believe that everything happens for a reason, and when the winds blow in your favour, earn it!

    For the next two months, it’s time to focus. It’s time to get a grip.

    Read more >
  9. If you could pick to have a paid membership to an adult porn site, any adult porn site, which one would you choose?

  10. Going to be near Madrid (near the airport actually), for work. From Saturday the 1st until Wednesday the 5th.

    Anyone fancy a drink, meal, to act as a tour guide?
  11. Genuinely. I'm interested in how people will answer. Why are you here? Not the deep philosophical "Why are we here and what is my purpose?" version of the question.

    No - I mean, Why are you here? On LPSG.

    What brings you to this corner of the web. What brings you to the community?

    Thanks in advance to anyone that answers honestly.

  12. Hey everyone,

    Of to Amsterdam this weekend (thurs - mon). In town for work, but I will have some free time.

    So what do you recommend?

    Places to see, places to eat, coffee shops to visit, things to do. Looking for all recommendations.

    Thanks all!
  13. Brazzers has brought the one and only Bonnie Rotten out of retirement!

    The scene itself feels like it's just out there to prove a point. That Bonnie is back, and she's just as rotten as ever.

    Really looking forward to her future work! Check out the trailer on my blog DEVILTICA Magazine!

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  14. Ladies and gentlemen.

    Question: What is the hottest scene you've watched in the last month?

    I've discovered this little gem -

    For anyone that might be interested. You can check out my playlist on PornHub.

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