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  1. Hi guys! First I would like to say thank you to everyone who has made me feel so welcome here in this community. It is very much appreciated! :emoji_kissing_smiling_eyes:

    Lots of people have been messaging me asking what brought me to this site. That is a tough question to answer because I'm not even sure what the reason is myself! I think that maybe the best way to answer is to tell a story.

    When I was in college I did a fair bit of experimenting. Just the typical college stuff, you know, parties, girls, group stuff. Well when I was a sophomore I heard through the grapevine that there was a freshman guy who was...let's just say "gifted." My friend who had hooked up with him showed me with her hands how big he was and it was...just way bigger than anyone I had been with. The biggest guy I had been with up to that point was maybe 8 inches with normal thickness and he knew how to use it. He was also the guy who I had the best sex with up to that point. So I figured I should experiment with the limits of the idea that bigger is better. Plus my friend who had already hooked up with this freshman guy (let's call him Joe) told me that he knew how to use his "gift" and that I should try it myself.

    So anyway a week or two later me and two of my friends were leaving the library after studying and my friend spotted Joe at a table studying by himself. She said let's go talk to him and I said sure...but inside I started to get really nervous because I'm a pretty shy person. :emoji_blush: So we went up to his table and I got introduced to him. He was handsome but not overly so. Slim and tall. He seemed normal, but confident. At first he seemed like he was annoyed that we were interrupting his work but as we started talking (or whispering haha) he started to become a bit more friendly. To keep the story moving, my two friends ditched me there with him at the library, saying they had to leave to go to some dorm meeting. So it was just me and him awkwardly sitting there in a quiet library. He saved the day by inviting me back to his dorm room to look at his guitar.

    We got to his room, sat on his couch, and he played the Beatles song Blackbird for me (not very well haha.) It was sweet. He set down his guitar and just looked at me without saying anything. He had a stare that was intimidating. Not threatening...but intense. I asked him, "what?.....why are you looking at me?" He said "where am I supposed to look?" and just kept staring at me. My heart started beating like crazy and I could feel myself getting turned on. He leaned over and kissed me softly but firmly. He kissed my neck and manhandled my body. He put his hand under my top, undid my bra with one hand, and took my boobs out of my lowish cut top, all while kissing me. He was so smooth and yet forceful, clearly experienced. I had my hand on his thigh, by his knee. He took my hand, picked it up, and placed it about halfway up his thigh. I was so surprised by what I felt that I had to stop kissing him to look down for myself. What I saw in his pants was beyond a bulge...I think of a bulge as a phenomenon of the crotch area. What he had was a clear outline of his cock running down his leg, resting on his thigh, with my hand placed over what must have been the head. He guided my hand up and down the length of it and asked "you like that?" I don't know what I responded with, if anything. The next thing I knew I had climbed into his lap and was fumbling with his belt. He grabbed a handful of my hair at the back of my head and pulled my head back, exposing my neck. He sucked on my boobs and bit my neck while controlling me by the hair. I had never been treated like that. He was just using me and I loved it. I had never been more turned on. My pants were still on but I felt like I might cum so I mumbled to him, "Imgonnacum." He chuckled and guided me off of his lap and onto my knees.

    He stood up off of the couch and took down his pants in one motion. I will never forget the image of his cock swinging as he pried off his jeans. It was soooo huge. I had been with a guy in high school who said he was 8, but Joe's cock looked at least 3 inches longer. If he had told me it was a foot long I would've believed him. (I later measured it myself at 9.5 inches.) I don't know how long I stared at it but it was...too long. He asked me if I liked it but I couldn't speak, or didn't know what to say. I was honestly scared of it. He took my hand and placed it around his cock at the base. His cock was soooo thick and long and sturdy. I was getting worried and admitted, "it might not fit." He said "we'll see...kiss it." As I leaned forward to kiss the head of his cock he grabbed a handful of my hair and forced his tip past my lips and into my mouth. He placed both of my hands on his cock and slowly thrusted in and out of my mouth. And this is when I started to get really turned on again. I could feel his cock flexing in my hands and in my mouth. Each time it would flex it would get a little harder and I would have to sit up a little bit straighter. His moans were driving me crazy. He slowly pushed my head down onto his cock right up to the point that I was about to gag, then he held it there, flexed his cock and let out a growly "fuck yeah" that was the sexiest sound I'd ever heard. He pulled his cock out and left me with saliva hanging off of my chin. He didn't ask if I was okay or anything like that. He used the back of his hand to lightly slap my left cheek and said "good job." With his cock sticking perfectly straight out in front of him he walked over to his nightstand to get a condom. At some point during his walk back over to the couch, while he rolled the condom on his huge cock mid stride, something changed in me. I wouldn't say I fell in love, but something close to that. Call it obsession.

    The first few times we had sex are probably not worth writing about. They were a painful struggle. Let's just say that I learned I'm a screamer. :emoji_dizzy_face: Once I got used to him, the sex got so good that I would cum just from him putting it in. We were fuck buddies for 2 and a half years throughout college. If I had to list the 10 best sexual events of my life, they would all be with him. All of my current sexual preferences come from my times with him. Before him, I didn't know what I wanted sexually, or how much I even enjoyed sex. I had some BAD, awkward encounters. He opened things up for me. He turned out to not be a very good person, but I would be lying if I said that I don't miss him. I miss surrendering to him. I miss feeling full. I miss him. I suppose, he's the reason why I'm here at LPSG.
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