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  1. I am now living alone, although still in a dorm room, I am alone!

    Meaning I can jerk off whenever I want! Obviously I'd rather be having sex, but I sadly don't have a partner or even FWB here on campus. I'm not a party animal or drinker, so not really hooking up with any college girls :(

    I wanted to ask what lube is good for jerking off. I've use vaseline before and liked it. Obvously sex lube, but I feel like thats more expensive.

    I might even upload some pics or vids, since I know plenty of people here like that kind of stuff, and I do like to show off!
  2. This will be some of my thoughts on porn. My experience, why I watch it, and what I like in it. I find writing stuff down helps me think and process stuff, if that makes sense. Feel free to critique or ask me questions!

    I've been watching porn for quite awhile now, probably like most american guys these days. I read somewhere the average age that a person is introduced to porn is like twelve. That's kinda fucked up isn't it? Maybe in twenty years we'll see how that has affected my generation. I wish I had found it much later than I did. I'm not saying its all negative, but not something to be taken lightly. Especially when mainstream porn these days is decently brutal, and often incestuous (Can they really not come up with something other than "brother fucks stepsister on accident"?).

    Anyway, I often watch because I'm horny obviously. Being twenty I'm horny a lot it seems, although already I think a bit less horny then the same time a year ago. Porn is the easy route. I could and sometimes do masturbate to a good dirty thought, but porn is always a few clicks away! If I had a girlfriend or dedicated fuckbuddy I'd go to them first but I sadly don't right now. So there I am, watching porn and edging my cock.

    I mostly watch porn with big cocks. I can relate to it. Probably why I like POV too. Immersion. I don't want to watch a porn where the cameras on the dude's ass for most of it. Just not for me. I want to see a hot chick taking a big dick. I do feel a bit odd for remembering names of stars I like. My brain is just wired to remember that stuff whether is hot porn stars or the names and dates of historical events. It's just good at remembering that shit and I don't know how.

    In terms of amateur vs professional, I'd say I watch more professional porn. Amateur can be way hotter but, its just so rare. This site has some great porn threads btw. The holy grail of porn to me is the sensual stuff. I'd rather watch a couple make love than fuck ya know? Don't get me wrong, there is a time for some hardcore fucking but not all the time. I watched a really good Gia Paige video like this, I think she directed it too, Incest snuck in there somehow, which is so dumb. Manuel Ferrera has some great videos too, especially the one with Kayden Kross. Sexy woman, seemingly less makeup than a pro porn movie (Whole other topic lol), very little cuts, plenty of dirty talking, and a big cock.
  3. Hello, I'm Sam, I recently joined this place. Thought I'd write some about myself. Feel free to critique me, I'd just ask you to be polite :)

    I am twenty years old. I am from the Midwest. I am half way through college for engineering. Very much a nerd. A quiet introvert. I prefer a quiet night in watching a movie or playing video games to partying. I don't drink or smoke. Never had a real serious relationship, hope that changes.

    I have been sexually active, and I'll detail all of that soon. I'm fortunate to have a large cock. People argue about what is and is not hung, big, large, or whatever but I've had enough partners and viewers describe me as large. Am I the largest alive? No way. But am I big? I'd conclude so. If you have a better way to describe it I'd love to hear. I was first told I was big when I started posting on Reddit. I still do post some.

    I lost my virginity in the basement office of the local retro arcade. I joined Fetlife a bit after I turned eighteen. A guy messaged me saying a female friend of his liked younger guys. She was twenty six, nice, and I'd say attractive. I had no idea what I was doing. I came to find I really enjoy face fucking. Holding her head and her hair and forcing her down on me. Something about that dominance turns me on. I never saw either of them again. Talked with the guy but he said he and her stopped talking a bit after. I had fun, learned a few things, but I can't help wishing my first time meant more. I also recognize regret is mostly meaningless so I don't dwell on it much.

    I believe the next time I had sex was after I had started college in another state. Living in the dorms with a roommate. I had met a woman on fetlife who travel around my area for work. She has become an occasional FWB. She on the larger side, think BBW, and black. Before her I didn't think I'd be with someone her size. When she first saw my cock she couldn't believe how thick I was. She said I had a "black cock" and "as thick as two normal cocks". Maybe she just had not had anything my size before. Nonetheless, every time I've met up with her I've easily made her orgasm. Also, every time I've fucked her raw and came inside her. Honestly, its hard for me to compare the women I've fucked in terms of tightness. All I know is pussy feels good. We've also done a little anal, and while she loves it, I find it ok. She works as a therapist or counselor for the prisons system I think. Honestly she's a really nice person and loves to cuddle afterwards. I really enjoy that.

    Then I met a girl close to my age! I was nineteen at the time and I think she was twenty two. She found me on Reddit, liked my cock, and messaged me. we talked a lot for a couple of weeks. Shes thing, attractive but also very spontaneous and a total goof. Very playful. eventually I drove out, picked her up and drove back to my dorm. Didn't tell my roommate or anyone a thing. We fucked, cuddled, and slept a lot that weekend. I think I was too shy and quiet for her. Even though I knew her a bit I didn't open up. I didn't initiate or touch her a lot, I didn't want to do something she didn't want me to do. Still, I realized what I wanted. Waking up to her all cute and snuggled up to me. Pure bliss. Also, she was great at a blowjob. No teeth and she also made me realize my balls are so sensitive and love to be sucked and played with. sadly things didn't continue, and shes no across the country with some other guy.

    After her, I fucked a couple of older women. First a fifty three (?) year old MILF. Her daughter was gone, ex-husband who she still lived with was gone too. She found me on Fet and really liked my cock pics. I think we were both nervous. She was into fisting, like a lot, and I wasn't so that was kinda odd. We had sex. I came kinda quick. Talked some, then never saw her again. The other woman was in her forties. Picked her up, couldn't use her place. Drove down the way to a lake park. Near the end of winter but still no one was around, too cold. Fucked her ass in the back of my car. Never had a chance to meet with her again. I'd still say anal is meh compared to pussy.

    The pattern became I fucked women I met on fetlife. Met up with a thirty something woman and cream pied her. It was fun, but nothing special. Just recently I met up with a woman and her boyfriend who liked to see her shared. Again, fun, but wasn't amazing. Before her was a woman i met on fetlife. She actually ran one ofthe college bus routes oddly enough. First time I had period sex. Less bloody then I thought.

    One memorable experience was a gang bang for this fifty plus MILF. It was odd being naked around other dudes but we were all there for one thing. I cream pied her twice in the couple hours I was there. She also made me cum with her mouth, really good cocksucker. I still haven't cum from a blowjob. Might see her again but who knows.

    The other memorable experience was being a bull for a cuckold couple in my hometown. He had a small cock, she wanted more. Met on fetlife, eventually met up. Had to use condoms but still she was great. I'd say pretty attractive. They sorta ghosted me after a two meetups. I'm guessing I was exactly what they wanted. I'm not super dominant or what you think of when you picture a bull. I could use to lose some weight and learn more about sex to be called a bull.

    All of my sexual encounters have lead me to a few good conclusions. Sex is fun. I now know what I like in terms of sex. I also know I want more than just a casual thing. Sex with someone you care about even just a bit is way better than sex with a stranger.

    That's my story to the best of my memory. Always open to questions or comments or whatever you want to say to me in my inbox.
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