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  1. With this time off, I've found I slip into a routine... Did some chores around the house. Wore a thong the whole time... Then about 10 minutes ago I smoked some herb and grabbed a glass of wine... Now here I am: My thong is pulled down to my feet. I just put on my silicone cock ring... I'm going to edge with the boys online for a while... Then play my guitar...
  2. I want to suck a cock. Then I want to be fucked with a cock. Just thought I'd throw that out into the Interweb...
  3. Covid....My wife and I are at this strange yet seductive stage with this down time...

    I wear only a thong or bikini in the house (It's 115 freaking degrees outside). She is more modest but wears no bra... Which brings me great joy. I "convinced" her that I should be wearing a silicone cock ring to make my balls project... Which she now loves because I fucked her last night with the cock ring on... She said she could feel the veins... I do try to fuck her well enough that the next time she works my ass... (not my washboard abs...) she_inserts.gif
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  4. Starting to get the hang of ball stretching. My balls being so tight take a bit of coaxing to get them to hang. So I started with simple rubber band approach. Still could not lasso them boys to stay out. But finally find my old silicone cock ring and spent a few days wearing it during the day. Once they are hanging I move it to just around my balls and add a rubber band as well. One unintended consequence is my cock is veiny hard as if both the cock and balls are banded. Feels awesome! hard banded.jpg
  5. So lately (the last few weeks) I've been wearing only bikini and thong underwear around the house. As such I notice my balls in my pouched underwear. BTW - Buy the pouched! Maybe it's like women that want their breasts changed, I look at my balls in the same way.

    So I've decided to try this little getup for a couple hours a day. It's not too tight. But, for the first time, I get a separated balls from cock look.

    I start with a band around the cock and balls. Then I can add the band around just my balls once they drop. And poof! cock-ball rings. My goal is to get enough release to use a real cock and or ball ring.

  6. So since I've been off work for a couple months new, I'm actually way relaxed. I have an edible (sativa) and go for a local fast hike in the hills near me. I do my light resistance workout in the backyard. I'm usually in my thong or bikini underwear on my yoga mat. As I lay back and spread my legs in a frog type stretch, I notice that warm feeling of precum. Except this time it's like I need to pee. I stand up, pull my cock out and pump my hips so my cock swings up and down from my stomach to between my legs. I get lots of precum. It really turns me on to taste it all. I get this way after 3-4 days without coming. It always puts a smile on my face.
  7. So I'm finishing up my backyard as I've had lots of time off. Did a double layer of bamboo fencing on an exposed area to a neighbor. Finally can be naked anywhere in my yard! Happy dance...
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  8. As I previously posted, I had a disturbing session. But what a difference a few days makes. I go on flingster and meet a very smooth shaved 25 year old guy with a huge cock. We play a bit. He tells me he has a thing for older guys (lucky me). We decide to take it to Skype. While there, another older guy like myself wants to connect with me. We all decide to join a group and have an online threesome... Nice! Once there, we all get naked. The 22 year old (I hesitate to use the term boy - but I'm 61), asks us what we want him to do. Now we are all hard as can be. The other man tells him to spread his ass and finger it. I tell him I'm sucking his cock. We played different scenarios until the young guy is riding a dildo and stroking, I'm riding a dildo and stroking, and the other older guy is stroking like mad. We all came within a minute of each other. It was fabulous!
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  9. I enjoy stroking and play with others on random cam and Skype. Most times it's good sexual fun. But last night I ran into a creepy one. I found a good looking young black man who was on his back legs up and stroking on the random site. Started out harmless. Then he asked me if I was into "Racial play". Then he asked me to call him the N word and tell him what to do. Caught me completely off guard! Now given the time we are in, it was totally disturbing. I told him I can't understand why that would be a turn on. I turned it off and went back to playing my guitar. Thought I had to say something...
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  10. For many (if we are lucky) are harmlessly stuck at home. Yes, using some savings right now like so many. Days flow into weeks... That said - We decided it was going to be a REAL Saturday Night.

    Some Tequila Sunrises, some Sativa, and some toys.

    When my wife is a little high, she loves to suck my cock (freshly shaved of course). And me being high, my cock stays hard as a rock. She worked the "whole playground". She tried to give my taint a hickey. She fingered my ass as she sucked. We stopped and had dinner, more drinks, more herb.

    The final round went like this:
    1. 69 with her on top. She was swallowing it till her tongue was stroking my balls.
    2. Toys - In the order shown...

    We had to stop at me pouring out some precum. I promised her I'd fuck her as well. So we layed crossways so we could just chill and fuck. I put the head of my cock in her pussy then apply the head of the Hitachi wand to the base of my cock... My cock is a solid human vibrator in her! We both came hard. But a little part of me thought - What if I could have a solid vibrating real cock in me?
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  11. So wife is downstairs working from home. I'm up here in my studio trying to make music, but finding some online play instead.

    In the span of one hour: Five guys came for me. Let explain that one of the vital parts of online stroking is communication. If y'all are going to just stare at each other one will just hit F9... But when a good chat gets going with it? Fun! My play is keeping a conversation. Tell him what I'm into (at the moment). What would he like? Or? What are your kinks? I'm finding my niche is telling him what I'm thinking. How he looks. How sexy his butt is. Or how nice smooth shaved cock looks as he strokes it with me. I get so turned on when just by talking - he starts to cum. It's like I'm narrating his release! When he starts to buck... I instinctively moan in return. And when he does the same for me??? So hot!

    So in the span of one hour: Five guys came for me. Luckily I was able to edge thru it all. Saving it for my wife tonight!
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  12. My sexual mind is having a field day! I've chatted/cam with some others. There is a LOT of sexual frustration going on! From my cam sessions with other guys, To the beautiful ladies home alone... The random cam places are on fire! Young old, does not matter. Basing on my wife and I... We are OK. But having less sex than normal.I'm sure others are in the same boat.

    I find guys locked in the bathrooms trying to shoot a load. Ladies (some even with a partner) looking to cum online. I get it! 20 somethings living at home ready to cum for this "daddy". Beautiful ladies needing a bit of encouragement ready to cum! I love all that are out there needing a release! I just stroked with a beautiful lady of 70. She was amazing. That was after a nice boy of 27... I fucking love it!

    Use Skype. Use the video chat here. Use the random chat site. But please cum!

    In case you need help I'm: william griswald on Skype
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  13. So for many it's been a boring few days (or weeks for some). It's only my first week.

    I'm thinking there is some pent up sexual tension not being released. I know for my wife and I, we've had a bit of sex. But the current situation is a bit of a Debbie Downer so not so hot. I've been using a nice dildo in the shower. The wife is enjoying me home with some fun sex. But I have to imagine there are many who are getting Cabin Fever! You know the kind of sexual appetite that send one to the darkest recesses of your visual sexual needs! But I only consider a guys view on this because... I'm just a guy. But I have to think there is (hopefully) a lot of this which makes me think the world will survive!

    (Image removed,not mine).

    Watching a woman control exactly how it's going to go down. Like many, moved back in with mom and dad to have some interaction. But back in your room at night... Just like everyone. I imagine this lady at the other end of the couch. I'm naked and stroking my cock just appreciating her emotion. I tell her I'm ready to cum and she takes it home!
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  14. So we are all now mostly hunkered in...

    Yes, things are a bit stressful. But the wife is downstairs creating food for the next week and cruising the internet for all things health related (that's her thing). I'm up here in my home studio trying to finish a song (hobby) . And find myself here online... again.

    So let's talk about release. I love toys. The wife gladly enjoys using them on me - when the feeling is right. But me, I like to feel them a bit more (ok, a LOT more). So what do we do now that we are home together a lot?

    Well... I slipped a dildo in my "adult cleaning to toy play box" in the bathroom. It's a very smooth 1.25" x 7" silicone with a flat base. It slides in so easy with little lube (maybe I'm a bit of a slut...). And it's ready every time I take a shower! We have shower bench that allows me to sit on it and rock around on it. I hold the hand held spray head on the tip of my cock as I ride it. Added a whole new side to the shower!

    How about you all? I'm sure the ladies have this figured out too!
  15. Well, I went on a random cam site this afternoon. Lots of guys out there! I mean a lot of guys! I edged for about an hour. Four guys came for me within that time. Young to old. Seems some 20 somethings want an older guy to talk and stroke with them. And older guys want older guys! I love to ask them what makes them horny? What is their "kink"? Some college guys live at home still with mom and have to be quiet. Older married guys telling me their wife is asleep in the other room. The talking about it makes me want to cum. Nipple play, moaning, spreading are asses wide for a closer look. Mine is always kept freshly shaved and clean. To have a guy cum for me because my little butt made him excited turns me on!

    The best part is no matter what, my wife and I are fucking tonight. Let's reconnect! If you're married - get online and edge with the boys... Then fuck the wife good! You single guys at home alone? Go for it! And couples? Oh man... Couples. When I hook up with the right couple... It's amazing!
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