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  1. We fucked last night. We fucked hard. She sucked my cock. I eat her pussy. I even fucked her anal. It was like interval training - but with sex instead. We were spent.

    But by late morning, I'm here and other places looking at all the nice men and women online. I'm looking at some amazing lesbian themed pics. I'm looking at smooth shaved cocks sliding deep into smooth shaved men's asses.

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  2. Wife is in the home office working today for a wacky client. So I do some housework to help out. I put on my skimpiest bikini underwear (that she likes), smoke a few hits, grab a beer, and get to work... It's been a fun morning for both of us.
  3. I woke up today horny. Wife went walking for a couple hours with a lady friend. Sorry but the two we're not having a meetup for hot bi sex... (I can dream). Meanwhile, I got high...

    I needed to cam with some fun guys (and one girl) online. In a little over an hour - Five guys came for me. Two of which came as soon as I bent over for them with my freshly shaved cock, balls, and ass spread. Do you know just how empowering it is for me to show my ass and make a guy cum??? After each one, I was almost cumming. I was leaking pre-cum. But I held out each time. The last guy had me on the ropes! I was out of self control. My mind went to the "I'm just going to cum into my palm and lick it all up for him on cam!" (my only way to finish).

    But I remembered my wife is going to wear the strap-on tonight. Hopefully the larger toy... She is going to fuck me like I was thinking those guys were fucking me! This will do for now...
  4. So, I'm kind of an underwear guy. I go thru phases of what underwear I put on for the day. Right now it's thongs. But not the uncomfortable men thongs of yesterday. My new fave is the John Sievers Sleek Natural thong styles. Material is perfect. I'm smooth shaved all over and they feel nice. Not only are my balls perfectly pouched, the thong up the back is the most comfortable I've tried. Wife likes the way they curve over the cheeks - says the man with no butt so needs the help. And they make me feel a little "curious" at the gym.
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  5. As some know, I love to cam online with others in real time. Well yesterday was a nice series of sessions. But midway thru, a guy asked me about using toys. I showed him my 14" x 3.25" (1.25" dia) double ended silicone dildo. He wanted me to use it. But I told him I'd not prepped. We then got to talking about sucking each others cocks. I decided to try and "deep throat" it for him. Well after some fun coaching on his part... I was able to relax my throat and get 8" in! It was only for a couple seconds. But I could repeat it multiple times. So being the over doer I am... Today I'm going to do a little herb and see just how good I get... I'll try and post a vid later for fun!
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  6. Wife and I spent a great day with family. The night before we fucked nice and long. Her pussy was a bit sore from it so she went to bed early. I went to my home studio and played my guitar for a while. I was feeling a bit horny so decided to try online with others. Usually it's with guys. Strange enough there were more females than usual on Flingster. I felt chatty and started up with a nice woman from Florida. She told me she was single and had no family in town. She had a vibe in her but has not very into it. The conversation got to about her being alone for the holidays. While I could not see her face, she had a gorgeous mature body. I told her to let me "make love to her" thru my words (and stroking). I told her to place the vibe on a spot that makes her the most excited. She showed me it was a combo of the clit and the opening. I then told her insert it as you would like me to fuck you. She did. I told her to tell me how to stroke my cock. From that point on, we we're moaning pretty good as each one did what the other wanted. We promised to tell each other when we were ready to cum. Soon I could not hold back and told her I'm ready. She was too. She said she could see my precum and now she was visibly very wet. We both came hard. I pumped it into my open hand. She stroked that dildo like it was keeping her alive. I then swallowed my cum in front of her. She gasped and said that was the most exciting online experience she's had. It was amazing for me as well.
  7. So the wife has left for a few hours. I smoke a bit of weed (nice sativa hybrid). I immediately put on a thong and go upstairs here in my home studio to record some guitar/vocal tracks for my never to be released to the public solo work. Please note: the reason I tell you I put on a thong to play music is pointless. But that's what I do.
    I work for a couple hours. It is then I realize: My whole life - music is sexual for me.

    It started in the 1980's playing in LA Bands. Never any bands folks here would know. But fun blues/rock bands that allowed me to play around Los Angeles bars and clubs. It was in that time that I learned no matter how "good" your band is - you have the upper hand for the evening. I met my wife playing at a club. As a joke, she flung a pair of panties onto the state (tribute to Elvis). It hooked right on the mic. 31 years later...

    ...I see the ominous cam sitting aside waiting for me to play online with another. My cock is now semi flaccid. I'm now on flingster stroking madly (and coaching them along too!). Some play for 30 seconds. Some for 10 mins. The social spectrum of those I meet is amazing. Older guys like me - to much younger guys looking for a "daddy" figure (I like to help them if I can). I one hour I see ten guys cum. I hold out till I have to stop. One amazing young man wants to talk about his sexual needs at 22. We talk about guys and girls. Then he sees one of my guitars in the back of the room. We immediately flipped to talk about guitars and music. We stroked and talked for 30 mins. Told him I'm fucking my wife later. He came like I was there helping him stroke. That is the power of music in my book.
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  8. As I sit here today with an edible and a small glass of wine... I reflect.
    This weekend my wife and I fucked. We fucked so hard she had to put ice on her hip. Why?
    Roll to earlier that evening we were at a friends house for a party. My friend and I played in bands in the 80's. Turns out my wife gets horny with me performing (btw, we met at a club years back when I was playing). We played for a couple hours off and on. It was fun. When we got home she said she was leaking all night. Now my wife is super juicy that way. She's been known to get very wet sucking my cock. But I digress... That night we fucked hard. Seems I need to get the band together!
  9. Sometimes it takes a simple illustration to show why men enjoy anal play. To that end, I present:

    The physiology...
    The Result!
  10. So a simple message: Being outside nude (even just in the backyard) is the best!

    I had just showered and freshly shaved my cock, balls, and ass. I had a bit of weed, just opened a Modelo, and went outside to lay out for a few minutes. I started in my thong. But have ended up naked and stroking to the warm blue sky above.

    I'm thinking that no matter what the condition of your mind after a week of work - being naked and feeling sexual outside is so uplifting!
  11. I often read here about younger men looking for older. Never really thought it was thing - at least for me.
    Being 60 with a bit of a dad bod, I never took it serious that younger guys really like older men except that perhaps we may be easy prey for a good jerk session (who's going to turn down a young hot guy?).

    But I recently met a 26 year old on Flingster. Lives in another state so it's only virtual. We had a nice connection and he asked to move it to Skype. Well it was amazing. First we talked a bit about our situations. I told him I'm 60and happily married for 30 years but would love to play with a man. He told me he was getting married next year but has always wanted to play with an older man. So we talked about it. I said, I felt that perhaps being older I could be perceived as creepy for playing with a much younger man. But I love the fresh attitude of youth. He said he likes the conversations and approach of older men. He loves older mens bodies. I assumed he would like to be maybe the bottom for an older guy as that's what media shows us. But it was clear he wanted to fuck me as much as I wanted him to. He was very open to everything. He said older men have so much life experience that they are not hung up on sex.

    We both agreed to show our faces (a first for me). Immediately he tells me I was sexy. It was not in a cliche way. He wanted to strip down naked right then. First thing he was interested in was me turning around and showing my ass. I was freshly shaved all over and he got very excited with the view. His cock got rock hard (as did mine). I turned back around and he showed me his gorgeous smooth shaved ass spread wide. We stroked and talked about sex and relationships for almost half an hour. We made the decision that we would both cum and swallow our loads. And boy did we! We both came so hard into our hands at the same time. We both got close to the cams and took it all into our mouths. I was trembling from it. We both thanked each other for the wonderful session. He wants to cam again but with toys next time. I'm still thinking about it days later. What a great time it was. Hopefully more!
  12. So I finally needed to buy more lube for the toys. After much searching, I found Lynk Anal Lube.

    From what I can tell it's safe chemically. And just as important it's safe to my silicone toys and condoms (come the day I get to feel a cock in my ass). It's not as thick as a few I've tried in the past. But it holds up amazing. We applied it at first insertion. Then reapplied after a few seconds. From then on it felt great. Didn't reapply for 10 mins after. We then used it on my wife's pussy. She loved it too. And at $18.97 for 32oz... A deal.
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  13. Last night for reasons beyond my control, there was no sex with the wife. We tried. We spooned with my cock against her ass, but we fell asleep. I started dreaming. I'm sitting with a smooth 20 something guy who's telling me about him playing the bass (I'm a guitar player). Next thing I know, I'm spooning with him in bed. My cock is grinding his ass. I'm lightly squeezing one of his nipples and stroking his cock. He's moaning a bit. Then I wake up. Wife is up already. I get up to use the bathroom. I brush my teeth and feel a slow trickle of precum. I eat and go Mt biking for a few hours.

    Well I'm back from the ride. Showered. Had a little 420. Having a beer. Wife is not back for a couple hours. I still have not cum. I'm at the point if I squat down for bit. Then rise back up and relax my pelvis - I can make a bit of precum. And I LOVE precum! What to do?!
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  14. I woke up knowing I had the day to myself. I decided to spend the day acting out some bisexual desires....

    I went to the gym this am after breakfast. But this time I shaved all over (including around my nipples), put on a thong under my snug shorts, and made sure I was "presentable". I worked legs and did lots of yoga type stretching where my ass was up more than usual. I took the time to enjoy the exposure. No contacts but a nice feeling being out feeling sexual.

    I got home and smoked a little 420. Then I showered but also "deep cleaned" my ass and played with a dildo in the shower. Now I'm here online naked. I'm thinking that if the right man appeared right now, I would drop to my knees, put my hands firmly around his has and suck his cock. I would then lay back and let him fuck me.

    Now my wife will be back home tonight. And there will be a strapon involved. But for right now - this is what I need.
  15. So it's Saturday afternoon. Wife left for a few hours. Up here in the home studio recording some guitar. Next thing I'm online looking to cam. Ended up on a random cam site meeting a very nice (much younger) man. I'm 60. Turns out he's 26. He's in NY and I'm in LA. We both get naked. He asks if I'm home alone. Say the wife is out. He's alone as his girlfriend is out and wanted to play with an older man... Perfect!

    We both started stroking our smooth shaved cocks (I LOVE shaved cocks). Turns out he likes toys just like me! We both run and get toys. He show me a nice 1.5" x about 7" dildo. I bring the 2" x 9" Gianni silicone. He said he's never taken one so big as mine. We were both fucking horny by now. Another stroke of luck - he likes a little weed. We both sit there naked smoking a some herb. We finish - and each of us lubes our toys and climbs on them in the sitting position together! Oh fuck! It was so hot watching each other as we fucked ourselves. I'm oozing precum and tasting it. Then he starts oozing precum and tasting his. We both start really riding them fast and deep!

    At this point our cocks were both flopping up and down in the same rhythm! Bits of precum are getting sprinkled all over. Finally we decide it's time to cum. We both came so hard and so big! I filled the palm of my hand till almost overflowing! I quickly draw it all into my mouth. It is smooth and tasty! I was able to enjoy swirling it all around my mouth letting my online partner see it on my lips. He does the same!

    It was the best online session EVER! We exchanged Skype addresses for the future. I feel so good I need to tell the world!
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