1. tuabuela

    VINTAGE STR8 movies with male bisexual, gay or homoerotic scenes

    Over the years, I’ve been posting several of these scenes in the homoerotic forum, but since the conversation nowadays seems to be mostly focused on DP or DVP scenes, I wanted to create a thread that focuses on the very fascinating world of vintage porn (60’s, 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s). I have...
  2. silverberrywine

    Matt Dillon

    Here are some pics of cute Matt Dillon in his 80s
  3. N

    Photos & Videos Joey Verducci/Mack Reynolds

    one of the greats from the 90s who dabbled in both str8 and gay porn. If anybody here is a fan of him please share some, especially some of the elusive ones. He did so many gay porn listed on his iafd page but not all of them is available online. Chad Conners and Mick Taylor...
  4. L

    Johnny Lozada

    Puerto Rican singer, actor, host and television personality most known as a member of "Menudo" with Ricky Martin.
  5. H

    80s-90s Gay Porn Stars Who Shoots Big Loads

    Hi! Just wondering if anyone wants to drop some name or maybe videos of porn stars fron 1980s, 1990s, early 2000s who are real BIG shooters of cum. I have been watching a few porn films from falcon studio and kristenbjorn. Few of the guys fire a huge load! Off the top of my head, i can think of...
  6. C

    Vladimir Mccrary (90s Black Male Model)

  7. T

    Id This Porn

    Okay so i don't have much but imma describe it the best i can. I remember seeing this video on pornhub or redtube and it's a vintage video of a man that looks like tom katt (less built) or it could be him but probably not but i know the time period would be around the 80s-90s Anyways so they...
  8. Q

    Photo Who's this german man? where's this scene from?

    Hello. There was a German male porn actor called Michael Conrad (correct spelling?) but I can't find much of his material. There was a porn scene he appeared in (brief parts of that scene were shown as part of an episode of Sex and Shopping (British series from the late 90s. Some of the...