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  • Carlos from San Antonio

    Blog: mexicano's blog.
    By mexicano at Friday, May 24th 2019 at 06:49 PM.
    Anyone out there know the whereabouts of a hot handsome man by the name of Carl or Carlos who enjoyed being serviced at San Antonio college for many years in the chemistry building? This guy was a legend for many years. Uncut and long. Always in 501’s and boots?????? Shot thick wads of cum!
  • Back in the saddle

    Blog: LICNYCgay's blog.
    By LICNYCgay at Friday, May 24th 2019 at 06:05 PM.
    Turns out there's a bear party in Brooklyn, so for my inaugural return to sex parties, I decided to check it out. And yeah, I got fucked. Was so very good. I missed this. I think I prefer the Manhattan venue, though, when all is said and done. The allure of (and also paradoxically the problem...
  • Felipomm23

    Blog: Yessenia's blog.
    By Yessenia at Thursday, May 23rd 2019 at 09:42 PM.
    Does anyone have any nude of this guy? Felipon23 felipomm23
  • Wrecked in Miami

    Blog: rckhrdstd's blog.
    By rckhrdstd at Thursday, May 23rd 2019 at 01:08 PM.
    I flew into Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport on Wednesday morning around 11. As soon as the Uber picked me up to take to my hotel in South Miami, I fired up both Scruff and Grindr. It didn’t take long before the suit I was wearing with boxers started to tighten in the crotch area. I never...
  • Had to go back for more

    Blog: robbi's blog.
    By robbi at Wednesday, May 22nd 2019 at 11:15 AM.
    That first time, being with another guy, more than just stroking or sucking a cock through a gh, had me hooked. It was way more exciting and hot for me to be able to actually watch another guy wrap his hand or mouth around my cock, watch how he was so into it, and way hotter for me too, to be...
  • The Companionship of Sex Doll

    Blog: usex's blog.
    By usex at Monday, May 20th 2019 at 05:49 AM.
    Maybe you just know realistic sex doll first time. Maybe you have a stable partner but you think of the sex doll when your partner is not available. Or you are looking for more possibilities in intercourse or masturbation, then the realistic sex doll will be a reliable option. In fact, you can...
  • Other hung portland men

    Blog: Magicboy93's blog.
    By Magicboy93 at Friday, May 17th 2019 at 05:09 PM.
    Where are the hung men in portland?
  • snp

    paulo dias
    Blog: paulo dias's blog.
    By paulo dias at Thursday, May 16th 2019 at 07:16 PM.
  • Stripper Fun--Tucson Edition

    Blog: mr13inches's blog.
    By mr13inches at Thursday, May 16th 2019 at 01:17 AM.
    I love to fuck with strippers. Most seem to appreciate my humor. Awhile back I was in Tucson East in one of the cities better strip clubs. I get past the door, past doorman inspection (no guns or knives--even back then) and find a table towards the back of the club. But still a good view of the...
  • The Benefits of Having sex doll

    Blog: usex's blog.
    By usex at Wednesday, May 15th 2019 at 04:34 AM.
    Are you getting irritated when you are in noisy sex? Natural commodified relationship with sex doll won't get you involved a bad situation. Can you fix it out when you get rejected by the women you like? And now the sex toy for masturbation comes to life. There is a good news for men who like...
  • There are no words..

    Blog: Tight_N_Juicy's blog.
    By Tight_N_Juicy at Tuesday, May 14th 2019 at 10:34 PM.
    I can't express how much I love the man who is sleeping next to me on this couch right now. We recently just went through a fucked up experience together, if you read the threads in the Women's Issues section you know what I'm talking about. Even though he's also mourning, he's been the most...
  • My little dicked friend

    Little dick homo
    Blog: Little dick homo's blog.
    By Little dick homo at Tuesday, May 14th 2019 at 08:00 AM.
    Sorry, had to remove the pic at his request [ATTACH]
  • Stockbar Dancer Wilson 2015 Christmas Show

    Blog: Cheaply's blog.
    By Cheaply at Monday, May 13th 2019 at 03:43 PM.
    does anyone know his name or his stagename i mean a lot of people on pornhub said its Wilson but im not sure theres nothing on him on stockbar so please if someone has details or information please let me know :)
  • yeet

    Blog: khiz's blog.
    By khiz at Monday, May 13th 2019 at 03:37 PM.
  • How difficult to room rent a place if you are gay

    Blog: Edmonde's blog.
    By Edmonde at Saturday, May 11th 2019 at 10:34 PM.
    There are a number of people that say they are gay friendly, but living there and living with the microaggressions, etc. is quite another. Are their any groups out there that can have a safe renting place for gay people, so they can be free to be gay??
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