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  1. ntflxnchill

    Photos & Videos SorSoap Guy David Restiano

    he’s so hot and has huge muscles any leaks?
  2. okk89

    help me find the full version of this gif

    i saw this gif on discord can someone help me find the full version
  3. okk89

    someone please help me find the full version of this gif

    i saw this gif on discord can someone help me find the full version
  4. Marco86

    Photo Any ID of this perfect stud?

    This guy has such an aesthetically perfect body that I wonder if it is just photoshopped or even an AI creation! If he's real, anyone know who he is?
  5. J

    Photos & Videos Guys I Follow

    So this is just a thread for me to share with yall of guys I follow online :heart_eyes: up first we got Edward Morales, he’s a fitness coach Instagram
  6. C

    Help ID this Hottie!

    Does anyone recognize this guy?
  7. J

    Franco Abrahim

    I found this tiktoker and he's soooo fucking hot !!!! franco_a02 Anything about him??
  8. A

    Photo Help ID this guy

    Any idea who this guy is? I’ve seen several videos of him on Twitter but nobody seems to be able to ID him.
  9. J

    Karsonliftz on IG

    This sexy hunk should already have had a thread on here a LONG time ago. He's got a perfect body, beautiful abs, nice hair, symmetrical face, and probably a huge (allegedly) dark/brown colored penis that he keeps tucked away along with his big fat balls. He has large triceps, huge arms overall...
  10. L

    Mário Clara

    Instagram German TikTok Portuguese TikTok
  11. M

    Antonin Gateau (aloneantonin)

    Ce mec mérite un thread, il est tellement sexy ! Mon rêve qu’il ouvre un OF :w
  12. normanfmailer

    Photos & Videos Need an ID on this hot dude PLEASE

    Hello, Does anyone have an ID on this guy. I think it's the same guy in all the photos. It's pretty old though (one of the videos was from tumblr, RIP) I'd appreciate it! I have two more videos but they're longer and won't update quickly
  13. Markel20

    Kirill Prodolyatchenko

    Kirill Prodolyatchenko - russian actor, 25 years old
  14. L

    Imslater (Tiktok) jsssnow

  15. HornyJock

    Edward Romero @eggward.r

    Anyone got anything interesting on this hot stud?
  16. F

    Reed DuPont @reeddupont

    Starting a thread for Reed DuPont. Insta YouTube TikTok He's a really hot country boy from Texas. Mainly posts workout, country, hunting, cowboy, and ranch life content. Would love if people had more of his content.
  17. F

    who is this ?

  18. M

    Who is this twink

    Can someone identify this hottie?
  19. T

    tanned white men

    hey! starting this new thread because i absolutely love white men with a tan! who else??? here goes mahmood, an arab-italian hottie
  20. R

    Photos & Videos Seth hylton

    Semi-popular dude, has just made an OF… seems a bit into himself lmao. But overall a cool guy. Anyone got anything? I honestly doubt it
  21. C


    Who is this guy??
  22. L

    Photo Antonio Bernal (@bernalt_) - Ripped Hunk from Spain

    Just came across this super hot guy named Antonio Bernal on Instagram. His tagged photos show him with a lot of gay friends and he also follows a ton of gay guys. Do you know anything about him? Is he gay?
  23. chaejun

    julius sterling / julius.sterling ?

    this guy is so fcking fit oh we definitely need a thread. his tiktok page says he's 18. there's not much at all tho so does anyone have his instagram or something?
  24. KyeLorny

    Jake Williamson

    Super fit athletic gay guy from UK, insanely toned. Seems like a decent guy as well. Insta
  25. 3

    Help identifying twink with ripped six pack abs - model from FamilyTwinks.com

    Need help ID-ing the twink from this video: "Twink Grandson With Ripped Abs Sex With Hunk During Stay Over" Twink Grandson With Ripped Abs Sex With Hunk During Stay Over He's suuuuper fucking hot and I'd love to find more of him. The website is www.familytwinks.com, but I didn't see him in...
  26. N

    Please ID ripped guy of perfection

    PLEASE HELP ID!! The abs, the pecs, the v-line, the arms, and that massive thing of beauty between his legs…. Who on earth is this?????!!!!!! https://twitter.com/BlackieNirunini/status/1652369287019937794?s=20
  27. T

    javier santaolalla (@jsantaolalla)

    hi, theres this spanish scientist and influencer called javier santaolalla, he is so hot and he knows his followers want him to show more, but l think he wont. heres some of his stuff
  28. B

    Saam Nas

    Si vous avez quoi que ce soit sur lui n'hésitez pas Son insta: Saam_nas
  29. B

    Bryan Tresor (Laseve)

    Comédien français très très mignon Son insta : laseve
  30. jordanholttt

    Lightskin Twink with bbc and slim bod18 yr student

    Hey everyone i’ve been unofficially on this site for awhile and thought it was time to just sign up.