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  1. J

    Gage Gilliland

    Anyone have anything on Gage Gilliland. This boy is so hot.
  2. I

    Isaiah Smith Jr.

    I can't believe there isn't a thread for this insta/tiktok hunk! Instagram.com/nurse_ijay Tiktok.com/nurse_ijay Discovered him through Richy Wood of the Wood triplets.
  3. F

    Photos & Videos Reddits user u/magunnerim

    Hey guys, I found this guy on reddit, u/magunnerim. He posted pics a year before, but everything got deleted. Has somebody got them downloaded before they were deleted? Would be great. Here a RedGif of him: Porn GIF by magunnerim
  4. H

    Bodybuilder Jiri Borkovec

    Czech stud Jiri Borkovec has the best rock hard abs on a bodybuilder! He looks like he is carved from stone and has a handsome face as well.
  5. N

    Gabriel Chung

    A very hot tiktok cosplayer who's now 19yo
  6. C

    King Payton (kingpayton3) (thedaddypay)

    Very hot man any vids r pics?
  7. E

    Video Whose dick is this?

    U remember getting this from tumblr a few years back, but i cant find any pointers
  8. S

    Cal_Swim from Chaturbate

    I’m creating this thread for people to admire cal_swim from CB. He has an OF and Twitter but neither gets updated that often. Feel free to share.
  9. E

    Samgorgeous // gorgeoussammmm

    Been looking for his stuff for some time now and discovered that there wasn't a dedicated thread yet. Hopefully we can collect some stuff here. He's a super hot russian guy and streams on chaturbate (iirc):
  10. Dwnpfans

    Dante Cummings

    Hot Colombian Webcam Model on Flirt4Free Twitter: https://twitter.com/cummings_dante?t=6fI7PztjmCiFL8DWivC90w&s=09 Instagram: https://instagram.com/dante.f4f?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  11. theuserunnamed

    Derry Adams - F4F

    new hot guy, very muscled and loves to show off
  12. noriki

    Photo Borna Butijer

  13. R

    Photo Thaltaphaj on twitter

    I wonder if this account is real or not. Does anyone know him? Twitter
  14. 3

    Photos & Videos MMA/BJJ Fighter Kody Steele

    Another very cute twunk with an amazing physique.
  15. 3

    Photo UFC Fighter Alexander Hernandez

    I totally have a thing for this man, very twinky and young-looking, but also absolutely ripped and muscle-bound. If anyone else shares finds him hot, feel free to post!
  16. A

    Julz Tocker

  17. G

    cjsoccer44 or cjavier44

    This is a thread about cjsoccer44 / cjavier44 / Javier Albarran / skinny23cm. he is super sexy and there are now threads of him.
  18. theuserunnamed

    Bruno - ART of ABS

    from the site gumroad they have many more models who really sexy, personally i liked bruno!!! check out the site - ART of ABS
  19. what a beauty.

    what a beauty.

  20. Dwnpfans

    Photos & Videos Luigi Vitali (ImperialMuscle)

    Such a hottie, better known as ImperialMuscle, but you can also find him as ImperialKing His Twitter https://twitter.com/imperialmuscle?t=rZiNcWrVXjbl_dBwQW3EJA&s=09 Second Twitter https://twitter.com/imperialking99?t=fadTrl4L8uIjWl4exku6_g&s=09 His Instagram...
  21. M

    Can Someone Help Me ID With Sexy Hunk From Sausage Party **

    Sucking A Giant Stripper Dick For His Birthday Can someone help me I.D this Sexy Stud with Star Tattoo Cover Sleeve from Sausage Party?
  22. U

    Photo Anyone knows where can I fine this video or who is the guy on it?

    It was posted on twitter, but the account got suspended. Anyone knows the guy, or a link to the video?
  23. G

    Id hunk with big pecs

    Any idea who this might be
  24. P

    itsbenhood on instagram

    Anyone got anything on this guy? He's really hot https://www.instagram.com/itsbenhood/?hl=en https://twitter.com/itsbenhood/media Heard he has a alt twitter, anyone know it?
  25. C


    Does anyone have any content?
  26. L

    Help me identify this handsome guy

    Does anyone know who this is? He's so fucking handsome D:
  27. J

    Anyone know his name ? He's so hot !!

    Someone knows him ?? It's huge !!!!!
  28. R

    Photo ID tumblr guy

    Does anyone know anything about this guy? All I know is that he was baited by 'whynotpapi' who labelled him as 'sam from the uk'
  29. N

    Ernestotolenti Ernesto Tolentino

    Yeah he definitely needs some dick
  30. A

    When guys stretch and their shirt lifts up...

    This is like, my main fetish. I am not talking about guys in crop tops or guys grabbing their shirt and lifting it on purpose (both are hot as well btw), but there's just something else when they are stretching, trying to reach something, yawning, lifting their arms over their head or doing...