1. maskedboy

    Photos & Videos Felipe Roque (Brazilian Actor & Model)

    Alguém tem alguma coisa dele? Tão gato! Ig: feliperoque
  2. E

    Oliver (Oli) Lee

    British actor Oliver Lee. 38 yesterday I believe. Known for Hollyoaks In The City, Waterloo Road and The Ferryman plus a litany of British independent films. Retired from acting to open a vegan coffee shop, but came out of retirement for the award winning indie film The Ferryman.
  3. Marco Tony

    Photos & Videos Hot Men For All Tastes - The Masculine Pleasure

    Have you ever wondered if the hot bodybuilders thread, the hot daddies thread, the huge cocks thread, the asian thread, the latin men thread, ect... were all reunited in one thread? Well, this thread is all about the hot men threads all mixed up in one. Its a diverse thread. So theres hot men...
  4. chubsupport

    Background actors

    Am I the only one who gets curious what it'd be like seeing the background actor(s) fucking? Saw this hunk get cheated on and I was drooling over him
  5. LilPoundcake454

    Photos & Videos Your favorite whores in porn?

    Who are some of your favorite guys in porn who REALLY enjoy what they do, take all the cocks like champs, not afraid to get down and dirty and still hungry for MORE?
  6. S

    Giovanni Niubo

    I’d blow
  7. SAGN

    My Favorite Actors Hunks

    Let's start with 1. Nolan Gerard Funk
  8. H

    GEN V (TV Show):Patrick Schwarzenegger, Jensen Ackles, Chance Perdomo, Marco Pigossi, Derek Luh, Asa Germann, Robert Bazzocchi, Alexander Calvert, ETC

    This thread is for all the hotties on GEN V, the new series in The Boys TV Show universe on Amazon Prime. Feel free to share any hot scenes from the show!
  9. V

    Aras Bulut İynemli (Turquish Actor)

    Aras Bulut İynemli (born 25 August 1990) is a Turkish actor. Considered as one of the most talented and highest paid Turkish actors, he is best known for his performances in As Time Goes by (2010–2013), Magnificent Century (2013–2014), Insider (2016–2017), The Pit (2017–2021), Miracle in Cell...
  10. L

    Which celebrities have formally posed nude?

    Have been having a lot of fun with my last post on hung celebrities, and realized I had another question for the group: Which celebrities (actors, athletes, singers/musicians, politicians, TV hosts, etc. have formally posed for nude photos, either for art or to make a statement/support a cause...
  11. NicHalliwell

    Photos & Videos I met a celebrity' - and you?

    Dusting off old IG posts I came across my photos from the London premiere of the Downton Abbey film (2019). Suddenly I reflected on how many celebrities for one reason or another I've managed to meet in my life. How were your meetings with them, if any?
  12. Merlin374

    Mainstream Sex Scenes [5.1 Sound]

    Just a place to share some of the hottest gay/straight sex scenes with 5.1 sound. This is just so the audio can sound better in quality. For example, heres a scene from The Act with just the voices: The Act but with just drum-like sound effects: and a final example, the background sounds...
  13. Merlin374

    Celebrity Dick Slips (Accidental Nudity) in Films & TV

    Hey, this is a thread I wanted to start, haven't seen one like it for accidental frontal nudity from male celebrities in shows and TVs, I've seen a lot of shows where guys accidently flash their dicks and it's pretty hot!
  14. J

    ID Spanish Film Scene

    Hi, if anyone knows the name of this movie or film please lmk theres like an older man who is in his office or something and he sees his younger acquaintance getting out the shower in a towel and just before he walks back or somewhere else. The man asks him in spanish “desnudate” and then the...
  15. P

    Photo German Actors Oskar and Emil Belton

    I think they are very cute and would love to see Someone bust them Oskar Belton and Emil Belton. Twin Brothers from Germany. Actors. Movie makers.
  16. ntflxnchill

    REAL nudes (not photo shoots)

    who else gets tired of trying to find good real nudes but then they’re just a photo shoot and feel unreal
  17. Keepitsmooth

    “The Jock” - Taul Bauer Casting Choice

    This is a question for the people who read Tal Bauer’s novel “The Jock”. Personally after Call Me By Your Name, it is my favorite MM romance I had the pleasure to read so far and I would love if they made a movie adaptation of the book. I think it would be a good idea because beside being a very...
  18. B

    Photos & Videos Odd fascination with torture porn in horror movies

    So not too long ago, I recently saw this new movie called "Devil's Workshop." In it, a struggling actor spends the weekend alone with a demonologist to practice for an upcoming role. Spoiler alert: turns out said demonologist was a real demon who then drugs, strips, binds, and well, let's just...
  19. SAGN

    Nude Actors from ex Yugoslavia

    Hello, new thread for nude actors from six ex Yugoslavia states : Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. I posted one with actors from Serbia, but i didn't want to make each for every other country. So, this is one thread for everyone.
  20. J

    HBO Real Sex Tv Series

    Anyone got any of the episodes from HBO series real sex? It came out 1990-2009 ? Cant find the episodes anywhere.
  21. Jason GayLight

    Arty Froushan (actor)

    Arty Froushan (b. April 16, 1993) is an American actor of British-Iranian origin known for roles in House of the Dragon, Carnival Row etc. 9
  22. LukeAce

    Redhead x actors

    Heyy guys, i was wondering if u would know some redhead x actors. Im suddenly aroused by them. I saw some guy earlier in the day that was like skinny, redhead, some beard and circle glasses. Is there any actors looking like that ? Or at least redhead ones. I know wiley from chaosmen (u can find...
  23. Marco Tony

    Does The Little Mermaid Have A Chance To Be A Hit ?

    The Little Mermaid remake is getting tons of hate now. The comments of the trailer on youtube are closed. That means that there was a lot a nasty comments. Possibly many racist comments. You know that the conservatives are pissed about Ariel being black. Which is insulting for them. They called...
  24. DerekD

    Photos & Videos Men Shirtless in Jeans

    One of the sexiest things in a man: when he's shirtless in jeans.
  25. SAGN

    Serbian Actors Going Nude

    Just for posting nude scenes od serbian actors. (Film,TV & theatre)
  26. NicHalliwell

    Masturbating while thinking about celebrities who are no longer alive

    How do you feel during and after masturbation from enjoying fantasizing about celebrities who are no longer there (porn or not)?
  27. N

    Photos & Videos pls help me find this porn star (actor)and this full movie

    pls help me find this porn star (actor)and this full movie
  28. C

    Jimmy Nicholas

    He should have his own thread. So handsome and hot!!!
  29. B

    Burak Özçivit, Turkish Actor

    He's a famous actor from Turkey, it's weird how he didn't have his own thread, so here it is!
  30. Bluebailey

    Underrated handsome Korean actors

    There are many Korean actors that are insanely handsome but is not given the right projects and opportunities. Sung Hoon Go Kyung Pyu Lee Soo Hyuk Jung Hae-InKwak Dong Yeon