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  1. B

    Burak Özçivit, Turkish Actor

    He's a famous actor from Turkey, it's weird how he didn't have his own thread, so here it is!
  2. Dennis_Thomas_2023

    Celebrity Assortments (Photos, GIFs and Videos)

    Hello Members! I wanted this to be a place of postings, replies, shared experiences and most of all photos and videos of our favourite celebrities over the ages! Join in and let's build something amazing together! Let's cum together ;)
  3. Bluebailey

    Underrated handsome Korean actors

    There are many Korean actors that are insanely handsome but is not given the right projects and opportunities. Sung Hoon Go Kyung Pyu Lee Soo Hyuk Jung Hae-InKwak Dong Yeon
  4. zebyper

    What celebrity would like to have seated on your face?

    I would like Chord Overstreet to put his ass on my face. Taste his anus, it must be pink and hairy. I'd like to know your picks.
  5. G

    Anyone know his name?

    I’ve seen him in a couple of vids but can’t find his name
  6. F

    Tyler Lepley (American actor)

    Anyone have anything on him? He's on "P-Valley" now, but I remember him from "The Haves & The Have Nots".
  7. D

    Photos & Videos Sam Reid (Actor)

    He's so hot, he's gonna be in the Interview With the Vampire show and based on the trailer it looks gay as hell
  8. F

    Ike Barinholtz or Andy Samberg - Writers, Actors & Comedians

    I don't like the old nudes I saw of Andy, but I've never seen any of Ike Barinholtz's nudes. What do we have on Ike and Andy, LPSG family?
  9. M

    Openly gay/bi celebs we dont talk about

    We only hear about the same old openly gay actors in the media but I am curious are there any gay celebs that are open but get no love? these are some famous guys that I found filippo timi Jesuíta Barbosa, Fábio Audi Alfonso Dosal
  10. Musa22

    Tawan Vihokratana ( Tay Tawan ) Thai actor BL

    Anything on him?
  11. Jovannie1990


    Have you noticed when an actor in the porn industry looks like an actor on television? For example, I find a great resemblance between Malec and Tyler Hoechlin. They two look like brothers.
  12. N

    Help me find the actors in this video?

    Hi everyone! I've found this old video but I can't find the complete version anywhere. Does anybody know something about the actors? Thanks! Link to the video
  13. S

    Aaron Pierre (Actor)

    Anybody have any pics of hunky actor Aaron Pierre?
  14. C

    Christopher Russell

    Anything on this Canadian hunk?
  15. D

    Mr_Thistlewaites 2021 Celebrity Hunks Highlights!

    Part 1 Calvin Demba (1993 - Present) Regé-Jean Page (1988 - Present) Boris Kodjoe (1973 - Present) Trevor Mann aka Ricochet (1988 - Present) Nick Jonas (1992 - Present) Clifford Smith aka Method Man (1971 - Present)
  16. Daddydasdu

    Photo Celebrities I have a crush

    What's yall celebrities crush
  17. E

    Anybody knows who he is?

    I found this video here on LPSG but i forgot the name of the thread. I think it was the blond guy's thread. Can anybody help me?
  18. blahblah1030

    LuisGNunez IG

    Anyone have anything on this guy? He’s super hot.
  19. D

    Marvel Actor Feet

    a thread dedicated to the sexiest hunkiest feet of the marvel cast
  20. M

    Straight Guys Twerking

    Okay guys, get ready for my str8 guys twerking thread!
  21. Mihasus

    Lee Jung-jae

    Lee Jung-jae - South Korean actor from Squid Game (2021). Source: mencelebrities.com
  22. M

    Photos & Videos Straight Men Kissing.

    Str8 men kissing for experiment, work, and fun. Professional actors and amateur. Pics and Gifs as well.
  23. mrt19

    Video [brazil] Do Somebody Knows Their Names? Or The Movie?

    twinks In Jail two Juvie males Scene two at Ice Gay Tube
  24. S

    Purchased Underwear From Actors, Male Pornstars And Models

    I couldn't find a post on this subject. Decided to create one. Have you purchased underwear from to your favorite male actors, pornstars or models? It will would be fun to discuss! Prices, type of underwear and anything extra they did for you. Photos are always a plus! Pornstars seem more for...
  25. C

    Lyle Brocato

    He's hella fine. And after seeing him in bad moms, I'm surprised there isn't already a thread of him.
  26. alexrobbins

    Marvel Actors Naked

    Let’s start with the hottest one Aaron Taylor Johnson
  27. R


    Any Indonesians actors or celebrity?
  28. timberlakewhore

    Photos & Videos Accidental Nude Leaks

    Making this thread for celebrities who accidentally leaked their own nudes via social media. Let me start...
  29. THEE B O O T Y

    Photos & Videos Thee Wig Shop

    Lezz Get it together real quick baby boo
  30. J

    Tom Prior

    Gay actor. Had a few secondary roles, but will be lead in upcoming movie 'Firebird' (a cold war forbidden love film).