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  1. J

    jesseclarke95 / TikToker / Global Philanthropist

    Hey does anyone have anything on jesseclarke95. Jesse Clarke. Hes soo hot. English lad, thats always in Africa helping out. I think he may have a middle eastern background. He has a onlyfans!!!! OnlyFans TikTok
  2. Vampiress

    Nigerian and African Fitness Hunks

    =AZU5Pw-Xd6HfWpvJJeC-N2CDifmy-yxKpAgt05ghF5puoXg05bbFh9GXCimpDI0wbTaeGIORGE-m5ti-9SLKyF7eW9jNV-OWVfif-Xa_U-6FR6mJT_veRgf0gQ8DsT7jNKXf7CdaXZl3h6u1a135NMiaSOtwLK9JDjscXmHd4sRueKjwU_3Hq-SXGS3VcpRKte8&__tn__=-UC%2CP-R']Chibuike Samuel Nwankwo
  3. gb6gytt

    Photos & Videos Sexy African Men

    There’s almost no threads featuring exclusively African men so I thought I should start one for everyone who’s into them. Starting with _libonjomba Cedric Fourie
  4. datwhatilike

    Photos & Videos African Men In Porn

    I've been looking for a thread that focuses on African men (From the Continent of Africa) and realized it was lacking... So here goes! Starting with an amateur studio called "Funfor10k" or "Fuckourpornstars" I recently came across. They stock an assortment of straight, gay, and bi-curious...