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  1. B

    Photos & Videos Anyone remember that old site AllAfricanBoys?

    So there was this old site I used to visit when I was younger called "AllAfricanBoys". I remember it being one of the very first porn sites I discovered and I was enraptured by the sexy guys that were in it. I have a couple of videos from it (including the trailer) but not all of them. If anyone...
  2. S

    Photos & Videos Livemuscleshow Model (Alpha Iyanu)

    Does anyone have any nude videos of him or private show recording of him showing his dick? Please share. Thank you!
  3. N

    Hot Nigerian Men

    Do y'all have pictures of hot Nigerian men? I'll go first with Prosper Agwu.
  4. jeegoun

    Can someone help me ID this black bodybuilder?

    Need help IDing him. He was posted on the African muscle thread. But there were no socials.
  5. _NubianPrince_

    Photo Black Gay Men

    Hey there! I'm new here... ✨
  6. Investigating the Impact of African Immigration on Genetic and Penis Improvement in Southern Italy from 1515 to the Present Day

    Investigating the Impact of African Immigration on Genetic and Penis Improvement in Southern Italy from 1515 to the Present Day

    Investigating the Impact of African Immigration on Genetic and Penis Improvement in Southern Italy from 1515 to the Present Day is a project made by me with the help od davinci artificial intelligence. The South of Italy has long been an area known for its large population, diverse culture, and...
  7. J

    Manliketats Onlyfans

    This guy is so hot onlyfans: OnlyFans twitter: https://twitter.com/manlikethato?s=21&t=aEMOBGOMFWJG0RBVPthUJg
  8. M

    Photo Gorgeous African (American?) Warrior image

    Have seen this floating around for some time and have been completely unable to source where it's from. I am almost certain it's an editorial image or something from a styled shoot, and to be clear, not at all fetishizing the warrior aspect of it. The guy's just goddamn gorgeous! Help ID?
  9. datwhatilike

    Photos & Videos Black Dick of Freak Twitter

    "A place to keep track of, and discover BLACK (Afro-descended) men on Freak Twitter whether they be gay, bi, straight or solo-sexual."
  10. UnCutBlackBull925

    African Muscle

    Show casing a lot of African Bodybuilders I follow online and please share some yours. Kwame Assiniga
  11. AMX


    He goes by Paulinho, paulinhoval14, Paulinho_val_ and Paulinho4490.
  12. 6

    New Here.. Well Not So New But

    Loving the website so far! Nigerian here living in the DMV area. Enjoy!
  13. P

    Video Big Brother Africa (all Editions)

    Big Brother Africa, 2014 and 2008 video dump. :eek::):yum Please post videos from these or any other edition. ;)
  14. UnCutBlackBull925

    Christopher Oketch - Strong Man And Bodybuilder

    Christopher Oketch comes from Kenya. He's one of the strongest man in the world and also a competitive bodybuilder - he does this all naturally.
  15. UnCutBlackBull925

    African Bodybuilder- Oben Rocksman

    Oben is a personal bodybuilder -Natural Athlete, Training, Nutrition, Lifestyle -MUSCLEMANIA DUBAI CHAMPION . The dude is massive! He's on IG: @ObenRocksman
  16. bigboaster

    Zed & Ray - Sexy Youtubers

    What's the tea on these two? They're both super hot!!!! and I heard they do escorting on the side.
  17. D

    Video Damien Vasquez (pornstar)

    So this guy might not be the the most beautiful guy from the neck up, but from the waist down, this is amazing... anyone know of any other guys with 2 tones similar to his? Interracial BLISS!
  18. 1

    Hung Black Man For The Same

    no comparison or dirty talk or any of that please! been there and done that!
  19. B

    Cock comparison- black/african

    The white men of LPSG have been showing out. I have seen some really impressive and beautiful proof of white Mandingo, white anaconda, white sausage, etc. They came from Germany, Belgium, the Mediterranean, France, Russia and Spain to name a few to show off and show out. This thread to a call...