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  1. nileymixery

    Not longer tight - Wide Vaginas

    Hey guys, as women have to deal with the size of the penis, men have to deal with the tightness - or non tighness - of female vaginas. How tight a woman is has a direct impact on our sex life. Women with tighter vaginas need smaller penises or sex toys. Women with wider vaginas need a larger...
  2. Gandie

    Guess The Age

    We could do this game. Guess the age of the poster above by looking at their pics!
  3. kewlkid75

    Aging, And My Thoughts From Within.

    I work as a Medical Courier or Lab Guy, either is fine. So the other day I'm riding along wonderfully to my next stop which is over 30 miles, so I have time to think. The podcasts I was listening to was boring and didn't care for the topic at hand. I started thinking about my age and I am...
  4. Silmende

    Changing Gender Preferences/curiosity?

    Has anyone else experienced a change in gender preferences/curiosity later in life? I wouldn't describe myself as bisexual, I've never had any sexual/romantic attraction to a woman, still I notice (from being on sites like this one, lol) I'm definitely more attracted to the look of female...