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  1. B

    Monster Meat Teen

    What do you think :)
  2. S

    Who is this muscle guy ?

    Can anyone Id this guy?found these pics on Tumblr but can't find the original poster
  3. W

    HornyAlphaBoy (Thebestflex)

    This guy is really hot. HornyAlphaBoy's profile | TheBestFlex Any information about him? Does he has an OF? What about his social media? Does he goes by another alias?
  4. G

    arab paki virgin looking for alphas

    hi i am a 20 year old arab paki sub boy with a 5.5 inch dick looking for alphas. i want to jerk off with them and get humiliated. into: sph, humiliation, raceplay, muscle guys humiliating, dom men, video call of jerking off, I'm kind of chubby (see my verification pic) i might like if a fit...
  5. C

    Clayton Massey @claytonmasseyfit

    Anything on this guy? At 6’7” he’s massive!
  6. G

    Help id

    Who's this guy? The title said" Hot verbal alpha guy spits" he's really sexy and idk who is he muscular and hairy alpha hunk spits
  7. Domalpha23

    23 yo dom male looking for sub twinks

    I am 23 yo bi dom male from Turkey. I am looking for submissive twinks/femboys that are younger than me. I have an aggresive and demanding manner when it comes to sexting, so message me if u have a slutty soul that can go along with my flow. I like designing rules for my subs and there are...
  8. creamsheets

    Older Irish Paypigs

    Any older Irish paypigs out there? I’ve been looking for a sub whose wallet I can drain. Preferably in Dublin but online would work too. Long term would be great. See some pics of me attached. Messages open to all.
  9. J

    Guys wearing ski masks, balaclavas etc

    Hey guys, tried finding a thread for this but couldn't. Let's share hot guys wearing ski masks, balaclavas etc. I can't be the only one that finds masked guys hot af! Bonus points if you can include a name/tag. I'll start...
  10. D

    Perth, Western Australia

    Perth Alpha Men! Time to show off your cocks for fellow subs to worship. Straight me - time to get your cocks out for the sissys to worship and drool over. Drop them in the thread!
  11. D

    Roberto Gatto

    Any photos and video of this gorgeous fitness trainer based in the UK? Goes by the handle @thebodyshpr on Instagram and Twitter.
  12. C

    Help ID this beefy southern Alpha

    Hey I found this on this I’d but it’s restricted. All I know is that he has a southern accent and that he’s fine as hell. Anyone know him? Alpha Master Makes Faggot Cum To His Straight Asshole - ThisVid.com
  13. AgreeJe_

    Video Need help identifying this guy

    Found these vids posted from about a year ago on thisvid.com but none of the comments mention this guy's name or their profile, which is unfortunate cuz I really think this guy is really hot especially his voice and massive cock
  14. ILoveMusclesSoMuch

    Photos & Videos Fit Men Doing The "Most Muscular" Pose

    I'm a gay man and have a muscle fetish. There's nothing turning me on more that buff/lean guys flexing their traps, delts, pecs and arms with a nice, sexy, masculine and powerful most muscular. There weren't any threads for me to drool over, so I'm making one. Please feel free to participate...
  15. A

    London Str8ish Fit Alpha Looking For Kinky Fit Lads Under 30

    Hi there! I'm looking for some kinky fun in London. I'm 24 years old, fit and hung. Looking for an obedient and fit sub to serve me. I live in paddington, so quite central. If you think that's you, add me on snap at Ldn.Str8Alpha starting by saying "Your wish is my command" and with body pics
  16. A

    Young twink ready to worship and serve

    Hey, I am a 21 years old faggot seeking his first experiences with men. I aspire to become the biggest whore for cocks. The idea of worshipping and serving real ALPHA men fills my heart with joy and makes my ass throb. I am open to anyone but I would choose a big dick over anything (even my...
  17. M

    Photo CashKingCarlos

    Anybody has some content from this new hot guy? Twitter
  18. F

    Who is he?

    Anyone know who he is??!
  19. X

    Photo Help me find this cash master

    I need help identifying who this man is. I know he used to run a findom Twitter but I forget his name
  20. love2000

    Photos & Videos Straight balls sucked scenes

    18:43 johnny
  21. B

    lost a bet and have to post here

    rugby team compared cocks and i lost… i have to post here with other big cocks and get humiliated. tell me what you think.
  22. Ehsomira

    Alpha/Beta relationship dynamic

    I've been exploring my sub side more recently and really starting to explore the Alpha>Beta dynamic, particularly how it differs from the standard Dom>Sub arrangement. I'm interested in hearing thoughts from people who may have a little (or a lot) of experience in this sort of thing. Mainly I...
  23. C

    ID Tall Muscle Alpha (207 cm, german)

    Hi, He has onlyfans. Anyone knows his onlyfans account? Thanks
  24. K

    help to find this master

    https://thisvid.com/videos/alpha-master-fries-faggots-brain-on-poppers/ hi everyone ive been obsessed with this poppers master lately but i cant find out who he is does anyone know?
  25. I

    Photo big dick buddy xxx (bigdbuddyxxx)

    I recently discovered this guy randomly on twitter, and I'm so glad I did. He's so fucking hot. He has this masculine butch look and a nice big dick. I couldn't help but subscribe to his OF (even though OF is mostly disappointing) and I have to say I'm so happy I did. His OF is amazing. It has...
  26. T

    Master Pedro (findompedro)

    Master Pedro (findompedro) is a Brazilian findom alpha. Twitter Instagram OF So far, I haven't found any nudes, though.
  27. XxSherlockxX

    Photos & Videos Alpha Tops Thread ;)

    Any cocky alphas trying to show off? :imp: Make me want it ;) And. ....... go!
  28. W

    Dio Characi - @DCharaci

    https://twitter.com/DCharaci/media https://twitter.com/DCharaci He is hot. Opinions about this Model? Regarding his OF, is it worth it?
  29. M

    Photos & Videos King Leo (SirLeo99)

    Anybody has some content from this hot lad? Twitter OnlyFans
  30. jasperdejong

    Help ID this guy? Master Jerry / Anthony?

    I need help ID-ing this guy. He's a master / alpha / cashmaster etc. or at least he used to be because the newest video I could find on him is a few years old. Vids def look a bit older as well. In one video he goes by the name of Master Jerry, and in another he's Master Anthony. Only managed...