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  1. C

    Muscle Master Kevin

    He is hot. Opinions about this Muscle Master? Regarding his OF, is it worth it?
  2. R

    Video Help ID Verbal Dominant Alpha Man

    Heyy, this video has been a favorite of mine for a long time mostly because of the verbal talk and the hot body of this alpha man. Does anyone know how he is or have any more videos of him?
  3. Thunderbottom

    Photos & Videos Random, Hot & Sexy IG Fitness Models

    Just a thread to dedicate my findings on the instagram app of sexy beautiful alpha like men who like showing off and are muscular and overall just top of the line men. Enjoy and contribute! All guys are of random and I ask that you post a picture or video with a IG handle
  4. S

    Photo Can anyone help ID this hunk

    Was sure I used to follow him on Instagram- he’s a PT from Glasgow, think his first name is Mark.
  5. B


    Anything on Hungslim87?? Was a Twitter / Onlyfans that isn’t around anymore. Anyone have any links to content or have the content?
  6. J

    Help ID'ing this guy in this video?

    I found this video on the thisvid site and I tried asking the guy who uploaded it who the guys in the video is multiple times but refuses to respond to me for whatever reason (though, he was pretty quick to friend me back so idk). Would you guys please be of any help because he's really hot and...
  7. geminxx

    Photo Who is he? Help me ID this guy

    recently came across this podcast about this guy sharing his findom experience. Can anyone help me in finding out who he is?? I’d love to see his content - thanks!
  8. D

    Blonde Hung Alpha Stud Shooting his load. Let's ID this stud.

    Anyone know who this guy is?
  9. D

    Can Anyone ID this stud? Watch this clip and you'll see why I'm asking.

  10. ItsMeGabriel

    Comedian (and stud) Matt McManus

    Matt McManus is comedian from California. If you're a watcher of Rupaul's Drag Race, then you should recognize him as one of the straight studs paired with Manila Luzon in Season 3. What else can I say about Matt? Oh, right! He's f***ing delicious to look at! His well-fit legs, nice ass and...
  11. L

    ID ???

    anyone know where i can find this sexy fucker? x POV- Straight Alpha Towers over & Humiliates You - ThisVid.com
  12. M

    TJ Watt

    Fuck, all of a sudden I have a major fascination with this man! He’s a great football player and he gorgeous! Those thighs, that big dick energy he gives off. Anyone else appreciate him?
  13. I

    What happened to Boss Tex/TexMuscleJock/Tex Halstead

    Boss Tex, Tex Halstead, or TexMuscleJock had a number of only clip stores and an OnlyFans. He specialized in fetish role play videos but also had a muscle worship angle. He had a decent size dick but really he was a master of verbal dom/straight alpha "talk" porn. He was really quite an amazing...
  14. D

    Intro: musclebbull

    Latino, Gay, Married, Muscle, hairy, hung, Alpha Leather Sir who enjoys BDSM, flipping, dominating, being a sub in the hands of the right Dom. Safe, sane and consensual. As a mature Leatherman, I am saddened for the younger LGBT who have no role models, live isolated, confused and online. Us...
  15. Findomg0d only fans

    Findomg0d only fans

    Don’t waste your money! Nice huge cock (what he shows of it which isn’t often) but yet another “alpha” male targeting vulnerable older gay men for money! His only fans is appalling the dullest content wish I’d not bothered. Happy to share his posts though to save you coins
  16. D

    have you ever had group sex and felt you clearly out fucked your male competitors?

    I think on some level if you're fucking a girl with another guy it's a competition. you want to be the alpha male and winning the competition would make the girls pussy feel even sweeter. have you experienced this?
  17. D

    josh_alpha1 (twitter) or josh alpha (OF)

    anything more on this alpha? I find him so sexy. https://twitter.com/josh_alpha1 https://onlyfans.com/joshalpha
  18. K

    Thetruealpha / Athleticalpha (twitter)

    Anything on this guy? I couldn't find a thread
  19. K

    Id Uncut Alpha

    Does anyone know this guy’s name?? I’ve seen his videos online but I can’t find a name! "You jerk off thinking about me, dumb little faggot?".mp4 | userload
  20. C

    Sharing My Gf With Hung Alphas (26 Years Old Fat Ass)

    Hey guys looking to connect with some hung alphas who want to take my girl kik : betacuckyboi Skype : sphlover5
  21. M

    Alpha Howard

    Hi does anyone have any content content from this hot alpha master ?
  22. M


    Anybody has some of this hot guy’s content by chance ? https://twitter.com/findomgarret?s=21
  23. M

    Does Anyone Have Content From Zaynemaster?

    Does anyone have some content from @ZayneMaster on Twitter?
  24. M

    Does Anyone Have Content From Masterrick18

    Does someone have some content from this young hot cashmaster ? https://twitter.com/masterrick18?s=21
  25. DonMil

    Blue Collar Men

    There is something so sexy and manly when a man works with his hands. I've always been into blue collar guys. If your into blue collar guys show your love and post some of your favorite videos and pictures.
  26. J

    Hot Guy Drooling

    For the life of me can't find who this guy is but I saw him from a hot guys spitting compilation on thisvid.com and thought he was hot Anyone know??
  27. G

    Toronto Sub M Seeking Two+ Dom Alpha Jocks In City

    Stumbled across this site so thought I'd give it a try. Very sub male looking to find a dominant Alpha with an Alpha buddy or two. Guys who like to kick back, chill with some drinks and push a sub like me around. Verbal, aggressive hyper masculine men. Me:48 white 6.2 215 ... am willing to...
  28. 7

    Searching For Slave

    Hey! Im looking for a new DEDICATED slave. Someone that lets me fuck up his mind, make all of his important (and not important) decisions, and also can spend like an hour a day or so working for me with different tasks. You have to be serious, not playing around and really want someone to swear...
  29. LetsTalkAboutSize

    Dick Size Is The Most Thought About Topic Ever?

    For me, 100% yes. If we’re in the same room, I’m wondering how big your dick is (and noting your shoe/hand/nose size to calculate the chances of you having a monster. If I’ve seen you to possess a monster, I’m jerking off to thoughts of at least once per week ten years later If you’re a...
  30. UnCutBlackBull925

    Big Dee - Professional Bodybuilder With A Big Dick