1. barehole4use

    Getting Fucked Outdoors

    it was already dark outside, went for a walk on the paths first, was not very busy, some guy masculine & quite muscular was giving me the eye & cruising me, he went in the the bush & i followed, he went behind a tree, i followed. When i got to where he was, he was jacking his cock, getting his...
  2. M

    Photos & Videos @kevinrdzaa

    Does someone have anything from Kevinrdzaa? He has such a perfect body but he dosen't post much (and btw he deletes some posts)
  3. barehole4use

    Anonymous cock & cum

    I arrived again around 22pm walked the paths at first was pretty quite, not many cruisers, some Arab guy on a step with a hoodie over his head was cruising me, so i went in the bush, got to the fallen logs, they guy was behind me, i got in position face down ass up, he came behind me & fished...
  4. barehole4use

    Cruising for Cock

    it just started to rain a little when i was leaving the house, i thought if it rains harder i will turn back but luckily for me it was light rain & soon it stopped, i went lightly dressed, sweatshirt & cap, jeans & sneakers wearing my open ass briefs under my jeans to give the men good access to...
  5. barehole4use

    Cruising in the park

    Decided to go out Tuesday night for a change, it has been a while since i went out on a Tuesday night because the weather has been pretty crap, i went lightly dressed, sweat shirt, cap, jeans & sneaker. No sooner than arriving in the park late i saw a previous fucker on a bench from a few...
  6. Happymusic3

    Interracial NSA fun in Austin, Tx

    Wanna come over during your lunch break, after work, late night, weeekends? single gay str8 bi curious married doesn’t matter. i’m just wondering if there’s any guys in Austin, or visitors planning to visit, or driving through at some point this month or in February . i’m single and lonely and...
  7. danielXdemedici

    Make it Home

    First short story here on the forum. Would appreciate feedback. Short story about the paths we take to find home. This is story is an entirely fictional account that details sexual activities between adults. It is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18. If you are under 18 and you are...
  8. barehole4use

    Workman Surprises

    My neighbor came over the other day to ask if it was OK if his builder could temporarily remove some fence panels whilst extending his shed. He explained his plans and that they would put the panels back once the job was completed. I gave him the nod of approval and thought nothing more of it...
  9. barehole4use

    Writing on the wall

    I’d never met anyone in a public toilet block before but after I’d been into this one in a village not far from me and found sex messages on the walls and phone numbers. I found myself getting hard. I found one message wanting meets there and to leave a time to meet. So I braved it and did. I...
  10. barehole4use

    Back to Business

    About 7 years ago, another boring/useless work conference. However I didn't mind as it got me away from the small town I live in. Action there is few and far between. I've always had luck on hotel excursions. Besides that, the expenses fully covered by my employer. The first night I hit the...
  11. barehole4use

    The Stanger Who Showed Up

    Late one night when I was about 20 years old, I was standing on a subway platform, waiting for the next train to take me home after a long day of work. I decided to walk over to a row of seats near the tail end of the platform so I could take a load off. There were very few people in the...
  12. DeDude

    Photos & Videos Male AI Anonymous aka MAIA (NO FAKES, NO ACTORS, NO CELEBRITIES, ETC)

    Welcome to MAIA thread! A place for sharing ONLY Male AI Anonymous photorealistic media. Rules: must be AI photorealistic generated imagery NO cartoon style (drawing, painting, hentai, YAOI, etc) only male (no female, no transgender, no nonhuman) NO underage looking NO FAKES of famous people...
  13. barehole4use

    Stairs To Heaven

    My phone pinged and the message popped up. “I’m outside” It was our second meeting. We meet on Squirt. The last time we met, we had hooked-up in the stairwell of my apartment building. It was an emergency exit in one of the lift lobbies that almost none one ever used, but it was clean, warm...
  14. barehole4use

    Car Service

    I have four hours to waste as I waited for my car to get serviced. The garage I go to is in the middle of an industrial area so I figured I would just sit in the lounge area and read my book. There are a few other people sitting waiting for their vehicles, so I take my seat and get comfortable...
  15. barehole4use

    Gym Sauna

    I recently joined a local gym to firm up and in all honesty hoping to find some fun. I’d been going for a couple of months now and so far other than some fun watching other naked men in the change room and shower area I hadn’t really worked up the nerve to approach anyone sexually. This day...
  16. G


    So, i'm in love with this guy, anyone has any other video of him?
  17. barehole4use


    After a long time, i was surprised to see an email from the host from the cumdump parties on Friday evening asking me if i was willing to be a cumdump for anonymous men again to be fucked & filled up with cum NSA & masked. I was asked to give my reply within 24 hours or asap, i was thinking...
  18. barehole4use

    Bathhouse Adventurous

    I had decided to visit the bathhouse and had done some research and decided to visit a bathhouse that wasn’t far from the airport and was close to the shipping yards in Long Beach. So about 3 o’clock I arrived at the bathhouse paid to get in, was handed a towel lubricant package and my key and...
  19. barehole4use

    Room Service

    I was staying at an upscale hotel for business, and ordered room service. The room service waiter was very friendly, an amazing hot Latino. He was very friendly, and I could sense some sparks flying between us as he set things up, but I don't like to hit on anyone who's working, so I left it at...
  20. barehole4use

    Making Video's

    When I was 20 I realized there was a whole underground world of men having secret, anonymous gay sex in random locations. They called it cruising and as soon as I found out about it, I was more than intrigued, I was downright hot to trot. I'd been jerking off to the one and only gay porn...
  21. Almostaginger

    Always looking for the next rush..

    Hey all! AlmostaGinger here. Gay male with a pinch of bisexual curiosity. 8.5” cut dick. Thick. Vers switch who enjoys being exposed to new things. Always had a penchant for anonymity and kink but also love a solid cuddle. Love to goon and suck and watch porn and talk about kink. Love to stroke...
  22. I

    Photo Can anyone I.D. This dick?

    I saw this guy posting a bunch on Reddit last year but his account is now gone. I believe his Reddit name was “offerlegitimate4880”. If he has a new Reddit account, Twitter, OnlyFans, whatever pls drop the @
  23. barehole4use

    Builders Cumdump

    After my last story of special request it was a while before i was invited again to be used as a cumdump bttm for anonymous men to fuck, with the holiday period finally coming to an end, i received a new invitation with new ground rules to keep it exciting for me & providing much needed relief...
  24. barehole4use

    The repair man

    Earlier this year, I placed an ad on our local Squirt Message Board letting people know that I walk our neighborhood each morning and would be open to sucking cocks along the way. I met three great guys. Two of them are semi-regular, and one became a golfing buddy and regular “dom”. It had been...
  25. barehole4use

    My first time

    I am sure my story is not that unusual. This is a true story of finding my bi side. At age 52 – divorced and living on my own – I had no problems meeting women. Online dating was like being a kid in a candy store. It was not unusual to get the lady in bed within 2–3 dates, sometimes getting a...
  26. barehole4use

    Built like a brick shithouse

    This one was unplanned and I never really thought this would actually happen, but here we go. I had a mate who knew this guy. They lived across the road from each other and Nick, the neighbour, would always hang shit on him for being gay. Years went by and as it turned out there was a reason...
  27. barehole4use

    Getting a straight guy to breed me

    The big city gym where I used to work out and swim was very corporate and full of city workers, so there wasn’t much obvious action, but after a few weeks training there I noticed a guy who seemed to spend more time in the sauna and locker room than in the gym. He was tall, slim and quite...
  28. F

    Hong Kong Hotel Spa - True Story

    This is my first time writing a story for LPSG. I've enjoyed a lot of the stories in these forums for years and I'm feeling inspired today. In 2019 before the pandemic I had a chance to take an Atlantis cruise leaving from Hong Kong. We spent a couple of nights at a luxury hotel which is where...
  29. barehole4use

    In the park at night

    If you are in the park at night & you see a bttm face down ass up, do you walk past him or do you fuck him ?
  30. barehole4use

    On Special Request

    On Special Request : i received an email on Sunday morning from the man that invites me to his anonymous cumdump parties, here are the details > This is only if i can make free time for Sunday afternoon to be used by Spanish visitors in there hotel room, the details are similar to my private...