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  1. B

    Glory holes and Arcades

    Where are the best places to visit in North and South Carolina?? I find them truely exciting and want to visit more.
  2. Banned from the gym

    Banned from the gym

    Ever been banned from the gym because of inappropriate sexual activity? I have. I used to work out at the YMCA downtown, which had a great steam room/sauna set up. The entrance for the men’s locker room was entered via the second floor, but the locker room had two floors. From the main locker...
  3. 24hrsubguy4use

    Anonymous Hung Spunkers...Wakj In And Unload...NW London UK

    Flat door open ....I will be be kneeling down ready to suck and swallow or have you blow your load ANYWHERE on me...Entry by Password for anonimity purposes...Just be clean and respectful!...PM Me For Address and Times...I will be completely naked in open times for you to shoot wherever you want!
  4. doug_gbh

    Glory hole Crystal Palace london.

    I’m thinking of buying one of these: HOME | HOMEGLORY - BUY A GLORY HOLE ONLINE FROM OUR SHOP Would anyone come over to use it?
  5. C

    Private Suck & Go (East London)

    Private Suck & Go Gloryhole (East London). Horny or stressed? Take the pressure off with a quick blowjob Students & Straight Guys prioritised. Anonymous & discreet – private accommodation with concealed entrance. Send a cock pic to get started: cockeastinbox@protonmail.com
  6. D

    Anonymous Likes

    @Mr. LPSG and mod team - is there a way or a setting that I can leave an anonymous like? Either on posts, pics, or blogs? Sometimes, I like to peruse things that catch my interest and I don’t want to be recognized for it. I don’t necessarily want attention for my likes. I just want to appreciate...
  7. J

    Hottie Anonymous

    Which anonymous insta person you will like to see some nude content? Can be someone you know or Just admire but is not that famous
  8. needtonut

    Homemade Glory Holes

    When I see posts on cruising sites about homemade glory holes, I'm always curious how successful they are. Has anyone here ever visited or created one? I know they can be popular in public restrooms or bookstores but I'm interested in the homemade type. How did you construct them? Pics would...
  9. HomeGloryUK

    Photo Gloryhole Pics

    Love servicing juicy cocks at my private gloryhole. Anyone else got any hot pics to share?
  10. P

    London Gloryhole

    Hello guys, does anyone know about any working gloryhole in London?
  11. 3

    Random Video Chat

    For those who want to be practical , or just desperate to cum and having someone watching as u shoot ur load , there is a cool site that I Love to Use : https://www.gydoo.com Its a Random Chat Room with a lot of options including video chat! Please use it and invite more to Join ! and ITS FREE...
  12. Z

    Ninjaassassin13499 - Reddit

    Anybody have more pics or his social media info? He has an amazing cock. NinjaAssassin13499
  13. 1

    Lpsg as brick and mortar

    I’m naughty enough to think “Wouldn’t it be great if the LPSG was brick and mortar? .....Complete with glory holes to allow those of us who worship/appreciate large cock, to ride and taste as many as we wanted?” *just random thoughts that cross my mind when looking at this feed sometimes.
  14. Nicks_Dick

    Anonymous gay videos

    Anyone have any favorite sexy videos of anonymous/anon guys either fucking or getting blowjobs. Videos where they leave the door unlocked and someone comes in?
  15. D

    Gay gloryholes/cruising - nsa/anonymous

    Hey guys, anyone know of good any good anon gloryholes or cursing areas in SOCal? I’m in Riverside, California, so preferably here! Just wanna try some anonymous stuff for the first time
  16. MIAbbGuy

    Same thing on my mind as always …

    Men Fucking Men.
  17. str8forme

    Gulf county fl looking

    In Port St Joe, watching porn and fantasizing about a couple straight dudes walking in the wrong room...and I'm asleep...It's anonymous, you fill in the rest,
  18. BigD16335

    Las vegas gang bang

    I’m going to be in Vegas August 16-20th. I’m looking for a few hung men to fuck me. I’ll leave the door open and wait on the bed ass up. You come in pound me until you nut inside my hole. Then leave. BBC!!! To the front of the line.
  19. whatupyo18

    The discovery in suburbia (mm, mf, bi group)

    His cum was just beginning to drip from my chin as he stepped out the door, a quick “thank you” passing through his lips, and then he was gone. I didn’t know his name, nor did I care to find it out. I got up from my knees and grabbed a paper towel from the kitchen. After soaking it under cool...